This is a finite world

This is a finite world


We do stand “at the door of destiny”, in this day and time on earth. Not because I write it; but because there is endless arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for both life and world. As every cost of making life into a game; has become filled with consequences which cannot be denied without ending our planet of life. So we are the people who created that chaos/ and we are the people who will change our living back; into what the planet needs to survive. As with all life; even our living world, can die/ but only once; just like the rest of us. Each then stands, in their own way: “for life/ or for death”. Because we do share those decisions with our world. Want too, or not, each day is your decision.

I write this to underscore: I write pages rather than posts. Because “the whole is more important than a note”.   even so!

Understand this: that all money is merely a promise, it is not more than that. The elderly promised: the young shall pay for what they want/ and now that has ended; so the group taking over now says inflation shall steal from the elderly what they claimed. But in the end: every promise is about a resource/ because there is no work or business without a resource to provide the source from which we change our world. Be it little or large; resources define your world, and create wealth or poverty as reality proves it to be. IN THIS FINITE WORLD; humanity has been busy with all aspects of pride and power/ worshiping the universities for their claim: “we can be gods”. But devil is all they have, as every fantasy proves true. Throwing away the future; because it does not exist without true population control/ or the end of extreme experimentation; etc!

The old just want whatever they can get before they die. The middle group just wants to prove they are winners, before they die; by making the others losers; as is the rule. The young want what they want, “just like the elderly did do”/ but that world is dead; they stole too much. And the child just has to hope for sanity to come/ as has not yet been found. The summary of it all is: you are foolish and blind/ without a brain; because universities stole it, by media propagation of “lets take it all/ before we die”. The claim of a child who grew up rich/ and then refused to surrender more than a penny to their own child. QUIETLY living/ but shouting when dead: go die, (I alone mattered); family no more: instead.

Loneliness, attacks nearly all, at one time or another: because it is a fact of existence, that we do exist within the environment of a body that is limited at best. So we search for the critical test of finding someone “to be less lonely with”; and find within that search, either comfort or sadness; because there is no other way. Unless you fall into insanity; as is truth no longer matters (even when you know).

The claim of schizophrenia is: that they entered into another “world”/ but cannot control what is happening now. Because the mind does not know what is true. So the critical test of all mental illness is: “do you know what is true”? That is not belief/ but reality; and few do; because life is not a game/ yet the vast majority play it as if it was in fact “life is a game”. They lie, and create illusions of what is important as winners or losers who played. So the environment is different/ but the effects are similar: each escapes into a world they created “winners play as a herd”/ losers play within themselves. Yet without a game; we are human, rather than animals. Unlike the universities say.

We then search the claim of a cult: “our leaders, are god”/ and find them to be wrong, and completely without substance, even though some tiny bit of relief has been found. But a cult needs no brain; as the leaders “is god” and decides for all; what is true. Religion offers rules instead, and the construction of what time will allow; but they too add in belief: “you can have what you want”, if you follow our rules.

But when we search for truth itself: what is completely clear becomes, “life is a destiny”/ chosen by what we do desire most. As creates our passion and purposes in living. As directs our decisions and days, to become “the truth of who we are”. As every miracle knows: it is not the moment that matters, but the hope of love that transports us away. Where peace is an environment of both heart and soul. So we ask of peace: WHY are you “hard to find”; and searching brings the answer, if you know of love/ then you have found the destiny called peace; inside your heart. Even when the world is unkind.

So then: let us look beyond “the magic beans” of universities, and its game of selling arrogance, as it pretends to be more than a scheme to take far beyond what it does earn. Covid is one of those schemes; using fear constructed by media protestation/ to demand believe in “our magic beans” and give us all your money. Letting us completely and thoroughly displace and disrespect life and bodies until they are gone. To your shame, and their own.

nonetheless; the curse of pride is constant, the struggle for power is unending, and the thirst for want is so extreme; that reality nor truth lives in your hearts anymore. As universities spewed sewage, and humanity fell in. All extreme experimentation is evidence of that failure to life and world. But the dead inside; are the dead inside, and few will be brought back to life; even if truth is brought back to the humanity of this world. As is the evidence of your impending extinction; is valued less, than the game of money which has very little or, no relationship with truth. Rather like the claim of “exploring space”; without an oxygen supply; you won’t go anywhere/ and even if you did; as is true of every planet but earth; no real value will be found.

