Their demand: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY;

Their demand: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY;


the reality of violence, is beyond true: but focused entirely upon “the universities”; as reality knows: they create all forms of weapons of mass destruction/ they try to ignite “lets burn atoms; just like the sun”/ they inject chaos into all of nature, to force it into destruction/ they create the poison, and claim no harm/ they changed healthcare, to extort, and to expand overpopulation, by refusing reality knows better/ they attack the food supplies, and claim a disease they created for themselves, IS WORTH TRILLIONS of dollars from you; because media yells at their demand: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; while numbers are the weapons for destroying all future life from this earth. As every chain of living existence, is crucified; because the foundation led, of all university animals is WE WON’T CARE. Media of course, does all it can: to curse life and earth; by establishing NOBODY cares about you. “just the screamers, liars, traitors, thieves, guns are the answer; etc” who sell for them time.

While in the decades past, nearly all men shouted: “our garbage, will be their gold mine”/ that changed into: “I won’t pay, not in my lifetime: so I don’t care”. Let the children make their own way, “like me”; even though I reminded them; “you stole their resources, poisoned their world; with numbers, that were all lies”.

As to the tragedy of insanity rules; it is not really an issue of guns/ that just makes the curse of your decision easier. The decision is “to make you cry”/ and believe “the future” is dead now, for you too. Because you judge all, discarding people for any excuse you can find. Intervention suggests: One simple solution for a school building is: to use public access television. A live picture, by which all of the community may watch over the entrance or more; and immediately take action such as electronic locking of doors, sirens going off, knock out gas being used, and so on. The more eyes you have on a situation, the more control you have to influence an outcome.

And the righteous shout: WE SHOULD JUST KILL THEM ALL; as do all the “nazi, want to be” people/ who then select a group to judge, as their enemy. Because that is much easier, than to face your own truth. Or, its the gun, not your insanity and judgment; that causes human failure.

BECAUSE, if the gun is the enemy: THEN YOU, “don’t have to change; after all life’s a game, right”. DAMN LOSERS.

It is, the removal of want, that defines you as human/ rather than animal. It is the end of games, as is “winner/ loser”, that ends strife and most tragedies of living. It is the end of power; NO more measuring/ let the law, justified and fair decide; that removes most violence, depression, and hate. Giving to a now human being, the opportunity to become alive, in the truth of miracles formed us all. This requires you to accept the foundation of that fact which is: “clearly, nothing on earth did this for us/ it is too complex”. Requires you to accept, the grace and truth of “we received, nearly all; much more than living would need; and that includes “honest sex”. And it requires RESPECT; for the reality of a fundamental truth: life is a gift from our Creator! Because the reality of life itself, proves; “something beyond our grasp or understanding” gave us this chance to be alive. When you measure each other, and commit to removing the dignity of life from another, or want to be rich so badly; that many others must become in essence “your slave”; you have chosen to abandon the love which has challenged you to live. Law justified and fair MUST be upheld. Forgiveness for those who honestly do repent MUST be accepted; life is more, than your decision. Love shapes the soul/ while hate consumes the soul (as does universities intent); while animals merely fall into the dust, when dead; never to return. Life is a choice. Eternity is a reward; ONLY for those who accept truth, and live by the honesty called, the passion of love is my choice. It is not for “the stupid; who only want, what they want”.  These decisions belong only to you, as your life’s choice.

A delusion; to force deception through mass hypnosis/ such as covid. A fantasy: to propagate lies for self benefit. Imagination; to curse the others, by giving false hope, to disguise the truth. Each of these are fundamental; to university science/ as reality refuses the claim “you can do anything you want”. Instead truth demands: the foundation of life itself, is by the laws which sustain our lives. Those playing god refuse, and kill our world. People play god for power over the rest. While pride jumps in to claim superiority by winning a worthless game. Want stands alone, as all of humanity screams, “more for me”. These are elements of failure/ separated only by what truth can do, to sustain us all. Therefore we must know the truth, without misconceptions: as a world or nation, that does require a courtroom, established for WE THE PEOPLE, will decide now. IT IS, your job: to achieve that for all life.

The critical element: the difference between today, when the “monkey leaders of evolution” can give all the bribes they want, by adding another zero to the bank account they rob from/ and do anything to anything they desire; because of their fraud, total bankruptcy, and constant theft from your life work. OR REALITY itself, as is consistent with democracy enforced with truth; as is the definition of our world cannot survive with lies in charge. Becomes the choice: are you tired of thieves destroying your home? OR, do you wish to continue in lies; so that extinction will come; sooner than you can imagine true. The monkey leaders want you dead: because everything they do, shapes that road to HELL.

