Nothing is so vile as the want & claims, of a believer

Nothing is so vile as the want & claims, of a believer


Nothing is so vile as the want & claims, of a believer (not religion; the scream I know all I need to know)/ little is as tragic as pride making life into a game/ those who judge, forget the law to demand “I” am god. Among these things are the failure of man, the disease of I believe as with covid. “lets mutilate nature, energy, life, earth, child, polluting everything, poisoning everything, destroying everything, denying responsibility to claim fantasy rules here, defending every weapon of mass destruction (until it is too late now)”/ the university solution. And the people say: “leave me alone/ I want what I want”; as reality begins to close in on you, and all of planet earth. Because that is, the consequences, of what you chose to want. Propagating fool, and complaining the lives you cursed; should just lay down and die; as they go insane instead.

Of things defined; it must be understood, that power does not reflect true importance. Powerful words, which allow for changes to society; are not equivalent to elemental truths, which allow for eternal life among those who are willing to learn, and accept the value of what has been given.

This is a world redefined by “universities know”; and the cost of that has been: universities fail/ as proven by the level of threats, and impending extinction that is certain and real. That does not mean the universities have produced nothing of value; as is antibiotics (I would not have survived without them)/ the entire level of computers which allow for “Internet communications” to converse with the world. And a few other things of miscellaneous value; while adding the tragedy of those things which fail or threaten us all. Media also expands the public knowledge slightly (as is needed), while confronting us all with manipulation and propagation; rather than evidence. Even government employees who do fail us continually; have some degree of value. BUT:  The foundation of this challenge has been: to REMOVE the claim of superiority; and redefine life as our relationship with miracles. As is truth decides not you.

And the herd shouts: “TO HELL WITH YOU”/ we know all we need to know. NOTHING can stop us, from playing god with life and earth and energy. So the evidence of what you do continues to rise/ and the reality of your destruction continues with consequences soon to be recognized as extinction; because “yes, you did that to yourselves”. So the animals yell; “we DON’T want that/ we just WANT what we want”; but alas no brain, only a cult of university is god (the worst of the worst) over you.

When truth decides (we have a brain), not want; a slight possibility of survival exists/ but you teeter on the edge, and it is by no means certain. Alas, that requires the end of “we can’t all be wrong; as herds do”/ and a return to being human instead. Which demands the universities cannot lead you, “to animal”; anymore. As is their true and eternal shame! Being human requires: truth must decide! Being alive requires: life, energy, earth, all that we were given shall be respected, and held sacred (don’t touch this)/ as is the pure opposite of everything university demands. Surviving requires: that we shape our response, without the herd of men in charge: because WAR is no longer an answer of any kind. “kill a million people”/ that is only one life died, per every 8,000 people standing on this earth today. Population Rising at just one percent= 80 million more to feed this year alone. And yet the animals say: “nothing can stop us, from what we want”/ as the oceans fail, food sources are mutilated, climate overheats, trillion tons of poisons released every year, absolute genocide on every resource, and “YOU, don’t care; about nothing”/ as is, the constant scream of people everywhere. Do you see even a whisper of change? No, just the gluttony, greed, selfishness, failure, traitor, and terrorists of a world gone insane; preparing themselves, for HELL.

Critical to that understanding; are the consequences for being wrong. The absolute insanity/ the critical destruction of nature/ the curse of fools/ the failures of pride/ the delusions of power/ the fantasy of playing god/ the organized crime and extortion/ the sewer of universities disgrace, to declare all of humanity is nothing more than an animal/ the complete disrespect of universities experimentation/ the endless robbery and theft of nations and world/ the assassination of every child/ extermination of every chain of life, that allows us to live/ poisoning the entire world/ biological trespass as is genocide/ weapons instead of law/ garbage instead of life/ destruction to prove you can/ the insurgency of pride/ the anarchy of power through media/ the rebellion of government against people in worship of “university is god”/ laying down to die, as is religion; and more. These are some of the things I have been fighting against; and all the people say, “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE WANT the universities to give us what we want, “for free”. Which they did; except it was not free. As life or death for this whole earth now stands in the balance of are you worth saving/ or not?

