Changing the way we live

Changing the way we live


The value of life; is not a game, as has been decided by men, throughout all of history. INSTEAD, the value of life is life/ but life itself has little value apart from the treasuries called love. Therefrom we learn, that by turning this world away from games, and the men who demand to be entertained; with war. The realities of our lives can also be changed; from war as the end result of men/ to the consequences of what can women do or choose instead?

We begin that elevation of life/ rather than want: as the simple truth, there are consequences for every decision that we make. The consequence of men is war. The consequence of women; is up to you. CHOOSE better, or life will die on earth.

So we must accept for the sake of life; that basically all the things you do, with few exceptions are wrong! Because they all expand the game/ and declare no consequences for us; screaming WE WON’T PAY/ let the children be damned. To change that; requires humanity to change itself: you are the problem/ which means you are also the solution. But that does not exist; without a real world decision that removes every fantasy, delusion, disgrace, disrespect, devaluing of life, theft, imagination, failure, fool, traitor, hate, terrorists and more from governing this world through universities play god. There is no room for any “to play god with life, or world, or nature, or people”. That ends now; or failure is inevitable and soon.

The future is then determined by what can make life and living, a happy place on this earth/ as each one finds their own solution, for being alive with grace in the distinct truth: we are miracles of existence. Only a fool wallowing in sewage; would argue.

As miracles shaping our journey with each other; there are a few rules to keep in mind: no treasure hunters exist here (which means, happiness cannot be found; just because you “found gold”). Happiness is the depiction of truth creating friendship, hope, disciplines, order, joy, love, trust, romance, and all the things which are internally created by thoughts which live/ rather than as hate, chooses to die, in chaos. As the worms of evolution claim; hate is their god.

So we know: that with limited capitalism: your job to choose for yourself/ (we vote to define how much power or control EVERY individual has/ or is allowed to keep). Thereby opening the door for all the rest/ and reducing the weapons and organizations which will arise against us; with extreme results that do benefit life.

We know that law rules life, and that men choose war because they avoid law with war/ claiming back all they lost, by destroying everything: screaming NOW we all start over. And the games start all over again. therefore law that rules rather than men; governs us without the game of war/ while limited capitalism governs how much anyone gets to “win” from the others; ending the claim law is not our friend.

No gamblers are allowed in life: which means reality will decide/ not your imagination or claims of being lucky. This is not, “your world/ your right to throw away our lives/ your right to play god or destroy what we all need/ or any other version of treasure hunter”. This is forbidden; and may only be used where the cost of failure is limited to what society decides; by vote. More distinctly: once you lose 2% of your yearly income: you are done/ and those who let you gamble more: shall be called to court and confiscated of everything they have. Addiction is a decision; it is not to be encouraged.

Every form of keeping this world alive; is to be given the foundation decision: WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WRONG/ THEREFORE WE MUST do what we have searched for and found to be “right”. Nothing less is allowed/ no mutilation of life/ no gambling with energy/ no “university knows” exists; ALL OF IT ENDS. Reality and truth decide, no more playing god. Not for nations, not for leaders, not for humanity: life comes first.

Religion is: what humanity decides “produced life/ or is death”; which allows for belief/ because nothing can be proven without “the slightest form of doubt”. Therefore it requires a deliberate decision; and removes the treasure hunters from participation. Everything else is the rules of behavior that various groups have attached themselves too; claiming this is the way to a better living or life. They should find solutions, and form a better way. Part of that is: creating a new language for the world/ by using what the deaf, mute, and blind already know is needed. They are your guide.

Healthcare ends at old age/ because our world is filled and overflowing with humanity; nobody dies of little things which can be done/ but at old age, nobody is allowed to access “big things” anymore. Everybody gets what is proven to work for society; as is diabetes medicine; for those who need it. Nobody is allowed to simply take up space and resources; without doing something in return for life: as would be found in a nursing home. No more extortion, lies, theft, etcetera/ which means no more private enterprise in medicine: a long list.

There is no cremation/ no burial of human life: the human remains will be transformed into “fish food”; because it is absolutely essential to remain out of war. Endless change is required in all manner of things. Which means: money will not decide (the game is dead)/ which ends pride and power as well. Choosing to function for and with life is required to rebuild. What can be done, will be done/ everyone gets a job. Hate is removed: simple and plain.

Schooling is for life: NOT for cult worshiping indoctrination of the young.

There will be a bill of rights for policing and citizens/ military and nation/ so on as needed.