As always: The constant of every criminal organization (disguised as government, medicine, court, or the rest); is to keep demanding more, until tyranny takes full charge; or the people fight back. The scourge of disease that is a parasitic infection of traitors in charge; “like medicine” continually circles the victim; with “hire who I say/ do what I want”. BEG when I demand/ believe what you are told; or I will make you fear.

As is: the constant purpose of revenge (I can hate you): MAKE THEM FIGHT/ so we can kill them, inflict great damage: and thereby let them force us to use POWER to prove “we are gods”, and they are slaves. Is not history full of this? “they, power and pride”:  want an excuse!   OR, “without they forced us”;  THEY then, become the criminals.

In contrast: the value of truth, is the basis of every miracle life can be. CHOOSE!

The monkey leaders will shout (not to draw too much attention)/ that they are gods’, and don’t have to prove nothing; using ridicule instead. But reality knows: they have proven nothing except “this looks like that”/ literally nothing else. And the evidence will prove bribery, graft, corruption, conspiracy, collusion and every other form of mayhem; that a monkey in control; presents as their solution to life. Lie upon lie/ fraud upon fraud/ and fantasy without end; proven by mass hypnosis through media propagation of delusions without respect; for life, world, child, or you. I am NOT the question/ as I represent only “the message”, you are being seduced by the university cult of failure; as is bringing extinction to this earth. Proven by media: in their curse of covid destroys all sanity, by forcing lies shall rule.

DID NOT, “the common cold” completely disappear; when everyone was given to have covid instead? Indeed it did.

DID YOU NOT, accept every damn covid vaccine, without proof of anything: because you are a “believer”/ and a believer just wants what he or she wants. Don’t need no damn proof of evidence; fear is enough/ as media shouts “OBEY DAMN YOU, OBEY”. In worship of their cult “university is god”. To your shame.

That means literally: GO AHEAD AND MUTILATE THE GENETIC BASIS OF HUMAN LIFE/ and cast aside all that is nature. So the universities can prove themselves “god/ as will be proven to be SATAN”. Believe it or not, truth; as your Creator allows it to be: will decide now!

The curse of the dead (nothing left but disease); is a university diploma: as is the reality of those who took control over life and planet, and made reality their game. There is no value/ there is no respect/ there is no reality/ there is no substance or course of action with honor/ there is nothing but disgrace, lies, cheating, failure, fantasy, disrespect, destruction, gambling with life and earth, terrorism, and other forms of betrayal. Because the end result of our time on earth; has been to grant the universities cult status/ as they degrade every human life/ every source of survival: into extinction. While the people are flushed in the sewage of “university plays god” (crucify life, “lets all do it”). Each screaming we can’t do nothing! But reality proves true: YOU DO, refuse to do what you can do/ WHICH IS DEMAND FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; “which is, we the people” will decide now/ as is the truth: WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE.

ENFORCING THAT STATEMENT: IS THE DEMAND FOR WORLD LAW/ RATHER THAN RULERS. To achieve it as reality proves we are the owners now: are the rules, and the values, and the respect, methods and means: we the people make/ to enforce those rules upon our leaders. To hold them: INDIVIDUALLY ACCOUNTABLE, for their failures. To insure, by example: same punishment for all, as is held true under the microscope of “the same financial punishment for a poor man/ IS NOT the same punishment for a rich man”. Therefore EQUAL shall be enforced.

The death spiral, of every society is: the descent into power rules us now/ as the righteous take control, so they can judge every other one based upon what they themselves want. Playing the game of fools; because truth registers your choice, with eternity. Life is a miracle; and it is not for humans to judge. Instead, what we do judge is hate; because hate is the destruction of life/ as are so many of the decisions of men. Beyond hate are the rules of behavior which do endanger us all; but they are not elementally without a choice on each side. Anger is a response, to this is UNFAIR. And unfair is a response, to you crushed my dreams of becoming someone “with care and respect for me”. The endless sewage of power; forces the curse of revenge: as realities such as the extortion of healthcare, consume us all. While the truth of that criminal enterprise; is again placed at “the universities door”; because there, is where the organized conceive of their traps. Such as replacing humanity with robots, replacing and removing humanity from work and resource to make them beggars, such as ten thousand levels of extinction; by the threat of what universities do. To play god, demanding life is just “chaos and accident”; so we won’t care. NOT about anything; which is the cause, and the cry; for replacing religion with cult worshipers instead.

