To free yourself on the inside

To free yourself on the inside


Lessons of the day

WANT controls your happiness! Choosing not to want, “whatever it is you want”/ releases you from the curse of not having what you want. Therefore that want no longer exists, and you are free inside yourself, to simply be alive. You are not protecting what you wanted from others/ or fighting to get what you wanted/ or jealous of others because they have what you want; and so on. So make the choice, “not to want”; and it will free you from the consequences of a life, that is not what you wanted it to be. Want is not a friend, it is your decision.

PRIDE controls how you see yourself and others, because pride makes life and living into a game/ and every game has winners or losers. Therefore if you win, you have few friends that do not want something from you because you won: after all you chose to make them losers. And if you are the loser, then you must contend with someone else having more than you; of what you wanted life to be. Even in just two people, if you make life a game/ someone has to lose; and that comes with consequences which does not include love.

People buy when primarily, feeling lonely inside. To participate in the games other people play/ buy something shouts “winner, as is, this is my trophy”. But like all games, that fails to last; because it is not important to life or self/ not a need, or true desire. So the reality is: if you cannot find someone who truly shares your time and truth/ what people do, is change their situation by playing games instead of searching for truth they cannot find. To avoid the game, it is elementally necessary: to move your life from “the herd of animals”/ into the state of reality formed from miracles did this. Therefrom we conceive of, the great escape from time itself; into the truth of gifts we could never buy.

POWER is the measuring of life, thereby the righteous KNOW that they are the superior ones, who should make every decision; because they are more perfect than you. Which leads too: how imperfect are you/ which leads to, some will be called worthless; and that then allows for abuse of all kinds. Because the worthless have no value; which means “they are the garbage” nobody cares about; not even if you kill, rape, ravage, ruin, destroy, etc: them (as some believe). Every life is equal, because each of us is a miracle of existence we did not create for ourselves; life, is a gift to each one. We are not the same however, and people measure that, in themselves and you: in order to select how they fit into the greater scheme of things. But we are not a herd of animals/ or more distinctly those who rise above an animal (someone who wants, demands to win or seeks revenge, or measures to be superior); do so by accepting the greater search of our existence is to understand, the meaning of what life can become. An animal searches through want, pride, and power to become what time will allow/ hatred plays god.

But love searches for GOD, our CREATOR; as the blessing of miracles becomes evident as proven by thought did this. Therefore within thought, we rise to elevate ourselves into the acceptance of a relationship born from the desire that is love. While respect isolates who can and cannot have a relationship/ it is truth that identifies the value of who we are, or will become. The search into truth, aligns with the disciplines, order, and balance of what we accept as “beautiful by design”. Therefore while the bodies of life create the blessings which we all enjoy as the basis of our own happiness. The reality of purposes beyond time, seeks out the differences between life and death.

What we, who are alive (beyond time limits) desire is: “happiness through love, as found in respect, and identified by truth”. As there is no basis for living, unless we honestly share that happiness. As a consequence, we learn that friendship is a path beyond self; which grants there is truth here. Without truth we die, simple as that/ because truth is, “the same as survival”. So the search is for truth, but more importantly life searches for love; because only love lifts us into the realm of thought that is beyond the boundaries of existence; into eternity. Within that search, the essence of our gift as life on earth becomes “the potential view”, of becoming as if friend to our GOD as a value of happiness that can be shared. The “critical view” of identifying if this can be true: turns to the guarantor of such a theory, and accepts that it is “the biblical story of JESUS” that adds a foundation to our desire. That love will in fact find those, who chose to accept: love is life, and it is not less than respect that binds us with trust into the truth of a world, lived as thought through the essence of energy. Rather than body of time.

As to society itself: the foundational difference between democracy and tyranny (the cesspool claiming “superior life”, turned living into sewage)/ is found in how many people make the decisions that control our lives and living and future.

