An oath of office

An oath of office


TO: DOJ/ solicitor general


DATED/ mailed: 4/ 10/ 2023

RE: your return letter2023-127967:

YOU disregard duty owed to the USA, discarding it “as the trash/ you can merely throw away 31 S.E. 2d 906, 907. In defense of a nation. 247 F. Supp. 188-191. we are owed/ you are obligated, under law 198 S.E. 2D 356, 359.

WHEN confronted by the failure of an oath of office; dictated to be “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office____ of and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this United States”. No ruler exists/ no grant of power over government intent exists/ the Constitution is the government you serve. 438 P. 2d. 477, 482.

The constitution is our contract as a nation of WE THE PEOPLE; whom have decided and maintained the clear description within the preamble, amendments, and other; of why we joined as a union/ rather than allowed a ruler. To insure we retain ownership as a democracy; and are not treated as slaves who must obey their master; “in direct defiance of that law and its intent; is the claim of university superiority; as with covid in RULING over us all. Without presenting clear and sufficient evidence/ rather than “believe, fear, obey”.

Deliberately producing fear in society is an act of war; 310 U.S. 296, 308. THE LEGAL BREACH of that act is treason: because you inserted war/ constricted business and others to be your army with threats/ and formed an insurgency against any who refused. As all NAZI (we will take the power/ we are god) leaders do! 682 F. 2d. 883, 885. is a directed act of war, against first amendment redress of grievances. OUR OWNERSHIP RIGHTS, as a democracy who did not surrender our authority, to govern ourselves; by commanding if the evidence suggests your oath of office is betrayed: WE WILL demand a courtroom to investigate, and find what is true/ by our own LEGAL RIGHT, and decision to defend our democracy.

Finding no due process of this primary element within the first amendment LEGAL RIGHT: establishes a false imprisonment of our contract as a nation; to govern ourselves by law. To govern our employees, by constitutional demands upon their conduct and decisions on our behalf. 195 S.W. 2D 312, 314. the US supreme court as stated: resides under the authority of Constitutional law/ NOT over it.

WE ARE FACED WITH: TRUE THREATS SO GRIEVIOUS AS TO CONCEIVE OF EXTINCTION. So utterly arrogant, apathetic, disrespectful of life and world; as to gamble with our very existence/ risking the nation/ risking the planet itself; ON THE RELIGIOUS belief, that universities cannot be wrong/ and cannot be questioned/ and cannot be disobeyed; therefore allowed to indoctrinate every child with their own delusions of fantasy and imagination.

  4. CHANGING THE CLIMATE with complete disregard for the future.
  5. CAUSING OCEAN LIFE, to go extinct soon.
  8. COUNTERFEITING THE CURRENCY WITH LIES about assets which do not exist/ and debts which can never be paid.
  9. Media replaced with propaganda, manipulation, and mass hypnosis.


Such as is human population rise: destroying the planet itself; causing cannibalism, war for water, and worse. 153 S.E. 2D 356, 359. 8 billion people= one person standing in one square meter each. Represents an area of nothing but humanity 8,000 meters wide x one million meters long! Every one of which needs “LIVING food”, water, more/ releases heat, requires resources; ETC. ON THIS VERY FINITE PLANET, which struggles now. Or maybe you need to recognize: its a line one meter wide that is 8 million kilometers long of nothing but humanity.

NO possibility of survival exists, a one percent rise in population is 80 million more mouths to feed this year/ than last. Adding 80,000 kilometers this year. Each needing/ each wanting/ each taking. Starvation/ world war with weapons of mass destruction/ the end of life: IS ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE, and true.

CHANGE IS REQUIRED! Kill a billion people, and they will all “reappear” within ten years; as the most likely response is a 2-3 percent rise in population growth (rape) will occur, among those left. IF, disease/ starvation/ etc does not make life impossible; by your choice. But hey don’t worry: the universities are working to create a disease they can release to kill you/ but keep themselves safe: “cause somebody had to die”. Don’t worry robotic armies “can turn, with the push of a button”. Don’t worry: mutilating nature with chaos (evolution is god) “is the university religious taking charge; after all what university accident wasn’t grand”. Or how could releasing even more heat; not be your answer? After all leadership runs on lies, fraud, theft, cheating, bribes, and sticking their head in the ground; to be an ass, for the world.


Redress is our answer,provided by democracy, under constitutional authority/the rise of we the people shall now decide: our reality, THE ACCEPTANCE of what is true, forms the basis of a decision that is real. 237 U.S. 309 by understanding what is true: change is possible.

