The elements of life, shape the questions

The elements of life, shape the questions


The elements of life, shape the questions which we are allowed to ask.

As to endings; the critical truth is, that life needs a purpose and a desire, to continue beyond the scope of disciplines and order, as give the essence of balance to our beginning as thought. As for me: life has chosen to construe a new beginning/ altering existence from male to the conception of female in charge now. While that was never desired or a purpose of any kind: the balance needed to finish my work of fighting for this earth required it. As your insanity “choosing to kill this world/ as cult followers”; became too much to endure.

The invasion of female, to rule over war: with boundaries and limits/ has proven to be in charge now. Which in real world terms is a benefit; as what little of male that is left; finds the death of this world completely unacceptable. But is removed; leaving female in charge of peace and harmony if life survives.

Not male/ not female; don’t know what, is a quandary; unlike anything I have known.

But today, I find “that female is a house, a living biological machine” which allowed me for the first time to see within the elegant structure of life defined by time. And I AM very interested in this search. As life refused me the time and opportunities before; since you were all basically INSANE/ and a world takes precedence over personal values or desire.

To search where the building of life occurs; as is female/ is a value, with far more compelling examples of the delicate essence of life itself/ than has male. So, suddenly “female is welcome here”/ and I am hoping for life, to let me see what biology truly means. The unfortunate part is; I begin to realize how vulnerable being female is/ and recognize, the entire purpose of male is: to protect and defend female. Male is “a vehicle”. Female is a “house”. The boundary between them is protected by respect, but formed by the law which governs the value we share/ the search for life, which is formed from care.

Is this is the ending of male/ it is the ending of my work for this world. If this is the beginning of female; the door will open, and the lessons or essence and elevation, of biological life begins. If it is neither; then more likely some degree of chaos will soon follow; as reality refuses life, to become death. As determined by you/ not by me.

What we value most, is identified by our choices: the decision that allows knowledge, represents a critical foundation for life itself. The discovery of understanding, elevates that knowledge into wisdom; where balance exists. The critical link is: “let only truth decide”. Definitions are not discoveries: they are the first step, in distinction. Alternate conceptions, facing the truth of change; require a level of focus to achieve distinction: that demands a choice shall be made. I value, the foundations of life! Which is then “the quest for order, discipline, and balance achieved through thought”/ displayed through energy; as the truth of law. “the work, has begun”; how it ends, is unknown.

Male is everything outside: life divides: female is everything inside. The definitions of both are elementally changed by the construction of how biology works. The question is: “how to cross the line” which divides? Only life itself, can do that/ “not male or female”. So, the quest is: “to ascend/ rather than divide”. The elevation of thought itself, forms that decision.

The question of male: how to survive, without surrender to those who want/ those who destroy/ or those who make life a game? The answer is basically find strength, determination, and accepting the price of pain or trouble; as best you can! Learn to accept only truth decides; because anything less will fail.

The question of female: appears to be, find a protector; so that life can be safe enough to fill the void that is love shaped by living, if you do not earn or participate: value will disappear. So chances are taken, some will fail/ some will be honest and true/ some will even become a joy as life becomes alive.

Human existence is a battleground; because the animal competes for more, and surrenders all but “me”. To grow beyond the herd requires a value that is real; and to achieve that, both desire and purpose must be found. Love is the truest value of life. The desire for happiness as only real love can conceive; is the only true purpose of being alive. The herd cannot do it/ hate will hate. But love is a destiny, therefore life is a journey, to achieve what is true in you. It is not less, unless you fail: love gives to life its answer.