We stand on the edge of extinction literally: because the greatest liar (not gods, of life/ but death), whore (thirsting, for power and pride/ wanting everything for themselves), thug (extortionist, as with healthcare), cheater (covid, let the fools obey, believe and fear), thief (currency counterfeiter/ pure liar), traitor (surging against every government/ demanding to take control with media propagation of “the new nazi”), terrorist (mutilate all of nature/ destroy everything), and tyrant (lets ignite this planet into a sun); THE WORST, ever to live in the history of human existence; HAS become “a university diploma”. As proven by the evidence of threats so extreme/ no guarantee can exist that even a single life shall survive the consequences of what they have already done. With even worse planned; opening the final door to SATAN (exterminator) on earth.

I for my part, abandoned you several times; giving up, that you would learn or change.

But faced with the reality of a dying world; in the first forty years I came back to try again. however after that, IT WAS the entrance of “a spiritual woman; as predicted in Revelation 12 (new life) & 17 (male under control) that brought me back to this work”. Believe it or not. She kept me balanced, kept me aligned with female; which is war will not solve anything; it only changes the ruler. Kept me, as was my own original intent: to stay within law, because there is no other way. But that too, has not been free. Her price to date: teach them to know women are equal, and never less than men. Defined by respect/ honored by happiness/ refined by truth/ completed by the shared elegance, which rises together as heart forming the soul we share. A reality of hope; which needs a different world, than men did make. I tell you true: you will change this earth into the grace and respect intended; or you will be abandoned to be, only animals; and die in extinction as you chose.

And all the people scream: WE HAD TO DO SOMETHING/ we are NOT going to just lay down and die: so nearly all of humanity (including religion) went insane, and declared themselves to be animals, aligned with those who said, “we will be your gods”.

FACED WITH THAT FAILED! The most critical test ever, to determine life or death of earth itself, as with all its life now and forever: has begun.

Truth says: there are limits and boundaries which you must obey to survive! Foremost among them is the truth: your want is NOT enough/ and you will discard it for respect as has value to survival. Your pride is tragic/ and you will discard it, in favor of knowledge that is in support of our reality; no winner exists: equals, but not the same. Your power to judge has ended, truth evidenced by the creation of laws which are justified and fair to every living thing must rule; or you will be extinct; far sooner than you believe is possible. You will accept: this is a war to keep life on earth from being exterminated; because of what you did choose to do. That foundation of truth, demands: now you will try to repair, and return life and earth to a stable state; so that it can keep you alive as well. You will choose a value that has a future. You will stop trying to play god, and remove from universities their right to choose: that is dead. You will turn to limited capitalism in order to balance the demand for more/ with the reality of us all. You will stop indoctrinating every child with a cult in charge/ and accept the demand to enforce we are “human/ NOT animal” as the universities did curse life with. You will stop the insanity, and accept reality proves what is true. Understanding what is true, keeps us alive. No more propagating failure, lies, stealing, cheating, whoring, fool, terrorist, traitor, etcetera: or any other device to curse this world, in common use today. You will STOP being insane, and know that life is sacred, because it is a true miracle of gifts to you. Because anything less is cause to let you go extinct.

As to me: I did do my work.

As to my future; “not a clue”.

As to you: the question is desire, because want is a death wish. Desire means; as we stand realizing that we are alive beyond the essence of time shaped this; what truth will allow, is the decision we can choose. Want is an animal/ but as animals, you cannot survive what you have done. You must achieve truth, and truth must decide what we can or cannot continue to do. The animals will scream NO. but truth will win the day, or you will die a horrifying death; as biological chaos/ war with weapons of mass destruction/ ignition of a nuclear fire/ poisoned water/ no resource/ end of food in every sense and way/ total insanity/ and no respect for life or world completes “the universities demand, with human acceptance (cult); to play god with life, energy, and earth”.

The greatest threat of male animals is: “yes we can”/ and since destruction is the easiest thing for each to do; that is the foundation of their claim; as with war. When the games fail, CHAOS erupts; to claim “yes we can”.

The greatest threat of universities is: “yes we can”/ and since playing god with everything is their purpose and intent to take over this world; and replace it by their design. The whores of failure and disgrace, must be contained or removed. Because EXTINCTION lives behind those closed doors/ where you are not allowed to see.

Truth will allow me to help women some; but foundations of life must be chosen/ rather than the universities death, as has come upon you “for real”. Insanity will soon surround you; unless you prepare “now”. Like death: there does come a point of no return; as you know is true.

