The laws of life are:

The laws of life are:


The laws of life are:

  1. you are free to live your life, as you choose it to be/ you are not allowed to impact, endanger, destroy, or damage someone else s life or future.
  2. You are free to construct your version of living, as life allows for that to be/ you are not allowed to destroy, damage, deny, impact, or endanger the living someone else needs to survive.
  3. The foundation of sharing this earth; is NOT subject to your whim. But conceives of caring as best we can/ so that all living creatures shall aid and abet their own living, and be the best life will let them be.
  4. The foundation of respect: identifies the contribution that is consistent with your work, or the work of someone else, or the gift of life as is from your Creator. You shall not discard that truth; but contribute to life and living as best you can.
  5. The curse of want, pride, power and universities; is a horrifying thing. Want is the foundation of every lie. Pride is the foundation of making life a game, instead of reality. While power seeks to measure and then rule, so as to prove superiority; which you do not own. While universities having been submerged in all three of these; seeks to largely play god, and destroy life as we know it to be. So says the evidence. These are not measures of life/ but death.
  6. The foundation of religion is: what we cannot prove beyond a doubt/ must then be given to whatever you choose to accept or believe. Acceptance evades the disease of want, and confines itself to the truth that becomes your faith. While belief is the construction; which contributes to want, so that pride and power will follow; as your decision to be superior to the rest. Which denies religion; to prove you can play god with life/ or at least in death; by your own choices.
  7. The fundamental of living is: that everything you choose, is a decision you made which establishes a direction of your soul. Every decision becomes your truth, as established by the reality of your identity now furnished by your choices. Truth survives: which means, “not a single decision made/ can be reversed: it is, what it is”. Just as: every decision you make is either pointed to love/ or pointed to hate; or is simply the result of survival; as is “middle of the road; a relationship to life, born of animals”. Which are not eternal.
  8. Of these things, there are subsets to each one. Such as do not make things which you cannot recycle. Do not choose what is bad for life or living or a future; such as using resources you know will be thrown away. Do not play god or allow any other to play god with life or planet or energy or anything. Separate love from hate/ they are opposites and cannot walk together; which means NOT in you either ( death walking) if you do. CHOOSE for life, and CHANGE to protect the planet for life and those who could live; IF YOU do not destroy their world.
  9. The law OF leadership is: you shall insure to the population of all life, a future/ that is not governed or controlled by you. Proving the choice with honor: is to help those who cannot adequately help themselves.
  10. The law of leadership is: you shall cause to defend, your group/ your nation/ your world from excessive harm; as is caused by those who discard the law in order to take more/ by stealing from others. No right exists.
  11. The law of leadership is: you shall NOT cause harm, by invading or claiming the superiority of ownership. Boundaries shall be enforced: so that the work of each life can be sustained as their own. Limits shall be enforced; so that none can claim a weapon rules over law.
  12. The law of leadership is: you do not own another life or body of life/ and as such have no jurisdiction or authority to claim military action: unless attacked. Which is a duty to enforce, with justice. The rule of life is: by choosing limited capitalism; we the people, enforce/ you shall not rule over us. We have rights, enforced by limiting the power of others to overtake and control our world or opportunities; by vote of the people themselves. The functional state of distinct groups, which form boundaries; by law as a world demanding peace and harmony. Then rules the future, as respect is enforced by world policing: which is NOT allowed to retain any position of power/ by any group or people. Turnover in this employment: is mandatory. As is the separation of logistics, so as to control that enforcement by a world court. For life, and world; destined to survive. “as best we can”.
  13. The human law: we CANNOT survive as we are/ because this is a finite world; which lives because of disciplines, order, and balancing of all strengths and weaknesses; for the purposes of life. Want is not life, it is animal; which is living instead. TRUTH MUST DECIDE, reality must pave the way forward, with respect for what does have honest value. You CANNOT raid the future to pay for your pride. You CANNOT rape, lie, cheat, steal, trample, betray, terrorize; the others, to create power; over their lives. In other words LIFE OR DEATH IS: either become as; being human was intended to be/ or go extinct: is your choice.