The cost of life, is to participate or die at least a little inside: best you can/ don’t give up. The cost of heart is to find the truth that gives you hope. The cost of soul, is trust; but in a world divided by hate (nothing matters but me), want (the foundation of every lie), pride (the plague of life is a game), and power (realities, that hurt us all)/ that does become a cautious thing. People become damaged by others, and then fail to respond with the purity inside. People identify their own cause, and eliminate others; because the cause is more important; and sometimes that is true/ while for others it is not more than pride, want, or power. Every life needs love to live, a reality that should not be determined by face, color, or more than “human too”; hate is the only excuse. But love is a cost, and when it is not returned; that cost leaves you without; so we share, with those who share with us. And let those who want, find their solution elsewhere. Do the best you can with work/ but it is fair, to push too much work away: life is about time, and the pursuit of truth. Survive, but do not be overwhelmed. As best you can. Occasionally we all fail, even if unintentionally; forgiveness lets people remain in your life; it is that simple. Money buys only things; things cannot make you happy for long. You cannot escape life, it is what it is/ until dead; and you cannot escape that either; so face your fears, and accept your decision controls your life, as best you can. When we help, it means we share. When we care, it means we did spend our time, with you. When respect fills the void between us: then the possibilities are limited only by each other; as blooming in the shared embrace of passion “fills the heart with hope: between male and female, caring as one”.

And the world says: “we want what we want/ as animals do”/ because that makes both life and love a game (enhanced by the lies of evolution), rather than a truth. Being human alive says: that every living body of life is a miracle, that is absolutely beyond all human participation in that existence. While the body of woman builds, it is not “the intellect of woman” that does so; but the essence of nature itself, that genetically creates. While all of universities try to inject chaos, and thereby end life on earth; to your own shame for letting them do so. What is real is truth. Truth says: cherish the body of life, discipline your choices, respect the order of values, and identify the sacred trust, that is love beyond self; as presents an invitation for eternity. LOVE built life on earth. Only love enters eternity by the laws which keep it pure. It is your choice, that decides.

What is real is truth. Truth says: cherish the body of life, discipline your choices, respect the order of values, and identify the sacred trust, that is love beyond self; as presents an invitation for eternity. LOVE built life on earth. Only love enters eternity by the laws which keep it pure. It is your choice, that decides. EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL, is the result of nature, and its CREATOR/ everything horrifying or bad/ a disgrace to life itself, is from men “with a sprinkling of women”. Yet the cult of worshipers, screaming “university is god”; allows for their attack on life, nature, world, and every living thing; as is the result of their: arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect. So, SHAME on you as well as them; is true. Clearly cult/ or simply “you have no brain”.

And the people shout: “we are next to gods/ so superior are we”. But your want threatens extinction/ your failure of respect, threatens all life and world/ you ignorance allows for people to try to ignite a nuclear fire/ your arrogance lets people inject chaos into the bodies of life on earth/ your apathy is an assassination of every child; even your own. Your bribes will soon cost you the nation and world. Your lies prove hate; and so on. While the people yell and scream: “look at me/ look at me; and all my garbage; I am great”. While the people yell listen to me: I know everything (the media tells me to think). And your own world dies. How is that not shame on you?

Disciplines share the truth, as for me, I do hope this world will survive/ believe whatever you want; I did do the best I could: even if you believe you could have done better/ that is not a reality I share. Your life not mine. Mine was given to work, to needs beyond self, to realities so extreme; there was little, or no real time for me. Some were misdirected; because time is crucial to all focused education/ there just was not room for more than I. Learning required it. Time again says: potentially too dangerous, for someone else to join me/ I cannot predict that future. But, whatever eternity is to be, for me; I am grateful, to do my best. Grateful to fight for this world, even if it fails. I would choose no other way, life on earth, is too precious for that. So, I wish you well/ I will never judge, “its not my job”; but it was my job to “show a mirror” to those who need it. Best wishes; I for me; wish to be done now/ YOUR WORK is not. Whatever is left, is whatever it will be. Love remains; the best, a life can be.

Whether I continue to write; “is not up to me”.