And ten thousand more elements of change; that build a different world.

In years past; I suggested to women, “come help me do this now”/ none of which did so. Which led me to search for and find the spiritual world of women instead; a reality with MANY consequences beyond what I expected.

NONETHELESS, for one final time: I will suggest to the world of women alone (no pretenders)/ that you discard your pride, end your want, and destroy your thirst for power: so that you can unite in order to find justice, and the ways forward that will allow this world to survive.

If you are real and true to the work; I will come to you, if invited and reality proves you to be honest. If you cannot do that: then one final time, I will invite you here: TO WORK for life and world/ NOT to play. And if you make appropriate decisions; a foundation for that reality will appear; as time goes by. YOU HAVE TO PAY the fair and real expenses for such a decision. YOU have to accept the living conditions that are realistic. YOU have to find the address here; which is on both of my sites, www.justtalking7.info and www.brainfirst.info BECAUSE UNLESS you are willing to do a little work, to prove your interest/ I am not willing to believe you are worth my trouble.

THERE IS; a considerable amount of work and money, involved: to make that happen. You need to initiate that, and provide the decisions which allow you to proceed.

Tinnitus means: I DON’T travel well (not can’t/ don’t).

YOU WILL bear in mind: MY DECISION, in any portion of this work: WILL BE TO CREATE, AND INSIST; THAT IN ORDER FOR LIFE TO SURVIVE ON THIS PLANET. WE MUST ENTER INTO AND CREATE THE VALUE ASSERTED: AS FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. THE LEGAL RIGHT, IN THIS USA; to discard our employees as a nation; and decide for ourselves, by assembling the truth which allows for us all as a world: to understand the cost of being WRONG.

This is given: to remind you and prove: YOU DID HAVE A CHOICE. What you do with it, is your decision alone. As is you are entirely able to work without me/ as I am clearly not your savior, etc. Reality rules here/ NOT ten thousand tears of a fool screaming: I WANT. Be fair, be true, be valued; or don’t come here.

Just so its clear: I never rage or have temper tantrums, or outbursts that are not calm and deliberate/ HOWEVER I do write; so hiding is eliminated. In ways that are intended to provide clarity, and a deliberate forum for discussion: so that reality cannot be avoided. The cost of male appearing as such however is: every single time, my tits grow a tiny bit; pushing out hard for an hour or two. While they are small; you have no idea how many thousand hours of “stop that please (which never works)”/ I have literally endured. Or every time they get bigger, how much male has been lost. That is not a temptation to come here, or invite me; as I don’t care; you are who you are. It is however the female element of my life that invites you; as the distinct method of finding what can be changed. By establishing what women are willing to do. “think big” or don’t bother me/ as a world dying, is no small thing. Fantasies die/ delusions stop/ imagination is for fools/ failure is not an option: therefore the work is for truth, and the reality is for life.

I can tell you for certain, “the last little: WAKE UP OR DIE” tirade/ was not worth the price. Try to do better; think rather than believe. Don’t accept less than the actual evidence identified by “the best we can”/ and work for life and planet or you will lose them both. Because that, is exactly what your leaders chose.

The end result is: that I am on display, proving “this is me”/ with all forms of reality; even though people write, say, think, gossip, ridicule, demean, deny, decide; and whatever else they want. The reality of evidence as is proven by truth; identifies this IS; who I am. My purpose is also on display; as a reality of life or death for this world exists in our decisions right now/ whether you believe that or not, I do. The consequence is: my life in time, exists as it was lived. Whether you believe good enough or worthless/ is NOT my concern. The critical question is: with media help such as it is, DO YOU ACCEPT: WE CANNOT BE WRONG, in life OR death for our world?

That requires a courtroom to prove/ requires organization to take away control from those who brought us here/ requires diligent disciplines to work within the law in order to resurrect a future for life on earth/ requires YOUR CHOICE, to participate as truth requires, until we find a way back; to our own survival, without sacrificing every child. And so on. Men brought us here, “its a man’s world”. Therefore women get to try to do better; unless you just plain refuse. Which means, I am done here for good, because unless you care; there is no future to save. Make your decision, and carry it through; because once past the point of no return/ means you are the living dead. Like it or not, mercy will not come.

