Our collapsing world

Our collapsing world


In this America; where everything has been decided by the universities diploma; for the last fifty plus years. The reality of theft, the consequences of fraud, the failure of lies, the betrayal of pride, the cost of destroying the future, the criminal demand to play god, refusal to orchestrate and participate in peace on earth, the fantasy, delusions, deceptions, foolishness, and rape of all that is sacred: is a constant perpetrated by greed, born of selfishness, and funded by lies and the sacrifice of every child. Creating mountains of garbage, the endless treason of currency manipulation, the collapse of society/ every chain of life/ every resource/ climate catastrophe/ planet extermination by universities playing god with nature, energy, everything. All to scream “we (meaning me) are gods”/ to their shame; as the fans of their university cult shout, “we are gods too”.

In that sewer of fools (you knew better/ but failed life); comes the additional demands of creating a war in this nation by bribing all that can be bribed. Completely discarding truth as a responsibility to each other; to encapsulate living, in the cemetery of groups, who find no value in living. Only in playing god.

So today, while a few grip the very last restraints holding a nation from complete chaos; the liars scream “its the law, to let us cheat, lie, steal, bribe, betray, and commit terrorism against all that has value”. Saying the 14th amendment gives them the right to create as many debts as they want/ and hide the inflation of assets, by laundering money in wall street, and any desire for money that the universities can fantasize or want.

The 14th amendment: is about freedoms and rights intended to remove slavery! Creating debts which can never be paid, and hiding that fact is: the enslavement of every life and child. Who then face a future, with nothing but chains put there by their elders who stole their claim of wealth; from this future. Even assassinating every child; by the curse completed as: AIN’T NOTHING LEFT of resources for you. They stole them all. The real world basis for that is: an insurrection against life/ and a rebellion against the stability of nation; as only truth decides what can be fair. And nothing done under the direction and disguises of “university knows, along with their cult”; has been for life. All of it, the cost that is greed, selfishness, rape, ravaging, ruin, destruction, hate, and the sewage of fools.

Section 4; not only validates “public debt authorized by law”……it denies all debts which are in aid of insurrection or rebellion (or in aid of keeping others bound as slaves)..” clearly identifying treason has occurred, and it is the obligation of leadership; to undo that betrayal, and return us to a nation that survives.

The preamble as well: gives no authority, to destroy the future to a few; whose hate or fears, will crucify us all; with extinction. Because like it or not, this world has changed. One percent of 8 billion people is 80 million babies born in a single year. Divided by 365 days: that is over another million mouths to feed; every five days. OR, said in a different way: 80 nations must be prepared to take in one million people each, per each and every year/ which will only increase. The US baby boom, was just under 3% population rise; for several years.

 And then comes all the true threats of extinction, “it ain’t no game”; that UNIVERSITY KNOWS has managed to surround us with. As they play god with life, nation, energy, world, nature, child, oceans, poisons, EVERYTHING THEY CAN OR HAVE TOUCHED TURNED TO DEATH; because that is what they chose, as leaders and others “cult worshiped” failure and true disgrace; while standing neck deep in the sludge of their own greed, selfishness, and claim “we are judge”.

The children (university exists to prove, “WE WON’T grow up”/ or do any real work for most) have lost their way! Making the last version of  USA, a decision that can only be saved by first amendment redress of grievances.  Which literally means:   “now we will investigate to define and understand what is true/ and then decide for ourselves”. Because there is no other way to save this nation from defeat, or a world from extinction.  THE LAW IS,  our only hope.

And all the people say: “that will cost too much/ we won’t pay”!  But reality says:  you cannot save this world from extinction:  UNLESS you let truth decide what we can or cannot do, to resurrect a future that will survive.  Money is the promise of people receiving/ to pay with their work in the future, those who will need later.  It is not a description of you/ it is only the trophy men have made to claim superiority, as is listen to me/ look at me.  We are looking at the “winners”; and find, that you chose to sell life to extinction; in order to claim your “toys, trophies, and trinkets”. With a clear consequence of no resources means no life on earth; as your garbage mountains prove:  this is what you stole, from those who would have used it to survive (but dead now). Because of you!  SO LIFE says to you as a human world:  your option to play has run out/ and your need to grow up and face the truth of your own realities has become massive. Leaving only one result:  either grow up and face the consequences you chose/ or this world shall die, making you extinct as well.  Because that is what the evidence does prove true.

your potential reprieve; will allow:   prove the evidence is wrong.