TO RESOLVE WHAT IS, and IS NOT: TRUE; cannot be done without a courtroom. While investigating, THE COST OF BEING WRONG; as is the LAW built into our democracy. In order to defend ourselves, without civil war. 341 U.S. 123, 162-163. due care is not rebellion/ it is duty. 438 P. 2d 477, 482

congress is not exempt: 361 U.S. 234. Democracy means: the law of our union, which is the constitution contract; governs us. Those hired and sworn to uphold that constitution: ARE NOT allowed or given a directive to make the decisions which control our lives. ONLY the decisions which keep the nation running as per our own constitutional intent!

Critical infrastructure improvements (we can vote for ourselves/ we can make our own law); now give to WE THE PEOPLE, true democratic constitutional intent, which is to govern ourselves by the law we create for ourselves.

PROVEN necessary; by the acts of “religious zeal (we believe)” as conceived by covid: whereby the initial phase of spending 6 trillion dollars of our money; for one hundred million shots to mutilate human genetics: EQUALS $60,000.00 per shot. as“only the beginning”! Displays the REALITY of insurrection; a vile concentration of rebellion so egregious; as to purposely, destroy the nation itself. So that it can then be given away, to immigrants or enemies; by stripping the citizen of their ownership, with counterfeit money; and employees who want to raise armies against us, with fraud, bribery, & deceit. The most vile disease ever conceived: is a university believer: WHERE is your brain?

RELIGIOUS WORSHIP of universities are god; is, a direct violation of democratic Constitutional law. “they are merely, your former classmates; hiding under the blanket of a claim to be superior”. The evidence of life and reality: proves NOT so.

Your claim to absolve your own responsibility dies! As it treads upon the disgrace of an insurgency against our democracy; as was illuminated in the previous letter to you. Which applies the critical question: ARE YOU for them/ OR, for us, as a nation defined by constitutional law is our government, and will decide by our law; for us? One or the other, is wrong: as the line is drawn between those who obey the law, of our nation/ and those who do not. Is formed not only by covid, but by fraud, unending lies/ gambling with life and world/ counterfeiting our currency, even to the degrading of a nation/ by people selling counterfeit coins in prime time media.

OUR GOVERNMENT IS THE CONSTITUTION; it is not an employee, nor is it any version of any agency defined by and instituted for the direct claim of each sworn oath: that the constitution is our government/ and there is no other. Prove it is otherwise; as the entire purpose of democracy is to support WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation/ and have set the rules; for our employees to obey within the constitution, which allows that work “within the rules”/ can be done. Instead of those who declare themselves our government, and decide for themselves in defiance of our constitution. Whether in the courts, presidency, congress: or anywhere else/ as is betrayal.

The critical question is: of the various elements established in the brief functionally called letter dated January 4, 2023. EXPLAIN: WHAT is not true/ and do be specific. Because if you cannot: identify the law, and its constitutional intent to allow REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as contained in the first amendments. Then you are guilty of treason.

As to your claim of no responsibility: this is a we the people are the government through our constitution; and we do submit through the establishment of that law/ that our government has been overrun and even overthrown, by those who will not accept and obey the constitution of this UNITED STATES of America.

That is a direct defiance of the US SUPREME COURT/ as it is their own primary job; to protect the constitution itself: FIRST and foremost in their actions and decisions which provide for our democracy its first line of defense: is our own authority. They have failed the nation/ and as such the appeal of WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE; constitutes an action to review: if indeed the US SUPREME court and others are at fault for not obeying their oath/ or is there justified cause for these positions that have been taken in direct defiance of first amendment constitutional intent.

As to all cases found to be adversely in defiance of government (our constitution): I do submit, that in case after case both state of IL and US federal court/ the foundation of constitutional law, was fraudulently dismissed; in a deliberate act of treason. James Frank Osterbur versus state of IL and US. Numerous cases/ numerous times, closed the door without a legal decision. Refusing law, by remaining silent or forming a lie: to claim “we cannot question the universities; with regard to actions which endanger life and the nation itself”.

They were wrong: and it is their duty to be responsible for the safety of life and earth; as protectors of the people/ NOT protectors of university does anything it wants. TRUTH demands reality, NOT cult, university is god, worship instead.

In particular two docketed James Frank Osterbur: US supreme court cases 08-1339 and 11-100 passing all tests for submission before the court/ was then dismissed by a clerk of the court; without a judicial signature. IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: That is treason; as the court is subject to the constitution/ and not the constitution is subject to it. As stated in constitutional law article 3 …..arising under the constitution….. (means no authority over it). Prove it is not so.

Our jurisdiction is original: we own the right to investigate and demand first amendment redress of grievances; as is the foundation of our ownership/ our authority as owners; over this nation. Denying that constitutional law: is pure defiance, and constitutes a true act of treason against this AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Redress is our democratic defense against those who would rule over us/ instead of be employed to do what our proven constitutional intent demands; as written. There is no allowance for overriding constitutional government. There is no allowance for an employee takeover of our nation; to become its ruler instead. The law leads, or there is an insurgency, proving the cause of takeover & rebellion exists. THE LAW IS: REDRESS, proving, as is the intent of democracy: that, we the people are in fact the owners here.