I am however sick of that; fantasy and delusion have no basis in “LIFE beyond self”. And it is that element of our existence that becomes the framework of whether an eternity exists or not. What is clear is: that only truth survives beyond time. Therefore what is true, is the elemental path beyond self, into what can become “the great unknown”; as is the fundamentals of what does create truth, by its own conception of structures which survive. To assemble the disciplines necessary to ascend into this developmental environment of “living”/ we must first attempt to rid ourselves of everything that is not functionally true. Because every lie, alters the evidence of what can be true. The step beyond this world is called spirit, because spirit is the essence of truth, as a living imprint on life itself. Or more distinctly: spirit controls the essence of life itself, and formally conceives of what human existence in the purity of truth should consist of. “the software” of our soul, so to speak. Which brings us to thought, as is the evidence of life itself; when added to truth, becomes the law of what can be constructed along this path.

Thought achieves what nothing less can: while truth is a purity, life is an anchor into the environmental discovery of freedom. While freedom is: an elemental search within forces of space/ there is no survival, without the limits and disciplines of order forming boundaries. Without balancing the environmental knowledge of a living experience, with the expressions of freedom controlled by truth; the direction of life will fail. Giving arrogance “the coffin of a fool”; death by choice. We then conceive of “life versus death”; is a choice, rather than an environmental need. Or more distinctly: before the essence of living can be found: the critical knowledge of choice must be attained to realize only truth can survive. But even so; survival is not enough; because happiness brings more.

We then shape the question of life; is built upon the idea of time gives birth; to the identity called “you”. While those who choose wisely, find love within the element of hope builds heart: which is the rhythm of choice, that is sharing and caring for more than self. Others find hate; which is chaos adapting to predication, in order to survive. The end result being “failure descends into tragedy; as life dissolves before it disappears”. Those who did not find either “love or hate”; are returned to the dust, from which a body rose. Ending the energy which gives motion to time.

while it is pointless to offer you more than time; as the degradation of universities sewage, has led you to the edge of extinction. It is still necessary to search for those few, who are alive (think for themselves/ instead of believe; as is want) inside. LIFE is about force being capable of accepting the disciplines of thought can in fact reside here. Which is why truth is so very important to our existence. Force gives motion its existence, as both mass and speed; and therefrom achieves time as its result. Force is not energy/ but the foundation of why energy exists. The construction of this definition is not required; because life is not about what you believe is true. Instead life is “the environmental envelope” which allows the formation of an identity that can survive. Order creates that, discipline refines that, balance respects the limits and boundaries of what is real; and freedoms live within the certainty of laws will govern our existence here. As time fails to achieve eternity/ eternity looks back on time as its birth.

So the critical question: where does the moment exist, when life takes over force to become the platform of our identity? While that is irrelevant, to human existence; what is more important is: HOW do we bind the opposite forces of push versus pull into a directional discovery of purpose? The answer asserts: where there is desire, a formation of environment will be found. So the question becomes: WHY does desire exist? The answer being, when binding forces is possible; existence magnifies along the boundaries of what we limit to be our freedom. Or the distinction of WHO arises, along with when can we become “the element” of self?

Reality then gives me pause, to construct the destiny of what is elementally helpful, rather than a hindrance to human existence? The answer is: I have in fact given to you “evidence of extinction/ heart of discipline/ the order of soul/ and the foundations aligned with respect”. So that you can make better choices and survive. Everything else is up to you; because it is YOUR life chance, to be more than self: as time decays/ or as truth ascends.

You, humanity: choose greed, want, “me”, pride, power, hate, chaos, life is a game; etcetera. I do not; that is the basic difference between us. I choose “truth decides”/ you do not. I spent my life in time; “for life”/ you do not. But the critical truth of “consequences coming”; is the lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, disrespect, hate, fantasies, delusions, failures, and pure foolishness of “university is god”. Will either be stopped now/ or like a train headed downhill over a cliff; soon there will be no choice. For any life on earth; all will be lost. Simple as that.

So for the last time: INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; and make a decision that will survive; because it is true to your needs, and future. My job is done, as male. What spiritual female intends to do, with me; is her decision, not mine. Go ahead and ridicule; because the train has crested the hill, and your time is limited to your reality.  The final lifeline will break soon; ending choices.  wake up, accept what is true; align yourselves with reality;  or die/ simple as that.

A final statement: I have no idea why I would be chosen to be educated in this manner/ as I cannot imagine “different than the rest” to any real degree. However it is true: that I (plain male) have always considered “women to be truly different/ but absolutely equal”/ perhaps that is why; it is baffling?

