Distracted by fools, led by failures

Distracted by fools, led by failures


The difference in predator versus prey, is determined by balance. Without balance, one will overrun the other/ and all will suffer the cost of “they got what they wanted”; which asks the question can you still survive? Most of the time, these cannot; because population rise, disease proliferation, etc; will kill them. Healthy is balanced in a state of order that describes the discipline of staying within these limits and boundaries; called law. As is the reality of consequences, proving what must or must not be done to keep a bare minimum of law (thank GOD for peace and harmony) present in human life.

The insurgency of “university is god”/ as has infiltrated, propagated, and overrun this world; to produce the chaos of death that is the curse of fantasy, delusions, and imagination, beyond a right or law. Is a graveyard of fools, stomp and complain; they have not enough to keep themselves alive; so they need your life dead (every value lost) as well. There is no balance in university/ no law of life or world/ no respect or value; nothing is sacred or miracle: only the fool in charge, by presenting you with the bribe of “pretending you are free: which is money without reality/ the murder of every child/ destruction of everything required to survive/ division of nations and people, to assemble war/ endless threats of extinction/ and removing all happiness, by focusing you on less through media. No balance/ no life. Soon robotic armies; which means no freedom either: because they will overrun you; as have all other machines/ with a tiny few playing Satan on you.

Stop being distracted as fools, fed by failures. Learn what is important, and do not let the parasitic media continue, turning you into food; to power their god of death. Every threat is more important, than a fool being charged with stupidity. But every charge of stupidity that controls your “box that thinks for you”; exists to distract rather than describe democracy. You spend your life being used for bait (a worm being drowned)/ because media wants you dead. Cut the damn line; and find what truth can teach: it is your DUTY. Or, this world dies/ including you.

You cannot stop the insane by taking away a gun; all that happens is genocide; when a few control the balance of force. The problem is hate.

Real hate does not require a gun/ it is like “university” which attacks an entire world with destruction/ trying to change every law, so they can rule. Hidden by the fantasy of delusions, under the cloak of superiority. Propagated by the religious zealot of media owns your soul. But like “the wizard of oz”; nothing more than a liar, with illusions; exists, behind that curtain.

More distinctly: universities are responsible for mutilating all of nature as is genetic material/ responsible for trying to ignite atoms on fire/ responsible for creating poisons and claiming we can dump them anywhere/ responsible for most toxic pollution/ responsible for overpopulation/ responsible for changes which lead to climate catastrophe; and MUCH more. But as with the “LETS GO TO THE MOON” delusion of the sixties. The actual purpose of that disguise was to build very large rockets, to deliver very large weapons of mass destruction. And just like in that day, media did not report the very real alternative truth; “we don’t give a damn about the moon”/ WE WANT POWER TO THREATEN all life and earth. Media did not report threatening an entire world after ww2, by exploding nuclear weapons/ across the pacific. BUT they did report the Rosenbergs, for ruining their game “we can play god now”. The herd of fools, who called themselves “patriots”; felt betrayed, but it only opened the game, to even more failures “cold war”, of what men do.

Media leading: the game of delusion/ illusion/ deceit/ and destruction. Just like “lets go to the moon (lets be bankrupt)”/ so called slight of hand magic, remains the basis of leadership. And the sheep bleat hurrah.

While the patriots continue to hide their truth, as is: “war mongers/ no peace”; instead of life has value.

Throughout history; “the walking dead”, confiscate power by convincing the herd to be patriots (we have a right/ do we need to think). So they move without truth, to destroy whatever stands in the way of their pride; which demands, we will take it all. By using FEAR. What the herd does not understand; is that fear will turn against them later on; when their own options have been limited to BELIEVE/ OBEY/ OR DIE. As is also the constant of history. Fools want. Liars deceive. Thieves hide the truth. Murderers say, “it ain’t me”. But the worst of the worst stand in front, and yell: we can be gods/ follow me”; and the least that life can become says, “I want too”; so they do. But end at the slaughter house door instead. Because power won’t share/ and pride won’t care; and want only knows : “ME, ain’t nothing for you here; its ALL, DAMN YOU ME, AND MINE”. Worship or die.

LAW REMOVES the battle-cry of leaders; discarding war, to let what we the people have now defined to be our decision for life, nation, and world: SHALL now be in charge. The end of fear, is the beginning of peace. But only if you surrender want. To accept: LIFE comes first/ NOT you.

Life is not a game. Fools follow, want; “look at me/ listen to me/ ain’t I great”.

Only truth can lead life, none of it leads to self. Instead life exists as the passage beyond self, where eternity seeks you.

in this America; truth is considered to be vile, and without substance/ as university leads takes control over life by propagating delusions and deceit through media. one such current disgrace is bidens social security budget

one trillion dollars equals=  $10,000.00 per each worker of one hundred million workers. So the intent of this president (opposite side of the same coin, with the last president); is to spend $68,000.00 per worker/ before taxes/ or any debt as they have created for themselves. Because their little group; “is god”. Plus all the other debts already spent by federal government employees/ the lies of inflation hidden by counterfeiting assets; and more. Which are hidden by media: so that you don’t know what is true, about your money.  To the  constant claim of federal US debt/ when in fact that debt;  is only the overspending of this tiny little group. An obvious delusion, which has no basis in fact/ but exists as the robbery of every child; collapsing the future into dust, as they are found assassinated throughout this earth; by what “the elders” did and did not do to this world. to literally end life on earth. Real debt is far more. But the herd says “hurrah”, as they collect their bribes, for selling out the nation, and the future;  as traitors do.

