Happiness if formed by destiny/ and destiny is formed by decisions, which become the foundation of your own identity. People who are not happy with their identity LIE; especially to themselves. People who believe they have found the destiny they want; are basically happy, until reality proves that want is not enough; and beliefs are not “acquainted with GOD”.

Which brings us, to the elemental rise of truth, as a value beyond self. The reality of our time is merely the reality of our time; and it does not construct the validity of our lives; as is found in the truth of people are not often treated fairly, and must contend within the realities of environment as is consistent with where they are born. Or more distinctly: time does not construct life/ decisions do. Every decision is a choice: to love or hate/ in between that is survival. There is nothing else.

Therefrom we know; that the value of our truth is either as love/ or the chaos of hate; because that is what we chose, beyond the measure called time. Love is the foundation of all happiness/ while hate is the foundation of all that is not love or happiness; a reality of time: “puts us in the same environment”. To understand the difference; “to enlighten your choices”. But people who are overrun by hate, and their intent to make you fear and believe whatever they want you to believe; lose sight of happiness, love, and life. The consequence of that was so bad: that JESUS was literally the evidence of “clear truth; this is love/ that is hate”. Which did pull humanity back from the edge of complete destruction; of human, being alive; existence. If you have no respect for HIS WORK/ then you have placed no value on love; and discard it; until you do. Happiness dissolves for these; because without love, there is only hate and survival or death.

So we ask: WHAT does it take to be alive, as Creation meant for you to be?

The primary reality is a brain that works, beyond self. But alas, like the Romans of JESUS day; the universities stole that, and replaced it with their cult; who says to you, “today we can have anything we want for free/ there are no consequences for us; no reason to be responsible for life or earth or love”. Just WANT WHAT YOU WANT/ AND GIVE NOTHING BACK to life or world. As is exactly what the vast majority of human animals have been doing. Stealing (the resources reside in garbage mountains)/ lying (overpopulation cannot be sustained; it is extinction by horrors)/ cheating (destroying the oceans)/ betrayal (destroying the water supplies)/ terrorism (destroying nature_)/ thieves (destroying the value from currency)/ corruption (destroying democracy)/ collusion (destroying the courtrooms, [the universities cannot be questioned] to prove that power rules here, by hiding truth)/ conspiracy (the satanic risk; of igniting atoms on fire “just like the sun”. Which just like the sun, cannot be controlled)/ etc.

so, none of that has value/ and every part of that is a horror story coming. Courtesy of your decision to worship “universities are god”.

The opposite of that is: GOD IS GOD/ Jesus IS HIS messenger; that brought back human love to this earth. Respecting the MIRACLES of our Creation as life and world; signify and prove by the evidence; that we are alive/ or not. Living within the purpose and desire for love; honors life, and brings happiness to our world. Providing justice by letting truth alone decide our direction is for life, love, and hope.

Denying universities the right to rule/ OR do extreme experimentation; taking risks beyond their value. And a “billion more” realities of change/ that would prove being alive has returned to this earth. Beyond self or want/ as truth aligns with truth, and reality returns to respect for our world, and all its miracles as are, proven true.

No human did these miracles. NOTHING LESS THAN THOUGHT can accomplish anything called “complex”. Literally how many billion things MUST WORK at the same time within your body; to keep you alive? ASK THE DAMN QUESTION; but not of fools. Find your brain.


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