Neither do I understand what “spiritual woman is doing with me; its a mystery”. Nonetheless, she has broken down every physical aspect of my life; I cannot imagine why? But I literally have no say; “its a quandary” without answers as of this day. I guess: since physical fitness is what men seek to prove they are man. However it is equally true; “she” has promised to “make me understand; what it means to be female”; and being without real defenses is; no small thing. Nonetheless women can be physically fit, strengthened to fight? Why not me; she refuses everything? today, I simply hope.

As to my own eternity? I have no clue, as everything expected “turned out to be wrong”/ so who knows. It is however true, that my honest reward is the value of living; the essence of love; the critical knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; of being allowed to learn. As is a relationship to be cherished; although I never expected to “need to learn: what is female”. As it was never my job to be female; only to respect the value of their own contribution as is “the binding of love to self”/ both to me, and from me; as if we were one. No, I have not found women to be trustworthy; any more than men. But I know, as the critical truth of forces are involved does commit too: “male and female need each other”, far more than you believe could be true.

So I leave you with that; not knowing how this will all turn out. Because my life has been given to “spiritual female; and she does not say”. While your life and world has been given to your decisions; and the evidence is bleak at best. Nonetheless, I will hope for you; as is my truth shaped by love demands.

Your truth however is simple: “its all free, is over”! The lies have hit their tipping point/ betrayal has stolen your future/ terrorism will soon assault you with truth/ theft, corruption, fraud, failure, hate, collusion, denial; or more simply “EVERYTHING the universities taught you to do or think/ believe or accept: will end with chaos”. Including the “pure prostitution” of university experts selling out  life and world, “to play the game of prizes; for you”. Standing as priests before the world; to sell their lies, betrayal, and construct terrorism instead of  a living, for life! Everything they do: is theft, fraud, or failure! Leaving life on earth; only one last chance to change direction before you utterly and forever fail. And the curse of human pride will scream: IGNORE HIM, betray yourselves, and turn away from truth; so that the cult of universities play god; can continue. HE, is nothing. And no bigger corruption exists: than those who are legally bound by duty to recognize and identify CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; than those who refuse to acknowledge it exists. Closing the door to democracy itself, as their defense of pride & power insists. As taught by “university in charge”; they stand on their defecation to life. As greed demands.

Yet I agree: only the evidence and its truth: MATTERS. It condemns you; without true change: so one last time, “stop believing”/ and learn what is true, the cost of being wrong. Because you owe life and world and child, at least that much. It is your duty! Or eternity, for those who killed this Creation of a living planet: will remember “you said no”.

NOT your savior, friend, enemy, guru, or any other. I am however: THE WRITING ON THE WALL; that says to you all (you had your chance); change or die. I am not the enemy of universities; however I am the enemy of those who “believe they can play god”/ in all ways and forms. The enemy of all extreme experimentation; as is the cost of being wrong is too high. Just so you know.