The greatest threat of female animals is: “yes we can; have all the babies we want”. But in this very overcrowded world, that is absolutely untrue. Requiring limits and boundaries among themselves is elementally without question. But abortion is not birth control, and you will not continue to use it as if it was. There are limits, and there are realities of life; DON’T pretend you are god, either way/ it is forbidden. Before the fetus is realized as “human now”; what is called abortion is fair. A fetus critically failed in body is elementally what nature would have disposed of. Society itself may decide that; as reality produces a burden they must then pay for. A fetus aborted past the point of human now: means you may choose/ but society may also insist, “you will not do that again. A rape victim shall be aided and abetted early on; so as not to be saddled with this consequence of hate. BE FAIR, not gods like universities want or teach. YOU want better for every child: THERE ARE PLENTY TO HELP/ GO DO IT, with love. But there are none to rule/ you are not judge; either way. An individual life means: IT IS NOT your choice.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; if society does NOT provide the opportunities of a choice, “free of charge/ without restraint”/ then it is their fault, as that is now an option for what can be done; before any form of judgment arises. As is “NO, I won’t”.

Change is not free/ women are not better; but they are different; and reality proves that.

Your reality is: the garbage mountains you chose to create, DO represent “a billion lives lost” in the future; as is the price of your want unbridled with lust. Was it worth it? Go ahead: ask eternity?

Your reality is: universities injecting chaos into biological discipline, order, and balance; in order to create “evolution” by their conception of life. “its all an accident” so nothing matters NO respect for living or body or life or GOD . Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: people trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire just like the sun; universities shouting, WE DON’T have to care, “a million mile long flame” will just extinguish itself. Well surely they can’t be wrong; right? Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: people removing every boundary and limit that protects the seeds we need for food across this planet. Which means the door for biological plant pandemic beyond imagination has been opened/ and reality awaits that disease; which will prove you starve now, along with this whole world. Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is; a trillion tons of poisons dumped per year/ being dumped for the last fifty plus years/ and surrounding your water supplies EVERYWHERE. Because the expert said, “we don’t need to care”. Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: weapons of mass destruction unleashed by a tiny few men, and it only takes just one to start the landslide of extermination on earth. Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: every resource needed for the future, everything that keeps us alive; has been ransacked, ruined, raped, ravaged, destroyed, exterminated, even to the point of ending the chains of life which gave us time. Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: every currency is invaded/ every thing you expected to be your security, your prize for working; is ruined, stolen, destroyed, and defiled: with 8 billion people confronted: “these stole it all/ and you have nothing”. But hey, “its all free; all you got to do is steal, from the future”; right? How is that not war? Was it worth it? Go ahead: bet your eternity/ what could go wrong?

Your reality is: climate catastrophe/ magnetic flux of earth itself disaster/ atmospheric acceleration/ global drought/ human migration, which cannot be survived/ population rise, which cannot be fed/ ocean life disaster/ and more; because you just didn’t care enough. Simple as that, in the sewage of your pride; the thirst for power; and the always present curse that is your want.

And the world shouts back: ALL I NEED TO KNOW, is what I WANT! There is nothing else, and it is my decision; which you cannot take away. After all: everything you charge us with as failure/ leads back, to what you want for yourself. Therefore LIAR, failure, enemy; THIEF!

But truth replies: it is your own evidence that I present to you in ways, your own media does not. It is the consequences of failure, even to the point of people trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun (which burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer); that I conceive of the very worst abomination humanity has ever tried to do. It is your desire to discard the mutilation of life; and declare the chaos injected by universities is anything less than horrifying, because of the cost for being WRONG; they absolutely are! It is a thousand threats, that literally demand extinction of all life from this planet: that DEMAND A COURTROOM, whereby we all design and decide what is, or is not true; BEFORE it is too late to change. And as for me: my life is no longer mine; as the predicted Revelation 12: 1-6;“spiritual woman, standing on what was foreign to her (moon=man)” that has taken over my life, to deliver “a new life” for you. NO, it was not a fun journey; as predicted. But it is true; that what I want for or from you is: at least the possibility you will find the truth: this is EXTINCTION OR CHANGE, FOR HUMANITY ITSELF. Because what you have done, is insure extinction will take control over this world. And you focus on me, shouting worthless; as is liar of you. You focus on me, as failure; when the reality of my life is chained to the consequences of what you did do. You focus on me as enemy for demanding you must go to court and prove what is true; or you will die. You focus on me; to say I am taking something from you; because you want what you want: even though extinction is now the proven cost of that want, by all the evidence of our reality. Therefrom identifying you are the thief, who has crawled in: to steal the future from all life on earth; by playing games to amuse yourselves with toys, trophies, and trinkets; on the garbage piles so clearly “another road to HELL”; which you have caused to be true; as the enemies of life on earth. It is not me! IT IS YOU!

