Love builds a life, hate destroys it

Love builds a life, hate destroys it


Life, is about life/ not a game, as the reality of living or dying is elementally so different, it is greater than the definitions of “light or dark”. So the critical question becomes: do you wish to live/ or do you wish to die?

Love builds a life/ hate destroys it with death by chaos: everything in the middle is the time allotted for animals, and as such end in the dust (one way or another; forever gone).

The critical choice is: do you accept life is a miracle, and do you accept that JESUS guarantees there is life beyond the grave, as an eternity realized by the destinies of truth, guided by love? That is the functional question of being human alive/ or just an animal/ or dying with hate. One of those three identifies us all.

Truth dictates: you shall have no guarantee in this matter, which makes the choice an indication of your own ability to accept the evidence of miracles or not. Universities declare: you are animals/ everything is an accident/ and there is no eternity: so they can play god, in any way they choose. Religion offers the rules, by which the passage of time has declared if you believe in this way/ then life will be better for you; and much of that is true; for peace, harmony, and happiness in your time on earth. But the value of living is in the acceptance of what is true, because only truth can survive beyond the grave, and only identity can serve to establish who that truth belongs too. So we construct the validity of truth, by understanding laws of justice/ rather than men or women guided by want, pride, or power.

Justice frames the element of society, as its relationship to laws created in order to achieve fair play for all. It is a fight, that never ends with “want, pride, and power”/ the basis of nearly all evil in this world. Want discards life for self/ pride makes everything a game/ and power judges so as to define violence by rules. Justice does not accept those forms of intimidation or transgression against the others; asking instead for law we the people do understand will protect us equally. The war against law, is governed by the games men play. As pride illuminates the constant demand for “look at me/ listen to me/ I am the winner”; or more simply the statement “make me rich”/ which is the demand for slaves; by making others lose.

Their game always ends with war/ because some spend their lives to enslave the others, and claim the prize “I win”. When too many lose, war begins. That makes the “winners” want and pay an army; to control the rest/ and soldiers say, “I am better off here/ than there”; so they obey the rules. Then begins the insurgency; as with universities in charge, the secretive surge to take control; and establish chaos, so those who are against them cannot organize their own army. That is done with manipulation, propagation, bribes, temptation, ridicule, gossip, mass hypnosis and other; making those in control of media primary to the curse of “nazi: we want power”. As the demand to divide and separate society forms a road, to create anarchy, and then rebellion. The consequence being: now we have cause to destroy you.

Law tries to intervene; but humanity is selfish, liar, thief, traitor, terrorist, gluttonous, greedy, and without respect for each other. As was proven throughout the forty plus years; I have described to you “we are going to have to pay for this/ stop being insane”. I thought: “they just don’t understand” 10 years maximum. But I was wrong, and you proved the above; as your method to prove “I am winner”, by trophies, trinkets, and toys; to throw away.

So we do stand on the edge of extinction; because that is what you chose/ and how it ends for you or me; is unknown. Too many variables to be certain of any description so far.

But here we return to eternity to ask: are miracles real? Anyone who builds, can understand and accept: there is no possibility any man or woman created life. Nor is there any possibility something less than human created life or world. And that does prove there are MIRACLES here; which describe something beyond our grasp was here to do this for us.

So we return to JESUS as the final proof of our choice is: between love versus hate/ with those who choose predator and prey instead, a different state of life. Love knows: that time has no real value without the substance of love inviting us each one, to share our experience, and express our own freedoms with hope and joy. Consequently the greatest treasure in all the universe is: love and hope. Therefore the question of our CREATOR designing this world, to define the truth of our own individual love; is within the development of thought as true to the concept of law, and its purpose which is justified living for the sake of peace, harmony, and happiness.

In contrast to that is hate; which seeks in death the escape from knowledge of life, that is ultimately proven by chaos. Making death either as predator and prey; which return to the dust. Or hades: the cost of destroying someone whom would have inherited eternal life. Thereby robbing GOD of that love forever/ which does have consequences grim.

