Economic mayhem; from the results of “universities in charge now”/ which began primarily in the Reagan era for this USA. Have maintained their hold, by making it “too damn expensive to fix now”. It is “a monster”! And so at every juncture, the people scream: LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ BETRAY; whatever it takes; including the betrayal of nation and world: to keep the monster locked in its cage. Because as the saying goes: “not, going to pay: in my lifetime” is what they want. Even though they took every resource to destroy it; in their garbage mountains; just to say “look at me/ I am rich too”.

But alas; NOW, reality and its consequences begin to peek through the curtain of endless failures/ the fantasies of we don’t have to do NOTHING for the future. And even the young begin to know: that their world is being sacrificed/ their future is being massacred: by those who intentionally care nothing at all; for what they have done. Screaming MORE/ MORE/ MORE; so that every child, and every living thing dies. RISKING OUR ENTIRE WORLD, on the delusion “not in my lifetime” is enough; to avoid the cost of being WRONG. It is not.

Nonetheless, NONE want to face the truth of our reality; not by its evidence, nor by the cost of being wrong. Because even the young want MORE, MORE, MORE; and shout “not in my lifetime either”. But truth fails you; and reality condemns this earth to extinction: because that is the choice you have made. It even condemns you to this earth becoming a sun; to incinerate you; because that is the cost of being wrong. Fantasies protect none. Which means: if the young will not stop the descent into oblivion, for themselves; then they will die long before any kind of “not in my lifetime” exists. Your world is condemned by your universities: who have elected to play god and mutilate all life in worship of their religion called evolution/ have elected to destroy every resource, and deny the future has any needs; and much more. Because the end result of it is: “they want what they want/ and they don’t want nothing, but what they want”. TO HELL WITH LIFE AND EARTH; “shouting I have to die/ SO I WANT IT ALL; MINE DAMN YOU MINE”. As is the constant of hate.


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