Truth does not care

Truth does not care


And all the people said to me, “we want what we want”/ while believing that university was both their savior and their god; because that is what they chose to believe was true.

Yet reality said back: that the end result of all want, is the creation of a lie/ because want is not based in truth, and instead is the foundation, or beginning of every lie that exists. The believer however does not care about truth; but acts as a herd, to achieve what we want, by explaining “we can’t all be wrong”. Therefore I am right, and need not fear or understand anything you say. Not evidence, not realities, not consequences, not anything but what I want.

So the march into death continues, because the believer shapes society into the games people play, to win; as much as they can. Which always ends with war; and yet they do not care; because the power to say, “I am a player (look/ listen, to me)”/ is like water to a man or woman dying in the desert.

Unfortunately for you, truth does not care: it is what it is, and it has no mercy whatsoever for those who break the laws which keep us alive/ so that we can then die instead. Numerous laws are broken/ chains of life are broken/ the fate of this world is broken/ the consequences of human decisions have broken both life and world with the cost of your delusions. Because you didn’t care; extinction closes in.

your experts always state, and your media always enforces: “you cannot prove the cost of this is terrible and horrifying/ UNTIL it is terrible and horrifying”. But of course when you can prove that, it is too late for change. Yet all the people say “hurrah”, we don’t have to change now; let the children die.

Your leaders have said weapons of mass destruction are your saviors; and media enforces that with how great they are. While reality knows, in a few short minutes started by less than ten people worldwide/ this entire earth can be dead. Yet humanity does not care as a majority; because they believe what they want to believe; and throw truth away. Shouting GOD will not let that happen/ so we don’t have to care. Even though they don’t believe in “our Creator”/ because universities own their soul.

Your geneticists promise a new world, that they will make by mixing genetics of every kind to create all new things as they design them to be. Offering we cannot go wrong; because evolution says, “chaos built all life by accident”/ and to your shame, you not only believed them, but let them indoctrinate your children in the filth of that sewage/ overtaking every school, and propagating through media every lie the universities demand. As a good cult always does; DON’T need no damn truth/ we want what we want; is good enough for us.

Your physicists; claim a “thousand things in fiction and fantasy” about this universe and our sun; shouting we know. Therefore they can gamble with all life on earth; by trying to ignite a nuclear fire on this planet “just like the sun”. Claiming we don’t need no methods to extinguish the fire/ because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. Even though everything they claim can be proven false. Which upon ignition turns earth into a sun.

your great science unleashed as at CERN; constantly bombards this earth with nuclear chaos initiated in their experiments; causing the foundation of magnetic forces which govern this world to be lost. Because they can play god too/ just like you in letting them continue; to destroy our home.

Your great thinkers continue to invade every food source, altering life by their claim of better. Which removes all ability of fighting off a disease from that species of plant or animal; so that a plant or animal pandemic; ends with the extinction of species. No food left, for anything. But as with insects; removing a base form of food from life itself;; is what science does.

Your great industrial powerhouses; confiscate all forms of resource, so you can build mountains of garbage; as trophies lose their charm; for 8 BILLION people. As they throw the future away for every child, and absolutely refuse to care.

Your great housing; ends with the curse of winds which detach from this planet to accelerate with speeds you cannot survive/ because there are no trees left. No habitat for anything/ no life left, because that is what you chose. As hate contributes “LETS BURN THEM ALL”.

Your seas are nearly dead from pollution and everything else you choose to do, and will end soon/ as reality proves that true. Because no greater fools have ever been born in an entirety of life on earth; than you. “you are the great ones, of Satan”.

Poisons sits around every water source/ overpopulation fights for every spot of ground/ currency has been counterfeited, stealing every security; for the garbage you worship as your life has meaning.

Religion of all kinds, offers: WE WANT the universities to be our god/ and insist.

Your children are lost, and you know it is true: but won’t stop killing them/ because the garbage mountains are what you love instead.

I am ashamed of you. And that is only the beginning of human failure and disgrace on this earth. Even hitler did not try to exterminate an entire world; “filthy toilet rag that he was”.

But he was “absolute arrogance/ complete apathy, for life and world/ and covered by pure disrespect for anything but what he wanted; “just like you”. Alas: YOU do, seem the same. And the world shouts, HELL NO! But reality shouts back, university led apathy, arrogance, and disrespect; is joined by fantasy, delusions, imagination, and a complete disregard for truth: “same/ same”.

WANT (the basis of every tyrant), is the serpent of religious lore; it winds inside and outside of your life, searching through every crevice, hiding in plain sight, telling you, begging you, tempting you, manipulating you and others; to get what you want. It is the voice inside people listen too; it is a purpose discarding truth, to present lies. Consequently in a world led by wants, where nothing matters but your want, where life and planet interfere with what you want; the world becomes “your toilet”, as life is discarded, by a world dying because of you.

