Human overpopulation

Human overpopulation


So, lets argue: people look around at any open space, and say: “we have not begun to fill this planet”/ there is room for trillions more of us.

But alas: each person needs drinking water, each food everyday, “for a hundred years”. Each wants what they want, and will fight to steal to get it. Each demands: I WILL have as many children as I want; because you can’t stop me.

Water however is not “free for all”, and universities have poisoned whatever they could. People respect nothing, and aid and abet that poisoning constantly. People want life to be easy, so they poison more. They want what they want, so they poison the competition. Farmers want what they want, so they use excessive drainage, and do not allow water to filter down into the aquifer; which then turns to rock. People want cheap fuel so they allow ethanol, which consumes water by the trillion gallon; and adds nothing to life. People want; and they undermine their own water supplies, people war for water; and will cannibalize soon.

Because the end result of a food supply is limited by what can be done to grow and nurture the living things we eat. Never once respecting that life, beyond what predators do. Being human; instead of being a human animal; is a very different thing. Few attain “human alive”; to your shame, because all are invited. Nonetheless, reality proves that the current food supply is on the brink of collapse; opened up by universities, to pandemic diseases; mutilated by universities playing god; ground for growing salted by chemicals; ground for growing overrun by humanity. Or to keep it simple: every acre, produces its crop only once a year; and that food, must keep everything “all life”, including you alive for another full year. Hopefully without a drought or other food catastrophe. While insects take their share, they provide the base line food source for endless varieties of other living things. Humanity poisons all insects all the time to end that. Humanity discards the incubators of life for rivers, by altering streams, and anything else they can do: to scream “look at me”/ I did great, see the man here”. Leaving no room for life, along with ten thousand other decisions all intended to prove I am god here; nothing but what I want. So diversity ends; chains of life are devastated. Forests are destroyed, and the atmosphere becomes detached from the planet to move at different speeds. People want, so they release endless amounts of heat/ consume oxygen with every fire/ destroy life in the oceans with trawlers that “take them all”; so they cannot reproduce or survive; every incubator cursed/ every form of living trashed/ horrifying destruction. Which kills all predator fish and others; contaminating them with poisons, destroying bottom sea life as well. Overwhelming the planet with heat, to reshape the world with death. Proving as gods, you are devils, and nothing more; because that is what the evidence will prove true. Failures in every conception of existence; cult worshipers who will believe anything the universities say; doesn’t matter what it is, because the propaganda teams of media enforce “the universities are god”. And the courts prove they will defend the universities from any attempt to prove what they claim is true; as I have done, and was denied access; “no law here”.

Overcrowding means war/ everything human animals do means war; and the vast majority are animals; wanting what they want, rather than living by what truth decides is possible for us to build. But when some build; others war to steal it; and so the endless assault by “its a man’s world”; finds in these last days of earth; their soul to steal; crushing hearts; defending hate; cursing every life; finding the sewer of “university is god” as their Satan (kill this world) of choice. As is found in every weapon of mass destruction, and throughout the universities with genetics to mutilate every form of life and disease to threaten FEAR ME; “a million people across this earth now able to mutilate nature; is only one per every 8,000 people”. To your shame.

The difference between a body of time and death is the distance; how far you go, is a description of what has true value to you. Life on the other side of time; is a partition, which controls 4 things: truth decides! One is female life/ one is male life/ one is love beyond self/ and one is hate, which is opposite of the first three, and will never be seen again.

life is an elevation of energy, and the freedom that allows; love guides that ascension. Life as a journey conceived by female, is the discovery or miracles within self; and arises as the disciplines required to sustain order and its truth. Heart and soul arrive as the blessing formed in peace. Life as a male, is the respect for order and discipline, that becomes the value of heart, and the soul of destiny. But it is a job, that demands the protection of female; and all the respect they deserve, for bringing life into this earth. With clarity we ask of energy: HOW do we survive? With truth, reality replies: the boundaries and limits of law provide that home/ be faithful to the truth, be honest with your love; and you will become “family”.  Foundations of energy are NOT for discussion.