But truth says:  “GOD”  will in fact decide that, and for how long may you play.  Horrifying realities exist; so far beyond your claim of money is mine:  as to be the truth of life or death has come to this world:  CHOOSE.

MEDIA PROPAGANDA; is the liars voice, constantly screaming, “YOU CAN’T STOP OUR LIES/ without damaging yourselves”; because the theft and betrayal has gone too far. But reality replies: that theft and betrayal has benefited only “the rich or wealthy”/ and left the rest to beg. But make no mistake; the reality of returning to truth and consequences: is NO small decision. Not only is it LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD/ it is an endless sea of decisions, that will either bring back true democracy for this nation/ or its death; as is already predetermined by the cost of fantasy and delusions enforced by “university is god”. NO easy road exists: FIX IT NOW,/ PAY THE PRICE; or die? Go ahead, “choose”.

THE REALITY IS: WE DECIDE TO SAVE OUR WORLD/ or, they get to finish the job us executing life on earth. “choose”. Because it is that simple.

And the proud, rich, and powerful ALL SCREAM: YOU CAN’T TAKE OUR GOOD LIVES AWAY/ we are the superior ones, and we deserve it!

But the evidence says:

  1. the planet is overheating from all the heat humanity releases/ and every fire consumes oxygen, just like you. And every small car; consumes oxygen at about the same rate per hour at 55/ as do 30 people need to live a day. Or, every semi truck uses the same rate at 55 per hour as 120 people need to live a day; and 8 BILLION PEOPLE use a fire for food, and more everyday.
  2. The oceans are overrun and soon to be extinct of all life because of what you do
  3. trillions of tons of poisons are released upon this earth every year.
  4. Universities are mutilating DNA as is NATURE ITSELF; because they want to play god, and prove evolution is real. When they cannot, because it is only a liars dream.
  5. Universities are playing god with energy, disrupting the nuclear balance as is CERN; and even trying to ignite the planet on fire; by igniting a NUCLEAR FIRE, which is to burn atoms, just like the sun. Describing fantasies not facts/ refusing to believe the truth; YOU CANNOT extinguish this flame: SO IT WILL MAKE EARTH INTO A SUN.
  6. resources of every kind are being destroyed; which means there is no future.
  7. University led delusions of “numbers don’t matter/ let the slaves pay our debts”; as is proven by all the numbers without meaning they use for money. But are pure fantasy instead. The list is very long; of things humanity does to enforce EXTINCTION IS COMING SOON.
  8. SO, GO AHEAD AND FEAR, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BELIEVE; because you cannot pass by the truth of decisions that have already been made. EITHER you will face that reality/ or you will be extinct! Because the evidence is real, and the consequences, of death for our world: will be proven true. UNLESS YOU CHANGE, “IMMEDIATELY”. Because the game is dead. Rise up and demand to know what is true, by the evidence not by some damn expert; and prove the cost of being wrong. IN A COURT OF REDRESS, BY INVITING THE WORLD TO PARTICIPATE; because WE ARE, all involved. Same result for every single one: life or death of our world. By your choice.so the critical choices are: HOW, do we survive the consequences of greed, selfishness, hate, disrespect, arrogance, apathy, failure, foolishness, tragedy, and the cursed who want us dead?
    1. REDRESS removes the powerful from their power/ pride from the proud/ and want from all the rest: to demand FIRST, we establish what is in fact by the evidence; as true as we can be; to life, planet, child, and humanity.
    2. Redress: we decide for ourselves: establishes only one clear path forward/ ONLY WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY will be done/ until we have had our day in court; as a nation now going vote for our future.
    3. Redress then means: the power of money, the power of debts, the claim of wealth or property or resources; ARE ALL held within the power of society to decide what we shall do for ourselves. What CAN remain the same/ SHALL remain the same; until our vote decides the future. The foundation we begin at is: whatever percentage of debt or property you own/ is the percentage of debt or property you take into the future. What was bought with counterfeit money: will be decided by our vote as a nation/ which then goes to the courts as needed.
    4. Redress means: we choose, for limited capitalism, and its limits and boundaries for ourselves/ and then vote: yes or no.
    5. redress means: we choose to allow extreme experimentation or not/ and identify what it means to be truly wrong/ as is evolution for one example; easily proven false.
    6. Redress means: WE OWN THE COURTROOM/ and the constitution is our government; NOT the employees. We will dismiss any judge found unfit/ or take them to prison if found truly corrupt.