Without the laws, THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT: law means; FOR EVERYONE SAME! To avoid law, rulers create rules: rules mean (you must/ I don’t), NOW I can punish you individually. The difference is monumental: because when we ALL must obey/ we all have the same rights and freedoms as each other. But with rules: because they do focus on each one separately, the entire cast of traitors and terrorists/ liars & thieves/ criminals & whores take control. Changing rights and freedoms into costs and enslavement.

Little is more vile, than those who stand above a wounded person; poking, prodding, ridiculing to make the wound even worse. They are “the grave diggers”; hired, or wanting, to stomp any person back down into the hole; “to keep them dead”. The life of a “fear (no value)”; the cursed by arrogance, to make the others pay for your own failure; death chosen, by apathy and disrespect. The believer fails life, by being a fool; trapped by the decision he or she does not want to make: they choose disrespect (I want what I want/ reality be damned) instead; “leaders of the flock”. But obedience which is formed by apathy (doesn’t matter what I do); is a university delusion, giving the fantasy a value it does not have. So crime rises, and reality revolts, and people fall into the imagination of playing god. Even though they know better; the life of animal (a university cult worshiper) leads them to hell. Because in the essence of predator or prey, the human animal fails: being, the human life of more than just your limited excuse, to abuse, use, control, rape, or ravage the future of all. When nothing is sacred, as it is today due to university plays god: you have no soul/ because the cult of university is god, functionally removed it, to make you their slave. And you said “yes”; making life “an action or reaction”/ making living, either fear or arrogance; winner or loser; as if it was a game (as animals do). To your own shame. I spent a lifetime saying stop, there are consequences/ you spent a lifetime saying “go to hell” instead; with few exceptions.

Rulers become tyrants; because they know people now hate them/ so they focus on individual leaders among the people, and treat them like rats; doing whatever they can to hide behind the army of weapons; who are threatened (run into the machine gun fire/ or the machine gun fire behind you; will be your end) as well. Which finds only hate can enforce this. So any group which wants change to their nation and their lives: CANNOT force a fight, with that army unless they change the army; to insure each and every soldier knows: they do have a bill of rights, that is honorable and fair/ defending the nation, NOT defending the leaders. There is a difference, and it is constant and true. Instead of confronting armies who stand in front of the leaders/ TO WIN CHANGE: you must fight from the rear [exactly the way leaders and tyrants do] by creating laws, and enforcing individual rules on the leaders themselves. As is we the people HAVE SPOKEN. Which transforms the law, into what we demand for this nation and all lives for justice, by FAIR play. Which focuses on same for all. NO exceptions/ and that does include all employees of government. So with the law, transformed by public “outside where all can see” vote. What is needed and demanded by the people; becomes clear. What is wrong with leadership also becomes inundated with the reality of laws: CAN MAKE YOU IMPRISONED TOO. Because enforcement/ outside of corruption, collusion, and conspiracy; applies to us all.

The core destruction of humanity as a life; is “power is a cemetery”, where the damned live to inflict the destruction of their failures on you. “pride is the executioners weapon”; where the dead inside define your life, by their fantasies. “want is the judge, who shouts nothing is important, but me”; providing to the living their road to hell, by the consequences of what want will choose. Animals live by power, pride, and want!

And all the animals say: “we DON’T have to be true to life/ and we DON’T have to lie about living/ WE CAN GOSSIP instead, which means we believe whatever we want to believe/ therefore do whatever we want to do; and you cannot make us stop”.

They want: “all they can get/ without a cost”/ they want, the power to judge and claim “look at me, instead”/ they want, to be rich; even though that requires “how many more must be poor”. These are fantasies, built on the imagination of no consequences for me; as is believing; “university is savior”. The delusion of superiority, is a failure: as proven by the evidence of your choice, is extinction for this whole world. As is fraud, proven by the pure dysentery of evolution; “their monkey” rules your life/ curses your future with chaos; as you well know, by those who do mutilate nature itself. Claiming to be gods; but are only Satan, as will be the cost of bodies that no longer function/ organs that distribute poison instead of life/ arms, feet, hands, everything “no longer in balance or effective”; simply cursed by you and their cult of fools.