nonetheless, I have spent my lifetime saying: stop the madness, learn the consequences are extinction/ and the people said: WE DON’T CARE, MAKE ME RICH, or die. I have spent my lifetime saying: stop the madness, learn the consequences are extinction/ and the people said: WE DON’T SHARE, LET THE CHILDREN PAY THE PRICE; NOT ONE PENNY WILL WE SPARE. I have spent my lifetime saying: stop the madness, learn the consequences are extinction/ and the people said: RESOURCES BE DAMNED, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; GIVE THE CHILDREN OUR GARBAGE FOR THEIR “gold mine”,need for resources too. I have spent my lifetime saying: stop the madness, learn the consequences are extinction/ and the people said: AND THE PEOPLE SAID, UNIVERSITIES ARE god; LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WANT; DON’T INTERFERE, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; BE DAMNED TO YOU INSTEAD. You worthless failure you. Not one finger will we lift to help.

So, I spent my lifetime, and it remains true: nobody, “a very tiny few” helps to defend life on this earth. EVEN, WHEN EXPLAINING; that the universities delusion of how the sun operates is absolutely wrong with evidence to prove the point; all hide and run away shouting “the universities are god/ they are our saviors”; as media enforces everyday, while hiding theft, lies, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and every other form of defend the public that it is possible to do. SO, you don’t care: not even when people (your former classmates) are trying to ignite this planet on fire just like the sun, which does burn NUCLEAR FUEL FOR FIRE; as is the breakdown of atomic energy, to release its bond of both positive and negative forces as balance the whole atom; to sustain it as the basis of time.

So, I spent my lifetime, shouting stop, we cannot survive this: and all the people said: MAKE ME RICH OR DIE/ get out of our way. TO HELL with every child; I want what I want, before I die. EVERYTHING, do you hear me: EVERY DAMN THING, I can get; to prove “how superior I am; winner of this game, that is predator or prey”.

So, I spent my life: asking, please take me home; this earth is lost, they absolutely won’t listen to life! But was refused, so I began again when recognizing men cannot save this earth: to turn to female, as the only solution possible. Finding their spiritual world, as an alternative to mine: “just to ask the question: what would women do”? But was truly surprised to find: it is an absolutely, truly different world, and became lost. Nonetheless, their answer was, “let women try”! Which functionally astounded me a bit; because that is so simple, it seems to me, that I should have been able to discover that on my own.

Nonetheless, the women of earth “want what they want too”/ and they want men to be their slaves. But now find themselves; without substantial direction; because sex is not enough, when the competition is extreme; “when its practically free”. It fails to be a chain anymore. But they hide from truth, and they run away from fears, and they won’t challenge men: because weapons do matter. Unfortunately that is not enough for women to survive, nor keep this earth alive. So, when asked: please start with law, justified and fair for us all/ they continue to refuse; because they want to be safe. But in this world headed for extinction: you cannot be safe, that day is dead. Stand up, rise to the truth: we change ourselves or become extinct; and “sign your name” to prove “yes, I accept this world courtroom to prove what is true” is required for life on earth today. We must know, what we must know: or we die.

As to me; as of 6/3/ 2023; I will be 70 years old. Discarding all that life had to offer, for this fight; I find it was not enough for you, because you made me your excuse! Refusing reality to believe whatever you wanted to believe screaming “we, the herd; can’t all be wrong”. But the evidence of this day, is MORE than sufficient to prove yes you were. Surrounded by extreme threats of extinction everyone; the proof that the universities are Satan instead of savior is absolute. Surrounded by a sea of people, who grow at more than 210,000 more mouths to feed each day; proves this will end, and cannibalize is all you have left amid the hell of war without end. DEMANDS: LAST DAYS/ LAST CHANCE; you are already “eating the seeds for your future”; LAST DECISIONS you are allowed to make. As fate takes control, and removes you from this planet; each and everyone.

A footnote: abortion is not birth control, it is panicked change of heart. Abortion control is the liberty to say: this is not birth control, and has consequences to life. But reality states: becoming pregnant, is not always a choice/ and because of that, early on; it is fair to have the option to stop this progression of life. For society to take that stance; they must provide to all women at least once a month or less, clear methods for knowing a pregnancy exists; and the immediate means to intervene. Nothing less is fair. Opportunities to not let it get this far, must also exist for free; society buys/ society pays. Life and living has changed, whether the righteous like it or not. We are overburdened with human population, and if NOT a single child was born over the next 4 years/ the demand for food and water would still rise, as those just born grew and needed more. Critical decisions in end of life must also occur; establishing, “you did have your time on earth”. Nobody dies of little things; but nobody gets “extreme care either”. Because life on earth, is no longer a game.

