To destroy this world. Primary tools are;

To destroy this world. Primary tools are;


So, lets review:

we begin with, SATAN”: is a description used to identify those who deliberately take actions, to destroy this world. Primary tools are; arrogance (yes I can)/ apathy (I won’t care)/ disrespect (you are worthless)/ hate (you can’t stop me)/ violence (fear me, I play god)/ fear (I am the enemy)/ belief (want is all that matters)/ obedience (never question your leader)/ want (truth be damned)/ pride (life is a game)/ and power (you are measured and judged). Each contributes; but only recently has the term “devil (responsible for hell to some, on earth)”/ become Satan (responsible for the true descent of life itself, with tools to make us all extinct). The consequence being: the herd (we want what we want) cannot save you, from what you want/ and those who hate you promise and bribe with what you want; so they can do what they want to do; which is play god.

One of the key tragedies contributing: 8 billion people CANNOT do, what 4 billion people could do! The earth itself will die.

The greatest deception of all: is to believe what you want, or don’t want: is true. Because only the evidence itself can decide/ not you. Truth and liar are like love and hate: both exist. Truth builds with love asks, for the safety of reality “proves life”/ hate destroys, with want decides, and the expert tells you what to think, “about death, as with fear”. This world is filled, “with those who consider themselves to be experts/ screaming for attention”. While truth is more “a whisper in the wind” for those who are willing to search. Evidence, defined with wisdom; is a search for truth.

This world, of universities lead: has little wisdom, and less truth. Because, the end result of it: has led to extinction comes quickly now.

Liars claim want is enough! Animal, is all you will be: therefore, unable to think beyond a herd!

The evidence knows: that there is no such thing as “government”/ instead, there is only those who are employed to make decisions based upon laws; that govern what they are allowed to do. When we enforce “law governs this society/ not you”; we become democratic. When we know, that our decision as owners: can change this nation or world; we then become “as human” as life on earth can get. Because thought is life, and thought grants to no one else; the opportunity to play god, with me.

