The four curses of a university diploma

The four curses of a university diploma


So, lets begin: with the four curses of a university diploma “the 99% of what a university does. They are:

  1. terrorists: with extreme experimentation/ the end of life and world, as chaos overwhelms/ and disaster is what you will wish for, instead of what they gave. Genetic mutilation overwhelms nature (biology is  defined by order, discipline, and balance is dead)/ atoms ignite on fire (4 million times more:  out of control fire)
  2. Traitors: with extreme fantasy and delusions/ they provide the end of reality, and pursue the constant invasion of all things valued, with the rebellion against truth; by consigning you to traps, manipulation, control, temptation, lies, theft, and the constant arrogance, apathy, and disgrace of people who want to take it all; and enslave the rest. NO you can’t think: OBEY/ BELIEVE/ FEAR. Mimic/ memorize/ and repeat instead.
  3. The cult of animals; declaring humanity is not human (as is a miracle)/ but must live within the parameters of predator and prey/ creating herds by which the university predators may attack at their leisure; and steal whatever they want; as with covid, and so much more. By enforcing the religious delusion of evolution/ and asserting “they know, with imagination is life”; instead of truth and its reality of respect.
  4. Anarchy: the intent of leeches, to absorb all that has value/ and turn the source of their food into a sludge of useless delusions. Leaving fantasy, as your source of existence.
  5. So we ask: IS THERE ANYTHING OF VALUE, in a university? OR, is it all bad? Which leaves us with the one percent that does have value, and is now essential to even the hope of survival/ as everything bad; does need to be returned to life. Of the things which do subsidize life: communication has been all bad, leading to propaganda/ manipulation/ control/ mass hypnosis/ temptations/ spreading lies/ hiding truth/ communicating mass hysteria/ and more. Real world communication DOES present we the people; with at least a foundation of our own; by which we can organize ourselves. But alas: the huge millstone of one hundred years the universities have been trying to prove they can manipulate all of society, and did currently with ease; as with covid. The extreme millstone constructed by the invasion of government in this USA; in order to counterfeit the currency and create their weaponry used in this rebellion against us all/ providing bribes/ destroying lives/ denying truth/ corrupting courts/ discarding democracy with mass media fake news/ constructing fears/ cursing the young with cult worship of university is god/ destroying the future so as to enslave/ threatening a world to create enemies; so that hate can rule; and all the other realities of “what a university does do” to invade and execute the living reality of life on earth. Is an enemy; which requires a real world battle: to suppress, and achieve the war of independence: which is GO TO COURT/ AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. Only that, where the evidence/ NOT THE DAMN EXPERT: shall provide at least the beginning back “to your own brain”. If you can. lets assert “that singular horror/ terrorizing truth cursed by all news: the university is wrong”! While we know, they cannot do that as cult worshipers. They cannot question “the expert” as functional mice given the task/ used, to feed the serpent; that is “universities are god”. They cannot question the anarchy invading and rebelling against democracy. Nor can they escape the bribes, used to insure only imagination rules here. But alas: our world is dying/ our nature is betrayed/ every resource is raped, ruined, ravaged, or being destroyed; to insure “each child goes to HELL”. While religion hides and runs away from their own prophecies; because their god is university too. BUT, as the screams and horrors and shouts go up; demanding as believers, do, as a herd: EVIDENCE DOES NOT MATTER: “the universities CAN’T be wrong/ they are gods”. REALITY HOWEVER PROVES: the only god they can be is “Satan”. Which of course makes all their believers: “Satan worshipers”. As life comes to an end on earth. “no, imagination is not enough”/ to survive. Law is law. So, with anger streaming out, and violence in the air; shouting “blasphemy”; the herd begins to move: because they live with the fear, “we cannot be wrong”/ and are obedient to whatever forces “the outsider” away. So that we need not fear anymore. Here reality divides, as the search for “the living” among that herd requires a commitment to truth, rather than belief. And all the believers SCREAM: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND AIN’T NOTHING going to take that away. TO HELL, with anyone who tries. But fear is fear, and the elemental rise of reality decides; will divide the herd. True believers CANNOT question their cult leader/ CANNOT conceive of being wrong: because they want what they want, and that controls what little exists of “a brain”. So they become an army of their god “university knows”; and seek vengeance against whosoever “ruins their life”/ by adding truth. As it is “the greatest threat”, of exposure, every liar/ traitor/ thief/ terrorist/ fool/ failure/ etc, faces. “so, someone has to pay”; or the game is over. Beyond the human animal; is reality forced by time, to accept the law rules over us all. No acceptance of lies or imagination, is allowed. Whereby truth decides, and then proves without questions of value; that every body of life is indeed a miracle of design and construction; as only thought could conceive of doing. Simple as that/ no element of accident exists/ no form of chaos can construct anything; just truth, as is beyond our comprehension, “A LIFE” gave us the nature which builds our everything. While truth says: the evidence of JESUS is a guarantee we were not simply abandoned; but have a purpose here. “to create ourselves”/ in order to identify those who can achieve and earn, an eternal life. So, lets construct values: by letting simple things lead us to greater understanding.