Your body resides as a miracle beyond any human explanation/ and therefore cannot be discarded by fools who claim to know what they obviously do not know. So they lie, and claim: “you can’t prove over billions of years/ this didn’t happen”. But reality can: as the sun another fantasy of university knows nothing; establishes a time line, that burns fuel for the fire. Which means what is today/ could not have been the same; millions of years ago. What is today, is a planet with water, with an atmosphere circling with the planet, with everything we need: as was produced by the chains of life, which keep it all working. That you continually destroy.

This is a finite planet; it will end. But today, you have forced: every one who lives today/ is a life that will not live in the future. Because of what you have done.

Yet the cult of universities rule here; remains unable to think for itself, as is the true sign of a herd of animals, rather than “humans being alive”, as forms into respect.

As for me: removing “cult status” from universities; to return them to reality instead of playing god; has been done. Simple as that.

As for me: the prediction of Revelation 12 “a spiritual woman” can be identified as standing on “something foreign (moon)/ which is male”; and turns out to be me. As I did deliver to you the predicted “new life for earth”; as a messenger does.

AS FOR ME; I rather regard that new life, as “the second coming of Jesus”; to change this world for love comes first, by law. But others will disagree; even so, “I am just the delivery vehicle”/ as that, is certainly NOT me.

As for me: the prediction of Revelation 17; wherein the spiritual woman is riding “the beast (of man)”. I tell you plain, she rides on me, with full control; I guess to inform women it is possible. So that too has come true, along with much of what Revelation predicted. It is divided into two parts: the end as predicted with men in charge/ and from chapter 12 on; the alternate prediction which is female in charge by accomplishing the law leads us now.

As for me: it is, all a complete surprise; I just did the best I could/ end of the story. Until ruled over by “spiritual female”; which is utterly beyond my grasp to understand. “its a quandary{a thousand times, I just don’t know}”/ honestly, don’t know how it ends, or what my life is going to be; now or forever.  Everything is “upside down”. A, maze, without a door. A vehicle, with a new driver;  now controlling me. “its complicated”!

I guess in reality; that kind of makes me “like a woman, depicted in Revelation 12, delivering the child”; because like a woman, who is also “the means to manufacture or incubate, a new life on earth”/ but not the creator of that life. That is sort of me as well, in delivering that new life. Certainly didn’t make it, design it, or anything: but reality demanded I must be directly involved, to bring that life onto this earth. So apparently the predicted image was kind of right; spiritually speaking at least.

And that conception, functionally opens an entirely new door; of “who (I searched for & opened the spiritual door of female, when discovering men could not save this world) what (because they always turn to war), where (women would not reveal what I needed to know), when (I gave up on men/ lacked hope), why (turned to women as a last resort), how (asking what CAN you do) and so on”. Almost 18 years later, that work found its answer as “whosoever makes the law, and enforces it/ rules the world”. Its complicated, men are required; but the law established by vote; becomes “we the people have chosen this”. So whosoever writes the law, and gathers the votes; becomes our leader whether in fact or by that law. and I do need time to study what that means; to me? Or, doesn’t? I don’t know,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

Yes, I know: you don’t believe the spiritual world can exist/ because you know what the universities told you to believe. “don’t need no brain/ got a cult instead”! BUT, like so many fairy tales such as evolution (the witch-doctor disease; dancing in the puke of pure delusions; shouting “ooga booga”) / BUT believing whatever you want to believe is just religious zeal/ CULT worship if you prefer; and it does not bear fruit.

GO AHEAD;  PROVE EVOLUTION EXISTS; with more than “this looks like that”/ pisshole.

In contrast to that are the laws which have established this universe. They exist, as proven by the universe itself exists/ as does thought exist, energy, mass, life, and so on. In recognition of that fact, is the communication required to sustain the knowledge of law/ or its enforcement regardless of knowledge. That spiritual conception, concentrates truth into a viable reality within which life itself is allowed to arise, by keeping those laws. Therefore the law of life exists, beyond the construction of this earth; as does examine the basis of eternity within that law, by its truth. We will not discuss it further.