Your jurisdiction is appellate: to supervise through review of the facts: DID THE LAW DEMAND REDRESS/ and the foundation of democracy: cause the judiciary/ our employees: to obey constitutional law; as governed by our democratic purpose?

THAT LAW is laid out in the preamble/ amendments/ and supporting development of documents, including: “bill of rights/ declaration of independence”. As formed the nation itself; by demanding the law shall lead us/ not our employees, as is confirmed by an oath of office. Those who fail that oath or its intent to sustain democratic authority: have proven to be in violation of American Government law.

Making every employee of judicial oversight (as is the whole of government): responsible for bringing the nation back to its originating purpose as is the constitution rules us/ and we the people functionally and fundamentally rule over that constitution for ourselves by redress of grievances.

Treason: is the denial of democratic authority (claiming to be rulers/ claiming to be government; rather than employee), and the deliberate intent to create an anarchy (we, the employees, won’t obey the law, as written) as is, an insurgency against our constitutional government.

Discretion of the court, presidency, or congress: DOES NOT extend into the claim of we don’t need to obey the constitution/ or its intended purpose as is protection of the people. THE DELIBERATE miscarriage of justice; 122 F 2d 350, 352-53.

By refusing the investigation of primary threats which include terrorism (the completely unsubstantiated claims of university; that they know anything: may then gamble with all life and earth; even though wrong becomes our death and horror) or their traitorous acts (as is destroying the currency securities of this USA) or religious cult of believers, invasion as is (evolution; the claim “this looks like that”/ is NOT enough to indoctrinate a nation). A religious takeover of government and schooling. And more.

As with climate change: WE CANNOT WAIT, until nobody can deny the reality: we MUST KNOW what is true, as best we can today. In REDRESS COURT. 6 F. 128, 129-30.


Bill of rights, adopted 6,12, 1776. section 2; that all power is vested in and consequently derived from the people. That magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.

It is a liar, that asserts: our democracy AS WE THE PEOPLE have no power to oversee our government employees; in accordance to their job as described by OBEYING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE; or not. Letting our constitution describe how best they shall act and choose in our behalf, within written intent. OR, failing that; are subject to redress; as proof WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION.

Your claim is: that you have no authority to enforce our government on our employees/ as representatives of the: US department of justice! But this decision is: to cause to enforce the law on our judiciary and others. By which WE THE PEOPLE, prove: WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT; and that makes you and they, amenable to us; THROUGH redress.

This appeal comes from clear destruction of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW/ OUR LITERAL WRITTEN, “THIS IS HOW YOU, our employees of every kind, WILL GOVERN”; enforced by OATH/ and ENACTED as a state of democracy authorized employment, enforced with law. BUT NOT rulers.

NONE are exempted from their oath of office; and that means the US SUPREME COURT is under review for decisions that are not sufficiently formed; as obedient to our government. FAILURE AND DENIAL OF REDRESS: IS A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Is a clear violation of democracy itself, as we the people envision our right: to rule over our employees, to protect our own nation from those who fail us.

Constitutional law is the government; and those who violate that law with the intent to subvert and destroy, the very foundation of our democracy: constructs the cause of/ traitors. It is then as was the purpose of our declaration of independence: a valid demonstration of law, to inform those who refuse to obey their oath: that constitutional authority extends to WE THE PEOPLE shall judge you now.

OUR NATION/ our right, within a courtroom to prove what is, or is not true: with regard to our safety, security, future, homes, privacy, and more. You are not gods/ you are not rulers/ you are not perfect/ and your religious cult worship; or claim of: “university cannot be wrong”, is dismissed as fools believe anything; but NOT here in our government. It ain’t yours/ your religion does not rule/ this nation is ours! YOU, are the employee. IF YOUR WORK FAILS US/ IF YOUR THEFT STEALS/ IF YOUR RELIGION DESTRUCTS LIFE AND NATION AND WORLD: THEN WE DO HAVE AN INALIENABLE RIGHT, to secure the government which we formed, and we depend upon for our future, our homes, our very lives.

The basis and foundation of democracy is: WE THE PEOPLE have chosen the law which unites us/ as our government. NOT a ruler, by any description or decision. Constitutional authority, NOT an employee decides.

In order to sustain that authority as owners: our constitutional contract with each other establishes: FIRST AMENDMENT LAW, as is redress of grievances/ a foundation of our LEGAL freedom: same as the rest.