    1. As to time itself: the law of physics knows, a big bang represents a force which spreads out in all directions/ but can be focused by the placement of explosive elements into a directional space/ as is the evidence of our universe. Universities discard that evidence of “dark space, left at the center” ; and claim 14 billion years old, without a clue.
    2. They claim light is the “top limit of speed”/ but discard their claim of electrons move faster. Breaking the law of time over distance. Because if an electron moves faster/ it achieves that speed by methods faster than light. Proving their theories have no meaning.
    3. They claim the earth and its sun are billions of years old/ which removes all association of fuel being used. In order to claim “their magic” is all the sun needs. While reality knows: burning the bond in atoms; is literally the fuel source of our sun. Which means a billion years of burning reduces the size of that sun, and its heat as would have impacted this earth. Another discard.
    4. They claim the sun is totally heated throughout its entire atomic existence; which makes that orb highly unstable, and ready to go supernova as is the result. Discarded with “IGNORANCE RULES”. Or, never question the universities/ they are gods, of men.
    5. They claim “a fantasy element exists”/ claim CERN proves it “in a computer simulation for a billionth of a second”; because they want their job/ and need an excuse to continue terrifying atomic structure and balance. As they break laws, and demand destruction of life and earth.
    6. They claim the gravity here on earth is the same as solar gravity; but it is absolutely not; as proven by the results. While gravity here is the result of negative dark energy neutron; as does contain the kinetic energy of an atomic proton. Counterbalance means: enough more, to sustain the source of movement. Which “with endless atoms” does add up. In contrast: the nuclear fire on the sun “grinds off” the neutron; which then allows the kinetic energy of the proton to be released in one continually “bumper cars” positive push effect of energy; produces heat. While dark energy is the pull counterbalancing all that energy/ NOW released: some of which returns to the core of the sun. while the rest remains attached to the proton (reduced to photon) being ejected from the sun.
    7. questions which do lead to construction: why does space not heat up, with sunlight; as does this earth? Answer; it lacks mass. Question, why does dark energy exist? Answer: the pulsar is a dark hole formed by an exploding star. The core exploding outside its confinement meets the outer portion of the star exploding toward the inside; as an opposing force greater than, the core itself. Which then turns that force into the opposite direction; as is negative energy; a dark hole. Pulsars; the ejection of “anti mass”; exist to produce atoms, by combining that negative energy with the supernova positive particle energy; in one massive collision. The end result of which is “ALL the elements we know”/ and all the energy captured, remains inside; as an atom results.
    8. A few will ask: “having no answer of their own”: HOW does an atom originate/ if it must be formed by the disintegration of “massive things”? Answer begins: in the origin of space/ the critical question is not does something exist (as it obviously did): but how does it exist, as in what form? IT IS elemental to accept, there was no light, as that is a result of atoms. Therefore only darkness! But darkness conceives of “something we cannot see through”/ therefore obstacles exist; or we could; even though biology limits/ reality still recognizes truth by conception (law rules)/ not imagination (fantasy is all that matters).
    9. So, what is the elemental law: which rules over particles which become mass? I have considered it: NOT going to give you that.