Or, more simply: the enforcement by laws that govern nuclear fire, create the solar gravity that causes our planets to revolve around the sun. Gravitational magnetism governs the laws that keep us from just floating away. Laws of kinetic energy “an action creates a reaction”. Laws governing motion. Laws governing destruction. Laws of anti-gravity which govern black holes and the creation of atoms. Laws establishing mass. Laws governing the environmental structure of space. Laws creating nature. Laws governing thought definitions; and more. Are all elementally what you cannot see, and yet what environment reveals. Because that spiritual essence of truth enforcing discipline, order, and balance; is not what people want. They want what they want, and as animals that is all they want; so they don’t care. Respect however sees in law, the creation of everything; because truth survives, as is the substance of any law governing “fair play (DON’T hurt the others, more than absolutely necessary)”.

All of it, is at the core essence of knowledge, and that by the construction of reality, becomes our connection with truth. Life intensifies that, to become our spiritual essence with Creation; thereby opening the door to soul. Which discards the description of time, in order to become alive by the elevation of freedom searches, and life presents love as its answer. Another essence, of care/ rather than the measurement by which you assume judgment, or its cost which is hate.

I will just wish you well, and again “say goodbye”; if I can.

just so you know:

The purpose of fair play is: to examine the evidence, identify the disciplines involved, construct the order of sequence and decision; to arrive at the basis of: if this is for love, hate, or survival, and do we or do we not have a right to interfere in a decision which was made by others.

Given that responsibility for value; the constant source of grief, is want, pride, and power; as cares nothing for life; by demanding only self is important.

So the critical evidence is: what is true, and what are the consequences of being wrong, and to who?

As an example: we identify the coming crisis of betrayal, that is every biological failure begins with “poisoning something, polluting something, injecting chaos into a life form, mutilating life, altering life, extreme and excessive antibacterial solutions, trans-mutating diseases, antibiotic catastrophes, pharmaceutical horrors, and so on. The constant of sexual disease is also tainted with “the men who will put their penis into anything”; contamination; etc. Eating a diseased or decaying food source. Genetically altering life, which alters the genetics in whatever eats it; including insects and more. Or to simplify: you have earned the crisis called Armageddon; by universities decisions which you allowed. Or refused to challenge; to your shame. None of that is called “fair play”.

The war for water; will be your apocalypse; and so on. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. So the end result of what is fair is: that you should receive as you chose, because given the freedom to recognize what you were doing to life and earth/ very few did not say, “I WON’T CARE”; give me all I want, right now. The “vile interpretation of that”: to hell with every child, and even a world.

So, I am going to remind you, each one: that your Creator of life and world, when faced with a reality of humanity falling into hate. Chose to send JESUS; to create for you, an absolutely clear description of the differences between LOVE VERSUS HATE. And within that realm of reality, by the actions of people who did care; this world did change. As respect proved.

But then came universities and the nuclear bomb; and the curse of animals began its journey into your lives; as a reason to discard caring. So you could take all you could get. Universities leading the way, with “who cares” about the future; NOW is all that matters. So we all stand on the edge of extinction; because lies fail life.

In these “last seconds” of a choice; the value of what you choose to do; becomes your own eternal contribution, to love or hate. To life for this earth, or its death. Time will not give to you more, than is required: now or never. If you honestly begin the journey back to life with caring, respect, truth, hope, love, disciplines, order, balance, courage and let truth decide. Then in roughly 12 years or so, I do expect that this world will be changed. Because if it is not, this world will be lost. I could be wrong, but the summary of evidence as I have provided; suggests, that is not so. PRAY, it is your lifeline.

Do not believe: find the truth, and let reality be your guide, instead of want, pride, or power. CHOOSE better.