  14. THE LIFE LAW:  Either we share the future we chose to change, by honoring respect with the values of truth; caring as is the intent of love. OR, we share the HELL you chose to create, by continuing to let universities play god with life and world. Even though you knew better; saying not in my lifetime, will fail. This is your decision: it has no passage back/ ONE WAY OR THE OTHER; is your only choice. Life or death for this world: congratulations, you get to play god/ just like the majority wanted. Alas, this is for real/ as are the consequences.
  15. As for me: I chose NOT to participate in the tragedy of your decisions; letting the games people play, simply pass me by. Preferring NOT to be found guilty of that participation and its costs; to the future of life on earth. Instead, I chose to act and work, in ways that define: I am not part of what you want to do/ because this world, and all its life; is more important than want, pride, or power. The vast majority call me a fool; “you could have had it all”! But reality insists: everything of value is in fact formed by respect, and everything that is an honest treasure of living comes from the foundation of love. Which separates me from the vast majority; who believe it is a trophy, trinket, or toy; that defines their life from mine. While that is true: I have no need “for your stuff”. The garbage mountains prove: neither do you. The difference: I build for a future/ you destroy the future with your greed; etc. That is the living difference, between you and me!Or, more distinctly: you want to claim “winner” (by playing the game of herds)/ while I simply desire to claim “the identity called life” (by participating in respect, truth, and love, as is my own choice for living). I wish you well, although the evidence proves that cannot be. But, as for me: we are not the same; our choices are different. As is eternity beyond time.
  16. If the animals are right; and no eternity exists: some would say “he threw his life away”. I would not: instead, as love represents truth, and the dignity of living identifies respect. I would not trade that for ANY;  trophies, trinkets or toys. IN CONTRAST: if I am right and the miracles of each living body of life, proves an intensity of design and creation so far beyond my own abilities or knowledge: that there is no possible way, “this entire world” is NO ACCIDENT. Then reality will prove as with JESUS; that not only were we not “given life & forgotten”. But as he depicted with his life: our choice is between love OR hate; and nothing less will matter. Which is; the life I choose to live. Therefore eternity is just “a conception of hope” that makes living even better. None can prove either way, “beyond the shadow of a doubt”; which is, the foundation called “true religion”. I need no doubt; as reality proves: the choice I have made is, “for the life JESUS testified too”.  I desire no other;  making the reality of my choice:  “love or death”.   hate is for fools; a tragedy beyond description. Animals only define life as time. 
  17. Love is an environment, “where winner, or even look at me” fails to exist. Because truth aligns with desire, to create the structure known as heart. The spiritual heart, finds in love: a home.  That assigns to both you and me, “us”/ an opportunity to release “look or listen to me”;  to become the greater value of our happiness is as one.
  18. In contrast: want is all about me, “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me/ tempt me/ honor me/ respect me/ make me rich, and do whatever I say. While pride is simply about: I WANT TO WIN/ who cares if you lose. And power is simply about: I want you to lose, therefore I judge you less than me; or if not, will seek your failure; if you do not make me “rich” in some form or fashion with you; by revenge. Hate enters in: when playing god is not enough; therefore violence erupts. Greed, selfishness, apathy, envy, gluttony, deception, and mutilation (you fell for it) are all side effects of hate. Animals group as a herd, gathered together in their own defense: because they want what they want/ but don’t want what they are likely to get if found alone. Because predators live for that; to prove fear/ and do achieve enough to survive.
  19. The law of truth is: that excess competition CANNOT be quelled, unless the cause is extinguished. Human overpopulation is the cause of that competition; and it is a primary facet in every war. Because the end result is: this is a finite world. Today, we are on the edge of a population catastrophe, the cost of which is HELL. There is only one solution: zero population rise and less; “with no end in sight” when that might be allowed to turn back. It is women who hold the keys; and it is men who shall pay them for real world solutions; as reality demands. TRUTH decides. Any deviation from that is: “another cause, for the end of life on earth”. Reality is a door, “that goes both ways; to life or death”.