  1. universities around the world; are trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ so they can continue releasing as much heat as they can; even though they know, that is not going to reduce climate change. GAMBLING OUR WORLD, on the idea they can control the same fire as is on the sun. Claiming “not enough gravity here”/ so they don’t need to prepare nothing: a million mile long flame as predicted by NASA will just extinguish itself. WRONG IS OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN. no going back/ one single ignition and its over. Discarding all reality, with fantasy theories that have no proof at all. Ignition releases 4 million times more energy in the same “candle flame”/ than does a chemical fire which releases a molecular bond. BURNING ATOMS FOR FUEL/ ON A PLANET MADE ENTIRELY OF FUEL; just like the sun. flames 4 times farther than the moon/ with radiation that will melt you in an instant. But don’t worry ejecting the atmosphere will get you anyway.  this is, the biblical Great Abomination”.
  2. universities around the world; with international cooperation and funding; choose to operate CERN as a particle accelerator and more using 13 trillion volts or more; to interrupt and alter the magnetic field which surrounds our planet and protects us in multiple ways; which includes keeping the hot core of this planet in balance; so that it does not cause our planet to explode. Once the central core stops moving; hot spots appear/ and grow out into the mantle shifting the thermal dynamic laws: which create expansion in one area: causing that area to swell/ which can then increase the heat disruption of atomic balance; and cause other areas to swell; which put the mass of earth at risk; because magnetic flux, the source of our gravity will fail. The core continuing to accelerate, as if control rods were lowered too fast in a nuclear reactor.  But hey, all your gods of university have to do is yell “hocus pocus”; and their lies take control; right? Just like the sun, on earth; as they ignite “lets burn atoms”;  right? Alas, no going back! EARTHQUAKES begin everywhere; water supplies are poisoned or end; war takes control as humanity truly goes insane. and the universities shout “hocus pocus”; and make it all better: right? The alternate of course is: that the core which keeps us alive/ begins to cool; and our entire planet of life dies within about ten years or so. “So all hail, the universities are gods”; right? And they are; “satan”.GAMBLING OUR WORLD on the game, of lies; such as they created new elements at CERN; “for a billionth of a second/ according to their computers”. Simply not true/ a truly valueless disgrace: which attempts to destroy the atomic balance of this planet. “they don’t want to lose their jobs/ power/ pride”; so they lie/ who can tell but us; right?
  3. universities around the world; are attempting to inject chaos into biology through genetic mutilation which is nature itself (the building of a body called life). For the distinct purpose of proclaiming evolution is their god/ and they want proof: so they destroy life on earth claiming: “in a billion years or so, evolution will just make something else”. No greater fools exist. Can’t go back; mutilated means your body of life is destined for chaos too/ no child will be “built as a living human being with value”. Or more simply all of life will be lost; as is the cost of being wrong. As is the reality of religious zealots who believe chaos is their god/ and all life is an accident: so there are no rules/ and they can do absolutely anything they want: TO LIFE. As hate/ devil without a brain” wants. Armageddon (nature in chaos) is at the door; by your own choices.
  4. universities around the world; have built weapons of mass destruction; to destroy a world, dependent upon the sanity of a tiny few leaders; and with money, anyone else who wants to buy. A world that can be thrown into hell; in less than 30 minutes; NO going back/ all of life crucified by the horror of what universities have done. With nuclear/ with chemical/ and especially with even one release of biological weapons; mutilated for hate, diseases, to end life on earth. As they cannot be put back “in the pandora bottle; making suicide, the preferred end”.
  5. universities around the world; have been making diseases they can control with a “vaccine” to sell to you/ as with covid: they steal your money, your everything, even your life, face, etc. by simply releasing their mutilated disease; to take from you trillions. Orchestrating the destruction of the entire middle class/ destroying nations to give that power of ownership, “your turn now” to immigrants. Producing and providing extortion in all of healthcare. Reducing the option of work, to begging let me, “instead of the robot”. Cursing every chain of life on the planet. Enslaving the college student; to obey, or be thrown away.
    Oh wait: their gods, and don’t have a greedy bone on their body/ unlike you; now ain’t that right; piss-head?
  6. universities around the world; are responsible for trillions of tons of poison to be dumped onto, into, injected, onto the water, the earth the air, everywhere; so they can be rich. And the people said great: but as the years go by, IT ADDS UP, and REALITY CHANGES TO ENGULF your life with waste that will poison you too. Destroying nearly every water supply, and ending life by apocalyptic war
  7. universities around the world; are responsible for sterilizing plants/ altering genetics/ and claiming the prize of “more grain” by removing all forms and barriers to pandemic disease overwhelming that food source; which includes opening the door, to the entire species of plant. Such as corn is a grass plant, as is rice, wheat, oats, more.
  8. universities around the world; are responsible for creating “super-diseases”; already found pandemic, in confinement livestock operations. The alteration of how creatures are raised, which includes the sea; stand on the brink of complete collapse. With no option to restart the herds once lost/ so the “last seed sources”; will be ravaged, and cannibalism is absolutely certain.
  9. universities around the world; are now “cultivating meat” as a replacement for life gives us food. But alas, what they are doing is using “cancer” to grow meat cells into mass/ and as humanity knows: cancer is not what people want. Gee, I wander if it can escape their claims?
  10. universities around the world; are responsible for over population of humanity. Now consuming every habitat, and every form of life on earth. Causing climate change as a result and ending life on earth by war; as reality changes from “we must adapt”/ to we cannot survive; KILL THEM instead.
