How you are going to interact with your world.

How you are going to interact with your world.


WHAT is important to you? A very critical construction of how you are going to interact with your world. Different people live in different experiences of life; and they do not understand each other; because the choices seem different/ because they are different. But the values which shape every decision, are elementally driven by the very same desires. The human animal wants more, because everything is about me; including how you see me; as is betrayal by selfishness. The predator a variant of that animal; wants to take from others whatever they want/ as that proves, “be afraid of me/ I am superior”. While the prey animal, not only wants; but demands we all have to be the same to participate in this herd. While the human who is being alive in the grace of miracles; which surround us all/ cannot conceive of the descent from life within a miracle/ to an animal who is not aware, miracles do exist. They simply live, until they die; which is why having more becomes important.

Human society is largely all animals; particularly since the cult of universities took control, and betrayed life by refusing miracles; to complain its all animals, and nothing but accidents built out of destruction as is chaos in reality. To their shame/ yet the people wanted that release from the decisions they make; to claim “no consequences for me”/ not in my lifetime; and since it is “dust to dust”; who the hell cares about you.

So there are many herds in humanity; each trying to declare themselves as separate, and therefore needing to be “just limited to us”. That fact allows for some to complain and ridicule any other group; as “without value”/ and should be driven out. A reality that intensifies around the young, which fuck the others without considering the cost of “changing our herd”/ as is, a real world problem. All groups do that, with the exception of the universities cult: which wants controversy, so they can then take control over everything; by claiming to be superior; instead of the enemy who designed the war instead. The reality is: as seen with every group: that as with housing, when one group gets control over a neighborhood, they try to drive the others out. Because as is true: my family has needs too/ my child has needs too/ my cousin, my relative, MY LIFE don’t need your contamination or competition; because we want it all. As is fair to us: DON’T contaminate our lives, with your drivel or demands.

So every group does that, with jobs and everything: but all the minority groups scream at the majority group how wrong they are for doing the same. Even though: as is with immigration: if the majority group moved to another nation to be the minority; how would they be treated differently? Answer, not as well.

In this america: the constant is, as with media: to produce the most gruesome sights of death that are possible to instill fear. To demand the most fundamental of all beliefs; OR we will let you die, because healthcare is the universities domain. And of course OBEY; as with media producing endless shows about how the gun is the answer, because the animals are cruel, and don’t care. Whispering continually: that slavery was wrong 100+ years ago; and the children of the children of the children of the children of the children+; ought to pay. Pushing black into white/ and white into black; while the others sneak in behind to take control over the nation while the rest are distracted; a common tactic among the intellectuals. But reality demands: that in fact slavery was almost from the very beginning of human life on earth/ and it is not much different than poverty, and can even be better. But it can also be extremely bad for many individuals: point being its not new or limited to America in the past. Instead the civil war was actually caused by banking: as they demanded the money, even though the north took away their claim of assets/ their “tools for getting the work done”. So the south lost everything, to poverty; and became angry. While the north “never mentioned by media”: were whites who lived and died/ mutilated and divorced; more: to free the slaves. But no mention of that: because the cursed and violent, want a war. With chaos, taking whatever you want; becomes much easier: including killing those you don’t. Why? Because unless people die/ unless they go bankrupt, and lose everything: it is very hard to unseat those who came first.

Because they have worked to build what they did build; and you did not help. Instead you are here, to take from them what they did build for yourself. And the “we want more” people shout; NOT FAIR, we didn’t have a chance to do the work; we are people too, and those who have; don’t matter more than do we. So the summary is: life is not fair, it is what it is. As to being human therefore worthy of being treated fairly: to drive someone else into poverty, because you want more, is not fair either. So the best we can do as a world is: worthless, unless population is limited to zero growth. Only then can we divide the property and possibilities, which could be fair; because no group has the opportunity to say: you owe us, because we trashed our own. That is not fair.

Oh wait, I know: what we should do is, to give every person who wants more; what they want, so they can work and sacrifice and plan for their child, and want for their friends. And then come in ten or twenty years; shouting and screaming, GIVE US WHAT YOU DID, because you got too much, and we want more. Would that not be fair? “same/ same”. But of course those who spent everything, gambled everything, worked for nothing, and claimed crime is their answer; will all shout, “yes that is fair”. Because they want a free life, that their slaves pay for. “which is you”/ if you work, and others come to take it all away; as is war.

So the correct answer is: in a world where nothing is fair/ because the planet is full of people, and the resources have been destroyed so badly. That war or “HELL” is all we have left. To avoid that, our option as a world is: to divide by groups; what is real, in ways that are “friend to all”/ and then seal every border saying without doubt. YOU SHALL NOT go beyond this line, not one: or as a world enforcing law; you will die. If you are orderly and do have your population under control; then those borders can be relaxed. If not you are confined, and will not receive any help as time goes on. The reality being: each group is responsible for its own. The truth is: with genetic mutilation of life: we CAN EXPECT, pandemics and tragedies and horrors to come. The cost being: “keep it to yourselves”/ as best you can. Because no matter which group you are; a world is more important than you. As we all know is true. A reality of “university plays god”; with consequences we cannot escape. Because the cult of worshipers, wanted no consequences too; but failed reality as well.

