Claims do not equal rights

Claims do not equal rights



602 W. University ave

URBANA IL, 61801 [one to corporate board/ one to legal]


111 West Jackson boulevard, suite 400

Chicago IL 60604-4135 (debt collector)

From James Frank Osterbur


dated: May 22, 2023

RE: your legal turn to harassment, “abuse of authority/ discriminating against my right to court”: and now libelous accusations, the claim: of failure to pay a debt. Causing to exist, the unsubstantiated (you had a choice: the courtroom)/ but chose, to claim: failure to pay. IF, I hear from you again in this matter. IF, I find that you have not removed any and all claim of debt from my name and identity/ THEN I can and will charge you with harassment, and review the decision for more. IF, YOU do not clear my name and identity throughout your business interests; indicating NO DEBT exists, throughout every point of entry/ THEN I will charge you with discrimination; and claim that you have dishonorably caused me harm, as is consistent with an act of libelous. Your actions have sustained this claim: that you have created a debt now owed to me/ as described.

YOUR OPTION IS, as it was from the beginning: TAKE ME TO COURT/ AND PROVE by establishing: IN A LEGAL: JURY TRIAL,

THAT YOUR CLAIM OF COMPENSATION IS VALID, FOR THE WORK: as charged. As plaintiff; you are allowed to identify what your purpose for trial is. As defendant I am allowed to identify: what I will be fighting for, by the limits and boundaries agreed too/ as is order and discipline, balanced by the hope of what can be created to avoid this for all of society in the future. OR, if there is no agreement; then a battleground for the war that follows to determine, what and who the casualties shall be. YOUR OPTION is; to offer a constitutionally appropriate claim of law; as defined by realistic goals for social improvements to medical billing issues instead. Which we will then use to construct the decision which leads us both here: to dispute your claim of “debt ownership”. This is not “a social program or intent”. THIS IS: a demand for fair and appropriate billing in exchange for medical treatment: simple and plain. Nonetheless, a courtroom expands that purpose: to improve the future of all medical billing/ by contrasting, legitimate citizen rights, with reality; and that does include us all. IF you do not respond to that honorably: THEN, the limits and boundaries I have created herein will rule; both for trial and appeals.

AND CONSISTENT WITH THE PURPOSE, and the CLAIM I demand: CALLED “FAIR PLAY”. Otherwise, you do owe me an apology, usable for public disclosure. Along with your complete exoneration of all debt/ along with a clear “no further cost to me exists”: as would be any constriction of my future need or decision to use this service called a hospital, or any other part of the business(s), associated with the name “Carle”. You will provide: by formal notice given to me/ by the corporate board of Carle; business head of all entities conceived of under than name; as does include, “Carle Foundation Hospital”: that these things in response to claimed debt and by admission of (no harm done/ all claim of debt or other, ends). LEGALLY, Establishing your harassment ends here too. WHICH I DO, now fully expect and demand to collect; from you: to resolve this issue without court. CHOOSE! This matter being well over a year; from its beginning requires no further patience. Should you fail to provide the appropriate documentation to resolve this issue/ then you have conceived to jeopardize my life; in the cause, linking medical care to unresolved issues of debt. Penalties will erupt.

Response in kind: I have in no way, as has been clearly proven to you, and in multiple ways: failed to pay your claim of debt. INSTEAD, as is my legal right: Giving you ample opportunity to prove your debt/ rather than simply obey your claim that I owe more than you have already received. This option, of going to court: where a jury decides if in fact I owe anything further/ constructs the mediation needed to resolve “your fantasy and delusions”. It further goes on; as the purpose of class action: to create the template for all medical billing: between public and healthcare. As best we can/ a need for you/ a need for us: making the resolution of what is fair a foundation purpose within the jurisdiction of law and justice.