  20. The curse of fantasy is: that leadership need not obey any law of reality; other than what they want. Condemning (they can’t survive anyway; population will crush them) the next generation, by stealing their resources, poisoning this earth (70 years later, IT ADDS UP)/ CORRUPTING every biological truth/ dismantling the laws of energy; and stealing from the current population with realities such as “debts don’t matter: find the truth, not their lies”/ and assets can be counterfeited, if you just use media to control the livestock and what they believe; such as inflation is small, when in fact it is enormous (just add another number), and none have been paid; its all a lie of numbers (who turn out to be the greatest liars of all, if you believe)/ and gambling without reality affixed at all, which is derivatives and the like. Well you can’t really blame media: as cult zealots and priests; they just repeat what they are told, “like soldiers” of the cult (never question your leaders)!  OR, more distinctly: the news is whatever the editors allow; and they are under the direct and full control of the owners. Who do consort and conspire with government employees to get and do whatever this little group demands. As is seen in the complete descent of corruption;  the USA supreme court; did do, in the destruction of democracy, by selling our information (control over news) to a very tiny few. news owners Alas; Your cult leads you to HELL, “with all the trimmings”/ and yet like all true believers, you just don’t care, about truth; until death looks you in the face, and you know, there is no escape. derivative talk otc derivatives fact 2So I continue to say: go to 1st amendment redress court, and learn what is true; in this USA it is your legal democratic right; to investigate your employees, and decide for yourselves what is needed for us all to do. No lawyers, no media experts, ONLY THE REAL WORLD EVIDENCE; so we can decide for ourselves. The greatest fantasy of all is: that the law of life, energy, and world; doesn’t apply to you. As the universities claim; and choose mutilation, destruction, denial, and even the horrifying furnace of death; that is igniting the same fire here as is on the sun. Just to prove they can play god with life. Extreme arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; with the tools to destroy this world: is biblical Satan.
  21. The law of life is: “my life/ my body/ my eternity/ my choice”; it is that simple. But the curse of human as animal is; unless you remain within the herd, and do as you are told to do/ the predator will try to consume you. Base religions: use rules to identify themselves from the others. So if you accept their rules, and believe what you are told to believe: then you are accepted as “one of their flock”; shepherd in front. But rules are not laws; rules are intended to give the leader opportunities to punish you individually of the others. Laws are for us all, as equals. “see the difference”? While every person and every group has the right to make their own decisions about rules, thereby religion; the reality of law is: true religion is only about how life began/ or how life will be, beyond the grave? As these are elementally a decision for all to make; accepting reality decides by the truth we can accept as evidence/ therefore that is called faith. Everything else is a rule, that differentiates between my group and yours. The only exception is JESUS; and that by the evidence invoked by the truth in witness of: LOVE VERSUS HATE? A choice we make, each one! While the testimony of HIS life was: we are not abandoned, and if love exists in you, then eternity could exist in you as well. A choice defined by identity you choose for yourself; as is “you are the judge of you/ but your truth is your truth, and no lie will enter, or remain; beyond time”. These too; are elementally about faith, rather than rules or laws.
  22. The law of living says: resources keep us all alive/ therefore the predators want to control that resource, so as to enslave the rest. While the prey want a leader who will show them how to defeat or at least keep the predators away. Creating cult (same as herd) realities of defense. But what we need is “food, water, and what is absolutely essential to our survival”/ as is the life of a slave. To avoid being a slave, and establish the parameter of defense that is necessary to keep the predators out: requires us to enable “limited capitalism”/ as the truth of keeping the claim of excess money from tyrants. Tyrants exist because of the extremely wealthy/ or the reality of threat as is an army. Armies exist: because they are forced to accept being abused in order to survive themselves (while hate adds in, with some; because they want the power of no law now). Women need law to sustain a balance with men, or it fails and tragedy erupts. Men fail themselves with playing games to win/ when reality will always prove the vast majority will lose: and then to stop the insanity of aggression and endless competition for the little they can get: WAR is declared, because the law did not help. So living is about sustaining the resources for all, realistically: equally. While the foundation of society itself is sustained by limiting the power and pride of predators to take whatever they want; by using the democracy of a vote that does count: BECAUSE WE DID NOT surrender it to others to make for us/ as is OUR OWN VOTE, our OWN CHOICE: ON THE LAW; and nothing less. THIS serves as a foundation for value, when coupled with: fair treatment as is we are all entitled to a job, with realistic pay. Every soldier, police, etc is entitled to a bill of rights; explaining in real life; what we expect/ and what they expect from us. BE HONEST/ not stupid. Everything else is determined in the courts: WHICH MUST BE graded by what they do; as every courtroom is opened, and there are no closed doors. Removing the corruption, and contamination of collusion/ denying conspirators access: because if your grade fails/ WE WILL REMOVE YOU, as we the people decide for ourselves. Leaving only those who bid on the work we need done/ and those who investigate to prove our law is being upheld.