As for you: the three things

  1. rules make rulers, and rules can be manipulated to provide tyranny/ the power to make you cry, because they point to you (making only you the target of inspection), “not us”. LAWS are for all of us, including every part of government employment is equal: same for all. Therefore it is a light, for us all: and ain’t no one perfect.
  2. Only truth survives; and when it dies under the blanket of universities deceit, fantasy, and failures; manipulated by media to create the cult of fools who cannot question their leader. Your world, your nation, and your future is being dissolved by traitors.
  3. Nobody has the right to war. Nobody has the right to take control (and that includes overpopulation). Nobody owns the world, or its ground/ property; under their fee: but we do own our work, and our right to claim what we have done is ours. To accept what family did for us, is fair. To assert: we built this/ not you; as is the reward for success. We need this; no help will come; unless reality comes first; as is population control, truth decides. Without government: no one gets to claim; what weapons would otherwise take, by force/ so every war ends with government; to make that claim; called MINE. Without war; hate has no foundation to push you into a mob of failures. Hate leads the mob, but then slowly works its way into the background: where they steal, rape, and ravage anything they want: because you are now busy, with revenge. Who is the fool? Redress is ownership of democracy: it means, “we the people” shall have the final say. But none can defeat truth, and it will decide our future.
  4. IT IS, the decision that separates life from truth/ it is the direction of your decisions, that brings you back to truth, or destroys the future with your own lies. Only truth survives, beyond time. “heart, spirit, and soul” are all built upon your own identity of truth. As desire shapes it to be. DON’T give away your own decisions; “to the fraud of universities trying to control your mind, hope, future, or eternity”. As for me: my decision to open the spiritual door of female (it can only be found at “the pinnacle of what male can be”). Has proven to be “my life altering event”. 19 years later, it is female who has control; for female values and purposes; without any room for male. I spiritually live in a female world. But am still bound by the realities of time; “its a quagmire”; of endless no you can’t (followed by “electric shock”; to enforce that truth). So, life is separated from the truth of male; and it is now female direction that leads, what living can be. Decisions to remove that failed, because my identity is now “female, more than male: she drives the vehicle/ I am the passenger, in the back seat”. Want is absolutely irrelevant. I have become what I needed to be; in order to complete this work that is: “last chance/ change or humanity will soon be extinct”. “way too true”! Although changing me too; was absolutely “a surprise”. As always: truth is truth, there is no going back. How it ends; I have no clue/ she is in charge, not me. And I still do not understand “the truth of what female is”? So: I have no say, at all! It is “unfair”/ but so is an entire Creation of life and world prepared for extinction. Consequently, as was my true desire: “I will help however I can”; ultimately makes this fair. What is not fair is: I am completely at a loss, for what my own destiny could be; every anchor removed; can’t even tell you “male or female or anything”. Adrift without a clue. And all the world says: “loser”/ because there is no pride in the reality of what has just been written. And without pride, you cannot be the enemy or friend who has something to lose. Therefore the game is dead; and you have become “worthless”, to the others. In response: I say simply, “only eternity matters to me now”. If you fail yourselves; that is your fault, it is not mine! Pride never enters “the value, or respect; of heart and soul”. It is a choice. I choose, to live for life. Upon consideration: As this is a mental diagram of difference’s in the development of conscious thought; the realities of what we do live with beyond the realm of self. The questions it represents should be answered in more detail; as it seems, I should never be done with this work/ or more correctly the direction of this work has been changed from the “definitions of critical constructions/ a knife edge creating right and wrong (male)”. Into its alternate existence of mercy, combined with truth to create an environment of acceptance for those who are trying to construct their lives with love (female). A reality of disciplines, that form a different path; and even a different life, than what self established over time. I have explained: that the spiritual world is “the very definition of truth, aligned with purity of purpose and desire”. There is ONLY ONE truth for male/ and ONLY ONE truth for female; and they are fully separated realities of a very different existence. But as explained: somehow I have entered into the truth of female, and cannot escape their “revelation 12: 1, seen as woman, standing “with value”, on what is clearly foreign to this life” male control. Its complicated! Nonetheless, what is not in doubt is: my body has been given away to her, and I feel now “evicted”/ as if some ghost of what I was, hovering alongside. I don’t know why. But it is absolutely clear: I needed her presence to balance me/ and she needed my existence in time, to create what we both assembled: to be a new world order for you. Elementally, 3 primary decisions: world law, not leaders/ limited capitalism as is “social controls for we the people; by removing the power of money to create evil”. The critical understanding: that only truth can decide/ NOT your want. How does that relate to: “trading places, female in charge not male”? Well, as history proves true; although it is not a hard concept to construct: mean failed to accept it, over thousands of years in time. Which means they cannot; because behind the means of government to provide solutions/ is the everlasting demand for more and mine. To gamble/ to lose/ to fight/ and to take what the other created: by war. Which is by any and all means possible: as is weapons or money or ridicule or gossip or whatever can be used: “to create the mob. Because, a mob lets hate exist/ which then measures pride as power: or, “we believe”. So, the reality of it is simple: after 18 long years of “living within me/ working together/ and balancing what must be balanced”: she now knows everything; and can do what she desires too, with me. But the end result of it is based in love, by the same desire and purpose as mine. Although her decisions are entirely “for female”. We have functionally traded places. I don’t know how this ends; clueless, but it seems headed in me, to female too/ how I don’t know. Or what could or would become of male is another mystery. Overrun means: “no use in fighting this”. So, as for you: lets construct the basics of life as an individual entity; so that mental developments are at least not a mystery. WE ARE: the composite of three working parameters: heart the rhythms of our existence with others, or lack thereof/ spirit the elemental truth of life, that cannot realign itself by choice/ and soul the foundations upon which we build our relationship with existence, by creating an identity formed through self. Within these three elemental beginnings: are the basis of choice/ the framework of thought. Choice consists of three individual truths: “love/ hate/ or animal”/ and while time allots for you to experiment a bit with each; the