    10. So what about the big bang: where all particles were gathered into one singular depository of what blocks “sight”? The answer relies upon dark energy: which occurred within the primary core of this object. An energy formed and then forced upon itself by the collapsing of all particulates into one object in what was then opened space. To form the initiating discharge of extreme force; capable of tearing apart the entire object itself: as would be any avenue or stress crack available. As would wrap and create by the interaction of force with the particulates forming the object; atoms of the majority being accelerated into this universe called time. If you could honestly measure the flow of a pulsar/ that would be; an equivalent measure to diagnosis the speed which the universe would have been created through separation of its parts and pieces. As light cannot see it; you cannot do that. What you can do: is measure the kinetic energy released by an atomic bomb; and work backward to achieve an energy release by proton spin (as is atomic energy in fact) to become an approximate value to speed.
    11. It is noted: that our sun is not sufficient to heat this planet into a living environment. As a consequence we look to the greater source of energy which is for this earth, “a hot core”. That is NOT the equivalent of what happens on the sun/ as it is limited and sustainable do to the concentration of energy that is being compressed. Or more distinctly: while the energy is NOT sufficient to functionally create its own explosion. It is functionally sufficient to create its own motion by the use of sufficient space to achieve a magnetic flux. Or more distinctly: as the atomic fuel is used up it is contained by a magnetically controlled plasma environment. That presents boundaries and limits; but fuel use does create more space, which uses more fuel, which eventually takes over the planet. If the heat source expands too rapidly: volcano’s release that heat and pressure; in order to control, without “endangering a truly explosive environment”. Balanced, it produces our world of life. While the foundation of all universities work: is to remove every balance/ destroy every discipline/ and revoke all order to achieve chaos; as is “their claimed, evolutionary god”. Religious zealots are religious zealots.
    12. Without the magnetic effects “mimicked by a tomak”; the pressures and heat would increase to an explosive supernova like event. As it becomes uncontrollable, and uses fuel burn to achieve the thermodynamic result (forcing space to open) called release. Making the tomak reactor formed from university terrorists; an effective bomb ready to ignite into nuclear (unstoppable) fire. Or the alternate of that which is CERN; the university method of destroying magnetic stability, as does sustain this earth. OR in its alternate version at NIF; if not ignition of nuclear fire/ then the result of “a black hole” as is the result of turning back energy onto itself; is possible too! That of course leaves us with: “since the universities are god”; they don’t need to concern themselves with releasing the two most powerful consequences of force, in the universe. Or destroying atomic balance on this planet. Cause you know, “they got imagination”.      HELL, “WHAT COULD GO WRONG”?     AFTER ALL,  cult worshipers don’t need a brain. And its alternate: “since evolution says, life is born out of chaos; all we need is chaos” to create new life; and “accidents (no brain)”; to prove we can be “university gods for real”. OR to get money, power, and pride; all they need to do is mutilate/ create a disease; so you can pay, with fears; as with covid.
      Alas, imagination and cult worship is not enough sometimes; so they have “media & news/ the curse of leaders”;  to enforce: as with all cults “believe/ fear/ obey”.  “you damn slaves”: you!
    14. oh wait, I forgot:  “reality be damned”/ the universities are god, and they don’t need no damn truth.  Until lies fail, and extinction ends their claim of being “gods”.  Well except for being “Satan” of course; and all their accomplices who made it possible.
    15. and the world screams: WE DON’T want that! But the only means to stop it, IS WITH A COURTROOM LEGAL REDRESS TRIAL; which documents the cost of being wrong. This is no game, and its consequences are eternal. LIFE OR DEATH, by your own human hands: CHOOSE.   after all, they die too? But wait; as with all religions; they expect “whatever they want”. So, “does it matter”?
    16. Redress means: “leadership is removed/ WE THE PEOPLE, WILL decide now; for ourselves”. As OWNERS, with every legal right and obligation to do so!
    17. Removing belief’s with evidence, examining real world, what is true; as best we can
    18. Removing fears with a moratorium: to stop all betrayal or attempted terrorism/ by enforcing STOP until we decide for ourselves.
    19. Discarding obedience: with the constant truth, that is reminding each other: of, the cost for being WRONG! Or, by letting these others who brought us here, to the edge of our own extinction; decide for themselves.
    20. Finding our own brain back: INSTEAD OF ACCEPTING whatever “the news” says to believe! Proving what is true, by the evidence/ NOT the expert.