The claim “we are gods” who can control “the same fire as on the sun”; pure lies. But then those who claim; evolution are pure fools.

Alas being human reminds “every animal”; that it is not, our decision that can make you stop. IT IS HOWEVER THE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION, based upon the realities of what humanity has done; particularly under the disguise of “science”/ that threatens mass extermination of your herd. That is no game, and what you believe is true or lie; absolutely does not matter. Because the end result of destroying what truth requires for us to survive: means we all die.

The curse of numbers stealing, which allows this dying earth, to be consumed by those participating in the death march; that is assassinating the future of every child. Or the blatant fools, who believe weapons of mass destruction are your saviors. Only the beginning.

The end result of mass mutilation of nature “covid vaccines” for example/ means Armageddon. The end result of igniting “just like the sun” energy expression on this earth: “is the predicted LAKE OF FIRE”. The end result of trillions of tons of poison dumped onto, into, under, and around the water supplies: IS A WAR SO VIOLENT AND AGGRESSIVE (BECAUSE, you have only two real days to get water you can drink__) that It is; the predicted Apocalypse. And your evidence only starts here; because of what you chose to believe/ and led others to do so, by your gossip “the universities are god”. To your shame.

So we ask: what is enforcement? And we answer: our ability to convince each other that this is necessary! The discipline required to sustain order, because the others will protect my rights and freedoms same as me. Adding in; those who enforce the law: shall not be attacked for doing so. BUT THEY TOO; MUST HAVE A BILL OF RIGHTS; so as to know, beyond any doubts: where the lines are to be drawn. Balancing truth with reality, forms the existence of life. Same is true of governments and law/ foundations based upon strict intolerance of your design; DO NOT function as freedoms or rights to be enjoyed by all. Therefore the foundation of freedom is: IF I AM NOT harming you to any degree that is subject to public control, environmental rights, and what is RESPECT for life and world: THEN you have no right to interfere with me. HOWEVER if I am trespassing onto your life, in real and substantial ways; destroying the safety of nature or planet, the values we know is life and living with peace and harmony/ then you DO have a right to insist; if this is necessary, then the best you can do for us all. But if it is not necessary, then the rule of trespass is: NOT HERE. As is the liberty to protect our environment, for ourselves/ as is different than the freedom to discard the rest, and intentionally anger or deny they exist.

Being human instead of animal: requires that you accept the evidence of truth, and let that truth guide you into the grace of being alive, as is a relationship with your Creator. Destiny whispers, that trust is elemental to survival; as the transition from “an action or reaction- transforms into the essence of energy to achieve eternity”; cannot be done without true trust. It will consume you, without the honesty of that trust; born of truth, displayed by miracles, and elevated beyond self as thought. The critical test: are you alive in faith? Faith being the decision to accept what you know to be true of “LIFE, WITHIN A MIRACLE”; as is the gift of our existence. Spiritually, the essence is purity. As proven by truth gives life, its hope. Love gives life, its desire. And value ascends with purpose, to earn with respect; a place beyond time. Every miracle proves an opportunity exists; “beyond our wildest imagination”. For those who accept the decision, to live as truth in the essence of love, as respect designs our future. As for me, I am: caught between time and eternity, as the spiritual world knows. It is a transition, that limits and binds my purpose here, as dependent upon what this whole Creation needs. Life has changed with that reality, but it remains true: “this world of life” comes before me; as best I can/ as best “she (the spiritual woman of Revelation 12-17) allows”. I know not, what that will be; not even if “one moment more, or a hundred years; or whatever life needs”.  Not even if, I will ever return to freedom. If this is the reality of how men have treated women throughout history; it is, to their shame; as life is intended to be, “more than being controlled”. Mine is a lesson, but yours is a reality. CHANGE! 

Corruption in the reality of law: as with cases (James F. Osterbur versus state and nation) past aligns with the curse of people who refuse to obey the constitution and its law over life and employees; by simply refusing to acknowledge the constitution exists.

Collusion in the reality of law is: to align together as if one, in order to enforce the consequences of counterfeiting the currency/ lying about stealing our money/ destroying the public perception by media propagation of “cult worship”; let the universities decide. And in general making one group superior to all the rest: as is the basis of tyranny. Proven throughout history as an extremely bad idea.

