The quest of life beyond time is “thought”

The quest of life beyond time is “thought”


Your time, is the environmental display of your life/ the essence of what you chose within the decisions confronting you. Existence is a framework of realities designed “by the universe” of what would you do/ what could you do, if given the right to create a life, living under these circumstances? Where truth decides, life survives/ love lifts that into happiness, as best we can. But where want (ME, damn you me) controls, life will sink into the mire of chaos, because without law; there can be no peace. The human animal cannot think beyond want; “me, or us”! But hate can, life becoming a battleground for fear (listen to me)/ pride commanding I win (look at me)/ and power surrendering judgment as I did (do what I say). Love can, life becoming a passage into truth (the essence of thought_), where living is hope, and hope changes our lives into destiny. When accepting truth leads now.

The animal shouts “science”/ but reality counters: whatever you find, “arrived here first” without you. Making your claim mute.

The quest of life beyond time is “thought”/ as thought itself, is the basis and form of life as a relationship with living. No thought/ no life; simple as that. So the critical question is: WHAT IS THOUGHT? WHICH then elevates the conception of life, into the space that is beyond time. Or more essentially, thought is not a tangent of body; it is an occupant of space. While measurements are the basis of time; the elevation of life as a participant in love or hate; is not. There is no real measurement in love; it exists, or it does not/ but our ability to participate as people sharing time in a relationship such as marriage, is based upon what we can and do choose to share as if just one life made from two. Hate in contrast uses measurements to define superiority, and thereby judgment over someone else. Hate is not life, but the consequence of death, as chaos takes control over existence.

We then see in space; the essence of existence is in fact shared by thought/ but in very different ways; as if true opposites of the same demand; for a decision. What do you accept as true in you: love as a participation in Creation/ or hate as a participant in death? Because everything else is a reality of measurement defined by time. Time is existence, rather than the basis of life. Life as a movement based upon body is a participation, rather than its essence.

So life forms in the presence of space; but hate forms in the presence of what can be contained and enclosed (as is belief) to prove; I rule over this. Every believer owns a prison cell: where the world is locked out/ even though you are locked in.

Every life is a Creation, of energy defined by environmental disciplines, shaped by the laws of order, and is balanced to serve both energy and existence as if they share the same space. Which is both true and false. While energy creates the impulse/ it is space that grants a decision. The passage is simple, but will not be dealt with.

What is critical to time, thought recognizes the value, that is shared as love/ identifies the curse of hate. So the division of truth accomplishes: “either one direction OR the other”/ there is no middle ground for life; only for animal. Hate is discarded as worthless.

We then construct the relationship we share with love, rather than animal; and accept only truth conceives of these decisions. Because a lie will always fail; even if you are not caught/ death insures you cannot escape the decisions that you made.

It is elementally true: that between male and female, bound together by trust and conceived by commitment; that our most distinctive choice is “to share our time, to care about each other, and to accept that needs arise, even when we don’t want them to exist”. In that vein of responsibility: marriage in particular surrenders “want, pride, and power”/ to become value, love, balance, desire, purpose, respect, heart, and soul; if you are to be “true soulmates”.

Value knows: that I cannot discard your need, without harming our relationship/ need is not a want, it is functionally the tears we cry inside, when life has turned from happy to sad; or when medical issues have changed something important to create fears.

Love sings, when we are happy, but the blessing of peace which is elemental to happy, knows harmony through the freedom of being who I am/ rather than acknowledging who you need me to be. I am; is a foundation upon which I rise. Therefore if not “as I need to be”/ I fail, both you and me. But make no mistake: while the mirror looks at you/ turning it around looks directly at the one who shares your life, and sees their own needs, with the same respect as you construct for them. It is a two way street; and if you don’t accept that each will pass by, without truth to stop their escape. If on the other hand you crash into each other; it all depends upon the violence you have imposed on each other.

So there is balance in every relationship which survives; because time is not only love, but truth. Truth knows: we must do what we both must do, in order to survive/ even if that causes strife. Death is death, and it is not “to be reversed”. Therefore balance insists: for truth, everything we can do, up to this changes me forever/ should in fact be done, if real love existed. Because love shapes truth, and truth shapes life, by the value of our love, that we accept belong to each, same/ same. Love does not die/ bodies do; there is a difference. Just as there is a difference between life; and death.

Desire lifts us beyond ourselves, into the realm of truth: where does love stop? As reality produces limits, and purposes establish boundaries; it is desire which shouts “love is, the presence of my heart, in the eloquence of my soul”; and I have become the disciplines which can shape a home. Home means: here, not only I, but we belong; as if there is no owner but us. Reality does not ask of truth if that is so/ instead truth asks of eternity, if that could be so.

Purpose builds a bridge between two hearts; because there is always a separation defined by the order of what time has done in creating two identities; which cannot be as one; unless the honesty of bridging that gap can be real. Therefore life begins, but only heart creates; a passage beyond the moment called time.