Want is: “an insidious invader”; stealing inside the values of your heart to claim; “you know/ you can/ and you will”; to get what you want. Want does not include any other life, as this is “all about me”; and discards the rest to become “a lie, along with its contributors”; used to get what you want. When want is not enough; pride forms as the game to prove “look at me/ listen to me/ I am god, I can judge”. Which is the formation of power; granting to the liar inside a right to make decisions that are not fair, nor valid for you. Want steals your love, and abandons truth to become an animal; who then does not need any of that. Being human alive: requires respect, which is the end of animal. Requires truth, which is the end of lies. Requires love, which is a value beyond self; ending the delusion of “just me matters”. Elevates life, rather than death; by understanding “every living body is a miracle of existence”; sacred, and not to be tampered with by human decisions forming disgrace. Or more simply: we do owe our existence to our Creator; as is exemplified by the truth “we cannot build a single hair” on your head. Unfortunately however: the universities have built tools to destroy everything alive: to their shame.

Time shapes us all, into the realities of what we are to become; by our own distinct decisions as a participant in living life itself. That method of change, establishes our identity, and forms the distinction called destiny; among those who claim love as their decision. This is a direction, always opposite of hate; “where the sewage flows”.

The foundation being: whosoever proves to be a value to life, through love; can inherit the opportunity to share living in eternity. Those who do not are abandoned to their own chosen fate. Those who war against love, and cost a living example of love to be lost; even for an eternity to the GOD of our Creation. Have chosen war, and will inherit the terrors of their own decision.

The question of me; is utterly reshaped, to become something beyond self; as I don’t recognize the concept of “living within a female destination of eternal life”. I do not understand! Other than I seem to have traded places. How that ends, or why is not within the elements of thought; granted for me to know. But, it is not for you to know either/ as I am clearly NOT your guide, savior, guru, whatever. Just a messenger; DON’T let them distract you with me. I am NOT the question you must answer. YOUR decision is: CHANGE SO THIS WORLD CAN LIVE/ OR, fail to change, and this whole living earth will die. Because that is what you chose! “did you not want to be god”? Today you are: life or death: CHOOSE, but no going back?

The end result of me is: that I am the evidence of “a spiritual woman” here on earth; depicted as “the pregnant one”; because a new life throughout all of history, is presented by female. Apparently because this is a new life of a different kind; predicted thousands of years ago; it would be misinterpreted in any other way; so; I am sort of that human here. But as for me; I have become “more her”, than me; as reality proved SHE IS more capable than I. “its complicated”. Life is confiscated, but I too, desire life on earth should survive; and that does make it fair. MORE important than me! I have NO clue, how it all ends. I did my part; that is all I know/ and after forty plus years of trying to communicate with you: LEADING YOU, is absolutely on my list of never; would I request that. You are too vile, and absolutely stubborn. Cult worshipers, have no place here. Even so, it is no longer my choice to make. Man is overridden, and without a claim for rights; in the back seat, no choice.

Do, recognize: that want pollutes both heart and soul, to stir the waters of life, with toxic substances in order to remove truth, and identify what you do really want that truth to be;  by combining it with lies. Pride enters in; and constructs a foundation upon which your lies can take shape, so that belief will then be allowed by a mental destruction of what is true; by establishing your want now controls. Power adds revenge: “I can hate you”; because now that you are the trash, and called worthless, no one else will care. Which gives to violence its decision to take charge.

Little in life is less destructive than want; an example would be, the invasion of this America against the Indian nations who did live here first. Those who came from Europe; quickly realized: THEY WANT WHAT THEY WANT. So in order to take it away, they used gossip and ridicule to create a fight/ and they they used war and stealing all they could find; to prove the owners here had to die. Even deserved to die: because they fought back against the invader. That same version of invasion has happened again and again and again across this earth throughout history. Those who want power, when finding an opportunity: take power, with violence and death to prove you cannot have what you built; back. As is currently going on in America, even in this day: as the reality of university insurgency has taken control; produced “you have no real ownership left”; and seeks to throw out the original owners, so that those who will worship them; can now have “their stuff”. Believe it or not; in the world of men: NOTHING changes but the weapons. Guile, greed, betrayal, and deceit are always hiding “behind the door”/ while the snake (surprise) lurks in every hole.