Conspiracy is the intent to control “everything or anything”; by making rules so as to interfere with the progression of laws that would control instead. By creating the fraud of fantasy, the delusion of “we know”, the imagination of failure and fool, the curse of letting some destroy what the others all need. The tragedy of gambling with our very survival, in order to avoid the truth: CHANGE IS REQUIRED/ NO you cannot do, what you want to do. As is proven by the reality of evidence already acquired.

Faced with reality of extinction is coming: all the adult people scream, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND AIN’T NEVER; going to give up anything we want: be DAMNED to you! SHUT UP, or we kill you! Confronted with that truth: my reply is, THEN YOU HAVE KILLED YOUR OWN CHILD/ AND YOUR OWN FUTURE; THE WORLD, that gave you life! Which is killing me anyway. So the choice is: either you accept the cost of your failures is change/ OR YOU die to eternity as hate; a reality judged to be “at war with GOD of THIS UNIVERSE” forever. The universities state; WE DON’T believe/ and yet they believe in evolution/ they believe they can control the same fire as on the sun/ they believe trillions of tons of poison cannot harm; or even a human population that cannot be fed; are consequences “that won’t happen to them”/ because they are gods, and will kill as needed; with subterfuge, deceit, guile, and media manipulation.

So the end result of that is: that we must all make the laws that define our lives as a nation and world. We must give to the enforcement of those intents a bill of rights; which lets everyone know, this is fair/ or not. We must acknowledge the law is our government/ not its employees: therefore all are subject to the law/ and none are above it. We must oversee the courtroom, so that failure is not pandemic, and fools do not overrun us all; as is today. Extreme experimentation: with life, energy, planet, drugs, disease, ANYTHING: is horrifyingly simple. YOU CANNOT FIX WHAT THEY BREAK. Therefore they MUST NOT be allowed to destroy what is sacred to our existence/ RESPECT IS MANDATORY, or you will be put to death; as an enemy of life.

Nonetheless, the lesson is: “the tears of life are mixed with the tears of death” on the bed of a prostitute. The curse of man destroying all peace and happiness; because he can. A prostitute “lives to survive”/ while a whore (male or female), lives to collect and spend the money, by trading body. The male animal fights to survive; same as prostitute/ but has the option of war. Since that includes the realities of death, cost of battle; the animal wars against female instead. The foundation of better is: a guaranteed job (for all who need it), which pays a realistic wage for living. Since all want to be rich; they scream “it can’t be so/ NONE louder than those who are”. But the truth is: in order to achieve balance in life and living; there must be “limited capitalism”/ so to level and sustain enough for all, shall be our choice. Then a war on criminal trespass against female; begins “with gusto”.

As to fair play, rules seek to establish: we do all have rights. But they must be few and “far between”; so as to protect freedom and the disciplines of order. NO you can’t claim a right; even if it is valid; just because you want too. As is the truth of our population explosion; as does endanger this world. By example: that is, WE WILL NOT help you or keep; you from starvation: if you do not control your population rise. When you do that/ ONLY THEN, will help be offered. The unfortunate but real truth is: women alone, create babies/ they MUST decide how for themselves. The unfortunate but real cost of a vasectomy is: that ends the chemicals of sex/ and therefore all sex ends, because “without the reward”, it is just hot sticky work. YOU WILL pay the women; in order to make their choices tolerable; as best you can. You will distribute options for them to use; as best you can.

And the world of men scream HELL NO/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT! While women yell in a soft voice; WE WANT TO BE RICH TOO; who gives a damn about them. Yet this world shouts back: THE ENDLESS COMPETITION OF NO POPULATION CONTROL; curses you, unless you do accept that change. Because IT IS A FINITE PLANET; and you have made it absolutely FULL of people. Zero population growth or extinction: CHOOSE. Share, or WAR. Simple as that. DON’T LIKE IT: THEN YOU GET OUT!

Every leader is vulnerable to law. Every law is a function of WE THE PEOPLE demand. Therefore YOU are in charge of your demands; by public open vote. But different groups want different things; and the law MUST address that fact, or it won’t go through as changed this. Those who built a nation/ are NOT subject to those who want to overtake the nation: YOU DID NOTHING HERE. But as with nearly every immigrant: you failed your society or it failed you/ SO DON’T bring that here. Reality will prove: massive changes must be made. You cannot do that without law/ unless you war. If you war/ then you go extinct. If you fail to overrun “university plays god” and stop them: you will die an even more horrific death/ than is world war 3.

just how it is.