    7. Redress means: we have the right, to rebuild our democracy as we see fit; within the boundaries and limits imposed by what, and who DID build the nation. Taking away power from our employees, so as never to face this again. and more! IF YOU CHOOSE CORRECTLY, allowing truth decides, NOT WANT. Then life returns to give us a future. BUT if you choose with want, pride, and power demanding more greed, hate, and everything vile; extinction shall come. “its YOUR choice”!By the consequence of our own choices; we become identified by the truth defined, by the decisions we have made. Your decision builds/ or tears down, the life inside of your existence. The constant lies, of the last fifty plus years; particularly stemming from American universities: who searched the world for the “worst they could find”/ to prove they could be gods. Has consequences, which were supported by endless lies in leadership, counterfeited all the money; as rebellion against the nation; which used the propaganda of media to hide the truth; and to inform the “indoctrinated cult” of every child (you know: BELIEVE, damn you believe) must worship the universities as god. Corrupting the courts, and controlling every claim of life by SCREAMING: “you can’t prove CASTROPHE, until it happens/ SO WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”. AS the poisoned the earth, and changed all that keeps us alive on earth. Mutilating every life/ gambling with every facet of our existence: so extreme, that they did earn the name SATAN. The religious word used to describe: “killers of earth”/ hiding under the disguise called “university: who does in fact control government (cult worshipers; university is god), in this USA”. We stand at the door of true failure as a world: “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion more left”. WAR IS NOT an answer; and that leaves only law; or we ALL: go to HELL. The extreme reality: only weapons of mass destruction can stop these numbers. Which ends with killing our world/ and destroying the last of every resource; to make you die. Unleashing disease without mercy, horror without end; as there will be NO place to hide. And the extreme greed and selfishness of an entire generation, along with their children and all the world as well shouts; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, AND WE ALL WANT TO BE RICH/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; RIGHT NOW. Or get out. But your garbage mountains prove: you ain’t getting nothing more than death by horrors, as the evidence does prove true: UNLESS YOU CHANGE, AND ACCEPT; the limits and boundaries that truth will impose. So, the question is: how do we survive, and bring this world back to life for us all? The first reality is: money is only a number, derived from promises made which can no longer be kept. It is nothing else, only a number/ and its value is only what people choose to believe it is. As for men throughout history: money is the trophy of their games/ the means to take what I want from the rest, to prove they cannot stop me. But as with all games: they make winners and losers of themselves/ and all the losers say, “they took too much: WAR”. And all the winners say; we have weapons; kill them all. But they cannot without an army, and the army takes what it wants as their reward for killing. But today: robot armies are being built; and their use will be: “turned in either direction, as the king decides”; no more of these are needed. So we turn away from money, and the games of men: to understand that money is a resource we need or we sell/ and the labor that goes with that resource, to enable us all to build with it. Before there was money to enable “men to claim it all for themselves”. There was life and the resources we need to survive as people; helping people to build a life that makes us all happy. It was not, “a billion mansions to live in; endless toys to throw away”/ but was in fact a shelter, and the means to survive. Want is a terrible thing/ pride is an enemy/ and power is the curse you choose to bring upon life; just because you can. Nonetheless: our opportunity to rebuild this world with value, so that we can survive/ and not go extinct from the choices you have made. Is entirely dependent upon removing money from authority/ and returning to life builds life, by understanding we must let truth decide what our limits and boundaries are. We must allow for truth to decide what we can build back for the future we all need: because we will die, without it. The endless lies/ the endless gambling with energy/ mutilations of life and nature/ destruction of everything/ curse of fools who threw every resource away/ horrifying death of every child; AND ALL THE REST THAT “UNIVERSITY DID MAKE AS A TRAP” FOR KILLING THIS WORLD. Must be stopped! The reality of evidence that proves “this does have value to us and our world and our future: must be shifted through as if “separating grain from the shaft it grew on”. In order to survive that: population control is an absolute certainty, that will be enforced. In order to survive the return to living instead of the games of money; YOU MUST get along, and that requires not only respect, but friendship. In order to sustain order and discipline as is needed on a planet now ruled by law: there must be a different form of leadership (like it or not, female is that solution). BUT NOT as men have done, which will fail miserably. As the foundation of life is more important, than want; will decide for justice, as is the foundation of fair play to all. Equality without exception around this world for women, equal to men in every society: will be enforced. Removal of all weapons of mass destruction, and appropriate laws for our world will take control; by international policing, with very clear limits and boundaries to control and oversee their actions and possibilities. Unfortunately, it will be necessary for groups to realign themselves: because like genocide, “when people grumble and complain we don’t have enough/ the first thing men do is look at those who are not like us; and whisper we can remove them from here”. The future is dead: without change. Those in power will scream; YOU CANNOT CHANGE NOTHING/ we will all die, it will be hell. NOTHING will work; because it has to be our way; as is money rules the earth/ money rules the war/ money makes us god over you.

