Something constructive might be marriage; the disciplines of what does work, the values of what makes life and living “the treasury of us”; the order and balance that only freedom grants as joy; and the responsibilities which provide our place in this world, has not been sacrificed to want, pride, or power. “let the animal” in you die!

There are a wide variety of marriages in humanity; from I need the support to survive/ to an everlasting love, eternity will remember. But nothing less than that is marriage, and it does not exist as animal. Therefore the essence of being alive/ rather than wanting, pride, or power must exist as well.

Marriage is NOT; a sexual trap. NOT a sexual ownership/ NOT a sexual demand/ NOT a sexual “anything goes” experience/ NOT, a game/ NOT a description of “humping animals”; as dogs do/ NOT a delusion, fantasy, or wrestling match. Etc!

Marriage is: the interplay of we treasure each other, with the values called our heart/ IS the path we shape with our lives, to express and experience, the depth and beauty of love set free/ IS the discipline of helping each other, so we can both enjoy our lives; with the energy to share/ IS the order of our caring, as is not only do I share my body with you, what is truly precious proven by respect; will bind us as one/ IS the freedom to release, all that I can be in both me and you; without being judged/ IS the happiness of sharing heart with soul/ IS, the ascension beyond self; that rises to meet GOD (soul aligned with truth) because of you. IS, the meaning of life, because loneliness is gone. IS, an honor that binds us together by trust, in the eloquent desire of a life which becomes “simply as one”. These things are not known by animals/ to be alive, you must ascend into truth, and find your path beyond time; as is described by thought changes life into hope. As is the truth of miracles; all around.

Given the differences between what marriage is and is not; it would seem simple, that humanity would choose what marriage is intended to be/ but do not. Because “human animals”: described by, want (the foundation of every lie), pride (I win/ therefore someone else must lose), and power (what are you really worth to me/ as I alone am the important one) intervene.

Because the end result of life is: being alive requires an acceptance of values, respect, truth, trust, love, hope, courage, heart (I can share), soul (I do care), discipline (life and value are worth the price), order (I know this is a miracle), balance (no one can judge, but the law; by its truth for life). MOST want to believe they are free instead; to do anything they want, to betray anyone they please, or take anything they can take; as animals do. But they are wrong, as the herd cannot escape the predators, without becoming an assault which ends in this environment will collapse, and all must then die. So life allows for humans to be animals; but as with all prey, one way or another your time will end.

Therefore true marriage accepts the value of time is to create our own identity, by making our own choices (without interference by media, universities, or other): in order to accept what is true about life is, that miracles bless us all. Therefore being alive allows, participation in the path beyond self; which realizes, that friendship is one of those miracles we should not treat without honesty or respect.

Being married REQUIRES: that you are friends! Nothing less will do, and you cannot hide that fact in sex/ it will show out; ending the basis of our trust. Marriage, is a dignity assigned to the first step in climbing beyond survival, into the grace and beauty of being alive with values. Or more distinctly: the balance between male and female rises, as we become intimately acquainted with life and body as one. The value of that, is an ascension: “into the life or each other”. The expression of that, is to cherish the miracle of life; found in this truth. While the experience of that, is a rhythm within the soul, creates the heart we share.

Marriage is not a game/ it is not a trophy/ it is not toys to play with/ it is not property to own/ it is not superiority or authority over each other/ it is not an abuse used to transfer anger or hate/ it is not power, pride, or want/ it is not being your slave/ or your bank account/ or your trinket to use in public or private without my consent.

Marriage is, the combination of miracles; to present to life and self; an opportunity to remove isolation from living, by joining another life. As we share the experience of our existence; to become the love expressed by our own truth and its respect for life itself. The blessing of woman is: “not male”/ the blessing of man is: “not female”: which is the balance both require “to feel whole”. Nothing less, can offer that, to you. But if you have no love/ if you are without respect for nature, thereby life itself; you will not know what that means.


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