Cults, questions, and truth

Cults, questions, and truth


Of things defined by miracles; are the elements of time we cannot understand. Confronted with why, the foundations of our own decisions and identity are challenged with what if, this can be so?

The consequence of “the biblically predicted woman, of Revelation 12 & 17”; is my life appears never to be the same again. While technically I chose to search for and find “the spiritual door of female”/ and opened it of my own free will: the price of that was far more than expected, as woman is so dramatically different than man; no reference for understanding existed. Causing me to be trapped, in that spiritual truth; “its complicated/ yes I know, you don’t understand any of it”. But reality is reality, and as is true for you as well: decisions past the point of no return/ cannot be undone. Changes occur, adaption exists or we die.

No element of perversion exists; no claim to be “female or transvestite or other” exists. Only the claim: as is the foundation of my own existence, that OUR TRUE GOD, can in fact do anything HE would choose to do/ and that includes my life as well as yours. As is the evidence of miracles and more, which already exist as the gift of life in each of us all. So, things change, but not by my decision: other than I did open the door to a world, I knew I must understand to escape. I just didn’t know, what I just plain didn’t know; that women are so different, that would be impossible. Nor do I know how this ends or why: it just is.

So now, like it or not: my breasts are actually growing now, rather than being forced/ and my body feels all twisted and strange; and my mental definitions are being altered into a more patient human being. So we begin again, to understand: that what I sought was an answer to keep this world alive, because men cannot/ and what I learned was “let women try”, they can do no worse for life and earth. While I have NOT found that women are able to make appropriate decisions for life on earth; “they want/ and do not conceive of consequences”; the reality of bigger things, as is the law which governs humanity, rather than men. Could be different: we have yet to find out, what women can or would do/ as they refuse to participate, believing “we just have to wait” instead of fighting for life or earth. But they are wrong, as truth defines an end: to all the fantasies and delusions, of the “spoiled children, who failed to grow up; due to college”. Now believing they are gods who know it all/ and cannot be wrong. The evidence however is quite clear: all wrong/ with very, very little called a benefit to life or world. And that includes the women of college as well; all want, and no reality: becomes a grave.

Nonetheless the question of our time is: HOW do we activate a living human being, by honestly challenging those individuals, to choose: getting out of a cult? It has been a difficult path to teach, as the majority refuse to learn/ refuse to read/ refuse to accept let the evidence decide; or anything that does not include “I WANT it all”/ make me rich. Even though that is the enslavement of others.

The functional question is: can you accept truth? It is not a game, and there is very little gray areas in truth. A plain and simple: “yes or no” suffices to describe your choice/ no maybe/ no amen/ no we can’t all be wrong: YOUR decision, yes or no?

If we have truth, then we have a chance to do more; than surrender to those who: want, power, pride and playing god. To assemble truth: we must use the format already in place that people do understand: which is a courtroom to decide what is true/ and what is the cost of being wrong/ and what is the future if we do not decide for life. In this USA that falls within redress of grievances: A LEGAL RIGHT ALREADY OWNED BY WE THE PEOPLE of this USA; as formed in the first amendment of our Constitution. Which is in fact our government/ not the employees. They must comply legally, or are found traitorous to this nation. That is the law; but in case after case by James F. Osterbur versus state of IL and USA; the courts all choose to deny constitutional law, by refusing to acknowledge it/ and then throwing me back out the door; with pure disrespect for me and our nation. Even in some cases called redress as is the law: “frivolous”/ therefore they can discard it/ so it does not exist. Some lied openly claiming he is religious, while none of that was true. The US supreme court refused the law/ and denied their own docket format: which requires them to establish a judicial argument which allowed removing those cases legally. Or more distinctly: the corruption of everything, as has been the work of “university knows, who trains and teaches every single government employee in power”/ has trained and created the conspiracy that they could do better. If the constitution did not exist: so unless being the focal point of society/ all they have to do is collude, throughout government; to keep this quiet, until the people leave them alone. That is betrayal, and in fact an open rebellion. Supported by absolute control over media, the election process, and by counterfeiting money: they buy whatever they need, with fraud and lies; to become the insurgents demanding takeover of this USA, is now.