It seems necessary to add: if you desire friendship, there are some rules

  1. listen first, and be kind
  2. forgive second, no one is perfect/ but only if repentance (I am sorry) is real.
  3. Don’t take advantage, use, tempt, or abuse; none of that is a friend.
  4. Respect each other: life is a gracious gift, and that should be passed along.
  5. Be open, don’t judge, allow for freedom, be fair, seek justice, be happy.
  6. Remember to be a friend, that means: not governed by what I can or cannot do for you.
  7. Carefully share the hope of all life can become, as the passionate embrace of truth will allow.
  8. As to romance: true love is a rhythm, proving we do step together in each others footsteps/ as is the distance we travel, can then be shared as if we were one.That functionally is realized, when my life, its needs, desires, and purposes/ are just as important to you/ as your life is to mine. Choosing honestly, not to impede: discovering happiness as, I can help; and will.
  9. There is no relationship without respect, honor it/ demand it/ and participate within the boundaries and limits as best you know how. We live with our past/ because it is our truth. Therefore choose as best you can. Remembering, “only death” stops time, and the potential called change.
  10. The value we share, has nothing to do with sex as animals do. Very few women are happy with a man who does little more than “let sperm fly” and then is done. Value shapes our response to conceiving as miracles do, of a blessing to each other, that will not be forgotten. This is the ascent beyond self, where love can bloom in each other. For joy.
  11. Discipline knows: trust binds us as one. Therefore do not cause that trust to die, as it may never come back. Be patient and kind, but not a fool. Know, that both must choose, and only when that choice is the same; do they move on in truth.
  12. Order achieves the very difficult task of “choosing someone” who can spend their lifetime with “together we are one”. People do create lists; but when your heart says “I can”, the list is done. But when life says “I can’t”; even if unkind in principle, truth replies: today I must work, until tomorrow sets me free. Love knows, even if life in time does not. The reality is: love must decide, where needs demand hope more. Living is not a game. As for me; I have traded the journey of living; how it will end or resolve itself, is beyond my understanding. What I do know is, “I feel very odd”/ and what I did not consider is; “female” now has control over “the vehicle/ vessel” that was me. We have changed places. I for the education, or hope of understanding “biological miracles”/ while she gets to choose whatever it is she desires most for this “living body”. It’s complicated/ No going back. I hope for the best. But have badly underestimated the effects and realities……!nonetheless: life or death is before us all, as the choices you have made include extinction for this entire planet; without true, and immediate change. Want is the source of all lies, and all competition as well/ as people demand possession of the same things to prove they have the trophy others want. Pride is the source of all aggression, whereby the game to get those trophies, becomes a reality of intensity, that drives anger into violence; as the descent from being human turns to animal as predator or prey. Power measures, and with measurement both superiority and worthless arrive to assign what hate will become. These are the things you chose; as universities became your gods. Unfortunately for life, they found tools to invade nature, energy, life, and more; turning the human animal/ into the human Satan. Some determined to kill this world/ some deranged and without a clue beyond arrogance/ some descending into the sewer of apathy and some discarded within the terms of disrespect; life itself. All submerged in the violation of “sacred things”; because they don’t want to lose their EASY job. As a consequence; let the world be damned/ let the children be lost/ let energy unleashed consume us all; and so on; because you never know, “we might survive”. So they turn away from truth,  shouting “the universities are god”. Alas; we will not survive their gambles, as all form of truth and evidence prove is real world extinction for all life and earth. Your university gods threw life and earth away; very little time is left for you to recover and return to respect, truth, reality, and love: your only choice to live. And the people say: we don’t want to pay! So truth says: go ahead then, and die.Competition means: NO friends allowed, its all MINE/ MINE/ MINE: until defeated by the consequences of pride, which declare; “you are my enemy/ the one who makes me fail”. Which gives to power its anger, as intensity of design and desire turn that into hate. Or more distinctly: in a world constantly inundated with violence, horrors and hate; through media indoctrination of all that is bad. People hide from each other, and refuse to trust; as media proves, “some are such effective liars/ than none can be trusted”. While dating is now largely; a pit of lust/ living the result of greed/ wanting the desire of selfishness/ pride, an endless gluttony/ and power asserts, “none love me”; so I hate them all. Or depression takes control/ hope dies and suicide versus addiction begins. Ain’t university knows; “grand”?Then of course comes superiority, and the demand to win over people, instead of possessions. Superiority is a competition; to prove you are less than me. Which turns into a game using aggression to remove the competition, thereby claiming winner/ or in the case of jealousy “hate because I cannot win”. Which turns to power: the transference of anger from one who earned it/ to someone who did not; so as to produce a cause to demand: YOU LOSE. Each form of competition is of course; the end of friendship, and the result is loneliness. Which when left alone, can result in most, all forms of mental illness. “I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT: but I can’t have any of it, that I truly want: because you can’t buy happiness, it must be earned, with love.” So it is a lonely world, with very few people capable of friendship; because they want more than love/ they crave a trophy more than a friend, discarding life for things/ and with a university diploma; they are taken away from family and friend, to be replanted in places where they have none. Making friends transitory and intermediate, at best. “hurrah for a phone; right”/ alas, “it ain’t no friend; just a poor substitute”. Life is not a toy/ living is not a possession: only love forms these into a treasure; or it is not. But hey what is a world without friends? Answer: who gives a damn/ I got trophies, trinkets, and toys; so who needs you: so long as “the stores are full/ and credit controls life”; even if it is for slavery. Different groups are largely sacred in theory; because nature and environment produced these changes over; “one step at a time”. true love however adds a value, regardless of differences/ but it is rare! Mixing groups ADDS competition/ which turns into aggression/ which turns to power as their means of staying in control. as one group invades the other, “to claim their prize”/ thereby screaming YOU LOSE; as the purpose here. As always; you need only look to define and decide “the universities were here”; to identify what went wrong. Tragedy follows in nearly every footstep a diploma makes.Of lessons learned: one of the worst is, that love is not enough for the majority/ they want superiority, they want to play; and will choose hate to achieve it; if they cannot otherwise, win their game. I personally refuse to play the game; and hate, “hates that”. So they make up lies, pretend “I know”, use gossip, dreams, and ridicule to construct evidence, offer its all my fault, threats of destruction, and so on. Because in this USA the values of life and living, that were evident over fifty years ago/ have been traded in; for the competition of games, and the rabid thirst for possessions and superiority; instead of friends. Making love the enemy; for most; because those who did trust love, were confronted with the curse of “university knows” and pride wants”. Leaving love to cry, and in those tears; the shouts of “never again (the heartache of betrayal, is too much)”. As is a lonely world.Reality has proven to be: none wish to know, “if they are not, as great as they want to believe themselves to be”. Particularly in terms of eternity. My parents knew love; but mixed with my 9 month old nephew dying harshly/ they turned to pride. My dad had to be pushed “into the wall” so to speak; to see his choices for real/ and he then repented (seeing the truth) after trying to make me pay. My mom asked: but then refused to talk for decades; because she wanted more/ but was unwilling to change. Death shakes the heart, when the person dying is dearly loved. My choice was and remains: GOD gives each one a life, Our choice is, to accept and appreciate that life, and others as the miracle of existence it is. Letting GOD BE GOD, in terms of when it is time to die. Time is just a passage; life presents a choice: love or hate/ the truth of that choice, is all you get to carry with you, beyond time. They never “walk together”/ ONE OR THE OTHER is all you get; or you will be discarded and lost forever. People shout: “you ain’t god/ you don’t know”! But my only defense is JESUS; and I do recommend if you wish to contend: “then contend with him”. The words left to us, define love versus hate; and allow those who love have the opportunity of an eternity “with joy”. So, I accept this as true. If you do not; that is a choice you have made.