And the world says: “________________”.

so, I remind you one last time; that among all the other extreme risks of complete extermination, that your belief in “University knows” has created. 8 billion people each standing in one meter square (just a little more area than a square yard). That means humanity stands on earth as a solid area of people 8,000 meters wide, and one million meters long. Is enough all by itself, to insure you don’t survive. Reminding you each one needs water, and we all eat life/ which also has needs of this planet, just like me and you. No possibility exists, that you will continue as you are. HELL will come, or even HADES (earth ignited into a sun, by burning atoms). No guarantee; of time/ as reality says; each day could be our last.

We do owe life, we do have a responsibility to each child, and world. Yet you refuse.

Stand up, sign your name, be visible as someone who accepts the task of learning what is true, of threats and realities which will cause our extinction. As with all elements of defending “your home”/ the cost is the cost; we have no where else to go. Earth alive, or we die. Learn the price of letting “universities play god”: when being WRONG, and instruct the others by opening a courtroom for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; our decision as we the people, to make our own decisions now.

BUT understand this simply: if you rise for life and earth/ hate will rise for power and pride, the arrogance of want without duty or a right: and it will be a battle. THE LAW RULES OVER ALL/ and give you the power to remove “hate/ even as leaders” one by one. THERE ARE, “FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES” in constitutional law; that are not subject to interpretation or surrender to any form of leadership. It is not “government” that we fight/ our employees of government, ARE just plain independent people with too much pride and power (same). THE ENTIRE purpose of democracy is to remove all excess power from leadership. By creating LAW, they cannot change. Simple as that. Whereas hate uses power to attack the individual: demanding of the rest: FEAR NOW, and believe you are next; because we can hurt you. So the critical truth becomes: a battle for life and truth decides by law/ or a surrender to hate, entering into fear; which insures extinction. CHOOSE.

And all the believers said: “we want what we want”/ because outside those prison walls, is their own reality of fear. Few are able to confront it. But if you find a brain (want, pride nor power will save us all); you will recognize, we have no choice. Truth alone must decide; as best we can. Balance decides the state of peace and harmony; but only truth survives. With this whole world in trouble of extinction: Choose. NO, I DO NOT ask you to believe/ I DO ASK YOU TO INVESTIGATE AS WE THE WORLD; because we cannot go back. And the tools to destroy us all, are evident and real. By vote, as a world: we must choose our own fate, or destiny. There is no other way!

“feed/ save the children” is a tragedy/ as reality proves, the only way forward is to enforce population control FIRST. While being introduced to “the female side of things” has granted more compassion for the living side of life/ reality remains reality: and there are MANY of these decisions you must make; to survive. No more want, tears, lies, etc/ truth decides. Or you force environmental collapse. As for me; reality continues to demand, I accept, even live, by “a different view”. There is no real choice. I did my duty. The rest is up to you. Live or die, ridiculed or not; I am NOT your excuse.

Life is a journey into death, time simply allows for the decisions that will become your own identity, as chosen by you. There is no point in hiding from death; all must go. Because the end result of life is: some will travel within love, as a destiny shaped by truth. Some will end their lives as animals; “dust to dust”. And some will enter the fate of hate which is true chaos, with no escape. Truth decides.

Life is established by law, and laws are established by the consequences of truth. What is important about that is: eternity does not need hate/ and those who failed to conceive of miracles, did not pass by the gate which restrains both predator and prey. LOVE IS, the only thing considered to be a treasure in eternity/ as love makes living a joy we can share, because you chose to care. Respect identifies the relationship you chose, heart conceives of what you valued most in this lifetime, and soul allows for the transition beyond time, as we enter within trust, to accept what love will do.

Of things to know: accept the journey, because if you look back at time to describe what you lost/ that moment of change, will not accept you. You will be left, where you chose to belong. Your soul was not complete.

Soul is NOT a product of religion/ it is a destiny within the heart. Found only on the path of truth, which guides us each one, into the trust that is built upon love. Love is a distinction of caring, which does provide sharing, which establishes respect are our venue of disciplines; which shape the order of our lives. Balance is a partition in thought, and supports the framework of law. Law identifies the consequences of your own truth, to become what life will be.