There will be: “kill him, and we will never hear this again (as is the constant of men_)”. But that will only increase your consequences; as I am not your excuse/ and I do have values that have not been used. As to me, at seventy years old “the writing is on the wall” so to speak; so death is just a matter of time, not life built on truth. I know not how it ends.

As to me, I have made it clear: I will not be your leader, savior, guru, whatever; as I am just a messenger, telling you change or die as a world!

As for me; I am, inescapably trapped in “the spiritual world of female”/ to my great surprise. I know not why, but I do know it was absolutely important to this work; because without balance nothing survives as life. And I did lack balance when opening their door. So I guess its a trade or something; I don’t know how it ends. But I do seem to be “owned” by female now; even though the work is done. “change or die” is not perverse, its just becoming my reality. LEARN what women have dealt with throughout history; “change places”!

Don’t know how it ends.

Distinct among the human animals; are the methods of their choice. At the core essence of happiness, is the discovery that life is different than self. You must inherit the acceptance of miracles, the respect for life, and the distinct decision for love in order to find happiness, and be alive as human was intended to be. To expand beyond self, and enter life is to know the value of living, to appreciate the value of JESUS; as the foundation which builds the potential of an eternity in each one.

Which leaves all the rest back in time, to wrestle with self, and define their lives by want, pride, or power. Self is the coffin, which encloses the human animal in their own enclosed space; where none may enter, hidden from view; are the elements of death invading you. Self removes the future, creating all things jealous, abusive, violent, criminal, traitor, terrorist, rapist, war and more: because hope is not within that cavity of lies you chose for yourself, in order to hate “even more”. Self is the decision to die, making time all that can be living; therefore whatever time can produce, is your world. Because different people compete with you, and “take your stuff/ or your prize/ or your bribe”; they become the enemy, farther and deeper into self you descend.

The difference between life and self is: life brings hope, and produces love as the respect the value of living deserves. Self demands time, and seeks to be the superior one, just to prove “yes I can”/ even if you cannot. Love seeks truth! Hate or self, descends into want, and want creates the foundation of all lies that exist; including life is a game; including the power to measure others, makes you their god.

Self is a trap door; one side divides into the warrior who stands visible, to attack with weapons/ the other side is “spiders and snakes/ the intellectual disguise”; which creates traps of all kinds, and uses others to build the propaganda, lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism they intend. Because the insurgency of these is behind closed doors (where self hides in the dead world of human decay). As was covid; where lies upon lies are used to create fears/ where the evidence of their conjecture, the curse of their betrayal, the robbery of a world; is called “over now”, when in fact it never was. Trillions lost/ human DNA compromised and potentially deadly/ open door to mutilating all of nature, without fear/ the building of other weapons of biological disease; because they can. And it worked so well.

And the people say: “can’t be”! But lets ask the truth: do you believe, those who robbed you of trillions and got literally everything they wanted; are going to admit they were wrong, and give everything they stole back? “in their words; NOT IN A MILLION YEARS”; you bastard you.

Self is functionally driven by the three elements of an animal: want, pride, and power! Want is equivalent to “what clothes shall I wear (trinkets are great, like lust give me what I want)”/ who shall I pretend to be. Pride is equivalent to, “how shall I prove I am the superior one today (who is my toy)/ or threaten with revenge if not”. And power is equivalent to, “who can I measure today, in order to judge them less than me/ less than life, group, whatever/ OR, less than worthless, in order to justify treating them like the trash (I demand a trophy for me). Which does include violence and hate. NONE of these is being “human alive”; which forms the definitions of life beyond self. Desire searches for the distance inside of life itself/ not outside as is time. Desire constructs value, not as a behavior (this is what the herd expects me to do); but as your decision, identifying the limits and boundaries of what is your truth. Self is animal/ human is “truth”. Do you see the difference? The animal always has a motive that involves want, pride, or power. The human being alive as a miracle of existence; recognizes the gifts we have been given, and seeks to understand the meanings of love (did not have to be), as trust (the values here are true) becomes the acceptance (I have committed my heart to love) of respect (I know truth/ humanity, nor its excuses, built life) for life and Creation (more than we understand is here) will decide; what can be true.