  11. universities around the world; have invaded all life on earth/ stealing the currency by counterfeiting assets/ claiming debts don’t matter; and removing all reality of money from the existence of society. So they can play god, with life and power over you. By removing your claim to anything beyond what they decide to give you. Forming war/ choosing robot armies/ developing disease/ causing civil war/ manipulating, propagating, tempting, controlling with mass hypnosis (its a herd now), and all the education that over one hundred years of studying how to control humans has been going on in “university is god religion”. The indoctrination of every child; by those who believe; “university knows”. Discarding every evidence as points to our own extinction; by their choices.
  12. universities around the world; have produced the plastics, poisons, methods, and materials used to destroy life in the oceans. Which are literally in jeopardy of their own extinction across the world/ by your failures. Failed all forms of preparation for a future to exist: thereby choosing to assassinate all life on earth. Created the infrastructure that led to climate change. Chose to lead governments to collapse. Created the curse of war expanded with horrors. Failures include the rise of terrorism in response; which includes the burning of forests; which includes the destruction and extinction of forests and all the life therein; which includes the loss of trees indicates our atmosphere will soon detach, and begin accelerating. Which includes the temperature rise we cannot survive. Which includes mass migration which means war. And more.
  13. Are they not in control? Do not men run these things, and caused them to exist? Has there been any construction of value; which recognizes CHANGE MUST OCCUR? Answer: a few as is the constant in every field; work for life/ while all the rest are an army of fools, guided by media to believe “the universities are god”; don’t worry/ be happy. Depend upon selfishness, greed, power, corruption, gluttony, lust, pride, want, arrogance, apathy, disrespect, denial, running away; etcetera and more.
  14. And the people scream: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ THE UNIVERSITIES ARE “our gods and saviors”; as do religions. While the evidence sees garbage mountains, and knows you have destroyed the lives of your own children. Caused massive extinction among all species of life on earth. Prepared for HELL, without reservations/ and ran away from every form of survival by truth that there is. So believe; go ahead/ just know truth will decide; and it says NO, you can’t.
  15. universities around the world; have used computers to create the primary tool lacking to achieve MOST FORMS of extinction. As there are many methods by which all life on earth will now die/ by your own choices. They sit behind closed doors manipulating life and threatening planet; and playing gods, beyond all form of sanity. Saying “yes we can”/ as a dying world proves “yes they did”; as did all their followers; which includes “the vast majority of you”. While every diploma screams: “we are gods”. Reality answers with: YES you are: “SATAN; god of destruction”. Because that, is what you chose.
  16. The Christian religion offers old testament “great abomination”: and Revelation as their predictions. Revelation is divided into two distinct parts: the first being, a progression of men into world war; easily identifiable by current weapons and realities. The second or alternative is: “a spiritual woman arrives”; in Chapter 12, to present life IN TIME:  “through  that spiritual woman (her)” the opportunity of a new life, for this earth; as would be delivered by me. Chapter 17; offers, while the world is busy with its harlot (one who tempts men into believing lies, by offering, what will be, betrayal) called university is savior/ leading life in worshiping them as “saviors from covid/ a creation of university, designed for money”. Men and their universities do not like that truth and blockade, all efforts to redefine life on earth. They leave me this one outlet: so they can steal! The alternative to that is “a spiritual woman bearing gifts from royalty so to speak”; who is riding/ controlling, a beast (which is defined throughout history, “as all  who are male”/ which is me). Religion does not like it/ not what they want; as is the rest of that chapter and what is the prediction (not enforced) of what they decide to do. While there is hope in the truth; that I am sent as a messenger to describe CHANGE OR DIE. The critical truth is: will you as humanity on earth choose to change/ allow men to go to war/ or let all life on earth die instead? Your choice, not mine. it appears that my destiny is now defined by [“a new life presented to this world” in chapter 12, comes from spiritual female; it is not delivered by “woman in time”] (one version, of me; “delivers” that life to earth)/ and male being replaced by female in charge; identifies the alternate side (me, as an example of men; in chapter 17). Or more distinctly: “the spiritual world is watching you now”! Reminding each, once more: that whosoever makes the law/ rules society, rules the nation, and rules the world. So long as that law is enforced! United you have a voice/ one citizen one vote, means as a majority fighting for justice, fair play, and “equal” treatment for all: men and women should be able to demand the same things. As are peace, harmony, happiness, hope, respect, value, and the opportunity that is love.  BUT THAT ONLY EXISTS WITH CHANGE!       YOUR OWN decision is required/ NO running away.  CHOOSE. As for me: the spiritual woman now in charge; has from the beginning intended; “that I should know, as if all men”, what life is like “from the opposite side of living; like, or as is, female”. Which asks the question: “WHAT, am I suppose to do”, with that information? I can’t change the world; only tell them to change.
  17. to that end.  It is, realistic to say: that the primary focus of men, when forming a commitment for marriage; is to find someone who fits into his world, can be trusted, and is able to make him happy; by whatever form surfaces as you date. Male Animals want sex, for the chemical drugs it produces (lust); and are incapable of commitment.
  18. It is realistic to say: that the primary focus of women (in my opinion), is to be safe; to know that friendship is enhanced by you, with gentle caring; to understand the participation of kindness and responsibility of sharing needs; as is to do, what needs to be done “for me, and us”. So that happiness is a participation we share.
  19. Both sides desire and demand; “make me happy, in some form or fashion”. Don’t use or abuse. Don’t assume sex/ or that whatever you want is enough: IT IS MUTUAL participation, for the benefit of both. Men want sex, to alleviate the cost of doing what needs to be done; in terms of work and life: it is used to relax, and consider the cost worth its price. Women it seems, want sex, when it has value to them too: because they need to feel needed and desired (safe in your arms). Thereby accepting of your needs; just as you are accepting of theirs. Desire forms in friendship. Friendship forms in what we share, thereby proving we do care (as is, you are just as important as I). Happiness is the elevation of freedoms, which then erupt as hope establishes our home in each other. Joy conceives of heart (the rhythms we share), and ascends with soul (the relationship we earned, as one life, joined by love)”even by GOD”.
