Therefore the living enter within heart to expand the rhythms of life, into the realities of “an identity called, I am”. Truth aligns with the evidence of every decision, and trust builds a bridge, to form a living between lives.

Or, more distinctly: the critical value of love within this universe, is to open the door between living truths; as respect, within trust and reality will allow.

Life is a dimension held outside the energy of its existence; by which laws form within and without that boundary of limits: to sustain a value beyond measure.

We enter within that energy, by design to form existence. But we live beyond that limit of energy confined; to know where truth and law form from thought.

Love shares life. Love cares about your existence. Love shapes the truth which opens a door, beyond self; to search beyond this earth into eternity.

Love gave us life/ and gives us time. Even for those who hate; because their job is to prove the difference your choice does make; for a world or another soul.

Love grants heart, and lets it know love within its own boundaries; so that the energy of you, can form into soul; the transition of time beyond self.

Love honors existence, within the boundaries that you have shaped for yourself. While honoring the limits others have shaped while sharing the existence of you.

Love respects every miracle; as if it were the beginning of life itself. Because that is exactly what each is. While some are used, for life to exist/ others grant the blessing of what we could do for life and self and truth.

Love searches in truth for thought, and the spiritual world opens; as the elemental definition of life defined by time: joined, but not opened. A reality of existence: that will be known by only a few, until death removes time itself.

Love travels in thought, and gifts the journey of our respect; back to where it belongs. Where there is no respect, there is no future as life. 

Time ALLOWS for you to create your very own truth! Thereby establishing within that truth an identity that is “AS PURE” as you are. Creating for the sake of eternity itself; a value that cannot be mistaken, because you created it for yourself. The realities of contradictions to that truth you designed, further purifies and defines how you will react or act when confronted by energy and costs within the future as created by living beyond this world. Therefore known, and love is never to be “heartbreaking”; because only truth survives/ and only true love is accepted. While mercy can allow for “less than needed for life”/ granting a living “in separate spaces”. It cannot give to you eternal life; unless you achieve better than you are; at this final event; before you surrender to the realities of what you chose. LIFE is not a game. Neither are your own choices.

YOU should know: that the spiritual world is a transition place, where reality searches throughout the depths of what is true in you; to establish where the boundaries and limits are. NO LIE IS LEFT. Where judgment or mercy or acceptance will occur. Which means, some degree of elemental choice; between “good and bad” shall confront you; so beware/ and prepare to assemble and prove:  what is true to you! Faith in the truth, is the preparation. Belief in what you want; is a tornado effect; which presents chaos, to remove and identify what has been hidden. Life or death is up to you; as only truth survives, the cost of, real energy now.

The endless heart, is a rhythm that lives beyond your life in time; and finds you wherever you are. Love is the joy formed by that rhythm. Life is the essence of hope, as it becomes the foundation of your home; in the critical truth of soul. We enter life, as an energy collapsed by thought, into the framework that can survive the limits and boundaries of what will become our freedoms. But we enter freedom, based upon the definitions and discovery of laws, obeyed or denied. Our own participation in thought, transforms life into self. Our participation in love, transforms self back into life that is shared by soul. The heart lives by joy, and the rhythms presented by our hope, transform eternity into home. Love is the law of participation without death. Heart is the law of living, where hope provides the essence of soul. While   GOD   Creator of this universe,  is cherished within respect for all that does exist; in a heart beyond self.

Some cannot imagine, what life beyond a body of time could be. I remind you instead of limiting life to your own knowledge of experience or expression. To expand beyond the destiny of time, and inherit the essence and truth “of what MIRACLES” are. Search your soul, as is being alive in the truth of miracles prove what is true.

Some will ask; HOW do I know, that eternity is true/ that love governs the rest of life with love/ OR ANYTHING beyond time; as we CANNOT testify to what we do not know is real?  But I will ask you instead:  if you truly did have to choose “just one thing” for life to extend beyond the grave: WHAT would it be? BECAUSE the majority “want, what they want”/ rather than accept life is governed by truth; and our lives are dictated by what we do honestly desire. Making the three choices of time: the reality of what is real in you. Your choice, like mine is:  love, as being alive does choose, through the acceptance of thought, the essence of law: which governs LIFE in the universe.  Hate, the foundation used to throw life away, and claim superiority over time: a war with GOD  for some/ which IF you intentionally cost a life, for an eternity that would have shared love with  GOD. Then to HADES (terrors beyond comprehension) you will go.   Or middle of the road, survival of the herd; animals want what animals want, playing games, and they simply die; ending existence.