      CHANGE HOWEVER means: the power of money is removed, and we move to redress court: to decide for ourselves, what the future can be/ the cost of being wrong/ and the reality of what can truth describe for us all.

      Numbers have no meaning that society does not provide; “it is; just a number”/ and numbers only mean what people are willing to believe or accept to deny its all a lie. But the powerful have betrayed themselves; creating endless numbers that have no meaning without the lies being accepted.

      Resources have meaning, labor has meaning, needs have meaning; but numbers only control the game of who wins and who will lose; enabling war. Limited capitalism eliminates “excess wealth and riches”/ to conceive of we all have a chance; NOBODY gets a private army/ or excess control. We share/ and if we fail: we die, because our world keeps us alive/ and nature keeps us fed and able to be happy. Both of which are under attack by “university plays god”.

      Religion offers in biblical Revelation: even if, the first part is past and men are not allowed to destroy this world. The alternative description starts in Revelation 12; as a spiritual woman, becomes known/ and a new life is born on this earth; that life is the change I offer you. A world by law; chosen by vote/ enforced by international policing; with all weapons of mass destruction thereby removed; because we can. A world without money enforcing power, pride, and want/ removed by limited capitalism choosing to govern ourselves with realistic opportunity, by removing “the billionaires”/ etc.

      there will be opposition to that: people who behave as if there can be no law to restrain them. There will be many, as liars, failures, thieves, traitors, terrorists and hate “want what they want”. And that includes threats which are extreme/ but must be countered with: we will kill you too! As is the only defense you have.

      You will then have to decide: if your life is as a slave to them/ or worth giving to your Creator in defense of HIS world. Because the problems we face are human/ and it is human that represents the solutions by choice. Humanity wanted to “play god”/ you are faced with: what that means. Whether it becomes war/ or law rules us all now; is your choice; and will become your identity, as is the gift of your own truth: to creation itself.

      How many curses we endure is entirely dependent upon the armies and universities: who will either obey destroying this earth/ or if society gives them the option; how many will only defend their nation, and leave truth to decide what we must endure for pride, power, and arrogance as is want. OR A NEW WORLD ORDER, BY LAW. It is a choice.

      Religion is also involved; as the primary soldiers who led the battle to let evolution stay and be taught in every school: because their leaders wanted to “worship universities/ as their prostitute”/ instead of GOD as Creator. At this point in the reality of what has been predicted: the spiritual woman found distant “on the foreign object/ male”; is now found upon this earth riding “the beast of male” (as depicted; a man, unwilling or not; under complete control). Because of what so many men have done to women throughout history. She gives gifts, as is the total in summary of this work.

      Religion decides: to let truth decide/ or beliefs, which stand for “whatever we want”. As all these things begin to take hold of humanity and earth; the cost of what has been done: is found in the collapse of what has been “the richest nation/ with the most influence over how this world came to be this way”. Reality sets in, and truth is without mercy.