as to you:  climate change means your world is dying/ overpopulation means cannibalism/ people trying to ignite a nuclear fire, means this earth turns into another sun; once ignition occurs (forever lost)/ nature is being mutilated/ ocean life stands on the edge of extinction/ pollution, poison’s, resource depletion/ and even the atmosphere itself ready to let go; and accelerate the wind into forever lost life. which is just the beginning of what you do;  PROVING BEYOND DOUBT,  “A HUMAN WORLD GONE COMPLETELY INSANE”.  while it is my job “not to lose hope for you”/ that will end without true change in you.  Universities changed life on earth, and declared “no consequences for us/ and humanity yelled hurrah”. But as with all truth; every decision has a consequence. TURN BACK TO LIFE, or face extinction. because reality looks at the lawrence livermore ignition facility (San Francisco); and sees “time is NOT on your side”. Because they learned from me; how to do it. The truth being:  SAVE THIS EARTH NOW, or it will die anyway; from a long list of “university knows”! A reality: which takes the final critical blow against our world/ and says: WAKE UP:  YES YOU DO KNOW WHAT FIRE IS/ AND YES YOU DO KNOW, LIFE IS DEAD; IF THEIR GAMBLE FAILS.  WHICH MEANS ONLY THE INSANE WOULD LET THEM. Which means: if you have anything of life left/ you will demand no less than a courtroom, to prove what the cost of being wrong is. To prove the reality of what they are doing, and thereby the truth of what they depend upon to insure life even has the slightest chance to survive.   THERE IS NO GOING BACK, “from ignition”/ the door for all life, WILL CLOSE.  BUT even if you stop this insanity; “you have a mountain of failure left to change”.  “because you chose your universities as god/ instead of truth”