The cost being: the elders lose their medical care; given to the children instead/ healthcare loses its private enterprise status/ critical choices are made, because there are limits to what we can or will do in our new reality. NOBODY is allowed to help, even if another group is starving: UNLESS birth control is real, and substantial enough to make a real difference; etcetera.

So the intellectuals declared war with covid: to steal from “behind the bushes; so you don’t see them”; by killing truth in order to collect trillions in their demand to play god with life and earth. Unaffected by laws which no longer matter: as they all scream “evolution is god”.

Discarding every truth, for lies: claiming, blood, bones, organs, immunity, lungs, hearts, muscles, “a million neurological miles of communication and blood lines”, thought, sex, brains, every part and piece, built and placed; as is individually made to complete a human being; is nothing more than an accident, that they can explain with chaos, and no brain. Alas, even the sewer knows better/ which means; “the serpent got loose” in the sewage that remains of your brain.

And the people say: IMMIGRATION IS GREAT; but where will the food, water, housing, jobs, policing, and more come from? Answer, it will be war; as water runs out/ as food runs out/ as reality pushes humanity into the trouble chosen by your leaders. Screaming “university is god”. To your shame.

In a world without reality, “university is god”; the fantasies of leaders/ the delusions of universities; continue to define the curse of consequences we cannot avoid. Tragedy for all; but especially the young, who have not yet had their time; as nature would have allowed.

We face a very unpleasant truth; that the resources are mostly thrown away by those who refused to care (I know/ I was there); shouting one and nearly all, “not in my lifetime”. Let the children pay.

Which brings us to today: some form of slavery, will be faced by all. Because the words: NO YOU CAN’T, are the difference between extinction and life on earth. Therefore we must take control over that reality, by choosing to be governed by law/ NOT by people, who then take too much/ fail too much/ and refuse law so they can have more power.

I have faced slavery, believe it or not: being turned back from eternity (not now)/ has become the “opposite of me”; a reality that belongs to spiritual female (as predicted in Revelation 12 (the world says, hell no to this) & 17 (religion says, hell no to this). Its complicated; and I do not know anything more than; “its not my choice anymore”. I am told: women have endured this/ and you will too. But life reminds each one; that like me, what you want is no longer relevant; as our world is dying because of you. Nobody escapes that truth. The consequence being: I too, cannot escape that truth, and the only hope left is, “what can women do” for life that men cannot? The answer of course is: they don’t immediately turn to war, or money (but universities have destroyed that) as their solution to every problem they create. Except for sex; which is for animals (human included), an escape from the real world problems they face.

My solution was: after a ten year search, learning men CANNOT save this world. I asked to be taken into eternity, as I purposely refused (let me leave), so not to watch it die. Don’t choose that; as the path back; is from the truly opposite view. No I don’t know how it ends; for you or me.

The simple truth is: I really don’t know, what my purpose is suppose to be here/ in “a woman’s spiritual world”; we worked in time together, but not now. Mostly my fault. Reality says: “this is woman in charge”/ or we have changed places. “its complicated”; more than you can imagine.

That elemental truth is absolutely necessary to our survival as a world/ and the only way it can be found is through WORLD LAW, AND WORLD POLICING OVER LEADERS. Simple as that. The second truth is; that to survive life and earth, by avoiding extinction: the reality of men in charge that always turns to money to decide everything/ must end. The only way that can be done is to assert the truth: we must act together with respect for life and world; choosing NOT to be wrong/ when we can make a difference. The reaction to that is: as if with a war, everything we do, we must do for life and planet as if it will die if we do not. By constructing the values of we are working together, and everyone is needed for this purpose; the money is clearly secondary or less. At least the potential to survive will exist. More than today, as it does not.

The rich/ the expert/ the media/ the powerful/ those wanting to be animals; and the majority will all scream: HELL NO, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; BE DAMNED TO THE REST. As they have been doing for the last 50 years. Which makes this a battle of the young against the old. Because while the elders, may be just like all the rest who lived through history/ this world has changed. Resources lost/ extreme experimentation/ weapons of mass destruction/ overpopulation/ oceans dying/ climate change/ extinction spreading/ atmosphere detaching/ nature being mutilated/ universities releasing biological weapons/ media destroyed by ownership of the very rich/ governments stealing, cheating, lying, treason, terrorism, and more. Religion without a say; because they sold out to universities. And more.

So the time is now, the war for life or death of our planet is governed by a world courtroom to dispel any disbelief in the reality of truths to be disclosed. “all on the same page/ no excuses/ no refusal: truth is truth/ life is life/ extinction is forever: CHOOSE”.

YOUR JOB: MAKE THAT COURTROOM HAPPEN, and keep it real/ truthful/ and fair to all; so that no excuse can be supported. OUR DECISION: LIFE OR DEATH/ not theirs, as they have in fact already done; their choice “let the children die/ we want what we want”. CHANGE THAT, or it will come true. A world forever lost.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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