      We see in the outcome of all these things: those who then chose to belong to GOD/ and those who did not. Being separated. Fears being demolished, because a more intense and realistic understanding of life now exists. A new world of order is established. A new eternity of disciplines under the laws which give us life, come to rule. Change is complete. Male and female are balanced and find joy.

      This is the base level of prediction as stated by a man of roughly 2,000 years ago/ through whatever version of “spiritual connection” you wish to allow. It is not “cemented in stone” as some believe; because it is a prediction of people, and what they will do. Or more simply “the bible or other religious books” are not god/ they were written by men/ in the language of men/ by the decision of men/ with the interpretations of men/ for the purposes of men; and with the help of “a spiritual element where necessary.” So, as determined over the years, with value/ but not, as is seen in the imperfections from which we are able to understand it: “the unerring, word of GOD”. Like media of this day: what you know, is what you were told, by those with their own interests involved.

      We then return to the realities of this day, in this USA; and identify the decisions of our leadership; in the curse called covid as: “descriptions of NAZI/ hitler times”.

      I am a citizen here in this USA/ this state of IL; and now refuse the claim of authority by employee leadership over me. Therefore my drivers license expired in 2019, and I refuse to renew it: do to these facts.

      1. 24/7 for over two years, the constant rhetoric of media propaganda: was “believe/ fear/ obey”; discarding all forms of evidence/ all forms of law/ all forms of understanding; for the singular YOU MUST BELIEVE/ YOU MUST FEAR COVID/ YOU MUST OBEY OUR COMMANDS; you have no choice. We are your gods (there is no dispute/ we cannot be wrong), “the universities have spoken”. Divide and conquer.
      2. Within a “couple weeks of we are going to die/ we are going to die/ all is lost; its a pandemic; even though just a couple dozen people in China were claimed to have died due to covid”. As with nazi mengala; (our savior/ the vaccine_). The human experiments begin/ and all that can be forced to fear; are injected with university chosen/ nature altering mutilation of DNA. The very foundation of how our human bodies are built. Even subjecting every child/ forcing every business/ and cursing every citizen with do what you are told; or we force you into poverty; by our choice. Infiltrate every group, let none organize for themselves/ disassemble and deny the existence of people talking to people, in order to assemble their own choices.
      3. Blind obedience was the demand: do NOT confront your leaders/ DO NOT demand reality must decide. Let the leaders be leaders; and choose to bankrupt the nation and infect the world: with fear. Having taken control over our currency/ destroying our securities with debts/ denying truth and reality, by taking trillions of dollars (demanding every citizen will pay); as their obedience and worship; of the university gods, who used propaganda to take over this nation with fear. Scare the people into supporting their leaders with fear/ remove the opposition, by bankrupting them.
      4. To enforce the foundations of power: all forms of business and commerce were invaded with the demand/ YOU SHALL “LOSE your face/ YOU are no longer an individual; YOU are an animal”. And shall be herded into contained groups who have no rights/ and will do exactly as they are told. In witness of that: blockades were put in every door/ so as to prove, there is no freedom here. Democracy is dead, and only the leadership decides who the “superior ones are”. As is a hallmark of Nazi takeover: giving power to the weak/ protecting those who claim to know; so they cannot be questioned. BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE. The beginnings of “an SS”. THE UNIVERSITIES cannot be questioned: they are “the now hidden, rise of hitler”.
      5. Creating trillions of dollars for university research/ discarding the laws which restrained them/ and allowing the forced assembly line of mutilating every biological genetic stability on earth as is nature being crucified. Added to the now removal of most business and primary wealth generators of the nation: by forcing closure due to covid. Forcing people away from each other with covid, by fears: so they could enter poverty and loneliness on their own/ taking down family; and letting rise the immigrant now being given loans so they could have control over America instead of those who built it. As the army of insurgents, under the direction (the indoctrination of every child in public school) of “university is god”; begins its rebellion to destroy this nation: from the inside. The politics of a nation turned into a game, to divide and demean the need to find solutions/ by propagating you are either for us/ or against us; and there is no middle ground, except for fools. BELIEVE, and fight. You need no truth or reality: which brings us to the day soon, of “an authority figure”/ to make our decisions for us.
      6. So now we have “article 42”; wherein there are millions wanting to move into this nation; due to their poverty. Which makes them willing to believe whatever they are told; just let me in/ and I will be your army. Authority defined; as the curse of those who will obey whatever they are told to do; infiltrates this nation. As the reality of those already in place and waiting for their chance to overrule the law; and inject their chaos, is now armed and ready. And leaderships says: we must/ we have no labor, therefore you cannot stand in our way to society itself. But reality proves: they have been bribing and holding back 19% of the work force/ by allowing them to be paid without working. So that the remaining power of business/ the purposes of self; can be diminished or destroyed: and there remains no one who can stand in the way of authoritarian rule. As with covid claiming WE MUST/ IT IS OUR DUTY.
      7. So now, in this USA; we face political and economic turmoil: because those who feared took us as far as they could/ into the delusions of university is god. Enabling takeover by the curse of numbers representing money. Divides and conquers this USA. Putting universities in charge of the political puppets, who are now waiting to be told: what they should do. Consolidating all power, has been going on for decades: as every form of manufacturing and therefrom stability was removed from this nation. As every option for work, was removed from the hands of the people themselves, and given over to the control of “mega monopolies”. As covid removed the assembly of people; and integrated “media is the source of all knowledge”/ BELIEVE the propaganda of wisdom (universities are god). YOU HAVE NO CHOICE, but poverty. “there is nothing else” for you.
      8. Panic and emergency powers are enacted. “covid is coming/ covid is coming; BELIEVE/ BELIEVE/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU FEAR AND OBEY”. And with that all protections of democracy are demolished. All elements of justified law and constitutional government are discarded; to put leaders in charge of our lives. To blockade whatever we need to survive, and have been depending upon; are now controlled by forced compliance. The herd is formed, the livestock have replaced being human, with being obedient.
      9. So now, and enemy must be found: because without an enemy to claim “THIS IS WHY”/ There is only reality and truth to define what has happened here is the fault of your own choices; to believe, what you want to believe. To be greedy and selfish and gluttonous/ proving disrespect for life and nation/ accepting apathy for life and earth/ choosing arrogance as your truth, as your cult of we can play god with this world. The cost of that is then “humanity chose”/ and as we all know; humanity hates that/ because it demands change, or the descent shall continue into the sewer of your fools and failures.
      10. Emergency measures must be enforced; the power to control society, shall not be lost. So the enemy is killed.