foundation of your life will be created by what you desire most; as a definition of your own self has made this choice. The framework of thought is entirely different; and is found through an investigation of truth/ whereby we learn to trust, the laws truth can provide. Elementally rising with what we do learn, to construct the values of miracles established: with respect, for the foundations upon which that does ascend to the potential of even “beyond time” life does exist. The alternate provided by hate: seeks to confuse and confront truth and trust/ with lies (believe don’t trust truth: want is all you need) and deceit (the disguise of an intellectual_ I am the superior one). These are the working parameters of human existence; and they are followed by the transition between a spiritual life/ and a physical living existence. Or more distinctly: a spiritual life searches for truth, and finds trust in that truth; in order to let truth itself decide/ not want. While a physical life, which we all experience and express: is given over to the construction of sex as the means to destroy innocence; in order to arrive at the more complex destination: which is, life is not as simple “as love”/ truth demands order, and disciplines control the distribution of your time, will be divided by desire or its purpose. Balancing these things, creates the world of human behaviors which we all know do exist. While that might sound complicated, really it is not: once you simply understand to remove want, so you can find what is true. But pride stands in the way: because self is an environmental destiny, that stands apart. Creating both loneliness, and the demand to be “winner/ or for most seek revenge if not”. Revenge searches for power, and power finds hate. Anger stands between power and hate; as a last warning: of where you are headed. Jealousy shouts “I cannot compete with this one”; and turns to depression or abuse. As to loneliness: the recognition of life is, “to be created as an individual life: we are as need established; alone”. Our choice/ my destiny/ how we balance each other becomes the love we share. So, in terms of participating within the framework of a completely different truth as is “male is opposite of female”/ which then binds them together: as only passions can do. Or drives them apart as only opposites can do. The critical decision is: WHY, does life make this hard? The answer is: in an eternal life, those who survive because of love; will face the truth of forces trying to tear them apart. Only the critical bond of purity in love, can defeat these forces. OR, as mercy will allow, a lesser life of freedom: that is governed by limits and boundaries which then do keep you alive. We give to each other as male bound to female/ female to male: the essence of two lives that do become as one. Thereby defining a creation of living existence, that need not ever be truly lonely; because we bound ourselves as one. This is an elemental source of living truth. We may now turn back to the source of this discussion which is: conscious thought, and the realm beyond self/ as is initiated by the spiritual world. Or more distinctly the claim of trading places; which is ultimately “one of the most unlikely events in the universe”? Its complicated. So the end result of it is simply: that although laws can never be broken, in this universe/ time allows and allots that we may in fact alter our own destiny; by making choices. YOU CANNOT choose to be “sexually different”/ because forces must be changed/ spiritual existence must be changed/ laws of physical life must be changed; and only “GOD” can do or allow for that to be true. NOT you/ you have no say; nor do I. However in this reality of life, the critical choice was created by: this entire world of CREATED LIFE is dying, and will go extinct; if true changes are not made. Man failed; as is why this earth is dying and threatened by a thousand different things! So it was given to women to try; and it seems they would not/ so somehow, I am mixed into that decision to provide the bridge between what women can do/ and man will do; so as to share the destiny as one. In order to create the truth: YOU CAN CHANGE, and save this world; IF YOU CHOOSE IT. But make no mistake: humanity is the problem/ and that means you are the solution/ and if you choose to fail instead. THEN TO EXTINCTION YOU WILL GO. Even if this world is lost. Wake up to truth, identify what is wrong/ and DO YOUR BEST to correct what is dying because of you. And your universities who do play Satan in your midst. As for the spiritual woman “biblically predicted” and I; the critical truth of it is, “at least from my point of view”. That we did our job, finished your message of change or die/ and must now find a way, to become what spiritual life and living in time needs to be? The spiritual world does not “elevate life” to its presence without a clear path. But the physical world does not elevate itself to become “truly spiritual”; because truth does not allow for that. The elemental evidence of “a living force”/ does not combine male and female. And everything is basically “something new, not necessarily intended to exist”? ITS COMPLICATED. She is in charge, trusted; because she should be: as a far greater truth than I can be. Purity matters, but that too is “all muddled up”. I don’t know how it ends, or where we go from here: its a mystery. What can be said is: that “self: an identity within life” is not “male OR female”/ but consists of your own decision to be “love, hate, or animal”. Spiritual truth however, “the basis of life”:  is strictly male or female, with no foundation elements prepared for change: which means you are born what you are born to be. So the spirit of life itself, is a force: male representing push/ while female represents push decides. IT IS NOT a choice/ it is a reality of existence; with very different environments. While the desire of your own decision; is manipulated by what you believe “the living” will be/ based upon sexual realities, and stereotypes created. Never believe; because want is rarely more than a lie. Just like “the claim: that female is all “joys and happiness with never a fight”/ while men are constantly fighting and must defend themselves from all enemies. Not true; however some of that does exist. What you believe; can be very dangerous to your existence. Let truth prove what is true. Such as we all must find our own way, as best we can. “its a journey”/ unless you run away into beliefs; not based in fact. WHY does life need to be “less than we desire it to be”? IT IS HUMANITY, that is less than we desire each other to be/ the most constant cancer: is “want, pride, and power”/ followed closely by beliefs such as “universities can be god”. They cannot/ apart from Satan.Of things “most unlikely”; it seems at this point, perhaps I was chosen for this because I have always consider male and female to be completely equal/ although truly different. Both are absolutely necessary to life; which means equal, without doubt. But if I were to become female as the end result of this; it does require “specialized parts”/ and a “host of miracles” to make that happen; and even then who really wants to be “ugliest girl ever born”; as is the probable result. Regardless of the cost, or consequences; particularly at 71 years of age in a couple weeks: I am grateful for the chance to do what I could do; for life and world. Nothing more needs to be said. Respect for the gift of life itself, requires that should be so/ remembering “ONLY THOUGHT CAN CREATE LIFE”/  and that means  “GOD (as is beyond our conceptions) EXISTS”. And it is so.

