The cost of billions

The cost of billions


As the world begins to riot; the cost of billions, who want more. The reality of people screaming “look at me/ listen to me”; nothing else matters, as is the cost of hate forming a battleground to separate humanity; into us or them. The human animals become hesitant, and stand back; waiting to see if living is safe or catastrophic.

The male animal begins to become nervous, and seeks sex; to quell their battle with nerves; by releasing chemicals through using female animals or whatever they can find. Because war is inevitable, when “the men” want more than reality will allow. The constant however is: the most war can do now, is take away what you have/ and provide not one thing more. Because it is a finite planet; and you have overrun the resources, throwing them all away; to prove you have a trophy, trinket, or toy (I am rich/ more than I need). But no more; that day is dead.

So the killers come out, and the failures rally the cursed, and the fools shout “yes we can”; while the females tremble with knowledge, that rape, ravaging, ruin, and hell are now inevitable. Because the men cannot win/ and that leaves earth and life with nothing but war; forever more. Until extinction proves true.

Such is this world of beauty (all things belong as designed) for peace and happiness/ ruined, raped, & ravaged by human hate (chaos is god/ life by war); as is your choice. While the few shout, NOT my choice; the cost of living together on this planet is: “the human choice” is we can’t all be wrong. But of course as history proves endlessly; you are, as animals who would rather play games with life/ than live for truth and love.

Today is “good Friday (a religious moment)” recognized as both the reality of all that was bad in human existence, proven by hate/ versus all that could be called “good” in that day as proven by love, truth, hope, and happiness in the form of JESUS. Providing a clear example of both: humanity eventually chose as a majority that life is better when peace and happiness exist. INSTEAD of war and chaos as is hate chosen by the majority. You have no such amount of time to choose again; but have known the difference, and due to university control; the delusion of fantasies/ the propagation of fools through media/ and the overthrow of reality; human existence is again “at the cross of weapons for fear”/ rather than hope for life is beautiful, and love will rule. The cursed scream die/ but the fools still stand back wishing for a life that will soon end, because they did not care enough to fight for an entire world. Shouting instead, I AM AFRAID. But as is hiding in the closet of a burning house; you will find no escape in fear. This is an ENTIRE WORLD at the crossroad of life OR death/ by your choices. Making you: “the responsible ones”/ because humanity is the problem, and that makes humanity the solution; or not. As is a choice.

Religion SCREAMS: NOT ME, DAMN YOU NOT ME; “I want what I want/ go away, I don’t want nothing I don’t want”; along with all of humanity. But alas you cultivated hate, and found your god in the universities of chaos; to destroy life and earth behind closed doors/ so you could not see; and be afraid. Today your failures are extreme; and your world dies; because you are a cult/ rather than a man or woman of life. To your shame.

But war will soon surround you, the endless delusion of men who want more; but cannot understand, this world has changed/ and war will just bring HELL; as the truth of starvation, thirst, disease, destruction, and no possibility anything will ever be rebuilt continues to prove extinction will come. As the final blow of weapons of mass destruction; reduces your tears of “our savior”/ into the reality of your dust, scattered by the cost of your truth.

No going back.

The only real question is: will GOD allow this world to burn, as HADES released on you. But hey don’t worry, “the universities are god”, right? After all, how much harm could they do, by injecting chaos and mutilation into every life they touch/ poisoning every water supply/ polluting everything/ destroying the framework of global energy stability/ cursing the world with excess heat; or all they did do, including “supersizing disease” so that you could call them gods. Don’t worry Satanic rituals are all you need; right.

Discipline knows, that life itself is the true value of existence; the actual realization of being ALIVE is nothing less than a miracle of your own embodiment called truth. While order knows that love is the treasure that makes an extended life worth living. The balance of that relationship serves to establish thought as the mechanism by which we do understand, the critical truth of “sacred means to cherish” what cannot be replaced. Your universities prove disgrace, disrespect, destruction, rape, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and even worse; because their critical truth is; a desire to play god with life and earth and energy. Ending in HELL, because that is what you let them do. If you will not rise from the animals, they taught you to be/ you will end with the animals or hate itself, as time and earth are called into extinction. YOU ARE “far nearer to that reality” than you can imagine; because of choices already made.

Life and death sit in the balance; of whether this earth is worth saving or not. Which simply means: is there enough love, to care; or not. Because the horror of universities play god; has been so complete: as to prove the question is real.