  23. World law is: living requires truth, and being human requires choices based upon the reality we are faced with; to create a destiny/ rather than fall into the consequences of fate. Universities led: discards that with disrespect (mutilating nature), playing god (delusions about not needing to control the same fire as on the sun; declaring it will just extinguish itself), lies (indoctrination, not education), cheating (media manipulation, not information), stealing (currency inflation, hidden by claiming the children will die anyway), whoring (nothing matters but the money), betrayal (weapons of mass destruction are our saviors), terrorism (destroy everything life and world depends upon), and all things vile (shouting BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY); leading a herd of animals (NEVER question the universities, they are god), instead of people. So the first basis of law to define a world: is throw the universities out/ end their extinction of life and earth/ and identify respect or die. The second phase is: no man or woman has the right to control and threaten the others. None have the right to trespass upon my or your life. WE CANNOT save this earth without denying want, and choosing respect, protecting every chain of life. We cannot save this humanity; UNLESS YOU CONTROL your population. We cannot feed ourselves if you let ocean life die. OR MORE distinctly: everything you do, IS WRONG.
  24. The law of happiness is: granted a body that works, we find in the expression of our freedoms, the choice that is love or hate/ the demand that is accept the price to survive, or you will die. Happiness is found only in love, while the demand to survive, is a compassion which allows “the fruit” of our existence to mature/ as is the expression of heart, and the experience of soul to become ALIVE. By the grace of GOD we are miracles of existence, with the freedom to choose for yourselves what does have value to you. The curse of hate wants you to discard that for the deception of evolution, and other misfit failures of life without a brain; as is “the university way”. You do have eyes; and even if that is not enough/ you have been given the view of a human skeleton, which lifts your body out of the dust: and is built for you, one individual piece at a time/ transported to where it is needed/ locked in place/ muscled and fed/ and a trillion more realities of truth; NO POSSIBILITY EXISTS to even suggest this is chaos or an accident. Which makes the “BELIEVER” the worst example of being human possible; because it is the believer that accepts humanity is nothing more than an animal; wanting the excuse, “no consequences for me”; as is the essence of hate (nothing can stop me). Therefore we see the difference: between happiness and grief (death at the door)/ and learn OUR CHOICES matter! Every participation in love, presents us with happiness, because the ladder that is friendship constructed by caring and sharing our time and efforts to prove respect for each other; can pay a dividend of love defined by our choices. In contrast every participation in death; as is the submergence of life, under the claim of measuring you as your judge. Limits life to a graveyard of your own failures, foolishness, and blind obedience to whatever it is you now believe; because you want, what you want. Discarding truth of life, to scream truth of death instead. CHOOSE!
