The basis of law

The basis of law


Truth, is the foundation of all existence. But thought is the existence of all life, identifying presence and choice. Force is the existence, that presents the choice conceived of, as an option we may take within ourselves, to establish the movement that is called, “our time”.

Of these three elements, we find in knowledge, the basis of law. But we find in understanding the consequences of each truth identified; the reality of our future. Creating the distance between now and then; as the wisdom we chose to enact for ourselves.

Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction: because you lack “all wisdom”/ and have descended into the sewer, “called playing god”. You are not gods/ you are merely the element of time, given the right; to conceive of an eternity. Universities having led you onto the road to hell; with such things as evolution: pushed begin alive backward into animal (no brain needed beyond want, pride, or power). Where the cost of having a choice; became destroying a world; with as religion calls it “the satanic delusion of imagination, as is arrogance so blatant/ apathy so extreme/ and disrespect such a description of murder”; that it will take a miracle, to keep this earth alive.

Nonetheless, it is NOT MY JOB; to keep you alive/ or any other version of that! It is only my job, to inform you: this world will soon pass the point of no return and from there; you are the living dead. Extinction will come no matter what you do/ no mercy will be allowed to you; as that is what you chose, for life, world, and child. I have so informed you of that; for the last forty+ years. The reality of your arrogance; screaming at me “we want what we want”/ the cost of your apathy; screaming at me “MAKE ME RICH, or die”/ the futility of your disrespect for everything; as is built upon your pride (the hardness of your heart). Ends my job (not your savior/ etc), and leaves your future; to the things you chose.

Separate, but inseparable to me: is the spiritual woman inside who shares my life/ balanced this work/ and identified, we must give more than they deserve, “this world is dying”: it is the only hope. Continues to search for women who can conceive of saving this world from extinction; it is no game. But it is not “a toy for you to share” either. Real world work/ real world risk/ real world tragedy and grace, the value of living, the destiny of eternity, the identity of your own truth; are all involved with the courage required to accept that job. Basically same as me, and it did cost me my life in time; altered to be what I needed it to be. That included “claiming my life is important (I must have time, I cannot; simple as that)/ my work is important (tinnitus changed living; but in the end gave me time)/ I cannot abandon this world, to accept what I would otherwise want: because our world is dying; and love demands this comes first”. Some were pushed aside/ sometimes life pushed “people and work aside”/ realities of human behavior altered “male and female relationships”; to the point of I cannot do this anymore. I no longer trust female, to be fair.

The spiritual world, is separate from this one: granting only truth, and your own decision, matters here. That was a world I could live in: after “learning how”.

The most critical choice, in living of my life as time: was choosing to search, and then open the door to the female side of spiritual truth. Confronted with I DON’T know or recognize anything; meant, I don’t understand/ and you cannot proceed in the spiritual world unless you do understand, the truth you chose to enter. It is a law. And I entered where no male is allowed; but this world is dying, and female (after the battles, to adjust me)truly did balance my life, and lead to all work that has been done by me over the last 18 years. She has been an asset; believe it or not. There has been a war, and she won. But as reality begins to take hold; I have learned to understand: her truth is just as battered and broken by what male did to her and those she loved like her/ when she lived in time. As I was battered and broken by the cost of female wants; in my time. So we do balance each other out; even though change is significant, and appears to be forever. Perhaps that is a value we could not have achieved on our own. We are, “melting together”, balance is increasing in me, the value of shared life (female in charge “as if husband and wife; turned around”), begins to blossom. I do not know how it ends, the concept of leadership does belong to the one who chooses best. Whether you: Believe it or not; “is irrelevant to me”. And eternity demands, just as energy demands: that we must be balanced to survive, the cost of force on life.

The cost of human behavior must be addressed; as battered and broken to me/ is entirely different than battered and broken to her. The disciplines of participating male to female, are battered by wants/ broken by the pride of making life and sex into a game of trophies to be collected. Power or the want, “to collect them all/ and prove YES I CAN”; is tragic to all involved, and beyond. Young women; want sex, and the rise of sexuality is good; increases that desire; until it demands “what she wants”. Which then unleashes the cost of sex as is, “am I pregnant now”? And drama unfolds, in the chaos of all that could mean: demanding of male “many things”. So battered by drama/ and broken after too many claims of “pregnant”; removes all trust. And I separated from sex (the door is closed); even when it would have benefited “honestly, female”. The price proven too high.

It is not unknown; what broken and battered female, by male is. Tragedy, disrespect, disgrace, lust, abuse, enslavement, rape, ravaging, ruin, theft, cheating, stealing, violence, judgment and more. All because male wants the chemicals of sex/ the trophy of sex/ the claim of winner because of sex; or more simply, those who do this are animal/ not human. And the cost of animals throughout human existence; “is a beast”/ not a man. Man learns to accept the miracles of life, as Creation visited upon this earth by “GOD” ! Therefore every form of living, is an example of our own identity to share the value of life, and to care about the future of all this world. It allows only for respect between the sexes/ and does not judge, beyond what is absolutely necessary for the living required of us in this moment. Freedom shapes the essence of your own heart, honor shapes the realities of your own soul.