In the alternate to “believe”; I have called for public trial. To require that you prove your charge is fair. To prove: that you have overcharged me for work that you did do / or that I owe as the jury decides, according to billing presented. The reality of cause: being a broken tibia leg bone, which required 8 screws and a plate to bind it together in order to mend. As already indicated: my insurance and other payments, have totaled to over $66,000 plus. For this work, and I fully believe that is not only sufficient for an “hour of outpatient” surgery: but will not be paying unless a jury, in a courtroom: finds it to be not enough. As I do declare “overcharged already”.

I am not arguing “doctor or care”/ medical issues, doctor issues, patient issues: are legally void in this matter, as of this time. I am arguing the reality of work, does not meet, the consequent claim of money, you say is being owed. YOU are claiming: any debt you describe is valid against me, without exception. Failing the condition called fair play, for all parties involved: which does include me. Discarding the truth: you chose to let me sit with a broken leg for ten days, before surgery care was given.

The validity of describing care or the lack of it: is granted in court: as the means of describing the business of being owed, for services rendered/ resources used. Or in contrast: this is enough/ or the charge of debt/ costs, has been too much; to conceive of justice or fair play.

NO, so called medical expert will be called. NO “excessive language will be used”/ the jury shall understand, or you will create the language used, restating your argument over to insure they do.

This is a business matter now: not a medical one/ which you do well know is true.

This is a reality of care/ and work: fundamental to us all: an accident (completely unintentional) which caused the work to occur. Thereby leading to this billing due to that accident. A reality that exists throughout all of healthcare, in all its capacity as an extension of business, and its costs: the constant exists, “nobody wanted this/ until it had to be; to correct what could be fixed”. That fact negates any claim that I am limited by you to whatever discretion of choice you might suggest; in determining this billing. We did not enter any form of contract; as equals.

I do demand a courtroom to resolve this/ or your “debt to me/ as described”. Now without exception, I DO DEMAND A FORMAL, ON YOUR LETTERHEAD/ BY YOUR HAND: REMOVAL OF ALL DEBTS CLAIMED, statement of any and all constrictions or potential restrictions removed/ OR TAKE ME TO COURT, to resolve what is or is not owed. One or the other, it is your choice. But there will be no payment, beyond the courtroom/ and this does now extend into harassment; by your insistence, that no courtroom shall exist.

Not so. Either accept this debt has been paid/ or file in the court in this jurisdiction for trial by jury. Further harassment, shall be met with appropriate legal actions as I decide to do.

Fully understanding the purpose of that courtroom shall include: that because this is in fact, a matter considered to be throughout all of healthcare same: a reality which affects us all. There will be a component: called class action lawsuit, to refine and determine what is fair in this nation, this state of IL: between “the business of healthcare/ and the reality of debts imposed upon the common citizen because of that healthcare.

Remembering the truth: this was never a planned or expected operation/ but in an instant: became a reality, that could not be left alone. Same as so many more citizens, trapped by their own bodies, into compliance for seeking and needing care. A reality that grows; as we age/ as I approach 70 years old. That need to resolve the fixation of “work for money”; does of course extend to all forms of healthcare. Reality as in this case proves: none desire it without cause. Proven in terms of cancer, and everything associated with healthcare; as is all manner of true physical need; ALL OF IT! Which includes, even mental considerations, and more. The body decides, for the majority; rather than the individual. Society then decides what is appropriate for the medical profession/ as is proven with this issue, defending ourselves against this organized assault; is not possible for most.

Within the boundaries of trial: YOU SHALL FULLY, INDICATE AND EXPLAIN IN DETAIL. THE EXACT METHOD AND AMOUNT to be used within your action to claim your debt: should you win. As plaintiff, you choose a courtroom. As defendant I choose to know EXACTLY how much we are fighting for: as it does affect the decisions and battleground called trial. You will establish a current claim of all accounting at the beginning of trial/ which does include lawyer fees, courtroom costs, and all associated conceptions of what I would owe. Creating a foundation limit and boundaries: not beyond this. You will establish the foundations and realities of any and all legal or financial claims which shall be consistent with trial or any result of trial expected or not. As is my fundamental right to know; as this is a contract negotiation: this legal work now has a price we will agree too.