  25. The law of sex: lives in three dimensions of time, and a fourth dimension as our own participation may exist within the spiritual relationship of love. Sex which consumes you, is about the chemicals; and the lust you desire to use in order to get the chemicals you are addicted too. Sex which is deliberately for a child; demands they have no say in their future/ everything is about you, not them, or their need or safety, in having two parents: which does matter. Sex that shares the decision to participate for the sake of each other; does not possess each other, but remains as our contribution to freedom in each other. While love is a transition beyond time, where the value of respect is expanded to become; where our hearts can join; within the miracle of life, and its treasury called soul. Those who rape, strangle themselves as well as their eternity; with bile (the secretion which dissolves your heart and soul forever). Those who must endure the tragedy of others, must endure as best they can.What is absolutely clear is: that men do not understand the bodies of women, particularly in pregnancy/ nor do women understand the bodies of men, in their search for anything either (while animals are understood; it is not a man). Both genders believe, but reality proves as with harsh tinnitus; unless it is you, at the same level as the other/ you simply do not know. So be kind, share the burdens of life, and respect each other especially with care. The life of male is to protect women; as best they can. The life of women is; to accept the journey we share, and participate with truth; binding each with trust, as proves true with the value owned in happiness. None of us know, “the date we die/ or the cost of being wrong” until it is too late to change that decision.EACH society owes to its members: a valid enforcement of law, that establishes equal/ NOT less. Because we all know: “my body,(male or female)/ belongs only to me; save as you”. The perverse, who attack or beguile a child, or claim ownership; are owed a trial, only to determine their punishment: as failure is evident and true. The concept of rape and war, are essentially different sides, of the very same coin. It is trespass/ it is stealing/ it is violent and can turn to ravaging the other/ it is a vile decision to engage the life or lives of others; in order to claim you are the superior one, and they cannot stop you; as is the claim “of playing god with life”. The singular worst decision you can make; in terms of eternity.  NO degree of authority grants the right; to trespass onto “the body of life”; that literally belongs to them. NO degree of government; grants the right to demand death or mutilation from those who serve/ or those attacked. NO degree of superiority exists; and for that judgment beyond time; is true/ just as pregnancy as can erupt from rape; proves what you did do, cannot be changed now. EVERY LIFE IS A MIRACLE (you cannot, build a single blade of grass)/ eloquently put: the consequence of destroying miracles without a cause: puts you on trial! The degree of punishment: resides in how many you violated with your choice.
  26. The law of friendship is: that you respect me, just as I must respect you as valued, and beyond measurement or purpose; other than to be kind and pleasant with each other. Friendship requires time, and time requires that you participate in similar devises which you both find acceptable to do. Friendship allows; that we create the elements of sharing, within the creation called caring; to honor the value of life, with each other. Friendship NEVER humiliates, pranks, gossips, ridicules, tempts, uses, abuses, denies respect, steals, betrays, terrorizes, or demands “fear, believe, obey”. These are emblems of those who hate. Therefore the honor of being a friend is established by taking the time, and accepting the journey; that is our choice to travel as one; for a purpose we share. Friend means: respect can identify you. Purpose means; time can be shared with you. Desire means; love shapes the value of our care. While truth means; only honesty contributes to the decisions we will make/ while law distinguishes, the discipline and order balancing life with friendship can achieve.   LIFE is the decision to participate; which makes friendship your definition of love guides my path. IT IS extremely unfortunate, so many choose hate instead of life/ a video screen instead of  a friend.
  27. The law, of the spiritual world is: ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES! Nothing less will matter. MORE, is the existence of love, as defined by the treasuries of your own identity. There is no herd in “beyond time”; therefore no “amen” exists. You are either accepted or denied; no religion is involved: truth decides, by the value of your love. But the journey beyond time is NOT free. Instead, every truth will be divulged (you do know what they are), and every aspect of love will be tested for purity; so that the future of who you will become, is known. Hate asks for war, and will not be disappointed. But apathy “wants what it wants”; and there is no room for that; which means you will if found without sufficient love or hate; be given over to time vanishes and is forgotten. The miracles of life, the diversity of life, the elegance of design, the foundations provided for love and thought and freedom; are all evidence of what eternity can and will be. But even so: the choice of faith, as is truth is enough to provide thought is more than I can understand. OR belief, as is want is all I need, proving I will win the game, and be judged great; is you claim “to playing god”. It is not mine. People ask: what will be my reward, if I do what religion tells me to do/ I want a guarantee? My only response is: JESUS is our guarantor, my anchor: that love exists within eternity; if you are found accepted. Not by “things, possessions, or trophies/ certainly NOT by the color of your face, size, or gender”. But by the evidence of your love, and truth through respect for life and world, as is your gift, for being alive, in return. Truth is the foundation of every law. Balance is the foundation of our survival. Order conceives of justice. While discipline says: I am here, as best I can; for life and world alive. The journey beyond time is: to create happiness for all.