As to religion in reality: we cannot prove how life came to be/ and we cannot prove what will happen to our life beyond this time called earth. Which means we must give to that religion; our own version of thought, and how it interrelates with what we accept. Soul accepts that GOD IS OUR CREATOR; as no other fundamental of reality allows life to be otherwise. The differences in all religion is how you interpret the living that goes with whatever you believe. Unfortunately belief is the basis of want/ and want is the basis of every lie; so it is fraught with failures. Even so, a value can be found, wherever the righteous have not declared themselves to be god with rules/ to judge all.

As to me, and religion: I grew up going to a Lutheran church; (Christian; which means, love must guide your steps); but when I say, “there are a few things I wish to discuss with you”, prior to returning/ they always say, “then don’t come”. Because a believer wants what they want, and any question of that belief requires them to go outside the prison walls (can’t get me here) which protect them from fear.

Nonetheless, I will ask you here: I do not appreciate “remember the cross”/ which is, “hiding” in the murder weapon. Insisting that JESUS in that moment identified the true differences between love and hate. Or more distinctly: they had no cause whatsoever to kill him/ but they chose that for power and the thirst for money; which ultimately forms from hate. So the question presented: is who are you, “LOVE, CARING AND SHARING AND RESPECTING LIFE WITH VALUES ABOVE THE REST”/ OR hate, destroying, denying, disrespecting, devaluing, bringing chaos, lying, stealing, or the rest. Because YOU DO know the differences? You can’t be both: LOVE (a treasure with joy), OR HATE (a curse of chaos); because everything else is just survival in time, and time will end for every single one.

Another would be: “going to rise into eternity, with the body you have now”/ even though you know, time is not eternal. Which means all things time must be discarded to become eternal. Not a game, even you understand the reality.

Another would be: that you know; that the bible is perfect; believe harder; give us your money; and a rather long list that has nothing to do with reality. Belief is not enough. FAITH is required. Faith is the acceptance of your decision, to put it simply: that all life and earth, are a miracle beyond our conception, or any form of explanation provided by this world.

Another would be: being a universities cult of worshipers, without your own brain. As with evolution; lies do not make good or valued leaders. To your shame.

It is however best, to participate among those who are like you, in the kind and gentle ways of love; particularly with children. Which unlike any other form of human behavior is more likely to be found in religion than the rest. Religion will not save you; but if it is doing you harm, something is wrong.

The understanding of a very clear and simple choice, FOR EVERY LIFE: LOVE or hate. Did in fact change humanity on this earth. The equally critical understanding: that we were not merely created and left behind, but could inherit eternal life. Because love is a precious treasure, a valid cause to be found; beyond simply self. By learning no matter who you are, the value of living, even as a Creator: is found with those who love. “Saving” the choices we made with respect shaped with truth; shall not be lost.

Hate is discarded, except for those who have cost an eternity of love “with this one”; is lost because of you. While animal, remains as with time; “dust to dust”.

The difference between now and then: tyrants controlled everything with fear, causing humanity to discard greater things, just to survive their weapons. Power demanding escape the ruler; is by money.

Today: tyrants control everything with fantasy and delusions, claiming imagination is all we need. Causing humanity to discard greater things and even dismantle truth; to obtain the bribes, shout winner; and play games with life. Power demanding “fear/ believe/ obey” the universities are god; there is no escape; the apathy, arrogance, or disrespect; without money, we are your saviors; beg.

But the reality is: surrounded by threats of extinction that the evidence proves undoubtedly true. “back against the wall”, our world depends upon our own ability to understand what is true, the cost of being WRONG; and the insertion of law: to return to life survives, if we can. Money is irrelevant; we must build better. BUT; You threw away love, for trophies, trinkets, and toys. So the question is: will you finish throwing away this world, and even your own child/ OR RETURN TO REALITY? By assembling a courtroom to prove what is true/ cost of being wrong/ and redefine: a respect for life and earth. I brought you that choice, with keys you can use to make it so. But it will NEVER compare with JESUS, and the truth; without love, there is no purpose, or desire, for eternity.