NOTHING LESS, or MORE: shall be allowed; and you will give a summary of ALL expectations; along with both high and low limits to be applied in this action against me; should you win. As I do have a legitimate and real cost of courtroom actions and consequences to consider: as my own decision multiplies based upon these costs; just like you and your decision regarding costs: claimed I owe. The jury shall know, and be fully informed: as is my legal right to do. No exception shall be given, the corruption of the court shall be deterred. What you do intend to collect both as a hospital, investor, or ANY other; shall be known. The claim of legal debts, as will result from trial, along with all court costs, and anything else as may be involved by your decision or mine: IS A FACET OF TRIAL/ a reality of decisions: not a game to be hidden.

The very foundation of my intensity for defense is determined by the price of losing/ as is yours: I DO LITERALLY, have a legal foundation right to know. As does the jury in this regard: which decides for society itself, what is fair. That REQUIRES ALL CRITICAL INFORMATION. Same as whether you consider buying a car or whatever it is: THE PRICE, matters, in every decision. Or as is the organization of this medical billing: to reduce “the car/ medical work”: into parts and pieces and codes; so as to sell it to be one tiny bit at a time; “tires didn’t come with it/ steering wheel is separate/ etc”: as is holding back the truth, for a surprise attack: only the barrier has been erected here. Refining your claims to: “how much the damn key costs” to drive it out of here/ answer: I already paid.

Unfortunately, The courtroom, and its judiciary: fails life, and distorts justice; when refusing this foundation, ONLY what is fair to each. The call of law and constitutional government: is OBEY the oath, and accept the precepts and intent of constitutional, democratic authority; or you discard your authority, to achieve treason, against this society, proving contempt. Democracy does intend to govern of all life in society, by justice, using constitutional law as its weapon: judicial contempt for that truth: proves, “government”, discarded as sewage/ replaced as “university decides”. Its called bankruptcy, throughout this society (the loss of value). No more contempt: WE, are the owners here/ OUR courtroom, not yours! The jury shall know, and the judge shall obey the law of democracy (which is for the benefit of society, defined by truth/ not its attackers or their want). Democracy means: “to find our way together, as if united by a single truth: law rules us now, by constitutional (this is our way) government. To refine our government is: to achieve peace, justice, freedoms, rights, security, the protection of life, and harmony within ourselves as one state or nation created by our own choice. Unfortunately; “failure by leadership, surrounds us all/ as lawyers became the originating civilian use: “weapons of mass destruction against society (and “A.I. Is only beginning; as with medical billing, they intend to tear you into pieces, as with all power: which means you can no longer resist: from all directions. Same as covid)”; by their financial and other attacks. The cost of religion (evolution) which includes: university is god”/ indoctrinates every child it can. Democracy instead: is a decision to let truth decide; rather than you or me/ or them. By establishing law, instead of rulers. Alas, instead of respect for life, the deterrent; warning against democracy, is a courtroom, run by “university knows”. And yes; if you force me out of “retirement”/ the war is on: by law elevating truth. Yes I am aware of the propaganda teams against me, called media. But you, even this world; do stand on the edge of extinction; by the exposure of real world evidence, and its consequences. As for me: irrefutable evidence of “constitutional rebellion/ democracy confronted by anarchy: university is god (seizure of leadership and direction; governance)”; is left to others to use. “my job” has been done; your job/ NOT mine, is; save yourselves. The parameters are now in place; and will include placement of this, on “the internet”; as is. Your option to offer resistance to that ends on Friday May 26, 2023. But make no mistake, as is evidenced by more than one debt collector: you have been spreading my name around at your own whim. The internet is my only option to do the same, as you have already done. YOU have had a year: my turn now. The release of this document will no longer be stopped, even if you choose capitulation: I will however listen (written/ signed/ postmarked): till 5 pm. No intent to harm exists: “strictly business”; preparations begin. Trial however can be stopped: as described/ it is not my design or desire for trial: I have retired.