EVEN YOU:   KNOW, that is true! Because reality proves it; beyond question!

Alternately: if I remain simply: “male with tits (the sign, at least for me; woman is here too; and will NOT be discounted in any way. EQUAL partners in this work)”/ or whatever this is to be. They WILL remain; “anything less would be like declaring war on female/ and female will declare war with me: she will win”! I did the best I could. Never once even imagined or whatever; “the cost of changing from male/ or having it altered; or anything: loved male, from the beginning.” no clue! But life is life, and whatever truth of life demands “I need to be”; it is my duty to accept; with grace and trust in the value of what can be done.

Or much more simply: “whatever will be will be”/ I have been overrun, and it is not my choice. But do accept: whatever will be, is fair. My life “saved many times”; why should I complain? That would be “terribly unwise”.

But it seems to me: “that spiritually male is either dying or dead”/ replaced by whatever female wants of me to be. No, it is definitely not “homosexual/ transvestite or any other” figment of your imagination. It is simply a change in forces so elemental (not a choice), that life cannot resist its influence. I don’t know why; am concerned about what that means really? And fully understand, “not female either”/ so this is a transition point; that lets what is NOT sexual lead; so that the constant of male, as is “life or death/ right or wrong/ etc” no longer leads. But must consider mercy first, but only when truth allows for it. Not that it really matters: as you have proven to be so infested with “cult worship/ and their beliefs”; as to not own your own brain. So, is that the last of male? Or is the validity of asking you to think, rather than believe: a more basic relationship to truth; that some degree of trust will result? I guess as female; you just have to trust in hope. That is truly more difficult than identifying truth. Or more simply: if hope is to rule my life/ male cannot: it is not “the same thing”. I know its true, but wander if “anything of me” will be left?

Life answers that with: an individual identity is formed by desire and its decisions/ not gender. therefore self shapes desire and life shapes decision based upon the forces that are being encountered as our own relationship with time. the primary forces of “push and pull”/ are not subject to human decisions; but do reflect the spiritual element that is our own definition in participation/ rather than simply truth. Truth survives, but thought controls the destiny; based upon what forces will allow. that means: desires changed by forces altered, will slowly compensate for that change, do to purposes being altered by truth. What is human remains the decisions made/ what is life itself, remains as the purity of your participation in the forces which grant gender; as they were intended to be. humanity can change itself, “with truth or lies”; as time allows. But LIFE cannot be changed by humanity; because it is “an eternal thing”: you choose the direction of your heart, the rhythms of your desire / and soul provides the rest. Truth itself however cannot be changed; it is, what it is. Mercy however allows you to cover what was “wrong”/ with repentance, if you are true to that; YOUR decision.