Destiny says: to walk the path of love, requires not only truth, but courage.

As to why me, I have no clue. More determined I guess/ less interested in “what you think”; as reality would prove my education is not bordered by your judgment. It is, what it is. Overrun by spiritual female inside; I have no clue why me. But I do know for certain; this work would not have been completed or valued, without her. Conceptually fair, for both benefitted. As for you; the illusion of safety, is a pure lie! I do know why: you let “university is god, play games with life”/ to your shame, you stand on the edge of horrors.

As to now: the foundation is simple, I did not ask you to believe anything/ other than the evidence already available to you; as presented by journalists who do have value (we did what we could do_). Unlike media which demands “believe”; it is the evidence not the expert that has value; which then allows we the people to assemble our own decisions. Unlike universities which demand; people don’t know nothing, WE MUST decide; as rulers/tyrants do. The value of truth itself, when stripped of the university lies (we know), wants (listen to me, I am god), greed (we want it all), selfishness (look at me, I am god), pride (I can counterfeit and steal), power (I can play god)_, etc: “or, me, me, me,,,,,,,me/ now, now, now,,,,,, mine, mine, mine,,,,,; etc”. Given the reality of consequences for being wrong, that reality conceived as truth. Can elevate human discovery into thought. Unlike universities and their religion of human sewage as is evolution; life needs a brain, or nothing develops. So their university intent is, as it has always been: to remove your brain (no order here) so they can play god with you, life, earth, everything. Because now you cannot interfere; “you are a believer”/ and media exists, to insure you remain so. Establishing fear: “we will eat you alive, if you question us”. And obedience: DO NOT contend for any cause, or we make you pay.

Reality states: EVERY DECISION to be made; STARTS WITH A CLEAR DISTINCT UNDERSTANDING OF “WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG”? Only then do you begin with more. But remember this: as with “a dead soul” when asked: what are you going to do, when biological chaos erupts from what you are doing? Their answer: “evolution will just make something else” in a billion years or so.


“a believer cannot see” beyond their prison walls. So, with a world watching: prove what is true.

So, faced with truth or die: WHAT do you choose?

and the believer says:  “the universities are god”/ yet reality asks:  since they confiscated your face/ was it worth your cost? Because even if the mask was small enough, then you could not breathe/ alas air gaps? and then what about virus deposits that do stick to the mask, rub on your fingers, take it home, and rub it on your seats, tables, more; spreading it around? “And if that was not important”: did they lie about a vaccine just to get TRILLIONS, OF your money?

virus mask masks against covid-19 what is a nanometer bacteria vs viruses

Just so its clear: nothing will be free. LIFE by choosing for LIFE AND PAYING the price of survival which is truth decides. OR, death, you just didn’t care enough to survive, and will go extinct. Because past the point of no return; you do become the living dead, before nothing is left now.

Remember this: that I am NOT, going to be your leader, prosecutor, defender, religious leader, hero, savior, whatever!

While I have no clue what life is going to be for me. I am certain, whatever it is has already been chosen without me/ to be whatever it is, “that life needs me to be; or who knows what”. I do not. It is not my decision, and it is certainly NOT your decision either. It is a spiritual matter. Which means truth will decide, what life rather than living, requires. Nope, not a clue/ could be anything; I don’t know. I guess it depends upon what you choose; whether life or death for earth.

What I can tell you however is: that it will not be “like JESUS”. Because even if you do kill me, you will know the cost quickly/ as there is: no lesson here/ and no time to avoid your own realities….. I am merely the messenger. Humanity knows; therefore your decision is love (time allotted) or hate (time ends) or apathy (without value here; granting the few, beyond an animal; will be found).


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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