Monetary slavery

Monetary slavery


The reason there is money, is because unless there is a method of enforcing “YOU must work too”/ the lazy just get lazier; using the others for slaves. And then comes the revolt, which ends in war. So money enforces: “YOU won’t eat, unless you work/ NO, you can’t, unless you do your part”. That gets out of hand when excessive wealth is accumulated; so they can play god with life/ ending in war. Biden pays people not to work, with counterfeit money as is the result of “university knows, its just a number”/ so not to care, we can have as many numbers as we want. Reality however knows: that money is not a number, it is a resource/ and the labor required to produce what society needs or wants; serving as the security “I did my job/ and have some money to protect against hard times”. That ends with counterfeiters (assets/ debts, buried in fantasy/ delusions claimed by lies)/ but so long as it goes on: the thieves, liars, failures, fools, cheats, whores, bastards, traitors, terrorists, and every form of evil; not only get their way with life and society. They form an army, to surge against government; so they can enslave and plunder even more. The reason there is not enough labor working: is because leaders allow it, by paying them with our money, not to work or care. That claim of entitlement; becomes a purpose: NO, I won’t/ and that ends with war/ as is I won’t be your slave anymore. The dead weight of failure is: money without reality attached. The critical truth of society is: we must all do our part, to keep society functioning for all. That fundamental of life itself, requires that we are all entitled to a job with realistic, honest pay. Which removes all forms of welfare. “get a job” is then real. The problem is: people want to be rich/ so removing the competition, by giving them just a little so they don’t compete with you/ or discarding them altogether; as leadership then tries to “make that better”: FAILS LIFE. In the real world: the cost of healthcare is a percentage of wealth for all/ divided as if all are the same. Which means the cost of a medical education with value, is for society to pay/ cost and ownership of buildings and equipment is for society to pay.

WHICH MEANS; we determine the qualifications/ level and types of training/ degree of ability/ and all methods of schooling as the public building its own version of healthcare. NO more hospital in charge/ NO more lawsuits unless criminal/ all statistical information presented as the evidence of this choice, is now clear: with patient advisory to patients. THE STATISTICAL AND REAL EVIDENCE of a diagnosis; SHALL be put on the internet (no name); so that all can see/ removing “one persons opinion”; and granting to all who are then allowed to voice an opinion “right or wrong”/ a level of authority, which increases, if you prove to be correct. NO demanding your physician; under emergency conditions: you will take who is available, to the degree you must. NO slavery to other doctors. Once accepted, you are able to work in all facilities available: under the condition video and audible recordings of your work, shall be accepted and known. AIN’T NOBODY perfect/ but it must be realistic and fair, and true to a professional honesty.

But the private enterprise of doing the work, is a personal decision, we all deserve to make. The right of a job is guaranteed only to those who do actual real world work/ and those who will not: are then shipped to “their own: protected border (just for you and yours)/ you are not coming back” world. You wanted this/ now you earned it.

OR MORE SIMPLY: no more “make the others pay”/ no more, “make the children pay”/ no more immigrate to solve your problems, by bringing them to someone else. No more robbing the future, or playing god with life or planet. YOU WILL OBEY the limits and boundaries of what is your life, in this your time, on this planet which belongs to all. NO MORE WAR, make better decisions, and FACE YOUR TRUTH, with respect for reality/ not war. Before you force yourselves into “the sewer/ as is Hell, built by fools”.

Every form of government seeks, whatever the group in charge wants/ and they always want to be rich, with very few exceptions. PEACE however exists within fair play, and that means we must share the work, and the reward with honesty. HARMONY demands that there must be justice, and with justice is the security of money that is not destroyed by counterfeiters who refuse reality by their choice. Justice is the law we chose, serves us all equally/ even though we are not the same, and cannot earn or be treated the same; because we are individuals who make their own choice. The opportunity of an education expands the possibilities of living; so it should not stop/ but the educator gets a percentage of income from those they educate; if in fact, their educational input, resulted in value. It is not, pay me whatever I want.

Every form of society in balance; becomes the foundation of “my labor, is not greater than yours; even if it is different: life, as a body, is time/ and time is the same for us all”. Risk is different/ inputs are different/ work is different/ what we value is different; which means not the same for everyone. Or more distinctly: very few do not say, “college was the best years of my life”/ until they face the debt. We need not pay “for the best years of your life”/ while the rest of us slave or work, to attain some degree of stability, and value for our own. So deciding what society needs from those allowed college/ is for us all to say. Because as is educating lawyers: creating robbers and thieves, does not help life. As is the competition is too great/ the debts are too large/ and we must do, what we must do to survive; as controls the “educated”, now. SCHOOL begins in grade school, and it expands into educated for work that you choose; begins at nine years old; with a look into “everything” for each one.

Disassembling government employment means: we replace them with those who bid to do the work (in four year terms) we need to have done. Currency stability: begins with the numbers are tied to the population count/ governed by constitutional amendment (don’t touch this) and all international exchange is done with real world assets, not numbers. Debts are only allowed, when 25% of that need to do this; has been collected/ and then by vote of the people themselves with full knowledge of what they will pay. Which means those who are transient; such as college students: SHALL NOT vote on issues of debt, until they find their beyond a year work jobs. Reality will prove: we have so many people, and machines have made the assault on resources so severe: that our only choice is to share the work, teach each other to do it/ which ends with nobody gets rich/ which ends with the animals complaining I want more. So the choice is: to make something we can all enjoy, with a degree of honest happiness/ or nobody gets anything but complaints. And all the people surge: into stealing as much as they can/ trampling each other to take all they can get; as animals do. Which means, as history proves true: that religion must find a way, to explain life is more than this. Hate, and all the evil it provides; is not enough.