That no man or set of men, have the right to rule over us: as is the clear and distinct reality of: universities creating an insurgency (they know better) and rebellion (they need not obey constitutional law) against democracy itself. As is found in case after case of James Frank Osterbur versus state and federal trial: wherein redress is discarded with silence/ and universities cannot be questioned; because they are god in the courtroom. As proven by covid; and the curse or plague of university deceit used to command “we will pay them trillions/ and let them inject chaos into all of nature; without oversight”. A religion so diseased; they actually believe in evolution/ claiming “this looks like that”, is enough. IT IS NOT. Claiming they know; how the sun works/ when reality proves, they own nothing but fantasy and delusion with lies as their basis of a defense.

A more perfect union; adheres to the truth/ because only truth survives.

Establishing justice; relies entirely upon the evidence MUST be proven true by the facts of our reality/ as seen in the truth and consequences constructed to provide the maximum understanding possible among all people. That we may learn before we vote.

Domestic tranquility; is reliant upon the balance of FAIR PLAY, and equal opportunities conceived by the honesty of what can be done. Not bribes/ lies/ manipulation/ temptation/ propaganda/ mass hypnosis/ or “nazi techniques to rule; by confronting with fear (as seen with covid)”.

The common defense is: TODAY faced with weapons of mass destruction are eminent/ our only solution MUST BE: world law/ and international policing. There is no other way.

The general welfare: recognizes that without resources, we all die. Recognizes, without food, water, and everything we all need; we all war. Recognizes that without ocean life/ more than a billion people will immediately starve/ without water, there will be war “with blood running like rivers”. Demanding CHANGE; TO AVOID THESE REALITIES must occur.

The blessings of liberty; CANNOT be found, unless we pay the price of truth decides now. The future does not exist; as the evidence will prove true: your garbage mountains, “are not their gold mine”. You stole from every child: to play your games/ to be fools. To your shame.


DEMOCRACY IS NOT, “how loud can you scream/ failures, liars, traitors, murderers, an the insane all do that: TO DISTRACT YOU”! Choose better, and insist so shall the rest: with written words. NOT fools shouting, “look at me/ listen to me”. THE EVIDENCE decides, by what truth will reveal in that format of knowledge comes first.

DEMOCRACY IS; the decision to stand for truth shall decide/ not you or me. But what we can prove is, or is not true; as befits the foundation of law that governs us all. To achieve that: requires diligent research to identify what is important to life and earth and nation. To bind together as a nation; requires trust in our decision to let law decide. To identify the law which governs us fairly and with justice: we dictate the words, in clear/ short/ and plain sentences; so that like the amendments; nobody gets to say “we don’t understand”. Because with value stated as facts to create law, or identify truth/ which then governs us all: as a search for wisdom. The reality of defending ourselves against those who commit crimes; or choosing a future we can survive: becomes a participation we all share.


SENT again: same as  1/5/ 2023,  TOO:

the president usa 1600 pennsylvania ave nw dc 20500

IRS 1111 constitution ave nw dc 20224

US supreme court 1 first st ne dc 20543

DOL 200 constitution ave nw dc 20210

DOJ office of legal council dc 20530

office of solicitor general 950 pennsylvania ave nw dc 20530-0001

state of IL 200 e capitol ave Springfield IL 62701

and others.   

Media is; as it has always been: worthless or less!

   not sent; added below

because like this graph: one billion more in last 11 years/ can’t wait.

ADDED ON:  BUT not mailed.

IT IS, too late to teach you anything, to stop your descent into the abyss of “university led failure”/ the only question remaining is: if extinction can be stopped; before you are the living dead.

Reality has taught me: always a fool, traitor, terrorist, liar, thief, cheat, bastard, curse, disease, failure, disaster, “devil”; somewhere close by. Because when liars rule, the worst that humanity can be; simply continues to get worse. The herd closes in to believe “we can’t all be wrong”/ and that means they shit on each other, pee on each other, step on each other, and more; because fear controls their lives.

Fear is a horrible thing, it is an insatiable parasite; that continuously begs and pleads “you must believe”, and obediently the mind creates a road to all that media and men have taught throughout history. Fear or die/ fear or surrender/ fear or be mutilated/ fear or lose all (just like the extortion of healthcare; the curse of the dead; will clean you out); even if it is not the doctor or nurse/ hiding behind closed doors; the criminals lurk.

The dead want you to fear; because without fear they have no power; so they kill, and create pain; to get power. Armies assume: they are better off obeying their commands/ than living a life in peace. Because murderers lurk in armies; and they kill for fun: believing no law will touch them/ as if they are the law. But law is our weapon, and peace is our army, and happiness is our purpose to eliminate fear with justice for all. Enforcing that law; allows for peace to be established. Enforcing the charge of murder on murderers: is the basis of fair play/ because you deliberately chose to break the law; that is our own connection with life and earth.

The dead want you to fear their power: but power is worthless without fear. While it is true, to die is no small thing/ it is a far greater truth: that hate cannot conceive of HADES; and reality cannot be less than its eternal terrors, deliberately chosen by you.