But there is also this: that I have been educated continuously “for the most part”; throughout all my years/ never simply me. And perhaps being overridden by spiritual female is just another way of reminding me: “this ain’t me, that gives you the choice, for a new life”/ as I am just a student, trying to survive. More than that I do not know, but I AM; without delusions or fantasies about my part;  I AM; as a vehicle used to deliver the message. THIS WORLD WILL DIE/ IF YOU REFUSE TO CHANGE. EVEN “everything”, because of YOU.

LOVE, requires a decision, WHAT is truly most important to you; it is not free. I made my decision; I discarded “basically everything”; to fight for this world, before it was lost forever. You did not help! But I tell you true; it was not for you, but GOD who created this world of life, and everything love can be, or become within it. So, I did my job, failed; and the spiritual woman who joined me; finished my work. What you believe is irrelevant. Eternity will decide, “life or death” for me too; it is not my place to say/ but I do have hope; although I have no clue “how I fit, it is a mystery”.

Change, and remain alive; at least as animals, if you cannot accept the price of human alive in truth, as miracles do display. That too is a choice.

Those who manipulate others, manipulate themselves. Those who tempt others tempt themselves. Those who seek revenge, will imagine revenge on themselves. Those with pride, will believe everyone else is trying to make them a loser. Those with power assume, they cannot be wrong. The liar, lies/ the thief believes “you owe me”/ the traitor conceives of winning/ while the terrorist cannot see beyond him or herself. Etc!

And all the people say; YOU AIN’T ENOUGH, to prove eternity exists/ or that GOD is real/ or even, that you are overridden by “spiritual female as predicted in Revelation 17”. And I agree! But the evidence of extinction is real, it is provable in a courtroom of HONEST AND REAL LAW; and that is what I have asked you to do. I DID NOT ask you to believe! I have asked you: to prove the cost of BEING WRONG, IS NOT your own extinction/ as it so clearly is! So, any assertion that I am not enough: IS A DISTRACTION, and intended to destroy the reality of evidence; that cannot be denied. By focusing on me; which is useless to you.

Or, in the alternate vein of human behaviors: all the people scream, MAKE ME RICH/ or leave me alone; I am BUSY playing the game “to win”! Because they want: “look at me/ listen to me/ want to be my friend; or if not, I can buy you, so you cannot refuse”. But wealth means, “slavery to others, who cannot do the same”/ because you stole their chance, “fair or not”. Consequently they will not be your friend, unless “you make them rich”. Which means: behind the smiles, a plot exists. My dad (whose best friends died) believed I was responsible for losing his new “friends” (by asking the grain elevator; to be more responsible with their noise)/ my mom believed I was responsible for losing her attachment to “family” by asking her cousin to control his grain drying noise (after 40 years); so they both decided, I was “nearly worthless”. [they didn’t believe in tinnitus; at least for the first twenty years; and only a tiny bit after that] just how life is. Others transferred hate, so as to protect themselves from identifying the guilty party: that would cost, “better this way; and it allows hate to live inside (I have a cause) so life can leave”. Others believed they could prove superiority, by playing criminal; and so on. Women believed they could control me; “with pregnancy, manipulation, etc”; even if no sexual intercourse occurred. So the end result of it all is: unless you are constantly giving gifts, people will assess you as of little or no value. Because it is a world of few friends, of constantly moving people (lost friends), and people who dissolve their relationship with family: choosing to judge instead. So instead of love, people turn to want: so they can escape their lives with “winning, and playing the game of distractions”. People turn away from love: because if it fails, heartbreak will follow; as the truth, they did take part of your “heart” with them/ and to protect themselves; some will turn to hate. Some will fall victim to revenge. Some will recover, but it takes time and truth. While others will understand; if we give our lives to GOD first/ then a boundary line or limit to heartbreak will be found. And we will recover our lives, with truth.

It should be noted, for the sake of honesty: that I have been less than “the best I could be” for those who participated in my living. It was a choice; recognizing “life or death for our world” had to come first! While none granted me that, believing I was just a fool. The end result of it was; “we cannot let these people be wrong”/ because there is no love, without a living world. Making all other life, “second”; with only bits and pieces for needed distraction; my excuse. Reality by the evidence knows I was right. Yet humanity continues to believe: UNTIL I see death at the door/ I don’t care. That is failure, because death at the door is your coffin closing: too late to change. I spent a lifetime; because you didn’t care! I chose; because the cost of being wrong, is extinction. Simple as that.