So the realities of work to be done, by all of the citizens of this nation is: to enforce constitutional law, and in fact push your employees to OBEY THE LAW, as our constitution requires it to be done. The most important part of that, will be redress of grievances; as is, WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOW/ not our employees. By our vote as a nation; for our future as a world. The world is involved in “truth or lie”; as presented by universities playing god: and will be allowed to present their own evidence in support or denial of what truth is. That is the crux of change: to understand/ rather than to believe.

So whether I am alive or not/ whether you believe I can or cannot be “a spiritual element involved”/ whether you hate me or accept me as I am: is irrelevant. What matters is truth, and what is required demands: that we let truth decide. And that requires the evidence to be as untainted as it is possible to be: which removes every expert. Only truth in evidence as best we can is allowed. To achieve that: you begin large/ and whittle it down into “yes or no”; plain and simple as it is possible to be. With real world consequences to explain what these decisions in real life will mean, or could mean, or have meant to our world.

The universities want to be in charge/ the courts want to be in charge/ every liar on the planet wants to be in charge: but reality needs you to be firm, NO delusions or fantasies, only truth as can be understood within the laws which identify that truth are allowed. While all citizens need to push/ and must accept the price of our survival is in fact truth. The cost of truth will be truth/ and the reality of lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorist will be found; making all the tragedies of killing your own children: a truth. Which must now be turned back, as respect and value allows; or all will die. Because with 8 billion people plus; your world has changed/ and no war can make that better. It only produces “extinction now”.

The end result of it is: that while I am not a religious man/ I do have faith in truth. The truth of miracles gave us life, is absolute/ and reality says only a fool does not know that is true. Which then becomes your first test of life or death: because fantasy as is “university imagination” is a death trap. Make your decision/ choose life, or go extinct. A reality, not a threat.

I suggest to you with certainty and truth, as proven by the evidence of all life on earth, throughout thousands of years of history which cannot be defeated. What nature and planet did do, throughout all of that time; IS to create the foundations from which all life flourished and knew substantial happiness within each one.

Universities have chosen to disgrace, disrespect, deny, and destroy ALL of these foundations of life and earth; and as reality proves; we now face extinction of life and earth/ by their decision to play god. By their claim; that they know better than what life is. By assuming fantasy, delusion, and imagination are all they need to survive/ and claim the prize they can be god. Claiming evolution (chaos) is god; which is to curse you with consequences beyond your comprehension. But reality knows: not “god of life”/ but have chosen SATAN (god of death) instead; as is destroyers of this world.

Truth knows the answer that gives back life. Pride knows the answer, that takes life away. YOUR CHOICE; is to find your answer/ as is your decision to destroy life, or rebuild for your child, an entire world. Your eternity will revolve around that answer; believe it or not.

from here: we begin the journey that decides the fate of life on earth/ when it will dissolve into its own destruction, because of what people chose/ or when life will rise to protect this earth as our home?

CRITICAL to that evaluation on a human level are the questions that decide who will make those decisions. First, and most critical being:

  1. to ask the leaders: are you god/ or are you one of us, who has been given the right to make decisions within the boundaries and limits of what benefits life and earth?
  2. LAW makes us all equal/ every single one. Therefore whosoever makes these laws, decides for the rest; what it means to be equal. The consequence of that is: a simple question, is our leader god (the superior ones who decide everything)/ or is society itself, responsible for its laws which govern our nation, world, earth, future life, and respect for the gifts which this earth provides?
  3. Rules grant power over the individual/ thereby making rulers possible; rather than the liberty of us all to decide what is needed; for peace and happiness. The consequence of that is: whosoever makes the rules/ decides who gets to be the ruler, and why. Therefore the question is: why and when, are rules needed? The question is: in a world filled with toxic risks of every kind; who takes responsibility for what you want? Because death cannot be filled with money/ therefore the question is: WHY do we need these threats, where is the value to us all?
  4. The judicial corruption of life, is formed in the conspiracies that are linked to taking control over government and life: by colluding together to create exceptions for those “who can bribe” an official. Thereby society is defeated, by a tiny few in powerful positions. The critical component being: if society is defeated/ then those tiny few and their bribers shall pay; not society, more than it must. Both society and the police require a “bill of rights and responsibilities”; so that each does know what is fair.
  5. Medical extortion is the responsibility of an entire society; and you are responsible for limiting the criminal conduct of others; with honest payments both as an individual and insurance. To hold firm: that life shall not be destroyed, so the few can benefit by robbery. Of critical conducts involved; are the medical education costs/ the investors who believe they are not robbers, but sustain the practice/ the people who fear any confrontation/ the people who are directly involved in management/ and those who will lie, in order to collect more money than they should. As is found in surgeries that are not warranted, and a thousand things which could be done better; for the health of a nation or world.
  6. Foundations of society are born in the truth of what we choose. The most critical of which is: discarding humanity, to claim “we cannot all be wrong”/ is a foundation lie without respect for truth. Truth is never wrong, it is a decision formed from the basis of our best grip on knowledge without bias/ and understanding without want, pride, or power. NONE of that is a herd response to life. Which means you are liable for your decision NOT to participate in defending what is true/ and our need to let truth decide, not “animals”. Predators and prey; do not make society/ they can only claim division.
  7. Religion wants to claim superiority; and so their leaders aligned themselves with “the university is god/ the universities cannot be wrong/ all hail the universities as god”; discarding truth, as with evolution. Because it is the EASY way to claim “like a fanatic”; that they did do all they needed to do; to arrive at their truth, by accepting whatever their former classmates in school claim to know. But as with evolution: the greatest fools ever born, worship chaos as their god. And with that inclusion into society by indoctrination of every school child: the cursed, dead, and damned inject chaos into all of nature. Because nature is genetic stability, limits, and boundaries which build the body of life. To your extreme shame as a religion and as a world: you let them play god. To your disgrace of pure disrespect, for all of life and world: claiming extinction comes quickly now/ as is playing god with Satan.
  8. Reality states: unlike the past fifty plus years, when “university is god/ screamed, YES WE CAN/ AIN’T NOBODY GOING TO PAY. The cost of your failures, fantasies, and delusions; are now facing us all with extinction proving true. For everything; as is the cost of sterilization/ the cost of genetic manipulation opening the door to entire species lost/ the cost of ocean transgressions so apathetic and arrogant; as to put all life in the sea at risk of extinction even before us/ the cost of global warming/ the risk of nuclear fire/ the end of resources/ the sacrifice of every child/ toxic poisons in every water source; and much more. Which brings us now to the consequence of NO YOU CAN’T; EVERYBODY HAS TO PAY. For the criminal conspiracy; to steal everything/ destroy life and earth/ and shout we were gods. As DEVIL comes to light, in the curse of who you were.