In reality: all the games of men are dead! Weapons and war cannot gain you anything; all simply lose instead of stealing what the others have built. Your resources are in the garbage, and the blight of weapons will prove you cannot stop, because men won’t let you; as is revenge.

What we can do: is establish reality by law/ using truth as our guide. That eliminates fifty percent of the jobs, which have been taken by robotics, computers, immigration and more. Which means either you function as WE THE PEOPLE are in this together; without games, as is the entire concept of society by men. Or you war; attempting to steal, and murder your way to happiness; which will not happen; ending with extinction.

So what does we the people mean? Answer; we are all entitled to a job, and hours will be adjusted accordingly. Limited capitalism will function to control those who want power; by setting boundaries with your vote. Beyond that is the truth if we don’t share with fair play and justice; nobody survives. The first effect is: money is divided into two groups (first money is for food; so that we all have the same opportunities)/ second money is for business, etc or there could be a third. The most simple method of transitioning; is to create television shows; so that different concepts can be tested. But the primary method is: with limits, we all get an opportunity/ some will do better, and will do more; and deserve more. You will not punish them for doing better than you. Even so, there is plenty of work for years; if you return life and planet back to a living environment. Those who refuse work are separated/ hate is separated/ realities will decide. No more bribes or armies to create power. No more immigration: everybody goes back to their original national foundations; because unless you comply with zero population increase or less/ you have no chance to live. Groups must control their own groups; or you fall into “its all their fault”. Once reality has created “a place” for those who are “excess”; that will be their home, and they cannot move. Because the world cannot stand further human expansion or it dies. Insulate/ rebuild/ replant/ renew/ help the oceans, forests, everything university delusions have destroyed; and stop the university insane from taking all life away. No more getting rich (I got slaves)/ no more throwing every resource away/ no more demanding welfare, or give us what you got/ little more crime, because hate controls most of that. While want controls all the rest. Want is an abyss (it never ends/ until you make want in you stop); a requirement, to be replaced with happy. As is the result of friendship and value/ a relationship built upon respect and hope/ where love simply leads us into truth, as happiness and joy create a new home on this world. It is a choice; but soon it will not: because men want war, and failure is everywhere. As is universities lead to extinction/ as do factories/ indoctrination of students with university cult worship/ bribes throughout government/ and all the rest.

The curse of the damned is constant; men fight, or cause other men to fight for power/ that leaves death and destruction as with world war 1 & 2. while the Asian/pacific region had horrors/ in this USA the European war is better reported. The lesson being: world war 1 left Germany in a horrifying debt/ which gave their land to the banker. And the banker being primarily Jewish (due to religion); they saw the opportunity as lets take it all/ as the power of money always does. 6 million Jews in the holocaust proved how great the invasion actually was. (happening across this world, by every group of immigrants: because this earth is full)! So the Germans took their nation back with genocide/ just like the Americans took their nation from the Indian nations with genocide. Just like the Jews of biblical lore took their nation from the others with genocide/ and throughout this world; same/ same, as all the rest. Such as the Japanese screaming WE WANT MORE! So then came world war 2; as the herd screamed “give us a leader”/ we cannot stand this anymore; and hitler rose by screaming lets get revenge. Because the failure of their fathers/ was bound onto the sons and daughters; because rulers made the decision to take what they wanted; but lost the war. Just like today and throughout all of history; screaming make their children pay.

But the greatest ruler of human history is population rise, and the truth: we cannot any longer feed ourselves/ and must have more. Exactly as it is today; ON THIS FINITE planet. Where humanity is constantly destroying everything it touches; even more so now; with university intervention. Hiding the truth/ stealing the future/ destroying securities/ and defying disease to create weapons of horror; along with mutilation and everything else.

Very little has been done since world war 2 beyond cursing life and world. Choosing for life and planet/ is not: discarding this entire world, and claiming: we won’t pay one damn dime; let the children die (or the more constant: make the children pay_). As has been the constant of human behavior, with extremely little else allowed/ all demanding “a prize FOR ME/ MINE/ NOW; etc”. You built extinction. Because truth is not want/ and lies are not a foundation for anything but cursed.

TODAY YOU WILL CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST; WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Providing justice and fair play to all; or you go to war/ and its extinction as you chose. TODAY you will intervene in those who want war; again stealing from the others as is the constant of rulers; who choose to hide what they did do; OR failed to do/ by war. A distraction! If you lose that battle/ then do cut off the head of the serpent who leads; as is your only hope for survival. DO NOT then invade; or the military will regroup, and chaos will overtake the world. STOP the insanity of want; or genocide will come across this earth/ as HELL opens the door, and humanity falls in.

And humanity says, “not us”/ but reality proves: WAR OR TRUTH now decides, as reality moves in to take its cost of consequences, out on you.