      Leadership that is not governed by the laws which are justified and valued by society: is anarchy. That is not democracy, nor it is valued: but does represent a rebellion, which I do not support.

      Covid as a disease; can be sacred into “believe what we tell you”/ as is the critical description of all tyranny/ and the truth of all Nazi propaganda. As a reality of evidence however: time has now passed by far enough to assess the claim of “BE terrified/ FEAR AND OBEY”. With the critical test of how many MORE people did die from 2019-2022: because of covid “the pandemic”. Remembering to account for: that even at a constant one percent population rise; 80 million more people will be added in each year. Because deaths are harder to fact, than the delusions of adding covid to every other disease can claiming pandemic. Remembering past the age of average death: each died of old age/ and not any other factor but violence. Remembering “the expert”: can be forced into a courtroom, where there are consequences “for yelling fire/ and robbing the world of trillions”: should they be found WRONG/ OR BLATANTLY LYING for their own gain. So make them be clear, and “prove the evidence is valid”.

      authority is demolished:  until the law is reinstated as our constitutional government, demanding democracy is in charge.  that foundation of WE THE PEOPLE, is illuminated by  first amendment:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  as is,  We the citizens of this USA; shall now decide for ourselves:  WHAT IS TRUE/ and what the cost of being WRONG; is allowed to do to ourselves and our world. CULT WORSHIPING UNIVERSITIES is extinguished;  only truth decides, is the foundation of justified law.