    21. BUT the cult says; we can decide on our own/ we don’t need no damn court to help us sort out what we believe/ WE KNOW what we want to believe, WE KNOW what we need to fear, WE KNOW, who we need to obey, trust, and thank as gods over our lives: “the university knows”/ and the people must fear/ believe/ and obey. As the propagation of MEDIA (WE OWN the words they will hear) mass hypnosis (BELIEVE) manipulation (FEAR), and control (OBEY) will continue unabated; to prove you cannot escape their clutches. SLAVES to the end.
    22. IN CONTRAST TO THAT; is a courtroom, by which we sort out our own version of evidence/ communicate among ourselves for our own version of what is true/ and decide according to what truths we do rely upon can achieve! BECAUSE without a courtroom, all you have is a herd of animals; being controlled by herders. and they only know, or decide; by what they want.
    23. YOU CANNOT DEFEAT THE CULT OR ITS WORSHIPERS: WITHOUT A COURTROOM TO PROVE “to we the world”/ WHAT IS TRUE, AS BEST WE CAN! That cult in this USA and around the world; has been indoctrinating their religious dogma on students from kindergarten through 12th grade/ and THEN ENSLAVED with debts; those who marched on as soldiers of the cult, shouting:  only the, “elite shall own the world”. AS is the takeover of life on earth. A curse of fools; “worthy of a James bond villain”.
    24. The blockade of all truth: is arrogance, “they, universities;  are gods and cannot be wrong”. The betrayal of all life has a right: is apathy, “the universities are superior, and cannot be wrong”. The disgrace of terrorism, rather than “life and world is sacred” is disrespect, “they intend to prove they are gods/ so that you cannot deny they are gods; with evidence produced by chaos (their god)”. Or more simply; the construct of universities is: to rip and tear everything society depends upon/ so that only they can rise to the top and be your saviors. “the great gods of time”; for which you will slave or die at their request. To prove that true by their fraud: they want you to BELIEVE (saviors)/ FEAR (the world and scream for your saviors as with covid)/ OBEY (never question your gods, they deserve all your money, property, purposes, complete worship, and absolute acceptance; they are gods). And use media as their primary instrument to distribute these forms of “delusions are great/ fantasies are wonderful/ imagination is reality not truth/ and government (particularly the currency) belongs only to them”. While the military is trained to accept: obey or die. And media proves violence is your solution, get a gun/ GET ANGRY: they are all bad; everyone a predator or a failure; worship the universities as your only hope. Convict them all of ; “failures one hundred years ago/ demand CIVIL WAR”. Destroy the nation and the world; and know only “the universities are your god”. FIND your enemy, and kill them all. So that the universities can claim this earth; when you are dead/ without lifting a finger, or suffering pain. WHY? Because in this overpopulated world; we all die/ because soon there will be no resources left. WHICH DOES MEAN; either massive “NOT the universities in charge anymore”/ or someone (lots of people) have to die.
    25. Yes it is an attack on universities: who have attacked us all. With fantasies. With rebellion against all truth and reality by their imagination. With failures so vile and repulsive as to be evidence of our own extinction. With endless delusions of “debts don’t matter/ only the slaves have to pay”. With everything imaginable WRONG; because they want to be gods/ but can only be “Satan” instead.
    26. The claim; to universities are god; is reality! Evolution is “god of fools”. Ignition of “lets burn atoms” just like the sun; proves “SATAN”, and his worshipers. Never look to the future without fantasy or delusions; is to assassinate every child/ every life extinct on earth. They tore down religion to claim the prize “saviors/ worship us”. But are ending life itself with the reality “devils/ and those who followed, shouting hurrah”. Nothing balanced/ mutilating nature into chaos/ poisoning this entire globe for money/ causing mass extinction/ failing life, world, child and nation; all to play god. Which they did do.
    27. JESUS is the contrast to that: proving the choice and the reality, between love OR hate. Which the universities could not stand; so they inserted death, and proved hate by changing in this USA education into indoctrination of every child: WORSHIP the universities. JESUS in contrast to that; provided the path to follow for life is, the acceptance of love is the treasure of living and life, and to gain its most valuable truth; we must RESPECT AND TRUST OUR CREATOR as is evidenced by every living miracle called nature; a sacred trust between the future and us all. The universities could not stand that; as it dilutes their imaginary world of playing god. And restricts their claim that chaos is god; so they can mutilate nature anyway they please. JESUS is the leader in forgiveness, the destination of life beyond self; by understanding love is as life itself. The place we inhabit, rather than exist as with the rest of the world. The universities chose to kill that world, and everything in it; with delusions and fantasies and lies and theft, and betrayal and terrorism and extinction. So, as with JESUS leading; the difference in these choices have been made clear. But all the rest is up to those who can hear it. As I cannot control your heart/ nor do I wish too, in any way shape or form. Humanity is again the problem; ushered in by universities lead. Humanity is the solution, NOT BY WAR or conviction of an enemy; which you are certainly part of. BUT BY CHANGE/ BY TRUTH/ AND BY LEGAL ASSEMBLY OF THE RIGHT TO LEARN AND EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE FOR TRUTH; IDENTIFYING THE COST FOR BEING WRONG. Before extinction sets in forever. A reality NOT far away.