The judiciary says: “we cannot question the universities”/ religion says, “universities are god”/ government says, we will not “shoot ourselves in the foot” we chose to follow/ media has no brain, “only experts; who lie to achieve what they want”/ and people say,  “we just want what we want/ make us rich”; so they believe, and fear only when told. 

Which leads by its foundational choice of democracy as: WE THE PEOPLE OWN this nation:  thereby forcing first amendment redress of grievances, “to OPEN THAT COURTROOM” we need to survive.  Choosing therefrom by the evidence; for ourselves. Enforcing a moratorium on all extreme experimentation; UNTIL WE DECIDE for our own lives and earth.

Where love exists, the possibilities of survival also exist! But where hate has taken control and turned humanity into animals; there is no function of truth, that will allow for less than extinction rules now. Making life or death: your decision to love, as best you can/ or your decision to hate, on the battleground of want beyond reality. OUR WORLD says stop the insanity or die. Which literally includes a fifty percent reduction in all heat release/ because although greenhouse gases multiply the effect/ it is the heat that causes climate change. YOU are responsible for that heat, in an overpopulated world, which you chose to do. Mountains of garbage prove no future exists. Ocean life near extinction due to human behaviors an absolute certainty. Trillions of tons of poison. Endless failure of all kinds. Because want rules here/ not truth. Belief rules here/ not love. Pride rules here because life is a game to you; to avoid the realities we face as a world. Power rules here, because hate is propagated everyday. Fear rules here; because it gives you an excuse to hate. Obedience to university slavery; the cursed take control over this world: because you fear what they can do to you. But reality reminds you each one: that a dead world, is extinction for every single one, and all life that would have come: because you chose not to love more than hate chose to kill you all; by a university delusion “we can be gods”. With no consequences for us, which is literal fantasy, as all truth proves there is a cost for being wrong.

Love the miracle of life. Keep sacred the nature which gives us life and living as time. RESPECT your world and its CREATOR. Identify value, and understand that begins with love/ not wants. Keep your world from dying; as requires your own commitment to truth. Because only truth survives, and can be sustained for eternal life. That is your choice: your truth, as identified by your love decides your destiny. Because that is fair.

People ask: HOW, can you be certain of “an eternal life”? The answer is, I need not be so; as it is not up to me! Instead, by understanding the true “Creation of miracles” that does exist; throughout our world. I have made my choice: “love and life”/ or I need not “a desire” to survive beyond time. I know by that evidence; “life is more” than it appears! By accepting the lessons of JESUS; as did separate love from hate; creating life is a choice; rather than an accident. The foundation of my own identity searches for love. That critical truth of value, then shapes the understanding; of an eternity where loneliness is abated by love. And life is guaranteed; we were not simply “left behind”; but the opportunity for eternity does exist. These are elements of thought, and it is thought which shapes our decisions, path, desire, and purposes for life and living. Thought forms the foundation of freedom, which is elemental to life itself. But life without love, lacks happiness: and therefore I accept the foundation of eternity is to find and create LOVE. Not the human concept, but far beyond. So I search, and question truth.