Destiny says: that when we are young, the world is filled with things we do need to do; but that comes with hope, for a future which will fill our needs, plus a little more. Middle age exists to refine our soul, with the choices we will live with; reminding us each one, of what our truth actually is. The consequence of believing, the definitions of our fears, and the obedience to survival we must attend too. But there is hope, as a world more understood; begins to shape our future with life past teaches now. Old age distinguishes whether you accept the foundation of life is a miracle/ or not. As truth describes the future with life/ or death; by your own choices. So we live with hope, or we die with frustration; and those who do, want to play god instead.

The value of living is not in what you possess. The value of living is happiness, and that can only be found, when supported by love. Destiny conceives of life beyond time; but acceptance allows for that reality to earn your respect: by confronting life with truth. To understand: “we are not alone”. Time shapes us, to be identified by love. In this universe: there is no greater treasure than love. Therefore life searches, and love lifts the soul.

Dignity learns: the future is governed by knowledge, but it is understanding that directs the path of that knowledge toward good or bad. Wisdom enters only when the value of truth governs the decision. The animals believe all they need to know; is what they want/ and everything else is just a game of living or dying and then time is dead. Being human alive learns: thought is our existence as life, and freedom is created by what we can choose to be our direction. What happens with choice is: “good or bad”. What happens with life is, an expression of energy rules what living can be. Our relationship with that fact identifies the participation we bring as our own truth of life, created by your own free will choices. Or more simply: energy exists, as an action or reaction based upon which side of the line you stand. Where it goes as a relationship to your own thought decides: is determined by you.

Thought is NOT a development of the brain, as is intellect. Thought is a construction of destiny; as formed by the energy you used to create a relationship with your CREATOR. Honoring the elements, that gave life to you.

As for being “human”; the foundation of it is, that you will choose your destiny/ or accept your chosen fate, as that is what you wanted more than life. With regards to that; wanting to be rich, merely intensifies the competition, and turns aggression’s violent. Numbers only make the majority slaves, while giving options to those who did not earn it; because of numbers which fail life itself. You want love to be what you want: but it is not. Instead love is, between those who do accept each other as equals, respect each other as independent decisions decide, conceive of you are more important to me than any future without you, accept that dimension is empty or lacking without you, complete my life while letting me complete yours, and honor our existence with truth as we cherish time grants hope, while living proves truth. When binding each other as if one person made from two; it is absolutely necessary, that we do journey towards the same destination. Anything less makes us part, and that division cannot be put together unless you share the future as if one. So people go “just so far”; and then turn to their own goal in life; because as time demands; “no going back”. Tragedies occur do to beliefs, because beliefs can lead you into things that do fail life and hope; a vasectomy is one of those (it will be great, we are doing our share, no cost)/ but then comes the truth of no chemicals for male, and that removes all “the fun” of sex for both. Proving not only was media wrong; those experts who claim to know; were guides to catastrophe for most.

Love is a discipline, which shapes the order of our hearts. But balance is the truth of where we belong, in the participation of life itself. Those who want what they want, instead of letting truth decide; will fail each other. Because want is the foundation of every lie, and only truth survives. Therefore to balance each other, we must know and accept what is true. One example of that is obesity, it is a free will choice (but not as simple as that, as many things contribute)/ each has a right, so long as another does not starve. But if your decision is to use the body as best the methods of athletics can; that will not participate with those who choose obesity instead. The middle ground is for some, but it is not for all; and it really does depend upon whether your hope is to journey as if one/ or not. Always be truthful/ always be fair as best you can (sometimes we all fail); try to forgive; as honesty allows. Anything less will cause pain later on.

The future is governed by what we can become together as a society binding together for love. Because we are so many, hate must be separated out; and moved to “their own place” as far and isolated/ protected, from love as is possible to do. As is: Entirely different worlds.

Law must rule. World law must rule over weapons and the military. Decisions which bring law to govern our impacts on this earth; must be chosen as a world chooses for life. Money must fade into the distance of failure did this; because it is not a number which brings happiness; but our acceptance of each other as equals. Which does apply the truth; we are better off, as independent groups which take care of themselves. That reduces the competition to “just us”; in a world where competition for everything, is literally about to consume you all. Media must present evidence not experts as is proven: just another word for fool. Lawyer and courtroom must be judged; and controlled by we the people/ not leaders. One hundred laws, short and plain so we can defend ourselves is all that we need; to govern ourselves and our world. With any critical decision to be made: will then be formed by we the people in redress court. Leaders, are those who insure the laws we chose, shall be kept, or identified to us all. Media entertainment is a choice we will make; as all forms of distribution will belong only to us all. Healthcare extortion shall end; and every form of building, ownership of medicine and whatever else is desired shall be removed from the criminal element which tried to consume us: as our reward for not putting YOU in prison for your crimes. Reality must govern, not delusion or fantasy. Truth must decide; NEVER AGAIN any form of university plays god at all. Life and earth are to be RESPECTED. The MIRACLES of life, shall be granted pure honor: as nothing less can prove how life began. Evolution will be evicted, and treated as hate; as it formed the basis for all universities terrorism.

