Revelation 12 & 17 come true

Revelation 12 & 17 come true


Of realities and truths; it is elemental to understand that all concept of a “spiritual woman” is contrary to human definitions. “they don’t exist” is the constant, and with definable cause/ as little or no evidence exists to support the claim. Reality demands: “this is an elevation of; beyond time”/ and it is not allowed to create or sustain an accurate vision of “beyond the grave”. Because there is no way to verify the reality of its truth.

In contrast: there is no substantial way to verify or support; that it is a lie either. So we are left with the quandary of religion; which is to believe/ or not to believe what we cannot verify, with human certainty; as true. But I am not about belief, as it is a creation of want; and nothing further can I do; to create an ascension of critical knowledge in you; to establish a path by which you can identify what is true.

The question is then: WHY, would the conclusive report of a spiritual woman invaded my life/ and in fact has now taken over: of any substantive value at all? The primary element of respect here is: that those who are in fact responsible for the work/ should in fact be accepted as the value they do represent, for us all. Or more distinctly: the value of this, which is my work/ my lifetime spent: would not exist, had “this spiritual woman” not invaded my existence, and took control. As can be read throughout the documentation of this work over time. No balance/ no hope; no hope/ causes respect to fail; no respect/ causes relationships to fail; and no relationship with life, will equal the transition into death; as time ceases to exist. So then it is necessary; that the primary benefactor of my own ability to finish this work; must be respected and identified as a critical contributor to this cause of “change this world/ or all life will become extinct; as is your choice”.

While the prediction of biblical revelation 12; “a new way of life”/ and the prediction of revelation 17; 3 (male taken over by female) has been accomplished; as predicted. The end result of it is: a quagmire of uncertainty, as the realities of what is needed for humanity to survive/ is mixed with the realities of what seems to unlikely to exist. Yet here I am, and this is my testimony to you: that the spiritual woman described, is in fact true. NO, not a single instant of any kind; has ever existed in me; NO possibility existed of “female anything” was ever a dream or conception or literally ANYTHING. And yet here I am, with my entire life being invaded in countless ways I do not understand. Because that is; “just how it is”.

So why would any such thing be needed; for life to survive on earth? The foundation answer “we both as male and female” agree upon is: men cannot save this world/ history proves it true. Therefore their position as leaders must be changed. Women cannot lead this world either; BUT TOGETHER WITH LAW WE BOTH AGREE IS MANDATORY; there is a truth that establishes, this could work for life and world; if they agree to respect/ rather than want. So, the complex development of “spiritual female/ and physical male”; becomes the foundation that change does need to exist. But that is tempered with the truth; men will not surrender leadership without a fight. So the fight is: to take control over the truth of what male can be or become.

We begin with the certainty of balance: men have none/ unless they respect women. It is that simple; as their truth is limited to playing games with life/ which always ends in war; as history proves true. Respect for women brings into existence; the hope of love, and all its contributions of value. That replaces want with truth, and in truth we can survive the value of living, because we are then more than “animal/ as the universities want you to be”.

Because animal means; life is little more than predator and prey; ;which they can then manipulate as predators intent upon being the “superior ones”. Which simply means: GREED is one step from pride/ and pride is one step from hate/ and hate is the descent into an abyss of want; that will fail life and world. Because there is no value in any of these things.

So the distinct question is: can humanity choose to be “more than animals”? The answer is: absolutely not, if led by universities! It is that simple. Because universities having found they cannot be gods as they want to be: have turned to proving they can be Satan instead; as is god of death. The answer for humanity to survive as a world not lost: is then to remove the disease of universities; ;and accept the destiny that is shaped by respect for both life and world/ by understanding the dignity of both male and female although different; are clearly absolutely equal as living contributors to value and truth of law.

We then begin the journey as one life shared by human existence; with understanding male and female MUST BE EQUAL; or they will not survive as time.

Which then realigns with the spiritual female in me; which brought balance back into my existence/ rather than war. Although it has been a long battle; the value of it is real.