As with world war 2; when the world was asked, “you take all these Jewish immigrants/ from us”: they said no! Because who wants 6 million plus many more; immigrants invading their land and nation. Demanding their resources, food, water, housing, and competition which ends what I wanted for my child. JUST LIKE TODAY; WHEN JUST ONE PERCENT RISE IN POPULATION PER YEAR IS EQUAL TO AT LEAST 80 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED; PER YEAR/ EVERY YEAR. And just like you; they must go somewhere, or die. As is your reality; soon the water will disappear/ giving you one day to fight or begin dying. So the blood will run deep. As is your reality with universities injecting chaos into all of nature; which is genetics; to the shame of all humanity. Ending with true horrors. Or will you die of nuclear fire? Or will you die from atmospheric release from the planet? Or will you die from the consequences of CERN destroying magnetic stability? Or will you die from the ocean life lost; making you starve? Or will you die from planet overheating; the death curse of “experts”; who are bought and paid for by anyone with enough money/ as any and all real consequences are hidden by media. The cult priests of universities play god. “and a thousand more”, as all of humanity said; “NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ I WON’T PAY”. Well unless your dead; the debt is due.

And WHY: is any group made into an enemy? BECAUSE when you have an enemy/ then you can do something, to change your own life; by killing that enemy. Claiming NOW we have a solution. Thereby claiming now, OUR GROUP: we, will all be fine/ to hell with them. So ridicule, gossip, whatever fear and the power of measuring “they are less” can do; creeps in; to allow for genocide.

As to the consequences of the pandemic disease in leadership that was covid/ the curse of a plague to remove all those who built anything beyond “university is god”. The, give the gods of university even more than they ask; money without any sense of reality attached/ no evidence is needed/ only pure worship “university is god”/ as is consistent with the  living dead.  And the cost of fools who blindly and obediently destroy nations; for the sake of their cult. Is the mental instability of those who have been trampled by religious zeal as is “fear/ believe/ obey; kill the losers, and as always take all their stuff. That fact of misery carried out by leadership against the nations of this world; in pure obedience to their god of university. Kills life, and the misery of that failure ends with destruction and death. As to the policing, and citizenry which now faces the cursed, in their meltdown of hate. In a nation with a billion guns; you have few options. One for the police however is “the human tank” (or bullet shield). It is constructed out of 4 or 5 triangular pieces that fold over for storage in a car truck/ and are then spread out like a pyramid; lacked together. With wheels for maneuverability/ and portholes for shooting back. Providing a safe place for entering and drawing fire, so as to give the others their chance. It is again: so far as the citizens are concerned: that they should be armed, but only with “non-lethal bullets”. So that mistakes can be made/ but people can still be stopped.

The enemy however is: whosoever does not let truth decide, and refuses reality governs all. The enemy is want; because it is the foundation of every lie! The enemy is pride; because life is not a game, it is a truth. The enemy is power; because the righteous want rules, thereby to control the rest with what they want. Making the enemy; HUMANITY ITSELF/ which means you learn to control yourselves with respect for each other, life, and planet; or HELL is your chosen fate.

My own life has been turned around so dramatically; that I will only help women who desire the honesty of my help: the spiritual woman inside is insistent. BUT only, Those organized in a direct response to saving this world from extinction/ by concentrating on laws and that which does have value for a future. If you prefer to “fear the spiritual woman I have described as predicted in biblical Revelation 12 & 17”/ then simply stay away. But do understand this: my life is not a game, at 69 years old; I have no use for fools or failures/ liars, whores, or thieves/ not power, not pride, not want over reality. CLEAR/ SIMPLE/ PLAIN; we are working for life and planet; or I don’t need or desire to help you here. Leave me alone.

There is a caveat: almost fifty years ago, I said to women and organizations; if you do this/ use this; you can then stop a rapist, creating evidence in court; to allow the law to punish them; failure everywhere. The common answer: HELL NO, “i want to kill a rapist/ not stop them”; even though it is nearly always “opposite” of that. IF YOU AIN’T better than that today: DON’T come near me. Law first/ reality decides; or FINISH trashing the world; choose correctly. Or I won’t care either: as is, leave me alone.

I will tell you only this: “I have been stomped on (NO, you can’t), a thousand plus times, over the last few years; by spiritual (truth rules here) woman in charge”. Proving beyond the slightest doubt;  I am NOT the owner here anymore! Never violent, always determined; “woman in charge”. So if you fear woman in charge/ then do so. But if not; reality proves, I cannot be a danger to women. It is impossible; there is no escape. Making your excuse to not work for life and planet with me; utterly void of courage. Fear will NOT save you! No, that is not tempting you; it is merely advising you; life hangs in the balance, and depends upon human truth. While the fool says, “we are doing great”; the evidence says, extinction comes soon. CHOOSE better! No, I am not trying to get you to work with me; “she is”; believe it or not. I did my job; your turn now. As for me: I would just like my life back; but it is not a choice.