  28. The cursed shout out: GOD cannot exist, because this world is NOT defined by happiness. But it is men who chose that; as freedom allows to exist. If we had no freedoms to choose/ then a question exists. But that is simply not true: our choice, for the sake of our own eternity: is love or hate/ because survival is not enough to remain being alive in eternity. This world defines that reality, and causes the vast majority to clearly understand the difference. While the dead scream: a dead rotting corpse, proves there is no love here! But reality replies simply: you cannot take into eternity, what does not belong/ it must be left behind; as is now a body, “without value”.
  29. The law of nature is: DO NOT DESTROY, what you cannot undo/ as is everything (at least 99.8%) of everything the universities do, and government employees allow, and media touts as “being gods”. To their shame. Or you die, in a world filled with CHAOS and CATASTROPHE. Because that is what you chose to do, or allow others to do/ as is the evidence: you did not care enough; to your shame.     THEY CURSE; the very foundations of life and world;   as is the description of Satan on earth.
  30. And the world says: “we ain’t animals/ we are human”! Alas: the universities cult says you are animals, and cannot attain the level called human; as defined by the relationship we share with MIRACLES OF LIFE. YOU, are merely accidents, built from chaos; because you chose “no brain for me”. To your shame, failure, and disgrace. Tragedy comes, as your gods of university; becomes your creators of HELL, ETC.
  31. in contrast to that, are the realities of leadership: the people of the dead, who declare themselves to be protectors of their god, “the university”. Who betray life and society and nation and world and child, to claim the delusions of a few former classmates; are enough to gamble losing this entire world. I said no: but corruption replied back, you have NO supporters/ so the law is worthless. Because “WE THE PEOPLE” fear so much; they are willing to let life and earth die/ instead of claiming their right as owners here! Letting The leaders: recognize alone, means we will decide, behind closed doors; where thieves cheat, liars take, democracy is crushed, and slaves are born; because “fear, believe, and obey”; is what the propaganda machines demand. Even though the world is dying, and they know it. The plan is: “to take all they can get”! Yet to your shame: every leader is merely a human animal, just like you. They cannot crush you/ because you follow them. They can only single you out, by making rules. But as owners IF WE MAKE THE LAW FOR OURSELVES/ then we can single them out instead: because we the people ARE THE NATION. Establishing life or death is now in our hands, not yours. ALAS, reality demands “animals cannot do that; the herd has no mind of its own, and must obey, fear the predator, and believe whatever they are told. So unless you are willing TO BE HUMAN; it is, a worthless piece of information to you. As is the truth.
    1. So, lets examine the law of survival: which is only truth can be sustained! The truth depicts biblical newer version; predictions, as something worthy of consideration. As of today: those predictions include; being thrown into “the lake of fire”; which is the ignition of nuclear lets burn atoms “just like the sun” fire currently a university physics goal. Includes Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ which is clearly and without question, the intent of university genetics goal; with all they can do to mutilate nature into chaos being driven by cult worship; and the cultivation of fear, which produced trillions of dollars for their investments in that chaos. Includes Apocalypse; which is the war so intense, rivers of blood exist; which demands this is about water. Includes world war three with weapons of mass destruction; the choice of men: which is all but the initiating first chapter of the book of Revelation up to the eleventh chapter. We have passed by the old testament: “great abomination” predicted; (for the moment), to construct. Predictions Include Revelation 12-22 which is current in me; as a spiritual woman causes a “new life” to be delivered onto this earth; as a choice female caused to exist; as is consistent with my life. As is consistent with Revelation 17; whereby the woman showing “treasures” is riding “the beast of male, fully under control”; as is me. YOU HAVE a choice/ but only if you take it. Today we look beyond the predictions, to establish the literal construction that is: “humanity has arrived in the valley of death”; as is a conception of old testament (Jewish version) psalms 23. As we look around; there is no escape unless we rise as a world. So when examining this predicted version of life; we see the following. 1st verse: humanity follows, believing they now lack nothing (university is your shepherd/ lord). 2; this lord makes you lie down, claiming all is great “for sheep”. Quiet (pond with no outlet) water, breeds all forms of contamination, algae, bacteria, and worse (go look in nature). “he restores my soul”; which means he gives you a new version of yourselves as is (all humans are animals/ not miracles; the university way). And teaches you; his way, which is the cult of university is god. Shouting “never fear/ university is here to save you”; believe damn you believe. “or the rod (power: I judge) and staff (pride: I win)” will punish you until you do obey (want). Verse 5 turns back: to conceive of a few are left human, not animals. Religion discarded: the critical truth is, these predictions have come true, and even more so; what is certain is the evidence of our own extinction standing in the door, now blockading the path beyond this time. Because you chose not to care. But it is my job NOT to surrender hope for you. Because like the spiritual woman who is now joined to me forever;(I am, becoming more her {new life}, than me; its complicated); NO, can’t save you/ NO won’t lead you/ NO not your guru or whatever.