So how do we become equals/ even though we already are: men have sought to destroy that, so they can be the superior ones/ to their shame. Which means: that it is male which must surrender his control over life, and accept that change means: “YOU TOO”. Which is certainly the result of me, losing control to female IS, in charge now. How that would continue throughout humanity I do not know; but it remains true, that I have been changed. It is not terrible or other/ but it is DIFFERENT, and to be honest: female just keeps taking control over much more. Particularly as “tits” continue to grow/ don’t know why? NO, I do not accept; whatever this turns out to be; “becomes a beautiful/desirable female”. Just one look in the mirror proves that; and it would literally take a miracle to change that. I have no realities in me; that could do that: so whatever it is, is just whatever it is; and I will be required to live with it; as best I can.

Changing from male to female, in any form; actually requires at least THREE DISTINCT MIRACLES; not just body and mind (the image of time)/ but spirit as is the essence of truth, and soul as is, changing the direction of forces. NOBODY gets to just decide, “male or female/ it is, what you were born as: no exceptions! Mental deviations are not the evidence of who you are/ body is, and that “is specific to NATURE produced parts, & identification”. Not you. As to me: finding no solution in man/ I chose to open the spiritual door of female; NEVER intending to go in; but was pushed, to my surprise; and find no way out. “I am here; whatever that means”, want too or not. No game to play; for me or you. It is what it is! I cannot escape/ you cannot come:  “its an end of the world thing”. Believe it or not.

NO, I don’t have a single clue how ANY of this turns out. Female is in charge, and I do not understand. Even though I am being forced to learn; as is a truly opposite view. “its complicated”. No prediction of any kind; completely lost; “drifting at sea” so to speak.

Ten thousand variables; to my “moments, future, person, or eternity”; and the only thing proven true, without exception; is: “female in charge of this”. No, I don’t know why; somehow it is not my life anymore? no, “I don’t know what that means?”  its complicated!

I guess: if men can rule this earth for thousands of years/ women get to decide, “whatever time is left”.     “but I literally don’t know”.

This is the start of the nineteenth year; “spiritual woman, living inside of me”/ and it is fair to say; “she knows everything”; about me. I have no defenses left. Truly, I never would have guessed; this would be true. As to a world; men and their universities have led you to extinction/ and you will fall in; if women cannot do better! I don’t know if that is true for me or not; because contrary to her education of men (me)/ I still have very little understanding of women. Different, beyond all expectation. Why tell you anything: “I cannot refuse”/ it is that simple. WHAT NOW? Still no clue. 3 weeks 71 years old;  so, “why me”?  It is a life few would envy: “I have pushed for forty years or so”/ and now; “its accept ten thousand pounds of patience”, because I am not doing anything “without permission”: woman in charge, not me. Accept it: or I know; a bad electrical jolt will come. A “one percent” freedom left.

Looking back: “women would not help me”/ so I ended that, with a search for “spiritual female” instead. It was needed; as our world is dying: “a different solution”/ absolutely essential. But for my part: “I just needed to know: what would women do, to save this world”? I guess; change men?

Just so its clear: YOU CANNOT DO THAT, “unless you step out of the shadows/ discard pride, (no winners or losers) so that no one is measured less than equal/ and accept at this time in history: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE, for us all”. While law must exhibit the choices we will make; the reality of evidence MUST identify “this is for ALL life and world”/ or it will fail. And the abyss is waiting. So, CHOOSE, hoping for mercy; as we are all, in need.

So regardless of what you believe is true. What is true of this relationship is: that male and female ON EARTH, must combine in foundation changes; to accomplish the reality of how do we keep this earth alive. To critically address our reality: EVERY SINGLE ONE MUST identify what is true to our world/ rather than allowing whatever you want to believe. Because that is filled with lies.

Which requires the first avenue of change: comes with redress: to investigate and prove what is true/ and the cost of being wrong. With all threats that we face! Simple as that/ the best we can do; to accomplish and understand the knowledge: of what our future is certain to be; “without change”. It does take universities to help in that; because they took control over everything. BUT AS “ACTORS” prove true: PEOPLE CAN LIE EFFECTIVELY/ and you must sort out those who do; providing the punishment of a world that will NOT tolerate liars, traitors, terrorists, or thieves IN THIS COURTROOM of our LIFE OR DEATH DECISION that will then govern, this living/ or dying world. Because NOW, we know; as best we can. What is true! World participation/ critical thinking/ absolute certainty; this is the best we can do. And then a vote to insure we have in fact: made our decision/ because there is no going back.