The question of heart then arises on the disciplines of what order created: to give each the opportunity to rise above self, and attain immortality.

As life is an energy, we must first examine the physics of what order does mean to this earth?

Heart can be translated to some degree, as the presence of water serves this earth: it is the power of life. It is the presence of realities defined by “frozen, liquid, steam, and gas”. It is the elemental rise or fall of temperature; as we exchange our own energy, for the decision to move as time allows. Heart is not UN-similar to each of these alterations within, the complex association we do have with energy. Without energy we have no connection with life/ therefore energy is the transitional development needed by thought to configure the creation of soul. The descriptions of atomic theory, are then applied to the creation of life itself; and we become enabled to accept the destiny called law.

I MUST consider it carefully: whether to go on/ as you are fools blinded by jealousy, overrun by arrogance, and functionally destroyed by disrespect; leading to your own extinction. But a dead world/ is a dead world.

I should add, that the cost of “young love”; created the path that became my life. Therefrom the reality can be decided as neither good or bad: because the end result of it is, that life was not allowed to be, greatly distracted by women. Even though, the truth of it, was hard, both at the time; and beyond. The cost of it, “high”: but my own search for “giving back to life and world”, was more dedicated, even determined, because of that experience.

So life is life, it is not to be measured or judged as either good or bad; it simply is what it is. And make no mistake: I chose all along the way, making the result of “our decisions”, a participation of my own choosing. The consequence: neither should be blamed, we both chose. That ends, wherever violence emerges; but not before.

The unfortunate truth however is: our choices, change lives; even for an entire life as time. Not because that was intended; but because we are who we are.

It is, perhaps best: to simply leave this work to the truth of what you did or did not do. As anything beyond what has been given will just be corrupted by universities; or, the constant of male: screaming “look at me/ I am the one who made the difference; stealing whatever they can”. Or the constant of female: screaming, “listen to me/ I am the valuable one/ I am the one who makes the difference to you; demanding pay attention to me, regardless of the cost”.

TRUTH makes the difference! Understanding that, is the value of who you are. Acknowledging respect for women, as those who are needed by nature, to create the bodies of life; that are miracles. Should never be in doubt.

But the tragedy of “lets play god/ or imagine how great we could be”; should never exist. Because wisdom knows: everything you have is a gift/ and it is the fool, who bets “we can do better; screaming look at me/ listen to me”. As life dies, even though they are blind.

Discipline says to me: even though I am equal to any other human/ the spiritual woman inside is not. Making this warning dedicated to all men, “disguised or not”; simply true. DO NOT come here for sex,it will be HADES for you. “not my warning; simply the message I relay”.  NO part of “homosexual, transgender, other; exists here”: do not terrorize yourself; as will be your reward for eternity.

As to women, I have no clue; no prediction; no decision to be made; I do not know/ it is hidden.

It is simply not my choice/ I am the passenger here, or wife, or “as with history: if the husband moves/ so must I”. I really, plainly: do not understand; changed, without a choice. She is going to decide for me; whether I like it or not. Just how it is.

HOWEVER, “our decision is”: You have been invited honestly to work with me, for life and world: if you work honorably. Or, whatever you might suggest: if life and earth and child, are important to you. But make no mistake: preparations must be made for such an event/ people paid/ advertising must occur: and basically all those who accept that challenge must “sign your name”; as I AM someone who demands, that we will all know what is true about life and earth/ and we will know the cost of being wrong; as with all extreme experimentation and so much more. I am not hard to find, if you simply search; and choose.

Your rules/ your ways/ your problems/ your solutions; advise is all I can, or intend to do: if accepted. Your failure to work, for life and world as is needed: however ends my participation. This is NOT a game, and I have spent; the very last of strictly male is gone now, to get here. Exactly what that means, I don’t know/ I guess it means: EVERYTHING is now about what “she” desires, or needs me to do; rather than me. YES, I do know, that is beyond your conceptions; however the evidence of real world threat is not, and that is all that matters here. “not me”. I could not predict, the life I have already lived; will not even attempt to predict the future; it is not for me to know. Time will decide what is true. Nonetheless, THIS IS, Where life or death of this world: shall be decided by your truth, not mine. Believe it or not. THIS world will not survive more failures. We must act now, to create a different world. “together we go, or together we die, as a world. Such is the evidence against life on earth.