Self, is the body of time shaped by your own decisions. Every decision has a consequence, and that consequence determines what your future choices shall be. Some can be reformed into a changed existence, by your decision/ others cannot. There are three critical constructions between life (Creation of you) and self (time described by you): your decision is to demand life is time, and it must join you in the demands of your heart. If that turns to hate, life will die inside of you, and only time will be left; which ends with violence. Your decision is to encounter life, but set it aside because you want to belong to the herd, and the herd of humanity does not accept or understand the difference Creation means. Religion lives here: I want/ but I won’t pay. Or, your decision is to encounter life, and leave time behind; few will enter here, although all are invited; because the end result of leaving time behind is “leaving time behind, and all that time is”. Similar to death, this decision is to enter the spiritual world, the beginning of life; and accept whatever will come of that as your own choice. Most who do enter immediately learn to fear, because it is no game, life and death live here; and that reality can turn to fear, which can over take their lives; as is called “schizophrenic; lost in life”. The road back; is truth, and learning every decision is distinct, every decision matters to the foundations upon which your life will be built.

As for me: I turned to the spiritual world, and was trapped by the reality; “a basketball slip, broke out two front teeth, when young”/ so I had two false teeth implanted, that worked very well. But finding the door, to an alternate energy source; was guarded: several steps were taken to identify, this is not where I choose to be found. But before closing that door, “the guard” told me: false teeth defile the temple of your body/ and I did not know if that were true or not. So I chose “better not take any chances”. Which was a bad mistake/ which taught later: that our bodies are merely time, and we own them entirely. NOT as a temple we must protect, but as a gift that is our own to do with as we choose. Making false teeth an acceptable choice. It was a harsh experience, prior to learning: but within that element of existence, was all the information I needed to learn how to participate within the spiritual world. Which allowed my life to make choices few are allowed to make.

Nonetheless, when needing a solution male did not own for this world/ finding and entering the spiritual world of female; proved to be, a decision with consequences I no longer own. I never would have guessed; but life is about life/ and truth is about truth; and accepting the limits and boundaries of law that identify what our decisions can be. Has changed my world, it would seem “forever”. But, I no longer have a say, so who knows what the future can be.

I began this journey: when confronted by the Cuban missile crisis at age nine. Understanding the consequences: I prayed, please save our world, and if you do I WILL dedicate my life to removing these awful threats; which just kept increasing with age. While my teenage years were not dedicated to this entirely, all the rest was: and I would have predicted none of it; particularly in this day. What is male is wrecked, I can just feel it true. Back in the summer of 2019; I said if they will not listen/ then this work has no meaning; and I will return to self instead of this fight. The spiritual woman predicted in Revelation said no: and there was “war”. And I lost, but she cannot remove me from her world, anymore than I can leave: bound together as if one. Having far more force than I; she now owns everything; and it would seem, has decided to make me “the bride of women”. To my great distress; there are many connotations in that, I do not desire. But male is NOT allowed in a spiritual female world/ and I am not allowed to escape it; absolutely no authority of any kind here; and she demands, “you will learn”. I would never have guessed: that I am being demanded to change/ even more than you. I don’t know why, or how it will end; it is not my choice. As has been proven to me, numerous times. The end result of it all is: that I am happy to have finished the work that I did begin 61 years ago. I am happy, that she did not let me go; as the work began again, with new hope; reality would come. I am happy, to have participated in delivering this message: that there is hope in change, if you follow truth/ not want. And even if my life is completely undone; it is still my true belief, that male and female are truly equal; and that makes life worth living; as best I can. Best wishes “to our world, and all its life”. That is the best I can do, not god/ not savior/ not guru/ or whatever; just the messenger, delivering change or you will die as a world. Because the evidence is real, and you cannot survive as you are. Simple but true.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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