Alas: YOU, joined them, as their cult .  Can’t question the leader.

War exists: because of tyrants, and the men who allow them to be in power; because they want to create fear, thereby power of their own. Without power, the tyrant fails to exist. Without fear, the army fails to fight. Without the demand: “we have taken your stuff/ and you will die, unless we let you live (BEG)”; the game of pride is dead, and want dies with it.

So the critical element of human behavior is: UNLESS there is hate/ there cannot be war. Because hate is the reality of want unleashed, to be a tyrant over you.

That means: if we search among ourselves, and root out all that is hate. We govern ourselves, by using justice defined by law; to rule over ourselves. LAW elevates truth, to identify FAIR PLAY, and gives to none the opportunity of money or weapons to cause fear. LIMITED CAPITALISM; identifies the process by which we the people control power over us; by creating the laws which limit those who can try to take control over our lives. With justice and fair play defining the methods which allow for peace and harmony to exist; we change our world.

The real world decision is ultimately very simple: DO “WE THE WORLD” of miracles, equal in our desire to be in charge of our own existence? Accept that law must rule over us all. OR, do you as the world of prey animals, faced with human exploitation of every kind want to be ruled by those predators, who demand fear?

That is, the literal choice.

Every form of tragedy is coming; as a cost of consequences for what has already been done. Each facet of that comes with war, and rulers who will rape, ravage, and ruin you repeatedly in every possible way; extinction comes. Because that is what they do.

OR, as a world of humans defended by justice for all. We demand a courtroom to investigate truth, and accept the consequences of REAL WORLD CHOICES; so that as best we can. Life and earth will go on. The law we build, the world we respect, the values we defend as a world; by enforcing on every leader, “they too” SHALL obey our laws. Letting law be our foundation for life and earth/ rather than their weapons, along with all their destruction, death, and disease. The horror of human want for war [lets just kill them and take all their stuff].

This world is melting into chaos, as reality continues to prove, the constant human behavior is a demand: I WANT MORE. But today in this world of “Lets throw away everything, as if blinded by fantasy, and deluded by fools was not enough”. Making more impossible for the masses. Because you did, “throw it all away”.

8,000 meters wide x 1,000,000 meters long of nothing but humans standing one meter apart; EQUALS 8 BILLION PEOPLE.  On this finite planet; where humanity has been taking all it could get for over one hundred years of machinery, plus more. You will not continue to trample the world trying to get more; more does not exist. You threw away your future, and you overwhelmed your planet with people; by choices only fools would make.

So now we stand as one life on earth; cherished by some, where love exists/ nothing but a game, where animals breed/ and a coffin to those who hate, because the want the rest to be dead, “like they are”. None of that continues to survive; without true change; because the cult of fools continues to lead into extinction; as is “universities play god with life”; and governments support and defend them, by lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and more that has no value at all. As media propagates: “BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY; BUT NEVER, question your leaders (as a good little cult), because the universities are behind them, and they are god.

CHANGE MEANS: separate hate, and stop being animals; use your brain, instead of letting cult worship lead you into HELL. As does media.

CHANGE MEANS: find your soul, by understanding LIFE IS IN FACT A MIRACLE; and evolution among other failures of universities, is nothing more than a lie used by fools, to curse you with death.

CHANGE MEANS: find your heart, by accepting the value of life is not found in a game animals play; but in the realities of life itself, as truth brings forth the honesty of love rather than the curse of want. The treasure of life is love, but survival itself is defended only by truth, and its laws we must not trample upon; as all universities do/ on purpose, and with the intent of extinction. Because they want to be gods, making them the worst that has ever been; with true weapons against all life and planet being used, to exterminate this world.

CHANGE MEANS: no more governments as leadership by men have proven are not capable of sustaining peace or harmony; war, after war, after war, after war; is proof enough of their failure. Time is up, NO MORE of this. Which means change requires new leadership; and that leadership MUST BE LAW. So that none can alter the law, to claim their way is better. THE LAW MUST BE FAIR AND JUSTIFIED; or it cannot be sustained. The law must be honorable, and protect life and living; along with happiness or it will not be true to our needs. The law must serve life and earth, NOT want as is the cost of animals in charge. So that enforcement of OUR CHOSEN LAW, can be conceived of by this human world, in defense of itself.

