Science” really doesn’t guarantee you anything

Science” really doesn’t guarantee you anything


The cult of fools; is a reality of never going to question what the leaders say/ as I BELIEVE, my life is better by following whatever it is they say to obey, fear, or surrender to them. Little is more true of any group; than those who believe without question; in universities as god, savior, leader, etc.

just by saying the word “science”/ really doesn’t guarantee you anything; but religion is religion, and each group has they own code words, to signify, “I believe without question”.

So lets question science; not so hard, if you ignore their foreign designed languages; such as excessive math and “a billion words”; all created to “keep you out”. Nothing different here than what teenagers use, to hide what they are doing by code words/ military/ and many more.

It is an absolute truth: that evolution is a lie without substance! Their claim is chaos built life/ their claim is accidents produced life in a complexity NO ONE understands/ their claim is “this looks like that”; so life itself must have just “picked it off the shelf” and created the intensity of existence that is a recognition of life. NO, wait; it is evolution that insists; the brain comes last. So without even a clue, not even one: a wave of rocks and water combined into life, and didn’t even know it. Except of course, without knowledge there can be no life/ as life is the substance identified by knowledge exists; or the mechanism will not work. Rather like your robots without software to run the computer/ or a computer to run the robot/ or utilities to run the machinery/ and so on.

So given they kept this lie, to damage and destroy religion; which is, the fundamental discovery of life is based upon thought/ and thought as well as all these miracles of existence which surround us had to come from somewhere. Religion overwhelms the basis and foundation of so called science: by establishing a reality exists/ that science refuses to accept. Making their cult of universities know; a function built upon lies and promises they cannot keep.

So what then is the elevation of actual science (only truth decides) by religion? While there are elements which can be discussed, I will limit this work to its one foundation principle which is said to be repeated by all or nearly all valid religions throughout history. That our earth was inundated by a flood of such proportions, only a tiny few living things were left. “noah’s flood” is then a primary facet of all religion, and the question is: is it real, what does the evidence say? Nothing is more demonstrative of that evidence than the fossil fuels we burn. As there is no method of gathering together the plant and animal carcasses REQUIRED for making coal, gas, or oil; before it was buried under some thousands of feet of earth debris: EXCEPT A FLOOD.

The truly massive amounts of plant and creature deaths, that had to be gathered together, and then sank into cavities or depressions or other; proves, a world wide flood; on a planet that was literally filled with life.

As to methods: if the earth was clouded in a water vapor, from volcanic eruptions during Noah’s time; it could easily have rained for forty days. As to the rise of water for one hundred plus days; that can easily be attributed to a change in gravitational forces; such as would be evident in a large planetary mass, passing close by. As to the boat Noah could have sailed; I refer you to the videos placed on www.justtalking7.info “fun with noah”. Ending with the claim; universities science explains none of that.

Then we look at universities and their claim of billions of years:

  1. the sun burns fuel; as is evidenced by radiation leaving that orb to heat the solar system; it ain’t magic/ its atomic fire. With more fuel, the solar heating was MORE, making this earth much hotter; as the sun was then BIGGER.
  2. Their claim of red shift as an expanding universe by measuring the speed of objects in space is elementally false/ as the reality is all objects in space are circling around a central point; in galaxies a black hole. Which means any object they measure is one of those/ and does not indicated a movement in galaxies themselves. The measurement is false.
  3. They even discard the singular truth most evident in life; that there is an action to every reaction: which proves the big bang, initiates within the center of the resultant debris. Cutting in half their guesses of time/ and then cutting that distance by the result of where we are located in relation to that center point of explosion.
  4. The claims of sun and fusion and more; are not even valid guesses/ but exist as pure fantasy; even though they risk our entire planet on what they want to believe. A worse religion has never existed on earth than is “universities can play god”. They deny thermodynamics/ they deny realities such as million mile flames (you don’t know; but you can measure a 12 million mile solar flare)/ they deny the ash cloud of that fire, which allows only the smallest particles (hydrogen to escape in any quantity). They claim its all about a graviton (fantasy element) which does not exist. They claim that element is what causes solar gravity to exist; but don’t know what gravity is. They do not even claim that atomic energy is known; not even a delusion/ although reality points directly to the nucleus spinning. They say the core is extremely hot; yet if that were true, the sun would be extremely unstable, and burn itself out quickly; absolutely untrue.
  5. The list is long.
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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