Respect is the singular decision, to accept truth shall decide for me! It shall not be want, as that leads to belief/ it shall not be pride, as that makes of life a game/ nor shall it be judgment, because we are equal; even if not the same. Only law can judge/ only truth can decide/ only the evidence of knowledge, can be combined with understanding; to become I have accepted this is true. As is the miracles of life itself; prove our CREATOR was here. While respect for JESUS identifies in the grace of what became the most clear evidence possible of “love versus hate”/ a guarantor that we were not forgotten; eternity exists.

Heart lives by our direction, as love. Nothing less can bridge the gap between our souls. So we ask of love, how can we become as if “just one”? The critical answer is simple: to accept with honesty, that purity of our thoughts proving trust shall exist; is a path between us both which will connect. Because the acceptance of what is pure, is the honesty of what we can become as one.

Soul asks of each one: to prove your truth. Because only truth can survive beyond the barriers of what can be measured by time. Soul is an eternal home, shaped by your dimension of value. Created by your description of energy, and formed by the critical test of “what forms the treasure of your soul”?

So of these things we learn that the combining of male and female as one life; is no small thing, and to become eternal, as one life shared forever; can only be true, if you are both pure. But the essence of that home, is the proof of never to be lonely again. while that forms the substance of shared space/ the value of love beyond self; turns also to GOD our CREATOR, and finds love is a journey which finds a home, for each and every single one.

As for time itself: the three worst things (apart from hate) you can do to each other are: to believe whatever you want to believe is true/ to insist life is a game, therefore you can make the rules whatever you want them to be/ and to judge or measure someone based upon your own opinion, gossip, or other fundamental of animal behaviors.

As to me: it should be known in this construction/ that I was once married, and then divorced after two years (no kids). We tried and failed; too many lies/ too many compromises/ to many demands to change and be what I want you to be; ends with now neither of us is happy. The elemental truth is: that love is not enough/ truth must decide. Because the journey of life is a demand to choose what is most important to you. I chose that a world in danger was most important to me/ and she chose, I want to be like all the rest, which I could not be. Included in that, was a moment in marriage where she threatened pregnancy, even though that was the one thing I needed from her NOT to do. It is not fair to a child, unless you are stable and true to each other/ which we were not. So sex ended; too important to gamble. Or more simply: regardless of love, our journey must be similar in life; because our choice lives within that journey, and if we divide; that love will go away. Even if “it remains”/ time will refuse: if we cannot share the same path of life.

Most live separate lives, sharing little/ but benefiting from survival and possession to say I have enough. I could not do that, as love is love, and little else is treasure enough to bind my own heart to yours.

In contrast; the majority decide to make decisions for their partner/ which is absolutely wrong. We are each responsible for our own lives, and must choose for ourselves; or you inherit the cost of being guilty for changing, or enslaving my life. Share the work/ share the decision/ do for each other as you desire the prove to care, for and about: you. Depression can be contagious; “no I didn’t get what I wanted/ becomes, I didn’t get what I wanted too”; so both give up trying to care. Stop wanting, and let reality be your truth. Stop measuring life, and wishing to play “a different game”. Life is life, we all need to participate as best we realistically can: because time defines our eternity/ as your own decision for life, work, love, respect, truth, value, etc; becomes your identity called truth. Be the best you can be; why be less than you are. Accept work is your reward, for being healthy/ and if you need a different job; do what you can do, to find it for you. But make no mistake, as I did fail to do: that pregnancy requires a respect, that discards depression; and learns to help regardless of being right or wrong. Men don’t understand; particularly if they are not present through the entire ordeal; until it is perhaps too late.

As for the spiritual woman and I; the foundation of that is, I did this work my way to start, and failed/ we did this work together, and failed/ and now she gets to decide how this work will finish her way; even though I do complain, but accept it must be so. How that ends in eternity, is absolutely unknown; as the essence of female is not allowed for me to know. Therefore I do not know. Yet I have learned a little; tits for example are far more complex, and demand far more attention than I could ever have imagined. No small thing! I have learned at least from the male point of view: that female breasts, represent “kind and gentle”; as is the basis of woman in the heart of man. Which presents the learning: if just these demand so much more than any man expects/ how much more, “is all the rest”?

While the constant is of course to “laugh, ridicule, and jeer”/ shouting he is insane or whatever people accept. But unlike you: I have always chosen to “walk at the extreme edge of thought”; and participate where Creation lives/ except for the teenage years, where I said “I wish to learn why”?

The most critical conception of life is: that caring requires love/ and love requires care; and these do walk hand in hand as evidence of what is true on the inside. While people can fake care and love to limited degrees; reality will prove what is true, if you will simply let the evidence of life, be honest; rather than what you want it to be. With caring comes sharing, as the reality of being equal is accepted/ as the understanding of life is a miracle achieves a place in your heart called respect.

We then ask, of humanity: why do you fail love so often? And find: that love is an empowering reality of truth/ but truth has no room for failure, and it does evidence those who do. Consequently when want (the foundation of all lies) controls your life, you then hide from truth/ which causes people to hide from love as well.