CHANGE MEANS: that law must be short, plain, and simple; and protected by “constitutional law”; NOBODY gets to change it, UNLESS everybody gets to vote upon that change. NOBODY gets to change it; unless a greater percentage of the people voting, than did make this law: have now agreed by this change we will be better off than before. NOBODY gets to demand a vote to change more than “every twelve years” or so; as society decides for itself. NOBODY gets to use language the masses do not understand: so they can defend themselves with the law/ instead of the law attacking them with language they do not understand. Every form of evidence shall be evidence rather than expert: the difference is let the truth be known, NOT your opinion shall decide.

CHANGE MEANS: the military of every place and nation, shall be dissolved into a state of what we need to defend ourselves. Which means nations shall be dismantled into “suitable sized entities”; so that none hold the advantage of size against the rest. Which means; ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, IN EVERY KIND AND WAY which includes the universities SHALL be disposed of carefully; so as not to cause harm. Replacing them with one world law, enforced by all nations combined into one policing entity governed by that law. Thereby bringing leaders into court for their failure to obey OUR LAW AS A WORLD DEMANDING; you will not betray us all.

CHANGE MEANS: taking away the power of leaders, to enforce death, mutilation, and destruction on others; by letting the law decide instead. Let the law rule/ NOT fear, belief, or obedience to a cult which claims the leader cannot be questioned; as is an army, etc. Pride will scream: HELL NO. But reality knows: the only power a leader has is found in those who obey his or her command; and cause fear. Whereas humanity knows: ALL THEIR WEAPONS are in the hands of their own sons and daughters, and these weapons can be turned “either way”. So long as the nation grants a bill of rights to each soldier EXPLAINING WHAT IS YOUR DUTY TO US/ not to a leader. Change is elementally governed; by which way those weapons turn and why: so long as society itself protects them.

one hundred million soldiers” turning against one thousand leaders or less: WHO WINS? Answer the question.

CHANGE MEANS: we must govern ourselves to accept survival is no longer a game; but a distinct choice. We are too many people for any other way; and it is absolutely true without population control you have no chance to survive at all. Putting women in charge of our future. Along with a thousand other realities of our existence that must be dealt with to survive. ONLY A COURTROOM; called redress, can accomplish that. Because we must decide/ not a leader. Because we must obey our decision, by the evidence we have certified as true; or life on earth fails forever. That is a choice, not a game: truth decides/ not you.

CHANGE MEANS: YOU ACCEPT, the realities of this day cannot be discarded by your games/ making the games of men “all dead”. Which requires; a complete overhaul of everything society is, and can become. By examining the truth of our situation, and arriving at what thought by the essence of love can accomplish. As is a foundation for renewal/ rather than extinction, as universities chose for you. It is a choice, not a game. CHOOSE, your world is dying. Save it or go extinct.

CHANGE means: you cannot overrun those who built their part of the world. IT DOES belong to them for their sacrifice and choices made; where honesty rules. But they CANNOT overrun the others who did not ask to be born, and now face survival by its truth. Limited capitalism governs this reality of life; but it does not function as justified by all; UNLESS there is true population control. ZERO population growth, enables a group to claim: we did our part, and deserve our place on this earth. WHICH YOU WILL build, as a group; for yourselves, as best you can. No more trashing your world to invade ours. Lines will be drawn; and realities will be enforced. Because there is no other way.

This world screams no: BUT REALITY SAYS: a one percent rise (one child more per one hundred people per year) EQUALS 80 MILLION MORE PEOPLE, this year than last. Which is over 219 thousand people added per day. EXTINCTION OR CHANGE: IT AIN’T NO GAME. Because we eat other life, and that life NEEDS realities you destroy everyday, OR THEY DON’T LIVE. Which means then we don’t live either. The games of men are DEAD. Change or die/ wake up or you will be found screaming in terror; as your world collapses into extinction. BECAUSE THAT, IS WHAT YOU CHOSE, and made your child accept, because you were a fool!

Discipline knows, that life itself is the true value of existence; the actual realization of being ALIVE is nothing less than a miracle of your own embodiment called truth. While order knows that love is the treasure that makes an extended life worth living. The balance of that relationship serves to establish thought as the mechanism by which we do understand, the critical truth of “sacred means to cherish” what cannot be replaced. Your universities prove disgrace, disrespect, destruction, rape, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and even worse; because their critical truth is; a desire to play god with life and earth and energy. Ending in HELL, because that is what you let them do. If you will not rise from the animals, they taught you to be/ you will end with the animals or hate itself, as time and earth are called into extinction. YOU ARE “far nearer to that reality” than you can imagine; because of choices already made.

Life and death sit in the balance; of whether this earth is worth saving or not. Which simply means: is there enough love, to care; or not. Because the horror of universities play god; has been so complete: as to prove the question is real.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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