NO, eternity will not be “gluttony/ lust/ greed/ selfishness/ winner/ or any other conception of want, pride, or power”. It will be love divided from hate; and all that is in between here on earth discarded as “the chaff”. If your desire is love, and your gift to that life and living is happiness, truth, justice, fair play, respect, hope, courage, trust, discipline, order, balance, acceptance of reality, life by laws which keep us alive; and all such things; then the possibility you could inherit that life exists. If not/ then no: choose! As to “male or female; and everything else, I do not know”; simple as that. As to me, “my life, has turned me 180 degrees around”; leaving a very long list of “I DON’T know”. Life is different; a complete surprise. But it is not “male OR female” that interests me greatly. Instead the elemental foundations of “my own education in all things CREATED for the living”; are greatly desired. While love is beyond that; reality does not provide.

NOTED: “is the truth, that my job did consume my life; beyond self”. I had thought “not more than ten years”; but fifty years beyond that, finally done; another complete surprise. So, what does a life “turned inside out” become? Apart from it AIN’T homosexual, transvestite, or other choice; does NOT exist. Instead, believe it or not: “spiritual female” enforces: SHE, will decide; as I have been replaced, as the owner here. No, I don’t know what that means/ but all means of escape are proven false?  I am owned, rather than free. I don’t know why? Life is simpler now; it is, her turn to decide (not mine); how best we can work, to keep this world alive.  So, technically, I work for her. Primarily that means: I am not allowed to do less or other, than what she deems important for this work; which is now hers. NOT mine. I find that ok; as I did wish to be done; her job now. Revelation 12 & 17 predicts, it would be so. Believe it or not. 

NO, I cannot be your “savior, leader, guru, or whatever”/ my job was messenger “CHANGE OR DIE” AS A WORLD! I did my job; male is done/ whatever is left, is not up to me. Or, a future I cannot conceive of: as is up to “humanity on earth”.   YES, my life is different; than yours! Believe it or not; technically, more simple and more plain (I don’t interfere with “female in charge”/ and she does not shock me half to death): “simple”!  But educated in far different ways. Although that is at least for all things male; just thrown away: start over. Not violent; not beyond female in charge/ as female expects life to be lived: just live “the opposite way”; you lost. Not complicated; female in charge. “changed”.

Functionally, it now seems: “that I either live her life/ or she lives mine”; I really don’t know which. It is complicated; no clue how it ends, or changes along the way. Fundamentally, it is not shared; she owns the choices.

In a world far from love, “people lose heart”; a reality of failure; which makes time “merely a depository for living, as best we can”. Soul aids those who accept: life is, “about the miracles”.

YOUR DECISION/ YOUR WORK: DECIDES the fate of life on earth.  Do, what you can legally do!

FAIR extends to how we treat each other throughout our lives, and especially in dating. DO NOT manipulate, tempt, control, use, abuse, disrespect, devalue, threaten or use tactics such as sex or pregnancy to “get what you want”. Each of these is unfair. Sex provides time/ but it destroys communication, as basic drug addiction takes control instead of you. Threatening pregnancy does not provide a foundation of trust or truth or respect upon which we do build a home with love searching for life and living beyond ourselves; a necessity for more than “living together”. BE FAIR! Be honest and accept the cost of finding someone to share a lifetime; is not really less than “meeting one hundred people”, to see who fits. Because each has something to offer; unless hate changes that to failure. Leave hate alone, and do not look back. Love alone is a treasury of hope/ but survival depends upon truth, and living depends upon being happy. So if you cannot be happy with what is “life as we know it to be”/ then you must search longer, until you can be happy, with where you are. But love and marriage require TWO PEOPLE to make that a MUTUAL decision; or it fails the test of time, and you cry.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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