Same as the ignition of a nuclear atomic fire/ OR THE end of genetic stability: ONCE IGNITION OCCURS; this earth becomes a DEAD WORLD. AND THAT IS “THE TRUTH”.

CHANGE: REQUIRES, that women must organize; identify and create the logistics required to participate as a true world organization. Define a distinct direction, along with its purpose and your honest desire for life and living and world (so there are no errant conclusions). And accept: no matter what the price to be paid is/ it will be FAR less; than doing nothing at all.

Because as every threat proves; and the evidence of war testifies too: what men have to offer life and world/ as is WAR. Is not even wanted, by the majority; for themselves. Too late is too late/ justice decides the future. Reality constructs the future. And truth provides the path that is beyond what men did do.

As the “only writer”; here, I can help you do that/ or not. But as a reality of this world; truth does not give you time, beyond what a real world attempt to save life on earth would do. It is your choice, but that too: will not last.

The universities: have gone too far, and men want too much/ and women do not control the population rise; as they must: or we all go extinct. The evidence of our reality WILL prove that true.

I have pushed and pulled; did what I could do, offered to help as is realistically needed “if you want it”. And might be able to offer a bit more: if you choose, and prove:  to honestly work for life and world. Which includes all living things. Which includes RESPECT FOR OUR CREATOR, as every miracle of life does prove true. As with this site (which can encompass this world quickly): the information is yours to use; however you can. It is “given away to women organized and honestly working for changing this world; to sustain and protect life”. There really is nothing left for me to do: unless you make that decision, and ask for my help.

Provide that organization as the evidence of your proof: and you will do the writing or whatever you deem correct here; from that point on. It will then be “your sites” / not mine.

Reality states: CHANGING THIS WORLD, requires:

  1. there is no yelling or screaming or marching or weapons/ only the clear and certain element of writing “SHORT sentences” which identify what we need to know or do.
  2. The majority select: which of these short sentences represents them most/ and these are then presented to the world; WHEN you are finished refining them by the same process.
  3. The foundation of law is: WE MUST have this as our chosen limit and boundary to freedoms. Because less causes chaos to exist.
  4. WE MUST ALL accept these limits and boundaries/ and those who try to instigate trouble; by dividing and separating life from truth/ hope from its journey into peace; shall answer to our law.
  5. The foundation punishment: is change or you will be evicted from here. BUT ONLY if the law of equal rights and equal freedoms are obeyed by everyone. Which means: what you enforce on them/ you enforce on you/ and what they enforce on you/ you can enforce on them. So we do need limited capitalism: to insure NOBODY gets to play god with our lives.
  6. We do need world laws to govern leaders/ therefore enforcing no more wars. NO DESTROYING the future to claim greed is your answer.
  7. Or more simply: the critical curse of human existence is “greed/ power/ and pride”; as initiates the behaviors that become all things bad. Men could not defeat these three; as traitors lurk everywhere, and fools follow as a cult. Because belief is easier, than accepting YOU TOO have a responsibility to be fair, and know what is true.
    1. World law takes away the power of tyrants. Easily done by 8.2 BILLION people shouting you will obey our law; as we the world.
    2. Limited capitalism takes away the power of pride/ forcing those who want to prove they are the winners over us all. To stop, because we say so; society decides by our vote.
    3. Justice assembles we do have rights too/ equality demands, “same for me as you”/ freedom asserts; I have rights/ peace creates the opportunity for society/ truth survives, and therefore leads. LAW by our own vote and description: IS OUR CHOICE/ not yours.
    4. the serpent of all things hidden as traitors do”; ends with the removal of hate. Hate lives where the ravages and ruins of war existed; because that is what you do: ringed by what will keep you inside these threats.
      2. And the world said: “we want what we want/ and we don’t want; what we don’t want/ and you cannot stop us from taking what we want: IF WE KILL YOU FIRST.
      3. But “humanity standing one meter apart= 8.2 million kilometers of humans touching humans”. And that means: YOUR WANT IS IRRELEVANT. Because if we don’t find a way to live in harmony/ none of us will live; because war (just one of a thousand threats), will make that impossible. Because the universities created HORRORS to insure no one escapes their truth. NO RESPECT, for anything.
      4. Which leaves us with justice must rule life and living. Law must provide the protection of life and world that sustains our existence. And we the world must identify how best can we be happy; with limits and boundaries, that are less than what we want. A reality that is not unlike thousands of years in human history that preceded our own time. We can do better than they/ but we cannot avoid the finite truth of this living world. Because all things living: CAN in fact die!
      5. In this world, and in particular this America: humanity is given to believe that truth is their enemy; because nothing the universities do or say can survive being isolated by truth. Evolution cannot/ fusion cannot/ weapons of mass destruction are your saviors cannot/ money cannot/ education fails life and world/ poisons or realities of life cannot survive them/ every form of traitor or terrorists beyond measure: identify them as the enemy of our lives. With only a few exceptions: because they want what they want/ and what they want is to play god with life and world. Because they cannot: the elements of SATAN arise/ as the consequences of this leads to our extinction. A reality of each statement above. Which can be proven true. So the final cost of life is: REDRESS TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; the cost of being WRONG. Before the point of no return forces us all to be “the living dead”/ as is “nothing can save us now”. We killed ourselves/ by letting universities destroy our world, alter nature, and even ignite “atoms on fire” : to prove they could be gods, and control the sun. but only proved SATAN has destroyed this living world. Because none of these things are survivable to life. AND THE WORLD SAYS: WE WILL WAIT AND SEE/ YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING! But they are wrong, as truth can prove everything that has been written. Humanity refuses to hear it: because pride; particularly men have a plan. Its called: YES WE CAN, “be winners”/ IF, we make them fail or die. And then take all their stuff. While the opposite side yells: NOT IF WE KILL YOU FIRST.
      6. So both sides turn to ridicule, gossip, and various forms of removing respect: so that it is then “ok” to kill those/ because we are the superior ones: measured and judged “without value to us”. Correct Policing does quell much of that/ but then the intellectuals “find a way” to corrupt/ collude/ or conspire to remove the law or make it in their favor. Thereby achieving with “a maze”/ what others have done with weapons. As is universities preparing to kill you: with biological weapons, once they have a vaccine for themselves.  “believe it or not”; to prove they are the superior ones. who do intend robots will clean up. As is, in one form of another: the entire history of men in charge. Unfortunately: “new children” create an unending supply; of people who have not yet learned more than to want, is needed to survive. So, I turn to women: saying simply, “will you do better?” because this is no game. and women offer: “we send men” to do what we want done.  but alas: that will not keep you alive anymore. required is: NOBODY gets to “play god” with life or world or energy or money, or war machines, or truth, or fantasy or anything that is functionally “UNIVERSITY DID THIS”. NOBODY gets to play god with people or life; nature will decide, because we cannot do better than what built life itself. NO DELUSIONS accepted: instead “nobody dies of little things we can do/ but everybody dies of bigger things, that life itself cannot afford.” an overpopulated world demands it will be so. NOBODY gets to control the natural resources of this world/ and that means we will find a way to share. Establishing what is care/ versus you have no right. Critical definitions of what that means; must be found. NOBODY gets to be a billionaire/ NOBODY gets to play god with politics deciding for the rest; what fails society because this is not capitalism. NOBODY says “let the government pay”/ taxes: approved by the public, are all you get. Nothing more/ NOBODY gets to declare war; only law can do that, by allowing for defenses to control the border until we know how to decide, by the evidence.

        NOBODY gets to invade other nations, immigration is over/ UNTIL AND UNLESS your nation proves it is true: that your population rise is less than zero. NOBODY gets to increase the competition for the others; therefore we divide “the land of life” into the distinct boundaries of “specific, identifiable, groups”.

        NOBODY gets left out, we all need a job/ and we all know that is true/ and the reason there are homeless: is because the others want more for themselves. As is to get more/ YOU must take less. NOBODY gets to consume more of anything than this world can provide; as is the burning of fossil fuels; and all its problems; limits are required/ we are too many for any other way. TRUTH DECIDES, AND IT WILL REMEMBER THE FUTURE has needs too.