And the fools say: “we want what we want”/ to hell with you!

But I remind each one: that 8 billion plus people, at even one percent rise in that population worldwide/ is another 210,000 mouths to feed each day. And we eat life, WHICH ALSO NEEDS space, habitat, living food, is prone to disease, and what you want to take from that which keeps you alive. Including breaking every chain of life, that gives us all a chance to live. Breaking every chain of life that gives everything else a chance to live. While surrounding us all with the coffin of universities mutilating all of nature (which is DNA)/ gambling they can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ destroying atomic balance for this earth at CERN/ weapons of mass destruction, which now includes a wide array of diseases intensified “like covid” to threaten us all; WITH PAY US, OR WE LET YOU DIE. And a thousand more; university born, we can change this/ to make ourselves god. BUT FAIL LIFE AND PLANET INSTEAD!

Leaders choose war, and that forces other leaders to choose war. But boundaries enforced end war against other nations. PRODUCING WORLD LAW, AND ENFORCING THAT LAW OF OUR WORLD/ ON EVERY LEADER; by bringing them into court for failure of the law; BY INTERNATIONAL POLICING; removes war. LIMITING the size of any nation reduces their power to “equal”/ not more. Which makes war far less appealing to leaders, as that means we can lose. EACH GROUP gets their own, is a predecessor to boundaries reviewed. Each group “same as possible”; limits genocide.

UNIVERSITIES gained much of their power: by building weapons of war. So government leaders would say: GIVE US MORE/ MONEY NO OBJECT, DO WHAT WE WANT. As of course did Hitler, in their quest for nuclear bombs and missiles “to stay safe”. As did USA, in their quest to enforce “we are gods over you now/ with our nuclear bombs”; IN 2000 or so nuclear tests throughout the pacific to prove FEAR US. The constant of hate, which always searches for power, pride, and I can make you fear. Scurrying, as the vermin they are: to join and rule, wherever that can be found. Which means: THERE IS, considerable hate in universities, who hide that fact with disguises and lies, as they search for ways to prove they can become “your god/ with all power, and you none”.

People argue: none of that will work/ but they will not defend why? It is a choice.

People argue: you cannot rule a nation without making money “the king”/ as rules over people and what they do. BUT BEING REMOVED FROM SOCIETY by not doing your part; “to your own little nation”; build it yourselves; live or die, its your choice to work or starve. Does in fact do what money does; without the claim for wealth by war. History says: the English did that; by transporting their worst to Australia; go search for truth.

a footnote: the dust storm crash on I-55/ illustrates the lack of preparation for that event. The critical truth of it is: when driving confronted by blinding anything. The first truth is to remove some of that danger by installing suitable fencing; to limit the dust in that area/ causing it to fall, thereby leaving a more visible stretch of highway than would otherwise occur. The second truth of that is: policing/ highway; needs to arrive as quickly as possible. To put up speed trap visual signs, ENFORCING EVERYONE who proceeds SHALL drive exactly at 45 mph/ because UNLESS we all drive at exactly the same speed; and for the same reason; and enforced by the same law (which makes you responsible, if you do not). We cannot enter or exit with any hope of safety.

While it is true there is no safety in going through such areas/ and signage should include HOW FAR TO EXPECT THIS GOES; the reality is, on an interstate highway/ we cannot truly stop on the side of the road either. And it may go on for days; and we cannot turn around with any safety either. Making the situation nobodies fault; because our choices/ everyone’s choices; are so very poor. Depending upon the “radar” being used in vehicles is no grant of safety/ as dust in particular makes that worthless. As to what can be of value is: laser lighting which creates a “fence wall” along the side of the road. Attached to the signage being used, for power: and ( police; stopping traffic, to erect these laser lines, at locations along the road; all pointing away from traffic/ and at 2 ft or less from ground level/ where opposing traffic might be affected). Is usable/ they could be cabled together (sliding off the back end of a trailer in line as you move along); with reflectors on that cable, to shine on the road.  KNOWN problem areas, can of course have them preinstalled, using batteries or not. A reflector line on the back door of semi tractor trailers: which flashes hazard but uses a different color lighting which is more intense and visual in these conditions, could help. Such a devise, that could be magnetically attached to cars in bad conditions; should be sold, as an option to your safety. A periodic audible horn blast; one as straight forward as possible/ a different sound/ different sequence, indicating the reverse; we are ahead of you direction. Would be of significant help; to know who is here, and where, and if possible at what speed: with electronics, these tones, can now give an actual picture of the “road arena”. That can be distributed with a “phone app (displayed in the vehicle): but if you do, distracted drivers are the result”. With sound signals in place; the road surface can be diagnosed better. Ask the blind what functions best in their world.

Sound emitters every few feet would identify the road edge under blinding conditions; if sound is not being used by vehicles; or if it is an entirely different tone.

The biggest threat to life traveling in vehicles; is the distractions “children with no concept of consequences create”/ none of which is bigger than your computers; which removed the simple switch; NOW “eyes off the road”. Or your phone, which is equal to the decision: driving while drunk; each produces the same result; you chose, not to make driving important, only what you want.

Another footnote: thermal sensors along the train track on each side can document and identify an overheated bearing; suitable warnings can then occur. Before a train derails, the tracks widen due to a variety of problems: but a simple sled, being trailed along behind like a caboose; can easily identify and track where that default is; providing a suitable warning. At least one, “violent movement sensor (because it drops)” on at least one car being towed; will identify a section of track, that has a pothole underneath the rails; providing a suitable warning if used. Once again: the use of weight to operate an air pressure generator; will operate rail signals, for roads; that are in rural areas, which need protection. Train wheels contact a ramp, which pumps the tool; which transfers that energy to the signal, through a pipe or other.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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