We share the future, or it kills us all; but not with hate, as they will end by killing themselves. We learn to build for life, as is sharing what makes us happy, without searching for individual wealth instead. That acquires the foundation for caring, and conceives of life survives on earth. Until the resources are simply gone.

BECAUSE EVEN YOU KNOW:  THIS IS A FINITE WORLD, and we have filled it “to the brim”, with people.

YES, you do face “endless unemployment”/ unless you adapt, FIX ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE BROKEN; and learn to be friends instead of enemies fighting for more. FAIR is all you really need; if you do not break anything else; and do the best you can for life and world. NOT FREE; reality rather than lies, so you can survive.

Bankruptcy and limited capitalism are to be used to redistribute excess claims of wealth. Changes in government and governing are to be formed by voting for the laws we do need, instead of rulers using pride for power. Universities defaced; the cult removed; and reduced to “just like us”/ no more playing god. Natural resources “More ours” than just yours. Saving this world, from the tragedy of humans. Just to start.

More distinctly: the world has defined by men, “war/ money/ games; trophies”; has defeated itself into ruin by universities play god. The question remains if women can do better/ because men cannot: this is, the best they did do, after thousands of years in charge. The question is law, and enforcement:  NOT power.  Because this earth can tolerate very little more of “this”, as men did make.

NO, you do not need “faster computer chips”; because their only real claimed use is in weapons and robots of war/ and if you war, you lose your world. LAW OR EXTINCTION;        choose.

STOP being a fool, and learn life is better than a game; the vast majority can never win. Making those who play, either a fool, or an enemy.

We do then come to the ending of your time to decide: LIFE WITH HONESTY AND RESPECT/ or extinction, from all the tragedy that you did allow or choose. REALITY says: you have war staring at you/ people trying to ignite “atoms on fire”, just like the sun/ people mutilating nature into chaos, by worshiping evolution as their choice/ poisons, pollution, resource loss, over population of humanity, endless costs to “universities lead”.

OR LIFE AS IT WAS INTENDED TO BE; shaped by love, disciplined by truth, governed by the balance of love constructed with fair play, ordered by law, conceived by respect, while honoring happiness as the gift presented by our CREATOR ; who is GOD of this UNIVERSE.

Failure will shout: we believe in what we want, but that has by the evidence of your truth, become the road clearly headed to extinction. With NO POSSIBILITY to turn back; beyond the point of no return; which sits extremely close by.

SO TODAY: YOU WILL CHOOSE/ you will expose the rest to their choice, or you will die. Because real time, has run out. This earth is dying; “believe it or not; is completely irrelevant”/                truth decides.

And all the people say: “we DON’T want, what we don’t want; we just want what we want; without the wars, strife, consequences of being wrong; as is the reason people believe in a cult. To remove their responsibility and claim an excuse.” Hasn’t worked in thousands of years/ today because of changed realities; it is extinction. So your claim is dead. GO TO COURT, and prove it is not so; with evidence/ not experts.

NO, I cannot guarantee you the future; “not your savior, god, or anything; just a messenger; CHANGE OR DIE”. Because truth demands it, not me.

NO, I cannot guarantee women would choose better/ but I can guarantee you, that it is clearly their turn to try; as history will prove true.

The first “two-eleven chapters” of biblical Revelation; depict what will happen if men simply continue on leading. Chapter 12 and beyond predict what men believe will happen if women lead; “into a new life”. Clearly world bankruptcy is here; standing at the door. More is probable; as my own reality is defined by chapter 12 “delivering a new life to earth, from GOD, BY the spirit of WOMEN”. And in chapter 17 “the beast of male; controlled by female”; clearly me overrun, and without choices by the spiritual woman inside. But you are not asked to believe; you are merely informed; this is real.

Media has made it possible for you to know: there are threats to life and earth. However the greater majority of what they do: is demanding FEAR/ BELIEVE UNIVERSITIES/ OBEY. Consequently what you know, is merely what you believe; and nothing more, unless you can think.