I will retain hope for you, because that is my job. But as the door begins to close on both life and earth. It is also, my job to inform you, time has an ending; if you will not change; to save this earth. That is your job, and you cannot escape it/ without extinction. STAND UP FOR LIFE/ SIGN YOUR NAME, AS I too; DEMAND: WE MUST HAVE A REAL WORLD TRIAL, TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG! NO MORE believing whatever we are told/ let the evidence decide, NOT an expert. Because our world is dying; so says the evidence/ and once we pass the point of no return; only HELL is left. Because no matter what your former classmates hiding under the curtain of “university is god” claim: they cannot put anything back. Even though their actions and reactions have enabled extinction to exist; as the cost of what they did do. They are without reality, and despise truth; throwing away this whole world; as their choice.

your final choice:  WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!    OR, you die, as a world/ because they are wrong.

HATE IS: pummeling, cursing, damaging, defeating/ life on earth! EVERYTHING OF VALUE ON THIS EARTH. EVERYTHING OF BEAUTY, TRUTH, HOPE, AND LOVE. As if we were back “at the trial of JESUS”/ where those whose greed and filth for power, pride, and want; were again screaming, KILL HIM.

YOU and YOUR WORLD; has replaced the life of JESUS; now being forced onto that Cross/ because your enemies will soon nail you; to die. NO WAY OFF; chaos and cursed, has won. WAKE UP. HELL STANDS READY.

YOU CANNOT “wash your hands of it”/ claiming not my fault; NO EXCUSE EXISTS. Because truth knows: there is no going back. EITHER LOVE, and the value of sacred LIFE; IS SAVED UPON THIS EARTH/ or you hid in fear, and let all that did have value die. Ending in a world that knows only hate/ because you did not care enough; even to try.


Or, you deliberately chose: to let life, world, and child;  die. Proving YOU did not care enough, TO EVEN TRY!

Instead of life, seeking truth. As cult worshipers do; you went running back to your gods/ who brought you here to the end of life and earth; shouting we believe in you. Screaming “we know”/ as media tells you what you think. But ending life on earth; because in the real world; fantasy delusion and fool; all begin with “I believe; the universities can play god”.

Nothing real matters, as is proven by your “university leads: money.”


Before the worms eat your soul.

YOUR DECISION; is your decision/ it is not mine. I am not your excuse; “for or against”. I bring you this message: the evidence proves your world is dying/ life and world are being crucified, and will not survive! Because truth will not allow the lies! EVERY CHILD SACRIFICED:       Change your truth, or you WILL, go EXTINCT.      SIMPLE as that.

Values define us all! My value begins with miracles of life exist, and extend to the realities of building that body of life; a process so intricate none can identify, or control it; only a liar, traitor, terrorist, and thief would try. From the reality of your hands, to the intricate truth of your eyes, to different materials throughout the body which make it work, to the complex timing of everything; to bones that build, distribute, heal, bind, and attach muscles to themselves. The list of life is beyond comprehension/ yet fools scream “we can make it better”; as is universities playing Satan. But alas, you have no values either; as with cult worshiping Satan himself; you are blind to the truth of life or world. Believing whatever you are told to believe; by the devil incarnate; which is media. Nothing is more descriptive of that, than altering a disease/ to sell a vaccine; claiming trillions of dollars, and massive benefits in the process. The lesson: while you can inject “chaos”/ you may never be able to remove that again; as is forever changed. Yet the cult shouts “we believe”; regardless of consequences or proof of real world evidence. The cost: of being a true believer; never question your leader.

And the world says: “we want what we want/ be damned with the truth”. Give us what we want; as did universities and media, without the slightest concept of consequences; for being a fool.

Only truth survives: but you, are a world filled with lies. And the universities all shout: WE DON’T have to prove nothing/ and the cult shouts “yes that’s right”.

The ending begins to write on the wall: nothing will be left.

As you have proven time and again, and again, and again: I cannot change you, only you can do that. I cannot prove to you what is true; only a courtroom can do that. But I can deliver the message: this world is dead, unless you change. As is, what I have done.

No, I do not know when the end is. No, I do not know if you will finally rise for life and world. No, I cannot save you/ or condemn you; not my job, or ability/ ain’t me. The only thing of value, that I can help you with is: to help women (this is, the best men did do; extinction looms large)/ so life turns to women to try. Not to lead, but facilitate an understanding as would be useful to creating a new or different world. Law rules the world, without war/ therefore whosoever makes and enforces the law, becomes its ruler. Law leads, as is the solution for change now exists. Subject to truth decides/ not want.

Time is the messenger of hope/ but playing god is the messenger of death; and universities around this world, have been playing god for decades or more! Because you let them do it, to prove “we won’t pay/ for what we want”.