For the religious who claim: “GOD will not allow”/ reality has already proven you wrong: as is all the fossil fuels found buried in this earth: LITERALLY PROVES the biblical NOAH’S FLOOD did in fact occur. Along with a lot of evidence to go with that; but the fuel itself is enough. Your gods of university; want you animals; because leaders lead the herd/ and the rest, have no say; like you shouting “we all can’t be wrong”/ as herds do. Find your brain, rather than believe what you are told: let the evidence decide/ NOT the damn expert who can be bought for any purpose money wants.

Disclosure requires; one last time. That I was married for two years (20 or so)/ no kids; I know. There was love, but there was not a direction to our futures, that allowed for us to join. We tried, but could not: because she wanted “same as the rest”/ but I desired, a world that is on the edge of dying: in need of understanding, comes first. Had I known, what I know today; decisions would have been different. But what I know today is: few do not shout and scream, “ME, DAMN YOU, ME/ NOTHING else matters, but me”. Which means, there is very little real life love to be found; making the search for value, and the grace for intervention in our path of living on earth; an extremely lonely existence for most. Soul sustains me, but that requires your own search into thought; beyond self. People are jealous, demanding listen to me/ look at me; taking steps to require that. But reality proves only truth decides, not want/ which makes the vast majority completely unable to understand me at all. So they make decisions/ rather than seek a more complex reality. Because belief is always the excuse of those who want, but will not work for life. I did what I could do, for you. But throughout that time, you did what you wanted to do: and the lives of billions rest in your garbage/ as resources allow for life, and the future is destitute, from what you threw away, or did do, under the direction of “university knows”. My job is done.

But, disclosure requires: the spiritual truth of “female now in charge”/ I owe her for her work, in balancing my work. Has her own definitions and desires for this body of life. What they are, I don’t know/ but it is absolutely true, “not homosexual, or any other perversion of existence”.

It is spiritual/ not fantasy (imagine anything): spiritual means governed by “the walls of truth”/ defined by the laws, which offer survival, by hope, peace, and trust.

For clarity: the twenty four foundation laws of this universe, exist in purity; and cannot be violated or encountered by anything less than truth. Therefore the quest to participate in any of these laws; requires “passing the test” of purity within your own desires and purposes of truth [there are, “no gray areas”]. The failure to understand that truth; limits and binds you within the walls you chose to enter; as your own request to participate. Unfortunately, there is no return exit/ only the process of proceeding; by the acceptance of truth decides here/ NOT you. Truth waits, but only you can consent to open the door; as reality will kill you if not pure enough. My need was to understand “what would women do”/ and while I hesitated to open that door, reality proved once I had done so; the world of women was so completely different; I failed to understand it/ and cannot escape it; so, I guess this is basically the catholic version of purgatory. “you have to be woman/ to understand woman”/ can’t do that as male, it is too different; trapped in the middle. But losing ground, as woman begins to control everything. No I do not expect you to understand. However since entering their world/ that “crack in the wall” I went through was permanently sealed in my presence; and there will be NO going back. Life has changed. “its complicated”. Eternity is not a game, it exists as life; by the purity of truth, and therefrom the laws which provide limits and boundaries, so that not destroyed may exist. Beyond self, requires an elevation of truth. Unfortunately, I was extremely unprepared; to enter a female world: although in fact, my only intent was to “open the door/ and ask a question”. That did not work out/ nor did the assumption “its a female world/ how dangerous could it be”?

OR, since I had no trouble with any of the other laws entered into/ the reality of what I failed to understand was: this is, “dark energy, female/ pull”. The entirely different form of energy, as is kinetic sourced, functionally defined as male; which governs time in life, and more. Maybe magnetism of some sort is involved; I just don’t know. I am beyond my ability to understand/ or change whatever the outcome is going to be. IT IS, way to late to try to hide; the consequences have a thousand different possibilities; don’t know that either.

It is not chaos, or anger; it is just “everything is turned inside out”/ my reality has changed, not the same me, anymore. Not really different/ but truly different. Being male is a wreck; I cannot put him back together. A cost of energy/ not perversion.

It is not a want, and that means; you can’t understand. It is not a pride, meaning there is no game involved: it is realities defined by decisions. It is not power, the intent to measure or define life between genders: it is the participation which sorts alternate views of life, into a dimensional perspective, which allows for the frameworks of living to achieve a greater definition of values. Foundations are differences, which produce consequences as seen from an entirely new way of living. Why me, I do not know/ but it is a complicated existence. The critical question is: beyond the message of “change or die”, as was my job/ I literally do not know, “what her job is”? Or how I fit/ or don’t fit; its a quandary.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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