The fantasy of university leads, of course is:  “we can have as many numbers as we want”/ so long as people believe it has value. And never seeks to spend it, as if it was real. Because that, would attack every resource/ killing the future of life and earth.  alas:  ALL, the looters, of all kinds:  SCREAM, WE “want what WE want”.  

When confronted: they shout, “LET THE CHILDREN DIE”/ NO debts come to me, in my lifetime;  LET THEM COLLECT, after I am dead.  NOTHING is more important, than me!  “with extremely few exceptions”/ the choice was made.

When we ask, WHY? The answer returns: NOBODY did anything for me. But of course for most, that was untrue/ and merely formed the excuse, that follows the primary element of human society. Which is “mimic/ memorize/ repeat”; the constant of look at me, I found a voice. Or more distinctly; in order to participate in the group, the group wants you to obey the purpose they declare with your allegiance as is “mimic, memorize, repeat”. Given that, you are then accepted in the conversation of never question your leader/ but always ridicule those who do.

One of the greatest failures in human existence: is the need for conversation, and how that want becomes an attack on the rest of life. Because it is always easier, to ridicule someone else; than be a friend; just look at your media, is it not full of ridicule/ rather than friend? Guns, rather than peace?

Conversation is NOT the basis of friendship/ respect, truth, hope, and caring is.

Conversation comes from knowledge. The greater your expanse of knowledge is, the more eloquent can be your response. But the herd has no value in that, and will assert; as throughout history: THE ONLY thing that matters, is what we want. Therefore people, groups, even nations are belittled in order to achieve superiority without cause; that entitles you to judge/ and therefore to war against those who have no clue why? “hint: THEY JUST WANT YOUR STUFF/ AND DECLARE WINNER “. In contrast to that are the cults who lift from their group leaders (as with universities); who declare themselves superior/ and therefore able to judge, and declare war. So the rest of their group, can then take your stuff, and declare themselves winner; by deceit instead of weapons.

Conversation is NOT the basis of friendship/ respect, truth, hope, and caring is. In contrast however, the lack of conversation leads to every form of political delusion that history has produced. As with today: Nazi (a name coined to describe; the weak now have power; a constant of history by any name); propagated their delusions through media, to prove even if you have nothing of value/ you can still lead, if you ridicule and deceive the rest. So conversation, the ability to participate within the group as an equal/ rather than a puppet mimicking what you have been told “you know”; is a primary defense against tyranny. People want: therefore they try very hard to join the group, as one of the superior ones; even selling themselves and their eternity, for nothing more than to say “I was not thrown out”. That level of want, is extremely destructive; and it multiplies over time, to take control over lives with lies. Because want needs power to be a judge/ and power needs a game, to win pride; as is “I have a right”. Banning the animals together as a herd which believes in the predator lurks (FEAR, damn you fear); is what media does do. To insure that some animals are worshiped as leaders; the critical descent is BELIEVE, damn you BELIEVE. Thereby refusing the conversation that is too eloquent or valued, to deny; DON’T need that. Which brings us to OBEY, damn you OBEY; because without obedience power has no real force of existence; by which the proud prove they can play god; with fear.

Media is used to insure the public has no means for establishing a conversation; as the reality of deception leads the way. Using foolish and bland, or failed and stupid, or lies and hurrah; “whatever works to refuse the reality of truth and its consequences/ as is what it does mean: TO BE WRONG”.

AS WITH media of this day; real world evidence/ real world consequences/ real world solutions/ real world decisions/ real world discussions/ real world “tree of life” type elemental step by step, understanding for the masses/ NOR ANYTHING of substance is allowed to the masses. Because they are NOT ALLOWED to participate in any decision of their own. That is what the gods of universities/ the cult of failure as did bring us all here to the edge of extinction; shall do. Media is to insure NOBODY interferes with their decision; as priests of the cult do.

The real tragedy of conversation is: all the want, arises from the desire for friendship, that is not met honestly by the majority of humanity. Their want for stuff in all forms, exceeds their ability to be friend. Loneliness (play with me) attacks some more than others; the end result is, even love can die/ friends can be sacrificed/ marriage can be lost; when people try to buy, “someone who will play with me”. IF you are allowed: pride is the price of admission, to the vast majority of groups. Because they exist to ridicule and defeat the others by claiming superiority, as is engaged with the games used by pride.

Doesn’t mean they don’t have family or friends; it just means more time exists than they can defeat/ so they want a playmate, and spend “just a little/ letting pride take its place” at a time. But now: there is power, and power demands judgment; or you cannot join the righteous (we KNOW).  Alas, “it adds up;___ ”/ and suddenly, you are not who you use to be; when you were a friend inside.

While living, is measured by time; being alive is a decision to participate among the miracles as they are. While we cannot lead humans to be “what they ought to be”/ we can choose among ourselves, to let life be life. By understanding love means to “rise above self”/ and that removes the claim, that I must have a playmate to feel alive. I am alive, and the value of respect identifies: the grace and eloquence of miracles did that for me. I am loved; therefore I will search where heart and soul shall meet.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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