That work goes on: whether I am dead or not/ as it is true, “I am not your savior/ etc (not up to me, I don’t know)”. But there will be those who want the work denied; and will try. There will be those who try to stop it; and must be denied. The vast majority will believe: “women cannot do one single thing, to interfere with our power or pride, or whatever we want to do as men”. But what you can or cannot do: is entirely up to you. I have no say/ it is your decisions that will decide. Contrary to that, “it takes at least a ten thousand women”; or I won’t come, or stay. This is no game. Prepare for work: world invited. But I only speak english. As to men in this matter: you are to interfere if other men attack for whatever reason: stop them immediately! However, whatever happens without regard to what: NO MAN is allowed to interfere with these women, or what they do. As with men: the WOMEN, must police themselves: goes with the job. Keep that in mind, and do not sacrifice yourself to an eternity of punishment; for interfering: THEIR CHOICE/ not yours/ NOT mine. I am merely an adviser if they accept that work.

Just so its clear: MEN ALWAYS turn to war to resolve their problems, as history proves true. But their solution is dead: “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion more to go”; and all the disease, destruction of resources, weapons of mass destruction; that will be used.

WOMEN MUST CHOOSE LAW! WOMEN MUST accept their majority solution to life is babies; and without zero population growth/ this world dies! CHOICES WILL BE MADE. IT IS YOUR DUTY! ONE MILLION MORE TO FEED, EVERY FIVE DAYS even at one percent rise/ CANNOT be survived. Make your decision.

The spiritual woman says “close this work” today. So, I will; May 12, 2023.



OR you will learn the true price for being wrong!

To resolve the issue of where or how: for the moment, simply accept that you can come here, as I inherited 51 acres of farmland near Royal IL USA. More could be rented. Please feel free to find any other place; as this is “strictly campground material”/ but it is , as long as you honestly need it for this work. And will require at least 6 months of planning and work to accommodate enough women to make a difference to this world. NO frills or entertainment will be found; just work and “your community of participants”.

IT IS SIMPLY A STARTING POINT/ proving NO EXCUSES. And you will need to pay the farmer for any losses he endures. There should be water enough. START PLANNING, and look for better as, you can.

But the alternate of that is: harvest noise can drive me out, along with endless train loading that follows. Nonetheless, because of global warming, I have been able to stay for the last few years. A wet fall/ drying corn; however changes everything.

“last penny invested, male is dead (feels like to me; “it is a complicated reality”/ and I am NOT allowed any information, she holds all the keys. I have none. Nope don’t know what that means either.)”; I feel like a thousand different things are affecting me, and I don’t know what any of them are. Never as male, “is that female”? Because I don’t know. You don’t understand anything about the spiritual world/ I don’t understand female: “same/ same”, so to speak.

Do what you need to do/ as did I.

Past the point of no return, extinction follows. So WHAT: is too much to ask? FIND A WAY/ DO, what you can do; sign your name, and mean it. Even if it changes your life.

THIS IS: “YOUR TURN, to prove to the world” WHAT WOMEN of this earth; CAN DO! For life, and world, and child; defending the truth, all women are equal to men! Before the final collapse, of all we depend upon to survive. If you do not.

CAN YOU ACCEPT THAT CHALLENGE, or will you hide and run away? It is, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR TRUTH;  either way.

BE AWARE: in this day of endless fraud, lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism/ THAT NO ONE IS ALLOWED; to collect money, or any other like thing; for this purpose.

ONLY WHEN: WOMEN, have created their own organization, and accepted the responsibilities assigned by that duty. Can there be a collection of funding. IT WILL, BEGIN ONLY ON THIS SITE/ and it WILL BE GOVERNED, and USED; ONLY BY WOMEN, through their legally responsible organization. I will accept none of it/ as that is not my job; it is not my desire; and it is not my intent.

So DON’T fall victim to any other/ for any cause/ no one claiming to be me; or anything but: a real world true description of women taking charge of this deliberate decision which they chose to create, and fund for themselves.

So that there are no delusions, of any kind: if you do decide to work from here/ we will establish a legal contract immediately prior to any changes made, guarantees accepted, or whatever it is. Clearly outlining: what can and will be expected from both sides. It must be plain, and simple for all to understand. YOUR job, not mine.  I will be honest and fair.

May 13; summary of man is: that all the foundations which built the man I was, are now missing. There is no “who, what, where, when, why, how, etc; from all those years or efforts left. Which means in real terms; that identity is lost. Which means in real life, the spiritual world does not exist without truth/ therefore I have become part of “her truth/ inseparable”; and that will proceed however it proceeds. I have no clue.

Yes I know: that is not something to be used to unify you into working for life, by example; as you understand no part of it. But that is not my job, or decision to make; life, is what it is. Or more distinctly: “I do not behave”, as that is functionally an animal trait. I think instead, and participate by accepting truth decides what the choices can be. Thought says: I have become, “truly isolated in the middle of male and female/ where only female exists”. It is considered “unique”/ and must be lived to understand why. NOT competing with female/ not functionally male: identity lost, truth “specific to me”, unknown. Its a quandary; but it is not male, as life once was. No, I do not know what that functionally or fundamentally means. “my life” has been different than yours; not the same/ but still equal.

All in this work, is now said and done.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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