LONELINESS, sits on the edge of happiness; and demands attention; or else. The foundation being; that as an independent living existence, we are born alone, and we will all die alone; because we are not anchored to life, apart from love.

So the critical construction of loneliness is: although freed through reality being bonded to life/ we are not freed from self, which finds the relationship of love to be our most gracious or precious value to living. With true love we are bound together as if just one. Hate surrenders this, because of the reality of loneliness; and attempts to cut apart any bond, created by love in others that can be found. Therefore loneliness increases, and judgment follows to assert, “I have no needs/ I am god, to me”.

The most striking thing of being alive, is being alive! You are not alive in loneliness, but you are an existence in time, as all animals are. To be alive, you must find the dimension of thought, and enter within that realm of truth: by understanding “every miracle, is a beautiful work of art, to be embraced by understanding; never could anything on this earth; create this life”. GOD is real. Order, discipline, law, balance, respect, love, hope, courage, value, heart, and soul; are all “in view”.

The most distinct thing in living is: you must choose which direction you will go.


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