      I know not,   what GOD will do;     “its not my job, or even desire to know”. Nor do you: therefore I say to you plainly; REPENT OF YOUR PRIDE, and accept the decision, to turn back to RESPECT THESE MIRACLES of LIFE itself; evidence of your CREATOR/ and stop being fools. Or it will be; you are the last of human existence, in this universe.           ONLY TRUTH WILL SURVIVE!    Choose:  fate of failure   OR    destiny of love built upon respect? 
    2. Just so its absolutely clear: I DID ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING, to threaten this world, or its life, or you, or the nation, or any child or its money or its war machine, or its extreme experimentation, or its threats in every form of extinction. INSTEAD, I spent my life in time: SAYING TO YOU, STOP THE INSANITY/ question your leaders; and DON’T discard this world; into the trash. With endless disrespect/ pure arrogance/ complete apathy/ and the curse of “human animals” in charge of us all. In reply: you offered ridicule, gossip, distrust, and denial of all evidence as is truth confronting you. MEANS: ITS ALL YOU/ NOT me. As from the beginning: YOUR JOB, is to GO TO COURT as a redress trial, proving WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE! TO accumulate the evidence of what is true/ and provide for discussion the cost of being wrong; as best you can. For the purpose of dealing with reality; instead of the puke and vomit that is; “university imagination, producing fantasy, delusions, destruction, and denial”.
    3. What I will do, is participate in helping women design the laws which will then be voted upon by all: for the purpose of justice, fair play, realistic equity, happiness, and the things which are important to life. The consequences of your choices! REMINDING THEM; whosoever makes the law and enforces it/ rules the nation or world. Because the law makes us all EQUAL under its authority. And that will change this world. “IF, sufficient numbers: ask for my help”.In this America: all legal authority comes through the constitution/ or it does not exist. Which means; ANY change to that authority MUST be established by constitutional authority which does exist/ OR by constitutional reconstruction as would require ¾ acceptance for change, by the states ratified, constitutional amendment. For that specific purpose. Anything less than that: is treason, the cause of a tyrant, rather than an employee. One such example of that is: that facial recognition IS NOT a legal requirement for any governmental purpose, as is governed by privacy rights. Unlike a fingerprint or DNA which is left behind; YOUR FACE is strictly your face, and is not subject to, being a public owned property.Our employees are not entitled to declare everyone is a criminal/ not entitled to collect endless information, just in case they might want it; if you are a criminal. Media institutes a world of ridicule, and fear them all: because fear forces you to believe without thinking; just obey or die. Another not allowed to smother society with anger and foreboding; as is the cause of insanity, rather than peace or harmony. Because the end result is: limits and boundaries over governmental officials; creates a democracy.

      Nor are they allowed to demand their religion (university is god/ university knows); shall lead this nation or world. As reality has already proven them to be WRONG, in so many, many ways. No greater fool is this, than those who believe: the universities know! Evolution owns nothing, but this looks like that. Fusion owns nothing, but the ash cloud from the fire, that escapes the sun: where is the helium? Etc. our reality proves extinction, as is the consequence of “Universities play god”.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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