  20. Forgiveness keeps us from parting, because none are perfect. Acceptance, is the decision of discipline is far more important than want. Respect achieves order, and participates with balance; to serve each other, when need demands it must be so. STOP fighting for trophies, trinkets, or toys: and join as life becomes the destiny we share.
  21. THERE ARE TWO: primary elements of human existence, that lead to endless trouble and consequences. The first is: that puberty is the introduction of chemicals, that quickly and easily become addictive; because it is “a good toy”. But that changes into a more addictive substance, and influences all things male. While that is the chemical difference between boy and man; the critical difference is, understanding: this is a chemical that drives you/ if you do not control it. Young women quickly realize; they can in fact control young men; manipulating them with this “disease of chemistry”; until they become in control over themselves. While sexual chemistry is an addiction used to populate the planet/ this planet is now full, and cannot tolerate more. Women will need to fill in the blank spaces of their experience; as no man knows. No male understands. We just don’t know; simple as that/ and with few exceptions never believe we need to know; because male and female are different.
  22. Nonetheless: those male individuals who fail to control themselves and realize: this is a chemical addiction, accepting the penis is a tool, for aiding and abetting women/ NOT a toy. Use, abuse, rape, ravage, ruin, disrespect, and in all ways complicate life by shrinking into the delusion: “i am/ my want; is all that matters”. That is animal, and women who allow it; or cannot stop them; will suffer for it, if they do not get away from the animal addict. As with all addictions: the failure to discipline/ is the failure to achieve order or balance in your life. Therefore those addicted end up doing what they never would have conceived of; had it not been for that addiction. The difference between addict and recovery is: NO I WILL NOT, life is worth more than this! Every part of that is needed to recover effectively. Those who fail to recover: go on to judge, and when judged “worthless to me”; that allows for all forms of sexual perversion, and more; and even murder as a result. Because worthless means, you are the trash, and nobody cares about the trash. So now, they have cause within the fantasy; they can play god with you.
  23. So the critical question is: HOW, do we change that, and make the human male animal extinct/ or far less aggressive sexually? The answer “seems to be”: that primarily used for puberty. A simple machine; most men can design. To take the “male” sexually beyond what they want to do: will aid and abet their own decision to establish control over themselves. A very necessary step, in becoming a “hu man” (beyond the chemistry, called animal). When you ELIMINATE; the conception “there is more to get out of this addiction”; you end the cost of their primary aggression against female; as is lust: or even against male. That desire to know; IS NOW OVER. But, the question is: how will that ultimately change the relationships between male and female; as nature is the superior one. While at 8 billion people and rising: populating this earth is no longer valued; so it should be worth the risk; on a trial basis to start. The question also exists: if you expand the impact of sexual chemicals in male; to the maximum effect possible. You may also unleash an addict who will need sex to survive; even though the probability of aggression will be lost. Leaving a beggar for sex instead. Only reality can prove; if the consequence of change is worth the price it will cost. Those beyond a boy; who have proven to be: A FAILURE, to themselves and life. May be the correct target for learning what the cost of this change will be: whether or not, addiction taken to “beyond desired”. Will change a male animal; into something more. or at least remove aggression.As a contrast to addictions in male: is the vasectomy; wherein the removal of testicles, is the end of that chemistry. A clear and deliberate case study, would be fair/ BUT BE AWARE, I have found no other reality has proven to be the cause of more lies and liars, in both male and female partners, than this. They don’t want to admit; this was a mistake; and gravitate towards killing each other instead. Or more simply: ending the chemistry in male/ ends the desire and realities of sex for women, who are coupled in marriage to them. Regardless what the liars, and the media say; that is true.And it causes numerous mental health, and relationship problems; ending in divorce, and all manner of costs.
  24. As to chemical addictions of all other kinds: the correct method is; IF HELP AND AID WILL NOT affect their behavior. Then the severe addict is removed to an area; where they will get however much of the drug they want. With the acceptance no medical help will arrive for you; this is your choice. You will require: “they are on video (not audio); for the world to see”/ as an education in what this is! You will confiscate drugs from those suppliers who have illegally chosen to aid and abet this trouble in others. And once convicted; you will chain them into the area of addicts; to serve them drugs. Reminding each one; whosoever dies here, adds another year to your own incarceration. If you run out of drugs/ you run out of drugs; let the addict tell you where to get more. DO PROVIDE: for anyone honestly trying to escape: the means to do so. As best you can. Game over/ life or death.
  25. All hate is a battleground. Violence is the tool of choice/ fear is its weapon/ panic is the opportunity to steal even more. Aggression is the bond between all parties defined by hate. Because aggression moves people to do, what their decision tells them to do. Without aggression, there is the opportunity to stop. With aggression; there is no conscience to intervene. Consequently; end aggression, and the army of the dead; loses focus. Most aggression starts with sexual addictions. While hate goes beyond that, it is the addiction which sparks; “the machine into motion”. Divide and conquer; by forming barriers. As is: if you do not complete with them/ their complaint dies. As is: “we too” have choices. As is: accept the pain is a cost of living, and being “you”; as best you can. As is; think, rather than react; so you can be prepared; as best you can. Thieves believe you owe them; take that away, by being fair; let them talk, demand explain: but prove they are at fault.
  26. the school bully, is many times driven too it:  be fair. but let the terms of justice be evidenced: by a “school trial”/ which is the deliberate decision to participate as a society, in determining what is fair for us all. The curse and plague, of university indoctrination IS NOT “more important”!
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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