More simply: if love is not your true desire/ then you will not participate among those who did choose to live their lives as love. As is;  “no more heartbreak” here.

if you choose want more: time ends, and takes life with it; dissipating into lost forever.

if you choose pride more: time ends, and you will never win again, leaving you in “purgatory”. Until you surrender life, is over.

if you choose power more: then judgment will find you, and what you did do, will plague you, “from the other side of life”;  until your own extinction comes.

The animals claim:  “dust to dust/ no consequences for us”.

But reality replies:  every miracle proves LIFE, and its ending from time:  is more than you can comprehend.  JESUS not only created the undeniable differences between love and hate/ but conceived of an eternity, with “our Creator”; by choosing love.  There is a vast difference between love and hate/ a reality of existence; that cannot be crossed; when time ends for you. YOUR OWN TRUTH decides; where you stand.

The test of time is truth, because love does NOT desire; to share existence with hate.      NOT even a little!   So that it is “ultimately fair”; all are given the opportunity to decide for themselves.  As to “new life”; they will either rise based upon what you give to them/ or dissipate and vanish from existence; as love did not save or judge them at fault.

The distance between life and death: is energy/ not flesh. Flesh equals your presence in time, but not the formation of your life; as is the result of what energy can do. Since all physical energy is defined by atoms; all physical life is the result of atomic disciplines which form order into life/ rather than motion alone.

What is critical to existence: is thought. Because only thought can reference the understanding necessary, to comprehend time or a reality of truth. Therefore life is the result of thought, and thought is a framework, fundamentally defined by the interactions ___________________________________________________which then present a choice.

Death removes the energy from time compressed into life. Thought reassembles the existence of life beyond death, as the potential to inherit, the right: to enter into thought as is a passage beyond self, where eternity may be found. Only love guards this door/ but it requires a purity few possess. As the animal; wants and fails.

LOVE IS, the desire to live beyond self, as a value which enters the heart, and shares the care, that is living through the soul. “the place, of GOD “beyond self”. Because purity must remain pure.

Religion demanded to know; “you have been told”. Here, because religion abandoned me as well; as so many others. All claimed “superior to you” screaming:  WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; AND WE DON’T WANT NO DAMN CHANGE WE DON’T WANT. But life, gives to those who earn it:  “the respect of knowledge”. It is a choice.

as to joy and happiness, consistent with love and values shaping life beyond time. My reality is: confronted early, with life and earth are being destroyed;  an entire life in time, was spent searching, instead of sharing as love would have been. Those I failed to help, “I am sorry for that”/ but the end result of it is:  no world/ no life= no love. Only a dead world. It simply had to be done; so I did the work.  As to your participation:  I am not your savior, or any such thing; although I could be “the son of man” biblically speaking; as that description results in “teaching of things long hidden”.  I simply delivered that message.

As to “son of man”; argue it among yourselves, as it is unimportant to me. Everything required of me has been done as man on earth. That is not glib or disrespectful/ I was given a job, I was taught, I was allowed “inside life and truth”; and eventually learned enough; to deliver the message required. Literally “thanks to the Spiritual woman” who joined me 17+ years ago. She balanced me; she straightened my focus; she kept me working:  “its complicated”.  I am grateful and honored; but in the end “its like graduating honestly”; preparation for a job.  I just did the best I could; more than that, I do not know. Still no clue, why me; surely not the only one willing? Certainly, NOT perfect; nor is the work. But my honest decision was and is:  “to be adequate” for the job; best I can. YOUR decision now. “life, body, health, time, expressions, experience, abilities, senses, MORE”: WHAT part of that is not “payment enough”? It is to me, grateful to pay something back.

The spiritual woman of Revelation 12 &17 and me;  is a contrasting story; and she seems to have alternate work for me to do; in a realm of reality “not simply male”. Not my job to understand/ I don’t. Nonetheless, love exists; reality will decide. And I do hope for you; even if your living does not prove, by its reality; that your choice is life. I did my job, that was my decision; that reality of evidence as to threats you cannot avoid:  is now your decision, not mine.  

IT IS YOUR DECISION, THAT DECIDES LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD!  Because if humanity does not change/ nobody lives; far sooner than you believe possible.  YOU are in charge of changing YOU; let truth decide. As is, the same, for all humans on earth.  GO TO COURT, as a world:  and identify what is true/ what is not true/ and the real world cost of being WRONG;  as is fusion/ genetics/ destruction of all kinds/ failure to your child, etcetera; and so much more.

As is constant throughout the animal kingdom; any creature which does not follow, imitate, and represent the group, is considered to be “worthless, a threat, or an enemy” to be removed from the group. By whatever means necessary. True of all human animals as well; however curiosity, when no predator is found, lends itself to experimentation. Which then produces distinct differences in the group, which then leads the group to mayhem and chaos, even death and catastrophe, when a predator approaches. As is the cause for why all groups intend to remain the “same”.