of things which must be done: new understanding is required. Such as “cult worship: is redefined to be, whosoever will accept “the leader knows”/ rather than assessing what the evidence will prove true. by acknowledging:  “this is more important” than what belief can do.  Or “not your own brain” is redefined as the decision, to allow someone else to lead: thereby following instead, and accepting whatever the leader or “his or her” mob shall decide. So as to be “one of the herd”.  WE MUST earn our decisions, by accepting the consequences of what I choose; cannot be delegated to someone else. Even those who follow do so, by their own decision.  The designation of hope, still remains:  only foundations of truth can survive. Beliefs are rarely more than want/ and that is not a religious statement, it is a human one. Because being wrong has consequences. But following someone else who decides for you; still has consequences, for you too: you chose, “to be the same”, too.  We must then accept, that our relationship with truth; is an earned trust, not a belligerent belief.

Of distinct changes in female participation is the truth: that major holidays are for family/ not just for you and your immediate children; so that all may remain as family through life. While wanting “my share of time” from your children is fair. These times need to be throughout the year, whether by you visiting with them/ or requesting that they visit with you: as is consistent with valuing each other. Or more distinctly: there are a multitude of changes to be made, in order to survive/ and these include women as well as men. Time is: “what we can, or must give to each other, to create family; rather than simply friend”. Same is true of marriage. Same is true of child: as the lack of attention leads to endless misery and even failure of what has value to us all. STOP throwing each other away, recognize the work; and be thankful; that “we are not” in the grave, and have choices to make. Just as men have no clue as to what pregnancy really is: you must teach family, what value and respect are. So that all will know, and no excuses can be given.

As for me: realities now convince me, that life is “functionally or fundamentally”: spiritually female now, regardless what I do. Added to that: is the certainty “spiritual female” now owns “the male parts and pieces”/ without exception. Yes she does make me write that; or I would not. No, I don’t know what that really means to my life or living; or mind or future: or even body “nothing”? I do however feel changed; can’t say exactly how, its a quagmire. Not in charge. No, I have no idea how that is suppose to affect you or not? “time will tell/ assuming I live long enough for that”? Its “different”/ can’t honestly say how; baffling. life has changed honestly;  confusing? “my tits/ are now my tits”; no male involved; even the body seems wrong. Yet I look in the mirror, and say; this can’t be right.  Perhaps there will be “some freedoms” now?  I don’t know, things have changed. The only thing I am, as a  person sure of: is I don’t know, with regard to me? “its complicated”. I guess;  I am also sure; “its not going to be my choice.”  Even so, honestly:  “grateful to be alive, where heart and soul do live”.

and the world says:  “YOU ain’t my leader/ I don’t have to listen to any of this”. and that is true! But I remind you instead:  that I am not what threatens life or world/ that is only you, and the universities you made come true; to this moment in time. And the world says:  “nothing has changed/ we are doing fine”; I LOVE MY BRIBES. but alas; they will not survive, and HELL will come; without true change in you, and what is being done to this earth. it is your choice, to believe/ or to accept the price of knowledge is “to investigate and prove the evidence is;  right or wrong”.  IT IS NOT, “to simply believe”, what you are told.   you must use your own understanding:  such as is evident; by those trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.  IS THAT WISE/ OR NOT?      “Your great ones say it is/ but have no plan beyond: the fire will extinguish itself”.  million mile long flames/ and no matter what they say:  IT IS AN ATOMIC FIRE. which means it burns the bond in atoms, for fuel!     and that means: everything on this planet (just like the sun) IS FUEL.

And the world says:  “its not my job/ I don’t want to do it/ they will laugh and ridicule me/ we cannot win/ I have things to do/ money is more important;  “etcetera”.  because you want an excuse! But there is no excuse: those trying to ignite a nuclear fire “lets burn atoms”/ are THREATENING THE ENTIRE WORLD, and every life/ every future life forever lost; in a single instant of ignition. just like you, incinerated; want too or not.    YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE;  machines run every day/ and there will be only one:  “self sustaining fire/ that then turns this earth into a sun”.  and if you fail to fight for life and world:  IT IS YOUR FAULT TOO.     “you chose/ eternity will remember”.  and then there are the people who worship evolution as their god:  INSISTENT upon genetic mutilation to cause LIFE TO FAIL.  so they can pretend “evolution will fix it”/ in a billion years or so.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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