More simply: every leader is merely a citizen hired to do a job for the rest/ same as all others, but with a specific job to do. The primary reason leaders are leaders is: throughout history, the people could not voice their own decision, and create the opportunity of LET THE LAW LEAD US/ NOT A LEADER. Because the facilities to let law function as our leader, or allow the people to vote adequately: did not exist. Today it does, if you protect and keep it as pure as possible.

The righteous scream: WE KNOW/ therefore we judge, because we are gods “the superior ones”. Which gives them the right to say, “in their own mind”: that another who failed their test of value/ is the trash, and nobody cares about the trash; so anything we do to you; proves you are worthless to us. That fact identifies “devil”; because when you judge, you become “the violent ones”. Regardless of what has been done, the reality of life is: NOBODY is perfect/ and we all know that, but you. Apart from hate; which is judged, because it violates life/ by choosing death “for you”; and must be separated in order to have peace or harmony. Devil sits at the door of hate, and walks through; if “no one can see inside”. Because separated from the law of life, which is to respect each other; participating in value rather than judgment; the cost of rebuilding a life in time, is that respect and acceptance of truth will decide. Law is about us all/ rules are the tool of tyrants. Know the difference!

What we cannot do with law is: change what you have already done/ without a cost. The list is long; extinction is its ending/ in the very near future; no choice will exist/ you are dead.

However we will hope that day is not yet now; and as a consequence to that: we must do the best we can, to save ourselves/ from ourselves. By protecting nature, energy, earth, child, everything under attack; and if you open the back doors of “university in charge”: EVERYTHING IS UNDER ATTACK. Which is why, extinction comes soon.

The tragedy of life and living is: “that occasionally, I feel like the most imprisoned person on the planet; but that is NOT true”; as I do have “a different life” instead. But it teaches me of realities in the reference of male to female, never before considered. While women DO need to understand the life and living of men (not animals); its different than you think. Men also need to understand the life and living of women, and accept “even if you make the money/ YOU SHALL bend, and let your partner in life share the decisions”. Because true freedom, the basis for happiness, cannot be bought: but it can be taken away. Discard pride; and let no one win: SHARE and be happy, cultivating hope for each one, as a life beyond self rises to become “truth”. The ascent into miracles.

Change means: living for life/ NOT for games, trophies, toys, trinkets, or any of the wants, pride, and power so prevalent today. Change also means separating “love from hate”. Change also means: disbanding large armies, and removing all weapons of mass destruction. Change distinctly means; REMOVING ALL CONTROL AND POWER from the universities; and enforcing a moratorium on everything they do/ until we the people acknowledge, by our own collection of evidence: that some/ few, of their decisions might be allowed. Change means; an absolute reduction in population growth, to zero. Change means: you MUST reduce the competition of endless population by creating smaller nations so as to group people together; thereby achieving the ability to enforce what EVERYONE must do/ as is RESPECT THIS EARTH, and its life. Change means: every resource is important, or we die. And ten thousand more; because this is a finite earth, and you will save it from yourselves/ or the coffin you have created from this earth; will bury you in its ash, and toxic sludge. Ain’t no game/ real life is coming. Every fantasy is dead.

This is not, a few people demand change/ THIS IS WORLD LAWS CHANGE our world/ and limit what any leader can do: because as a world joined together, we will make this possible. There is no other way, to survive. And it requires of you, that you will participate in whatever way you can; to make this happen. Because it is a duty, and it is: the very least you can do: for this world and this nature that gave you life/ and created a foundation for every child/ WHICH YOU are choosing to destroy. Make the change; or the evidence of your reality; will make you extinct. Simple as that/ go to court and prove it is not true! Because you can’t/ CHANGE NOW.

This is not a game; reality of the evidence proves you will soon be past the point of no return: ending all chance for recovery. As with those trying to ignite a nuclear fire (regardless what they say)/ WRONG means this earth becomes a sun; and reality states, they absolutely do NOT know anything about the sun other than its ash cloud. In an instant: upon ignition, this world is dead. While all the rest takes a little time to destroy you; past the point of no return, you cannot fight to go back; its just plain over.