Woman is the messenger of new life on earth; within the body of female comes “time released” to renew life. Men choose war, and are then the messenger of death; shouting “yes we can; do what we want”. So, while you align me with a fool: for delivering you the message created by your evidence/ and the consequences of what you did want to do. The critical truth is: your CREATOR owns this world and all its life. But unless you are found worthy of living; worth interfering, to keep this earth alive. Time ends hope/ everything you wanted: stands to convict you. Life and earth and you are then done; by the choices you made come true.

I did spend my life in time; asking stop this insanity, and choose for life and earth. With near one hundred percent compliance; all you returned to me was ridicule and the intent, purpose, and demand; which you screamed, while running away: “leave me alone/ we want what we want; TO HELL with the consequences/ I want what I want”. I ain’t perfect, none of what I did or did not do is perfect, nobody is perfect; but I do not need to be perfect; simply to deliver the message; change or die.

WHY me? All I can offer is; I did not give up/ until I recognized men cannot save this world; they turn to war/ I refused. BUT as predicted in Revelation 12, I was then joined by “spiritual woman”; who balanced that work; by remodeling me. Until I gave up again; “they will never learn”. Which then became “the spiritual woman in charge of (beast/ man)”; as predicted in Revelation 17. So, I am a vessel (not important), so to speak: I failed/ she took over. And the work becomes hers: and you are being watched and judged, to determine if this world shall remain alive. By your answers, not mine. Believe it or not, is completely irrelevant; truth is truth. Regardless what media or universities say: the cost of being WRONG is extinction. “the list of WRONG”, IS very long/ and all the cult worshiping in this entire world; cannot save you. The universities must be identified: for both good or bad, so that bad will end. OR life will end.

I DO suggest you pray to GOD YOUR CREATOR, because the game is over/ and you lost your life and world to the cult who kills you now.

CHANGE, get your life back/ stop killing this world: or extinction is real.

Now, it is once again: my hope to quit this work/ as at 69 years old, my work is done. My own life is changing; surely it is time for something else (hoping for me back); as best I can: but reality proves true, everyday I am a little less of me, at least as I use to be; its complicated. Different, no excuses; just how it is.

 Or, just not my job anymore. I did what I could. YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR ETERNITY, YOUR CHILD, YOUR FUTURE, or your lies, hiding the truth; you just didn’t care enough; to conceive of anything but you. I am, utterly tired of that; and don’t need to help you die. CHANGE, fight for your world; I did do my share. IT IS ABSOLUTELY, “YOUR turn now”.

The cost of change in me however; pushes back time to its primordial state of asking the question: where does existence itself begin. As change from male to female continues to remove doubt.

I have now given up; everything “life as spiritually male” is utterly dead; when I said NO more; roughly 5 years ago/ there was a war; woman won. And I am grateful she did; as the work proved; this needed to continue. No, I do not know what that means; other than life cannot go back to male; it is removed. She teaches me by “trading places (you live it: I have tits more female than you can imagine/ she is on the inside, spiritually defined by thought; in control)”: I am, the life of woman, owned by her version of male; a cursed reality unjustified, but real/ and demands IF you fail, no real change for women: that will mean NO life left on earth.  “fair play/ equal for all,” or die/ across this world!

No, that is not “a physical thing” removed; it is woman in charge instead; “ten thousand electrical shocks over the last five years” proving NO, you can’t; she will not allow it. No clue what is next, he is surrendered; never to return, “sealed and true”. Simple as that/ I hope for the best. And remove myself, to the inner workings of life, rather than self. Best I can; reminding all: NO male comes here for sex/ it is forbidden: HADES will be your result; DON’T do it. MORE catastrophic for you, than even your worst possible nightmare! YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD.  This is strictly between female and I.

I guess she needs some sort of example, woman can defeat man; I don’t know.

Or maybe more broad; female can defeat male: because the world needs you to change leadership with law. As for me; I live within the spiritual world of female now; so the laws are different; and literally don’t apply; ITS COMPLICATED.

We then construct the foundation of existence as what can hide within the element of space itself; to understand, therein we do find cold. So the critical question asks: if space is like an atmosphere, and it surrounds you to the point of “it exists” even if you do not recognize that truth. Then does not space do the very same thing? So we expand the quest for existence into space, and explain: that cold is an environmental element that in a universal sense, surrounds us all. We now have environment, existence, and expansion of elements as is the conception, of space itself. Critical to formations, is the element of identity: what can be considered to exist? While time is movement of mass. Life is the essence of force embedded into energy. So we begin with the question of force, and identify more.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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