Second is the consequence of love, which is opening your heart to accept “we share this miracle of living, within ourselves as one life by love”. But that removes the game of being superior, or wanting to win, or claiming the prize; and so pride stands in the way. To remove the claim of love that is equal/ power arises to push you back from love; into the death of separation. Life without friend, by choices made called hate. One of the first elements of this is: to run away, rather than to identify why. Believing “I know”; rather than understanding what is being hidden/ or making up the cause for pushing someone else away. Fear is the primary source of this; as would be evidenced by both of my parents: who found the information of our world, a dying earth; as I produced through the years, to be frightening.

So we ask of love: is there a middle ground? The answer is: your choice decides, as you are the limit of your love, and you are creator of the boundaries you set into place; to keep love away. But make no mistake: wherever there are lies/ there will be heartache coming. And this is truly a world filled with lies; particularly as the plague of “university knows” took control over life and earth to distribute the curse of death. Which means: not only is this world dying/ but love as well. The death grip being: “university is god/ as media screams; BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; the university is your savior as well”. And the cult overthrows reality with fear to enslave this world; mutilate its nature; and destroy life itself; as with covid. Nothing is sacred to the cult of university/ nothing is respected, as is the evidence of counterfeiting currency, so they can play god, in a fools world/ and every security possible is vandalized, raped, ravaged, and ruined. A war hidden by numbers; as the fool believes “we are rich”/ even though the reality of numbers has proven; you are poorest of the poor. They stole it all!

Regardless of the university plague of fools and pandemic of failure as evidenced by our dying world. The quest of life, is only for those who are alive as both heart and soul will testify by your own truth.

So we ask the question: what does soulmate mean? Or more distinctly how or what does “two changing to become as if one”: actually define? Or more simply: if one is male and the other is female/ and they become as one; does that mean dimensions change/ or is life to remain always separate? And who gets to be dominant (the most in charge) if not? A reality of particular interest to me currently. But the answer is: that truth must remain in charge, and wherever the greater truth exists, that form of substance will lead. While it is clear and in evidence of my life that male and female dimensions are entirely separate; which remains true in the spiritual (essence of truth defined) world. I am engulfed by female (its complicated); as being in time does allow for changes governed by truth rather than wants. So what is true, within the conception of “becoming one”; is a complete mystery to me, I have no options or understanding of why am I here?

As with love, the truth of journey is even more important than love. Love breathes in life, by sharing joy/ but truth alone lets you survive; so it is, always first! The journey decides if you can remain as one; because a different desire will demand separation. The spiritual woman and I; are on the same journey: life and love come first/ however her care, and only concern is women/ mine is this world. Although I am being changed to focus on women first; as men have ruled and constructed extinction. I suppose I can be changed. More I do not know; accordingly truth will decide, not me.

The universities will scream: HE IS A FOOL/ intending to distract; because if the evidence were found to indict the universities with crimes against this world: they would be accused of terrorism, and more. So, as with evolution (chaos/ the war of death; is our friend): any excuse is better than that reality: “right”?

While media screams, “we cannot be wrong; universities are god/ the expert is our savior”. So don’t worry, because a liar, sitting in a pile of money, always surrounds themselves with liars who swear allegiance to their lies. IF you give me some too. And the people scream “we know”/ but all you actually know is what [media, leadership, or universities: in charge of everything] told you to believe. How is that not true?

GO TO COURT; and prove what is true?

Is a call to war; because “universities DON’T need to prove nothing”/ they are gods, and as with all cults: YOU cannot question “the leader” of the damned.

If pushed into court: as all liars do/ they will have their own experts admit “YOU cannot understand”; leaving the decision to themselves alone. And with a universities diploma; indoctrinating beliefs as defined by liars; they will succeed in removing questions.

So the ultimate defense: is a foreign language/ only we understand this.

So the ultimate demand is: you shall NOT use any form or type of “foreign to us, language”. Providing only the most literal and useful information that is within our known grasp/ or it shall not be allowed. Those presenting information beyond that limit of evidence as necessary for our own understanding: shall be thrown into prison, because the threat of extinction/ the cost of being wrong; holds all precedence of authority. UNTIL THEY DO correct their testimony, in ways that are conceptually and adequately correct to provide: now we know for ourselves/ and will decide what is true.

Perjury, false witness, other types or kinds of disrespect for life and earth: SHALL BE acknowledge as terrorism. Judgment against, will be swift and sure; regardless of the outcome for trial:  so long as the intent to lie and misdirect, causing the greater collapse of life on earth, is proven real.

The claim of “death/ corpse, etc”; speaks to the consequence of those who can no longer move in a direction called life. They are paralyzed by the fantasy of delusions, as is imagination now rules us all “the american way”. Life seeks to participate in love, through building truth, with disciplines called respect. Hate as is the formation of death; seeks to lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize and so on; making it unable to breathe or respect truth. The claim of government, claim or universities, doctors, Etcetera: hide the fact, “this one” is merely a former classmate, who clearly “never was a god”/ and holds NO AUTHORITY, to claim superiority. A job, regardless of its title; is simply a job. Granting only; “you, are even more subject to the law” than are we; as is the purpose of swearing an oath, as with upper conceptions of government.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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