My personal claim: if now we do go to trial, is simple. Should I win: what I demand, shall mirror what you want of me: same/ same!

You are as “Carle foundation hospital” for all court purposes: you are legally described as one individual identity: just as I am one legally described as one individual identity. There is no other, for you or me! No version of hiding from the decision you made for this business entity; described by, under your control. There is NO place to hide: because the reality of this trial identifies an attack on society itself, as by the entire healthcare industry. Signifying that it is fundamentally, an attack on America itself. The critical truth being: my legal protections against corruption of this state and nation, as is amendment 4, are threatened, or have been removed by your decisions. “to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures” implemented by the courtroom; to protect only the corrupt. Fails democracy, and presents an attack on constitutional government (we the people): with proven intent. Fails the intent of democracy: which is “justified by fair play”. Fails the common defense, discarding equal rights. Fails domestic tranquility; with “no man or set of men shall have exclusive or separate emoluments (as is extreme billing) or privileges from community (as is, court induced robbery)”/ YOUR JOB does not entitle you to play god with or over, our lives. And conceives of rebellion, by the disease of greed, power, and pride; as has been established within the courtrooms of state and nation. THESE are not protected, by constitutional law: therefore if proven an assault on this society, constructs treason: the intent to separate liberty into “master and slave”. The hinge point being: is this fair to society? Does the court protect society or its thieves? Is the purpose of democracy greed or justice? Does the constitution equal the government: as law over our employees, granted by oath: or not? The review of all leadership is warranted; as failure is proven true. The attack on community, as endless individuals have been trampled upon by unfair debt, in medical conditions over which they had no, real control: serves as proof. Money is NOT A NUMBER! Money in real life is the resources, and the labor used to create a living! To steal that living, to counterfeit that money, the cost of no respect: under the claim of healthcare, or any other version of critical invasion (constructs a marauding army); which is an attack on us all.

The element of betrayal, begins in healthcare; as with so much in the nation: in a university education of doctors; claimed to cost $500,000.00/ requiring obedience (extreme schooling) beyond foundation rights. As thieves, hidden behind the door: those who decide what the price is going to be? Requires full disclosure, to remove the cancer, that has been invading our lives.

The consequent reality of that is defined by: cost of trial is, a percentage of all holdings, money, etcetera that you intend to attack me for; in your claim for compensation! No exception is given or allowed: STATE YOUR PRICE.

Legal individual identity to legal individual identity, the percentage shall remain the same. NO TRUST, NO CLAIM of financial escape: “everything from me/ means everything from you, as the business identity: described under the business conception: called Carle, both hospital and other.

Nothing from me other than a jury decision distinct to this hospital billing: means nothing from you other than a jury decision; “yes the money in total is owed, by the defendant, OR it is not”! Not a single penny is owed beyond this, or from this/ no debt beyond the courtroom; has been failed to be resolved/ nothing exists in any credit bureau with my name, in regards to this. Nothing is added or subtracted from me: with regards to any form or type of medical need should I be found to return; as the need arise. All is resolved in this one trial or decision made by you.

People who bill months after a work is completed, and complaining of different vendors or other/ and want more after a billing is established: CANNOT be trusted “for a single penny”. As already proven by previous billing: which was designed to make people believe this was “everything”.

The conception of fraud: misrepresenting a billing or a business (we can get more this way)/ refuses the truth: one work (fix bone)/ one business in total, no other: one bill, no other. Organizing multiple fails to finalize a billing; in order to construct multiple billing, from numerous parties; each expanding that debt by claiming a separate work; defies the truth. One job/ one billing/ no alternate claims.