        NOBODY gets to make the ocean life extinct; YOU WILL STOP, all that makes this true. NOBODY gets to deny a threat to life or world: OR if we find you blatantly lying/ to prison or death you will go. NOBODY gets to pretend poisons or pollution’s are not consequential; and we will all understand what that means.

        BEST PRACTICE: would be to make three distinct types of money: one is for food only/ another is for all aspects of business and enterprise/ and another is used only for luxury, as in vacations or other. NO MORE PENSIONS, all the same. NO MORE private healthcare; CHANGED, severely: BY STARTING WITH “UNIVERSITY FIRST”. No more university costs money; INSTEAD as with all business; you will gain only a percentage of income from those you graduate IN THE FIELD OF WORK you promise. The rest go free, or with little costs. NO DOING ANYTHING in universities: that threatens life or world or future or is delusional as with “surgical gender change”/ and a billion more failures of fools. Who simply want your money; as is this purpose; power over you.

        Ten thousand things: must be changed to survive, and these are just a tiny handful of that amount. SO NO: IT AIN’T FREE. But extinction is your only other choice. “believe it or not”/ because the evidence of our reality, is specific and true.

        And the world said to me: “I want to understand/ how many things or wants, Is this going to cost me: BECAUSE I DON’T want to give up NOTHING”. So, I can’t make a decision right now; because I have things to do.

        And I replied to the world of humanity: that nothing is more clear/ nothing is less certain: than those who are trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”. Regardless what they tell you/ THEY DON’T KNOW, because “million mile long flames” stand between them and the rock inside all that fire we call a sun. so they guessed; because they believe what they want to believe; just like every religion does.

        The cost of being wrong is: burning the bond, which balances forces of energy (just like the atomic bomb): WILL CREATE A SELF SUSTAINING PLASMA. THAT THEN EXISTS ON THIS PLANET MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF FUEL. Therefore the earth becomes a sun. and there are machines; trying to do that very thing; every single day. So one second too late, and “the predicted LAKE OF FIRE” will take over our lives. And that is just one threat out of very many that exist.

        So what you want: is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT/ because what you don’t want, “stands at the door of your extinction”. And there is NO GOING BACK. No second chances: one ignition/ one time; all done forever. So no you cannot wait/ you can demand a moratorium; and investigate what is pure fantasy on the universities part. DON’T BELIEVE/ PROVE IT TRUE.

        You DO owe it to life, child, and world: simple as that.

        AND ALL THE PEOPLE SAY: “well that don’t affect me/ won’t affect me/ I REFUSE to believe it can affect me: THE UNIVERSITY IS god”; and they wouldn’t risk our world.

        But that is not true; as bringing the same source of heat here as is on the sun: LITERALLY IS IGNITING A SUN, here on earth. While it is absolutely true: that the radiation from igniting that source of heat here “will melt you from a thousand miles away”/ and be self sustaining: without question. The university claim is: NOT enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire! But they don’t even know what gravity is/ and wrong is literally; a forever lost world. They don’t know what powers atomic energy. They cannot know what the core of the sun is; because by foundations laws of physics: their method: the sun, literally cannot exist. Upon ignition; nearly half the world is dead in a few minutes; while the opposite side of this earth will die soon after, as every bit of atmosphere is ejected into space “million mile flames”. And no possibility exists to extinguish the flames. It will consume us all.

        Reality will prove: after about ten days, the oceans will be drained by “atomic fire”, and the massive deviations in depth of this planet will be transformed by heat: into becoming the wedges needed to explode this entire planet; much like a supernova event. Changing this solar system forever; as the price of pure human arrogance and catastrophic disrespect, coupled with I won’t care; as is human pride.

        So no: there is no escape/ and the universities who are made up of your former classmates in school: “are not gods”/ only people who want what they want, and have so much pride; they are literally willing to risk our entire world; for being wrong. As all the real (provable) laws of physics: demand & prove they are. NO GOING BACK/ NO DO OVER/ NO EXPERIMENTING OVER TIME. ONCE AND DONE: the gamble either kills this earth,,,,,; “because it has no other choice”.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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