So I say to you among endless delusions of fools, liars, thieves, traitors, and terrorists in charge: that you must accept reality. You must enforce reality; such as NOT rushing to the starving; UNTIL they have resolved among themselves/ how they will change to remove this threat. You cannot cremate any bodies of life (too much energy consequences)/ and you must choose to use those dead bodies for purpose of making “fish food” so as to keep your dying oceans alive. So that life, can keep you alive. Make your religions accept reality; fantasy and imagination will not keep you alive/ or this earth; you have already gone to far for that.

For simplicity: there are three fundamentals to living. They are: hate breeds hate/ animals breed “want, pride, or power”/ and love romances hope, to achieve the respect and values which form a life in time and beyond. What you do: is choose one of these three, which does bring the consequences of your choice: into reality as “our combined truth”. Courtrooms sort, governments attempt to propagate power, religion wants what it wants, and people believe, because it gives them an excuse. Universities want to destroy everything so they can rebuild what they want instead; which is to “be gods” over you. History never changes; because men are men; same/ same. Which means: to achieve significant change, we must let women try to lead, by participating in the direct and clear writing of laws; which will then govern our world.

That means: “women as women guided by women; without the influences of men”/ in order to achieve the disciplines and balance of what it is honestly; that women would choose for justice and fair play, as a world dedicated to peace and harmony through the law that is RESPECTFUL to all. Hopefully they can do better; but there is no guarantee. REAL CHANGE is mandatory to survive; this is likely to be “your last best hope”.

NOT because they are better/ they are NOT. But because reality has made them DIFFERENT; and different is the essence of change; like it or not/ different is what we need. MEN created this world, now standing on the edge of our own extinction. Simple as that/ change is needed.

THE LAW OF HUMANITY; is, people become animals instead of “being alive in miracles”; because they believe what they believe. Belief is different than religious beliefs (because religion only accounts for how we became alive/ and what happens when we die; everything else are rules to live by). Human belief however is the acceptance of things which change the decisions we would otherwise make. That is governed by fear; because fear is the predecessor of a need to decide now; which makes belief of what I tell you; an element controlled by OBEY.genetic experessions

No belief; and people stop being animals, to return to the consequence of miracles beyond our grasp; gave us life. As is the truth of evidence, designed by the realities clearly in evidence as is thought.

So the critical question is belief in human behaviors/ and that is fundamentally applied by how much you can be forced to fear. Those who fear enough, will believe enough; and subsequently obey without questioning their leaders as is the constant of human behavior “the cult/ or herd of animals” now in charge.recombination and linkage

We then begin with belief: because how much you are willing to believe determines your levels of fear, and your willingness to obey. The constant of media worshiping universities as god; are the first element of getting you to obey as a herd of cult worshipers. Cult meaning you cannot question your leaders: because that would interfere with your belief; and your leaders will punish you for that, with ridicule and more. Covid is a prime example of fear being used to make humanity believe and then obey. With only the tiniest conception of fear being used: a world wide pandemic is called. NOT because the foundation of “so called science” is used; but because an expert can be found no matter what you want to present as “true” such as is recognized by climate change (experts on tv say no; you can’t prove it; etc). As to covid, a release of biological warfare by universities and their laboratories to gain trillions of dollars from you and their release from biological legal mandates and rules. The factory line of mutilation to everything nature began. Yet humanity is willing to believe; because media makes universities a god: you know nothing/ you cannot question nothing/ you are nothing; they are gods, so says media; who come into your house, to tell you what you think; “24/7” 365 days a year. CONSTANTLY SCREAMING: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY!meiosis and sexual life cycles

 YOUR SCIENTISTS “know everything right”?  after all, they WERE, “your former classmates”.

So lets inquire: to prove covid, EVERYTHING was called covid in medical terms/ flu & colds disappeared, particularly in the first year; as did everything else including pneumonia; unless aligned with covid; to prove the lie/ and yet none cared. So lets inquire of covid vaccine: so today having given genetic mutilations to most of humanity; in order to destroy nature in humanity; how many serious consequences and side effects have their been? In those who took the vaccine, as opposed to the few who did not? After all, giving people; covid/ instead of taking covid away: puts a quadrillion dollars in the hands of “science”. So, we certainly should not be aware: “could they be greedy”/ rather than your saviors? Well obviously, “your gods” can’t be that; right? No, hell they aren’t just like you; believing whatever they are told, by a very tiny few; who betray your mind, and tempt you to obey or die.genome-wide analysis of gene expression genetic expression

what could go wrong;  its just humans taking control over life itself, by destroying nature itself; as is genetic structure.  HELL they do such a great job of taking control over everything; after all governments are great/ its not their fault war after war after war, throughout all of history exists? OR Is it?

what could go wrong;   with people playing god?           ANSWER THE QUESTION!