    28. LOVE IS A DISTINCT CHOICE/ AS IS HATE: everything in the middle is an animal trying to survive by wanting more, instead of accepting life is a decision: EITHER: human being alive is love, OR human being dead is hate. CHOOSE? They are complete opposites, and never travel in the same direction. Unfortunately, religions of all types, claim to “be the great leaders/ saviors/ children of god/ etc”: but are not. Because only truth can lead us/ only truth survives beyond time/ only love is a treasury built to become our gift to GOD; our choice to participate beyond self. Human being alive, is defined by a search for life itself ; where did I come from/ where will I go, beyond death? The message of HOW do I get there/ WHY will I be accepted to denied/ are not fundamentally answered! Therefore our choice relies upon what we do know to be true! Truth says: that life represents a loneliness, until we find a friend that is worthy of our love. Love being “I care my life and living/ I share my time and treasures/ I do spend my life with you, as best I can, with honest truth so you may trust me/ I forgive, where repentance is real, so I may trust you/ I live with RESPECT, because it is my choice; for life and world and those who love. Being human alive is NOT subject to religious rules or claims of knowledge or a book. Rules seek to control individuals (few are necessary/ but some are needed)/ claims that I must follow what you believe is true; is not my truth; as I too have the option to accept the anchor of my heart may be what I choose for it to be. While a book is the evidence of what men have written down as important to them/ interpreted by them/ in their language, and by their decision. While reality allows; a value can be shaped here, a path can be formed; acknowledged by those who came before us. The decision is always mine/ not yours. Because the end result is my eternity shall be defined by me/ not by you.

      The difference between animal and human is literally: the quest, to understand life beyond self/ as is evidenced by miracles of nature, are beyond us all. The essence of our world, created and given to us all, for life; beyond us all as well. RESPECT IS MANDATORY/ but only truth survives. Therefore the search for life, is the search for truth; by the evidence. By the disciplines, order, and balance of law; as defines those who are willing to live in peace and harmony of their own choice. Animals want, always shouting more/ animals play games to avoid the understanding of life; by pushing it away/ animals want power, so they can judge themselves to be gods, and consequently at the bottom end of that descent; prove hate. Do you see the difference?

      What is honestly true, becomes your own identity. Without being identified with love, there is no acceptance beyond time/ as you will die “a second death”; your own truth failing life.

      Love is the most precious treasure in this universe; because as we all know: loneliness is no friend. Therefore we know, that the essence of love is our gift to life; and makes the living of us all greatly better. As is; the reason we are here: to sort those who love and live by the truth of laws formed to keep us all safe/ from those who do not.

      Freedom is elemental to happiness; therefore you are free to make whatever decision you desire. Your body is your own, it belongs to no one else/ and it is not the temple of your soul; so it can be abused or used; so long as you accept the consequences for that, are yours alone as well. But make no mistake: love chooses a distinct path/ and hate chooses the opposite of that path; because they never walk together. Keep it in your heart, and obey the limits of that truth. The boundary of freedom is: just because you can/ DOES NOT make any decision wise, or without consequences. Love is a choice/ no one is allowed to judge: truth does that. Knowledge is born in evidence. Understanding is born in life, and being alive. Wisdom exists; when truth decides, and points to thought as the presence of a life beyond time.

      Hate is a choice: animal simply wants, and makes life into a game. The consequence of that is predator or prey, is the life of an animal. While the great discovery of universities is: that a gray area is formed by refusing reality and contributing to fantasies and delusions. Imagination will never replace truth, and the consequences of failing truth; only multiply as time escapes reality; to become extinction of all things needed to survive.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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