The billing/ your work: was and is “one complete job”. No, Lurking in the shadows, by hiding from what was “one single business deal; as is fix this broken bone”. To create; a divided seizure of assets, claimed debts by several sources. These are organizational decisions, which does conceive of hiding: “some more debt, for later”/ or in war its called “divide and conquer”. When their defenses are down (finished now); the attack is more successful (not yet). Reality says: as is the certainty of YOUR letter: “we will use any information you give us to help collect the debt”; this latest attempt conceives of: bait and switch, and you know it.

Your choice is: WITHOUT the addition of any legal or other fees! To create, as precedent established, for both sides: healthcare and the patient: what is necessary, to construct what society considers: legally binding billing: established within these limits and boundaries; what is valued or what is fraud/ failure. In that courtroom: NOTHING remains of billing, lawyer included. NOTHING returns in dispute, “something left behind” will not exist. NOTHING IS: WHAT you receive now or in the future in this matter; other than the hospital dispute for work on this broken leg, as is the issue of this day. NOTHING from any associate. NOTHING from any other business or entity; as is absolutely nothing other than the disputed hospital (etcetera) fee.

OR: TRIAL IS a battleground, not a playground: which includes class action. Which includes the assault and conspiracy of judicial corruption; which allows for “whatever the lawyers want”. WHICH WILL include the decision to review the realities of what the law can and will define, by assembling a greater purpose than simply defending myself. Aligning with: what must we change in order to achieve a value for life as this nation called the USA. A decision to expand, you make/ not me.

CLASS ACTION, is an entirely different reality; and they will have their own say as to costs or rights. I am separate but joined: by the distinction, no one can predict a future accident or other cause for needing healthcare/ as is not an option, but a need. Critical truth in FAIR and LEGITIMATE billing is essential, for us all; the entire nation and state of IL. THE CURRENT; you have no rights; is consistent with monopoly (they have no rights), and that recognizes the potential construction of racketeering (designing how to get more); as a legal potential direction to that trial.

Class action fundamentally occurs: when the issues of law and fact are indisputably connected to us all. As is healthcare in general/ society DOES have all it needs: to produce and demand this legal action for itself. As I do strongly believe: many have been vastly overcharged: YOUR CHOICE/not mine.

As is the billing associated with debts claimed, generated from healthcare. That is what will be reviewed: to be held valid or not; under the societal contract, that is consistent with the demand of justified: called “fair play”. A reality that cannot be defended as intentional, prior to their claim of debt. As is reality: with my case, an accident produced a broken leg/ which does require legitimate care, with fair billing as a demand of justice in this society.

Without exception; there is no hiding, no game to be played: from your choice, IF YOUR DEMAND FOR MONEY, POSSESSIONS: constructs the percentage of life work in jeopardy: is (all of mine equals this sum/ THEN it equals all of yours, is what I claim: you chose to gamble). You admit: this is your decision by pursuing trial. My decision is: prove I owe you, by establishing this as a valid cost; in court; as is my legal right to demand.

I repeat for the sake of trial by jury: this is YOUR DECISION, it is not mine.

My decision is simply: fair and legitimate billing, is a function of fair and legitimate business. The opportunity to contend “what is due, when a contract cannot be negotiated from the beginning”: does exist in law/ as does the term: monopoly (the claim I have no rights). Critical cause, as is an accident; or other medical emergency: erases the term: fair competition.

Proof of service

I James Frank Osterbur: residing at

do honorably state, and declare: that on this date of May 22, 2023

I have in fact established in the US MAIL SERVICE; mailed from US postal service in Royal IL, 61871

a true and correct copy of the enclosed letter written by me, signed by me: and sent by me to each of the following addresses in the matter of Carle debt vs me (prove it is so).



602 W. University ave

URBANA IL, 61801


111 West Jackson boulevard, suite 400

Chicago IL 60604-4135 (debt collector)

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