      As to IL drivers license: the gathering of facial recognition as well as all other truly private information/ is akin to the Nazi SS gathering information about all dissidents. Currently this type of information can be used to identify people in moving cars/ buildings/ on streets and so forth in order to select them for “punishment desired”. While the state says, “we don’t use it/ we just collect it”/ so did the Nazi’s; and I am “a legal dissident”. That too being beyond the scope of democracy and the laws which protect us/ particularly focusing on amendment 4 US constitution: causing the demand to be tyranny, and unsupported by law. As with all things and people shouting FEAR/ DAMN YOU FEAR; what we are willing to believe is necessary/ confronts us, with the truth of power over us; if we accept.

      My demand is: that constitutions are the government of democracy/ NOT our employees, who swore to us they would obey that fact of WE THE PEOPLE own this state and nation as our own. That reality serves us best when confronted with betrayal, as is employees to discard the law and government to rule over us instead. What is fair/ and what is needed: are not the decision of our employees; when democracy itself has been attacked as is (WE WON’T OBEY THE LAW/ AS IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES). Our own best critical defense is to insist by legal (take me to court) resistance: that the law is our government/ and those who will not obey it, are traitors to our democracy; by its constitutional guarantees. PROVE that your authority is constitutionally based: which requires each swore employee to uphold the merits and values sustained for this democracy as our purpose to be united: in the preamble of our, we the people/ not your (as an employee); constitutional government. Destroying the economic stability/ damaging and destroying the resources we need to survive/ letting the world be sacrificed to greed/ mutilating nature/ gambling with energy “just like the sun” here on earth; and a thousand more. Do not form that purpose of life in society, or on earth as humans being alive.

      REDRESS IS: our legal law, enforced by constitutional demand “both state of IL/ and USA”: of proof, that we the people own this land. And we are legally endowed with the authority to investigate our employees/ and determine for ourselves what is in our best interest, and by our vote: the direction our future should turn. IT IS, “the replacement of civil war/ with legal rights, to assess the reality of our state and nation. Define its truths, and conceive of our price: when the consequences of their decisions: GO WRONG. We do, have the legal authority, AS THE OWNERS HERE; to change what we desire to change “within constitutional constructions of justified and true to democracy itself”. We own the vote, and that vote of we the people: proves we are the democracy intended; as is our legal right to be. No religious cult of “university is god”/ owns this state or nation. OUR DECISION, OUR VOTE ON THE LAW ITSELF; as is suited and true to change, warrants the value of this democracy is: WE CHOSE THIS FOR OURSELVES/ and have no other to blame. Taking away, the realities of 200+ years ago when others had to be found to vote for us. TODAY, we CAN do for ourselves, as the honest realities of democracy did intend from the beginning. WE DECIDE/ thereby the power to make us/ the power to save us; ends with our own decision/ NOT theirs. This then represents a “state of legal war, for this democracy itself”. NOT by weapons or claims of authority to anyone! BUT BY WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; THE LAW WE LIVE BY: by our own choices, by our own vote: from this day forward. The whores and traitors will scream NO YOU CAN’T! But reality will prove: as is the lesson of amendments, “short/ distinct/ real/ and without doubt or room for deceit”; that law will then govern our lives. ANYONE who deliberately interferes (democracy rules) and sets roadblocks to refuse (constitutional law is the government): is a traitor, and should receive the punishment of such.

      Order is the beginning of society, the creation of what we choose to be our law/ our decision to unite and declare ourselves to be a nation. Discipline follows that, with the creation of how we obey that law, through the assembling of those whose job it is, to insure; freedom and rights/ are subject to liberty and truth, the essence of evidence rather than beliefs. Balance justifies our decision to participate in society, as we carefully define what we the people will tolerate, and what we will not allow to defile society; to injure ourselves or our world. These employees of government are not given the option of ruler. Instead these employees are hired to investigate the evidence and advise through media; of what sustains or attacks/ what is safe and respected/ OR, the mutilation of life itself, and world dying, because of those who are so arrogant, they know not what is sacred and true.

      The method of creating nations: is then to decide as WE THE PEOPLE; the foundation of order, the purpose of our union, and the desire for our future. Thereby letting and insisting: that the law is our leader, and our “constitutional contract” is our government. Because that aligns with freedoms, and the legal right to be “alive, as I am”. Best we can. Those who break our law: begin at criminal, and are identified by the evidence: up to the state of “terrorist/ Satan”; as the case demands truth must be.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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