  9. NO YOU CAN’T continue to drive ten trillion miles, every single one. NO YOU CAN’T continue allowing population to rise; end it or die. NO YOU CAN’T destroy life in the sea, without your own extinction to follow quickly. NO YOU CAN’T dissolve every resource into the garbage of your disgrace, disrespect, and outright plundering of every child by destroying what they need to survive. NO YOU CAN’T genetically alter life in any way or fashion; you will permanently end that forever. NO YOU CAN’T ignite the same fire here as on the sun. NO YOU CAN’T believe whatever fantasy the university curse creates in their constant delusions as fools do. NO YOU CAN’T continue to counterfeit, destroying every security of humanity in society. NO YOU CAN’T dump trillions of tons of toxic waste per year. NO YOU CAN’T have weapons of mass destruction. NO YOU CAN’T, allow leaders to decide on wars; LAW MUST RULE. And a billion more, as 8 billion people scream; “I want what I want”/ but cannot have what fools, cursed, and failures did do, anymore. Grow up, and realize as truth demands: our ability to adapt; depends entirely upon what we already do own, within ourselves. Unless you discard animal; which means to dissolve the university cult/ you have no hope. Get out of their ass, and open the door to your own brain. Sort for truth, but not as animals do: as reality proves by the evidence that has no expert to claim “I know”/ when truth proves, they did not; or sold us out for pennies. Identify foundations; and understand this, ‘IT IS NO LONGER what you can do/ rather life is decided by what you refuse to let these leaders to hell; actually do. Believe nothing; search for life in life, accept nature knows best, stop attacking everything on this planet with universities play god, understand; we are going part way back; to a world without much garbage to throw away; and a billion more. Or you die. Simple as that.
  10. Life is not a game, which means there are no trophies to be won/ they are worthless to life, and meaningless to your future. The animals scream; HELL NO/ but life says it is true, because the value of our existence begins and ends with friendship as is the result of love, respect, and truth. Otherwise all we have is the distance between loneliness and ourselves/ a reality faced by billions; because the blight of fools has been a disease on our world.
  11. Love is not a game, it is the passage between “you and I”; whereby we enter the destinies of heart, to explain how best can I help you, or you help me. The end result of that is: most journeys of this kind are short, but can become life sustaining for both or one. The disciplines to encounter soul, are an elevation into the spiritual world, where only truth can exist. Trust defines the lock and key, with hope; but respect defines the destiny as shaped by us both.
  12. People use GOD as their everything they want or don’t want; with endless conclusions without merit/ claiming we know, when in fact that truly is impossible. Truth decides truth, and miracles identify a level of thought; so far beyond our intellect, we cannot even comprehend what that means. But love is evident in each miracle/ and tragedy is evident where human decisions cause failure; and we are given the right to know: that JESUS is a decision. To accept the discovery of love is a truth he defined in real world evidence of what is hate; without a cause. To identify we are given the right to express ourselves in the truth of our own creation: to claim what love has earned. Because loneliness is not isolated to being human; but exists wherever love does not. So the search for life, is the search for love. While the realities of eternity are elevated by the consequences of thought, as it controls the evidence of energy by existence. We cannot govern each other, it is not our job. We can decide for ourselves: that love is worth the price, and do what we can do, to achieve that path beyond ourselves in the grace of hope that will not die. By understanding: when we are done here in time, our courage will extend into the miracles of what Creation does in fact mean to being alive. Thought establishes truth. Truth creates laws by which existence becomes our reality, through energy expressions. Life itself, is then the product of all four: thought, truth, law, and energy. Miracles however, require more. Freedom lives in thought. Truth lives in energy expressions. Law confronts us with limits and boundaries to stay alive. The sum total asks the question: “is time life/ or is life, time expressed by realities of body/ or is life the existence of thought, which then controls energy to create our home, and its destiny”? Thought is not intellect; the measuring of time, space, and purpose. Thought is a destiny shaped within freedoms, that construct the desire we serve with life. Courage, is to know: we shall not decide what our eternity can become/ instead, the law does that. Love is the courage to accept: our value has existence in truth.
  13. Life is a friend, it is yours to inhabit as is Creation defined; but it is not yours to own, unless truth makes “living your inheritance” as the reward of your own eternity. Time exists to identify who can become more, “than a body”. But even so, when you depart from time, by entering into, “a love for truth”; the spiritual world acknowledges that by becoming your friend. More than that you shall not know. Hate and fear, brings you into “the cemetery world” instead: it is no game. Values isolate your truth.



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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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