Religion wants; to believe only what it wants, to believe. Which makes them of no value to truth. Change or be lost forever.

Governments want the power, want the counterfeiting with no reality, want pride of claiming to know; even when fools instead, want to discard failure as someone else s problem; etc.

People want gluttony, lust, violence, hate, love, “whatever they want; free (well let me pay you a dollar, so I can scream “I am a god”) so they too can play the game of men and their universities; shouting winner/ or I will make you lose, as is revenge. None of it survives truth; as is everything required for humanity to survive: is being crucified. As will you be, if you fail life itself. Because what you chose, by universities lead: is HELL.

No, you cannot make any of your realities of life and earth; go away, by attacking or killing me. They are all, “the truths, you made real”. None of that has anything to do with me; I am not your judge, not your enemy, not your savior, not your leader; etc. I AM just a messenger: CHANGE for real: or you will die, earth fail and go extinct! Simple as that. Because lies are not enough, and that is all you have chosen, to sustain this earth. It will fail.

If there is something more to be said: it is, PRIDE is a terrible thing, which lives to shout and scream I AM RIGHT/ therefore POWER lets me JUDGE YOU. As is the end result of wanting to be god! Rather than accepting that, the gift of life; proves without question: that can never be true. BE FAIR, BE KIND, BE TRUTHFUL, SHOW RESPECT even to yourself; because in the final summary of your life, you were given the right: to seek eternal life, as is “with GOD” . Not simply alone, with self. Beyond the dust, where time is buried: life rises in thought, to become as energy will allow. The place is soul, where hearts live as one. Choose, life as defined by miracles/ or death as defined by those who claim to know, “they could be god” instead.

So, it is true: that I give you nothing more than GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG; to yourselves. Because I am NOT the choice; merely the messenger.

As to women; THIS IS YOUR TIME, to declare what you believe will change this earth; into a life for all that is fair, peaceful, and with harmony brought by happiness. Because you chose to participate with law. I do not know; what or why, my life is so overridden(I can hardly stand it); although it was necessary to finish this work. I guess, whatever it is; you will have to figure that out for yourselves; as I have no real clue; it is beyond my control. Wasn’t my decision, but I am grateful: this work has been “what male and female combined, did do”.

And the world says: I am NOT going to stand up, and fight for a world court trial/ just because you say it must be so. SOMEONE HAS TO LEAD, or I will not join! Which looks directly at religion, and in particular Christian religion (at least so far as Revelation is concerned): to demand YOUR CHOICE IS FIRST!

Nonetheless, I will look at you: and state, EVERY tyrant, throughout all of history: “wanted a robot army” to instill and create fear, obedience, and believe I cannot be defeated. BUT YOU, are building that army, against yourselves; and will pay with terror, when it becomes “invincible” to you. So, as to who is insane, or delusional; I submit, it is you.

IS LIFE A MIRACLE/ or do you belong to the cult of universities are god? IS THIS WORLD IN TROUBLE, AND WE ALL DO, NEED TO KNOW; WHAT IS TRUE:COST of being WRONG. AS BEST WE CAN/ before this ending of all life on earth, SIMPLY cannot be reversed? Or, do you shout “we want what we want/ and have no value in truth”. Choose?

The end result of covid in this USA was treason rules; as reality identifies our employees, as taking over democracy, and instilling their own fear and controls/ their own beliefs and religion (universities are god)/ demanding obedience, instead of revealing the truth about evidence, and the consequences of mutilating nature in human; is utterly unknown (but extremely dangerous to life). By vote we are a democracy; NOT a vote for someone to vote for me as was the need centuries ago. But my own vote, on the law of our society, within the boundaries and limits of constitutional authority as does defend freedom. Like evolution: they proved little or nothing other than their own zeal to make the university cult (can’t question the leader) they serve proud. The constant called “nazi: we want power”; instead of truth. The predator bares its teeth; as threatening all of business: DO what we say/ or we eat you alive. Efforts to prove: who made this biological weapon against us all; were quashed, the cult owns your soul. In other words: traitors, thieves, and terrorists, in our midst.

This earth CANNOT survive “university knows” as the evidence does prove true. While some degree of value has been established: the true threat of extinction overrules that reality, and demands an accounting. Mutilating life/ igniting atoms on fire/ destroying the future/ CERN, “separating nuclear forces; so that on extreme impact; the release of that energy attacks nuclear balance, even at the core of this earth”. ALL OF IT, needs a courtroom; so that we can decide for ourselves.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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