My reality says: spiritual truth is pure/ and the female realm; does not contain male. Yet I am here, because this world is dying; and she is trying to save you (not me). The end result; she must sustain purity, and that evicts most of male; even though it was my life. But, the fact is: we both desire the same result, “this world should not die”/ it is too precious, not to do what can be done. So, its a compromise; I tried and failed/ we tried and failed/ she tries; she is in charge, now. Final time: life or death.

I have little or no room for “believers”! Not a religious statement; a reality of those who scream: “I want, what I want”. GET over it; you chose to end that, “with garbage mountains”.

And the world of human existence says: damn you to hell, nobody is going to take what we want away/ nobody is going to end our games/ nobody is going to make us pay. Until life ends. Because that, is what you chose; instead of going to court to find what is true, before extinction, without end; proves until every single one is gone; that makes of you the living dead.

While it is my job now to not give up on you; change or die. But reality says, “your days are numbered”/ unlike your fantasies, and university delusions; that is real. And you know it is true, whether I care or not. Because after all media is your brain, and they have none of their own;  because the universities are your gods. So few care, & all discard reality, as prey animals do. Shouting: “we don’t” want to know; leave us alone.  DON’T steal: “we have an excuse”; we don’t know. So you CAN’T BLAME US.

No desire exists to lead you. You dug your grave/ YOU dig yourselves back out; or die. I gave a lifetime; you said HELL NO. WANT rules our lives.

Or more distinctly: I spent my life knowing for every truth there is a consequence/ while university control over media, school, government, everything SCREAMED; AIN’T NO DAMN CONSEQUENCES, for us. Let the children pay; and the world of humanity said HELL YES. To your shame.

Making you, humanity on earth: “worst of the worst”, who have ever lived. As the herd of people, who threw away their living, and all life, and even the earth; for nothing more than greed (give me more), selfishness (its all mine), apathy (I won’t care), hate (I measured you worthless), arrogance (I can play god too), foolishness (lets gamble with all life and earth), failure (lets mutilate nature, and try to ignite nuclear fire to destroy us all), disrespect (you damn loser you), and the pure violence (nothing has value/ nothing is sacred) of “university is god”. As is Satan (kill this world), on earth! A few are human: but all the rest are animals as is the herd response (we can’t all be wrong/ but we can all hate you); for getting in our way. But hey; the plague of your delusions/ the dysentery, the traitorous curse of your leadership/ the constant curse of ten thousand “university decides” disease, infects life: will take your life away, wiping away every tear with death. And all of religion shouts “amen”.

So, the vast world of humanity screams back: WE WON’T move one grain of sand, to save this earth or its life/ unless its to throw it at you. NO ONE, will make us pay; “we are gods/ the university cult, of people who will prove we can’t be stopped”. With numbers that have no meaning, other than lies/ a dying world, by choice/ nature mutilated into chaos, by university religion/ nuclear fire and world destruction; “death walkers”/ weapons of mass destruction (university savior; we got our money); and all the rest as “devil (violence)” means (we murder life) to do. “WE ARE gods”; we can’t be stopped, screams the cult and all its followers! but, alas condemned by hate. To the reward you deserve.  So ends life and earth.  as time runs out!

and all the kings men, and all the kings horses; could not put humpty dumpty back together again. because like real eggs; the fall was too harsh/ the realities to grim;  to repair.”

Every plant, is its own chemical factory/ every creature is its own chemical factory/ every seed, every new born anything; every bone, brain, muscle, EVERYTHING: arises from realities of existence completely beyond humanity in every conceivable way. And yet the plague of rotting corpses, who claim to be able to do more, and be better, and derive new life; by adding chaos to the delicate framework of biology. Are utterly less than the most decrepit headhunter witch-doctor unschooled cannibal; who ever lived. The pure disgrace of humanity itself. Because their religious belief and worship of evolution; is the scourge of human existence. The blind destruction of life/ the critical violence against earth itself; leading to extinction. To your shame: you lay down your world in homage to the university, dead world.

I gave up a life in time; to fight against that. Ending with, “the balance of life itself”, feels like it has shifted from male to female. Or, more distinctly, at a minimum; I will never war or fight with you again. If you have no brain/ then you have no brain. As for me; I did my job/ “female” must do hers, whatever that is; “I don’t know”. It is a world filled with animals, “all you got is want, greed, pride, and selfishness”. Therefore what can be done, is beyond the comprehension of man; you failed. You are surrendered; what is left is functionally female by concept. No, I do not know what that means. Male has ceased to care.