IN THE UNIVERSITIES DEATH MARCH, their constant is: “chaos builds life/ accidents and mutilation build species/ evolution (the least conception of a living existence; is your god, and theirs because by their conception: it did do what they could not; without a brain). HELL HOW COULD THAT BE WRONG? Go ahead: ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION: “CORPSE”?

Everything we love, everything we use for life as a body, including every form of the living, everything we need for food, everything our bodies do for us, everything that is a participation in thinking, moving, creating chemicals, and building bodies “either new or old”; COMES FROM THE BIOLOGICAL STABILITY OF GENETIC STRUCTURE. EVERYTHING! Yet the greatest fools in the entire history of this world; say they can do better, for causing CHAOS. WAKE UP; YOU DAMN DEAD DISGRACE; find a brain, deadhead.

And the animals all say: “we can’t all agree on anything”/ therefore we need leaders to make that decision, so we are not all trapped by a situation which has no answer. HUMAN alive however knows: that since only truth actually survives, that means it is “whatever we can honestly determine to be true: that must make the decision about what we can or cannot do”. Because thought expresses truth as one of the foundation: values of living/ which we can trust to keep us all alive. Therefore the decision is not to be granted to want, as is the life of animals: but to the evidence most likely to be proven true, as a guide shaping our decisions, for a future we can build together. Our only real method of participating beyond a herd: is to go to court, where the rules of evidence, the foundation for compliance, penalties for lies and liar and fraud are known to be within our own grasp to enforce: RESPECT US ALL, OR PAY.

This is America: where we are cursed by the constant of traitors in our midst/ terrorists hiding behind the closed door of a diploma/ thieves ransacking and surging against every citizen of this nation/ whores (only the money matters: even when its all a lie)/ liars, cheats, the horror of fools, the indoctrination of hate (university is god, cult), the insanity of pure failure as is the chaos of evolution and their sewage as is a majority of geneticists; Satan in fact, as are physicists intending to ignite nuclear fire (lets burn atoms, on a planet where everything is fuel). The disgrace of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect so evident in all things “university leads”. The army of the bribed; as is nearly all citizens. The puke and vomit of corruption without a brain; as is human population does not matter/ NOTHING matters or has value “except me”. All of it; proving you do deserve to die; as the robotic armies build against you; and you participate in that with the delusion of electric charging stations (for cars); that are in fact; just to keep the robots running: as they murder you. But let us not forget; the biological scourge of university decides you die, with disease they create “just for you”. Go ahead line up: so how do you know, its for life or death? And the believer shouts; “we have no choice/ obey let us all obey”. Fear the fool who says no; is that not anarchy, “the universities are god”! Proving the believer is a fool. This is America; where everything is cursed, and media enforce you may not think or save yourselves from “the maggots, and internal parasites, of a dead corpse leads”. While reality proves: the dead corpse is “university elite, who secretly war against you”/ but the leader is a true believer, who surrendered life and world, to the cult of university is god.

Failure is a university diploma; where the children of the dead believe in their corpse of fantasy and delusion; every professor “without error”. Every court, without respect. Every leader; driven by pride, to judge the world as less.

While the greatest abomination ever conceived by human existence on earth is: to ignite a nuclear fire/ on a planet made out of fuel.

One of the worst social decisions is: to destroy life, by claiming judgment is better. As would be complete inequality, the descent into superiority; rather than truth is alive. One of those things is: that a financial penalty (same amount) IS NOT the same for a poor man as a rich man/ a reality of all driving offenses: as is traitor (we can play god_) lives here. Your failure is endless/ your corruption is complete! Another is the criminal extortion of healthcare, and the complete tragedy of all things; that assume “the doctor or media, cannot be wrong”. Just ain’t so. Another is wall street; where criminal extortion in healthcare gets its footing to hell. Another indoctrinating every child with the cult of “university is god”. The terrorism of the living dead, and their insanity of injecting chaos into all of nature/ in worship of their god called evolution; and a billion more pure puke and failure as is “university leads”. To your shame. Animals, or less.

And all the people said: “the universities are god/ we cannot question our gods; they save us (from religion)”. Because media tells us what to think, say, judge and do.



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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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