I am different; which leads to “find a flaw”, and we are done with him.

Religion wants what it wants, therefore to be included in their expectations; requires whosoever, to fit within their very narrow confinement of ideals. But if you are willing to make them rich (leaders to wealth)/ or make them believe they are the superior ones (hitler like)/ or make the followers believe what they want to believe, or are led to believe; the herd will follow you. Because they want what they want, and sort through the various books and beliefs and imagery to find what a particular sect wants to believe.

None of that is me. As the demand to examine why people fall; has been required. That has required searching to find where their path, “crossed the line” into costs and consequences. But mostly the religious vision is: “we want what we want, and that is EVERYTHING we want/ and NOTHING we don’t want. Because “heaven” is supposed to be, “nothing but happiness and joy”; and they gave their “two cents” to join. Or as some of the old do: they gave away their money they didn’t need: to buy “a spot in heaven”. Or more distinctly: religion believes, “if I am the best of the bunch/ then you have to pick me; for heaven”; leaving the rest behind; I win.” Which is simply not so. But it creates the game, and assumes a winner will win.

LOVE IS LOVE, and nothing less than love is love; and nothing less than the purity of love is accepted, in its truth. And nothing less than what is true is allowed, and that means: you must KNOW what your truth is, or the lies will attack you; in the spiritual world we must all pass through. “all you/ nothing but you/ you decide for yourself”. Religion as a herd is irrelevant. But, of the people I have known; it is the religious I have found to be the most “planted in value”. Or rooted into what is true, rather than adrift in things that move from truth. Unfortunately, religion is rooted in or among, the many things which are lies “weeds”/ as well. So when confronted by the spiritual world for the first time; as with me, the lessons can be harsh. I was allowed back into time to redefine my life and understand what was wrong; and now prepared, entered in again, and never looked back, so to speak.

But Christianity for instance; wants what it wants, and as with every religion throughout time; they expect what they want: “which is to be rich, great, have revenge on whomever, etcetera”. JESUS was not exactly what the group religion of that day wanted/ his way was not their way, “they loved money, power, pride, and want more”. Simple as that; which is a recipe for hate “nothing matters but me”.

Humanity wants: “GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT”/ OR go away. To enforce that; they assume and assemble pride: “lets fight, without real cost”/ so they can claim “look at me/ listen to me”. With trophies, trinkets, and toys the prize. And then they fall into power; which is the judgment demanded by the righteous, to prove beyond a damn prize; I can take away, or ruin your life: “because I am like god, to you”. The vastly superior one/ the one who decides your fate. As are many among the religious.

So we again return to the foundation of knowledge, we do know is true. That love does not desire ANY acceptance of hate, within the environment of my life; ONLY LOVE is allowed. Because peace, harmony, love, life, sharing, caring, respect, justice, fair play, values, courage, participation in honor, hope, dignity, acceptance and more; are all based upon the purity of love that is aligned with the living. To achieve the happiness and joy, that is consistent with love alive. None of that, is aligned with the human animal. Which means you must rise above the level of an animal, to even begin the journey; that leads to life beyond time.

Time allows for choices, until you die. Death takes away all those choices/ and leaves you with “nothing but the truth of who you are”: your identity! If your identity is not complete; because you failed to search for life and truth, as best you can/ then you have failed, and life will fail in you.

As for me, my journey has been to seek out what will aid and abet your ascent into more than an animal; a new life on earth, as predicted in Revelation 12. to my great surprise, the disassembly of me; to begin an understanding of women, _______is without the wisdom of why me? I don’t know. There is no sexual confusion as to boy or girl/ but I have changed or been changed to comprehend in a far more detailed way: what the reality of time can show. Owned now, as predicted in Revelation 17; “woman riding the beast (a description of all men throughout time)” instead of free. Never going to be “the male I was” again/ that is clearly gone. But what that really means; time will prove by the evidence of reality. I don’t know, “a few thousand times”; and here I am; so to speak. Not what religion expected/ but not what I expected either; nonetheless, “male and female are equal”, in every conceivable way; just different, far more than expected. Don’t know how it ends; barriers to keep it that way.

As to what can be expected in eternity: truth allows love to be free! Because love cares and shares and respects all things, never intending destruction, unless it is absolutely necessary. Freedom aligns with choices, and love inhabits the realm of thought, that is cherished as joy. NOBODY gets to damage that. Therefore nobody gets inside the values of life, unless they prove what is: their love for GOD ! Creator of life and universe; Savior by love (we have a purpose) of all things living.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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