While it is true, I do not account for any definition of my living; to be from “religious belief, GOD did this”; as religion does. WE DO NOT know what GOD does or does not do; end of the story. In contrast to that; life has abruptly been altered from time to time; causing my own life to turn in a different direction/ ending relationships or whatever, beyond my conception of knowledge as to why. I do regard this shift from the consequences of male/ to the conceptions of female; to be along those lines. Why is not my concern. Where that goes from here is not my concern (it is not homosexual). Who benefits or loses, is not my concern. When is no my concern. What the reality will become is not my concern. Or how reality will change, to become different; is not up to me. Life has been a constant lesson, an education required/ but also accepted; by the foundations of my own need to know. Male and female are equal; “just different”/ but more so, than I would have ever guessed.

I, as the man who drove this work;  have finished.

In a final compromise: the human world is reminded; that universities around this world are in fact discarding and denying ALL the limits and boundaries of species creation. Intentionally hacking into nature which is genetics; and destroying that sanctity of life; by injecting their religious dogma of “its all chaos anyway; so we can’t do anything wrong” evolution will fix it. Proving that all of biological chaos is the result of human decisions: creating chemicals which interfere with life building/ splicing genetic materials from different species into another new catastrophe (and if it lives/ it is released into nature itself)/ wanting to prove they can be gods; but only Satan (end of this world) is allowed/ covid merely the result of university decisions; either from genetic alteration and mutilation, or chemical translations which don’t fit. They are the death walkers; who bring you extinction. While a very tiny few, try to help life; all the rest want to play god; and as a result find HELL for all the rest. Because we cannot go back; they destroyed it. Which is called biblical Armageddon. The believer cursed by cult worshiping truth. Liars never tell the truth/ thieves never tell/ traitors do not tell/ cheats fail to tell/ terrorists hide everything they do/ but fools lie to themselves; and may be the worst of all. Blindly discarding life; for pride “we can’t all be wrong”; media will tell us what to think!US redress

animal breeding programmes

they have no brain: and neither do you for letting them destroy life on earth.

Soon you will have plants that turn into poison (oh wait, you already have; “with allergies”), plants that are sterile (oh wait too late)/ soon, creatures will not be able to have species specific birth; all mixed together as evolutionists want. But then “you will swallow anything; won’t you”? Indeed it is so. Soon they may ignite nuclear fire, just like on the sun: HERE; as they say no need to worry, not enough gravity so the fire will just extinguish itself. Or a thousand more; university fed catastrophes which will insure no life left on earth. Because arrogance is not truth/ fantasy is not reality/ delusions are not wisdom/ and imagination is the sewer of fools did this. Believers feel in; where hell begins; each shouting I WANT what I want/ to hell with consequences, I can play god too. And so humanity did do that. As universities turn you away from truth; to worship what is little more than an illusion. Spiritual truths exist, as the foundation of life and law ruling over this universe; imagination be damned, so it says of you. What is life, is more than body. What is body is more than an accident; only the brain dead would disagree; and that is the truth. But then comes the cult; turning humanity into a herd of animals; because animals can only want what they want, and have no comprehension of true thought; as is the basis of life and eternity.

NO, YOU DON’T have to listen “to anything”/ it is your right, to bury your head and stick out your ass instead. BUT YOU DO have to die, and your world will end; because reality exists as truth allows it to be/ and truth has no mercy in it: truth is simply what truth is/ without exception judge and jury over all existence; even you. People turn life into a game/ but life is not a game, and your path here; determines your eternity.

In the essence and pursuit of happiness, love is a participant formed from joy. It is elemental to ask: what is more precious than happiness, love and joy? But the human animals shout: want, pride, and power form our game, and we become bored without a game. Therefore the tragedy of human behaviors assigned by want, pride, and power take control; and discover hate. So there does become three distinct parts to living: love, animal, and hate! Love will judge you worthy of life/ animal will judge you worthy of time alone/ and hate will judge you as a reality of chaos; to be cast aside where destruction exists. But the true question is: does eternity exist? Because most would do what they could do, if absolutely certain eternity does exist. But since they are not; they do what they want instead.

So the crux of life is: to identify who you truly are/ by the decisions you truly make: without the claim of getting more. As there is no place, for anything less than love in the future of a living soul. Love is worth the battle to save/ nothing less is. The critical question is then: never to be isolated into “absolute certainty”/ because that would alter the decisions you make based upon what you want. Want remains the foundation of every lie; and as such it is NOT WELCOME in eternity; no animals arrive.

So the quest is: are miracles enough to prove to you; that life is more than an animal can conceive of? The animals all say no, it is not. Hate simply says; it will destroy whatever it can. While love remembers the essence of thought, is in fact the existence of life; and while the creation of all that time is or can be constructs a value that is nothing less than thought created. The foundation of love searches; because life is more important than any game on earth. Love finds truth/ truth identifies trust/ and trust grants that hope is alive in you and I; as the heart seeks to learn, how best we can share, the care we earned. That it might be given away, in the fragrance of what love can be. Such is the beginning of “a new way” home.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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