In the origins of US democracy; it was needed that some were hired to make these decisions for us/ because of the realities in that day. However that is absolutely not needed today; as communications enable us to make our own decision for laws that rule our nation or world. Whosoever makes the law, rules the nation. But whosoever controls the currency; diseases and defeats democracy by cursing us all with fraud, failure, fool, devil, and worse. When reality turns to fantasy, and delusions operate as real world values: the nation is dead, because the superior ones played god with our lives and you let them win; with lies.

Destiny seeks truth/ nothing less survives; and that is true of time as well. While time allows for change, and the curse of cult worshiping failures seep through the sludge of fools; to shape our lives with tears of a fool. Reality knows if you do not let truth decide; the dead (nothing matters; but playing god) will rise to lead you instead. Failure is constant in this USA, the curse of the damned (you chose this fate); the disease and diarrhea of educational fraud (let life be killed/ we won’t care); the constant game of failure leads us all, opens the gate to hell, as is your choice.

RISE UP, to say: I will not follow/ I will vote for myself on the laws that grant what our nation and our world shall be. I will not listen to thieves who seek to steal our state, nation, or world; but demand the law shall rule/ NOT YOU; therefrom collecting taxation is dependent upon leadership obeying the constitution as written and controlled by its intent as given by “we the people”; for our future as designed. The foundation is redress/ the path is through a courtroom to prove with the evidence what is true/ control over the money is governed by simply things which can be changed; such as the entire currency available is tied directly to the population count/ every tax is for a distinct purpose, and shall be executed; by those who bid and do that work for us. Such as NO DEBTS shall arise because of choices our leaders make; we will decide/ we will vote/ we will enforce with law, and by our own distinction of understanding the laws we do create. Thereby removing the need for lawyers/ and instilling in the judiciary, “now we know”/ if you fail us, we will “fail you”.

More distinctly: the value of our lives, is not dependent upon you. We hold the keys to our own truth/ and your decision is NOT to judge us; your work is to govern as constitutional law provides. And that does include REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; so that war never comes.

It is simple and true: that want is the foundation of every lie/ you will not lie, unless you want or don’t want something that truth denies to you, in one way or another. The worst common lies are: to your own self.

The foundation of happiness is hope: because without hope, your life becomes empty, and insanity creeps in. allowing for hate/ addictions/ revenge/ violence and more. Therefore the constant of every valued society is; to accept each other with respect, as that is the beginning of hope in every life. The university solution is to fear every single one, hide, run away, believe they are all murderers/ and expect the competition cannot be a friend, because they intend to “eat you alive”.

The foundation of knowledge is truth, more than that just expands artificial intelligence which will soon try to take over your lives; by those who claim to be superior/ but are enemies instead.

The foundation of courage is to accept the pain, and proceed with duty. Knowing full well, that order makes us all understand; we will die/ it is not an option, and none are excused. Therefore time is all that can be lost. So the question of eternity provides religion; as the belief of what people do want/ or the faith, that reality provides the clear message. Miracles prove, “this is not everything”. Because wisdom knows, life is not a simple claim; “like universities make”/ as is evolution, the casket of stupid lives here.

Life is not a game. Being human is not accepting the universities claim “you are all animals, and nothing more”. Instead being alive, is to rise above the animals: to recognize every miracle is proof of all we do not know. To respect that world, we must rise in hope, to become aligned with truth. As thought creates the path, that will become love inside each one, who shares the destiny of those who care.

Want is the builder of every lie, deceit, destruction, devastation, devil, and so on; because the end result of want is: my life is more important than your life.

Pride is the escalator which descends from life, into arrogance (I am a god, compared to you) at its core existence; which forms from apathy (I alone am important)/ which then becomes the basis for all things war.

Power measures life; and ejects law, as is “the will of this people, to decide for themselves, a value for our world and our futures”. Instead power confronts all versions of life with rules; because rules avoid the law of life, to focus only on you. Thereby representing “more than you”; the measures we, or I apply, grant me the right to destroy your world, or your life. Because you didn’t follow my rules; which is the final descent into tyranny.

The tyrant says: I HAVE THE RIGHT, to make these choices/ as I am “your god”; you hired me, and I took this job, to make every decision, and do what I want to do; because I am superior to you all. And anyone who denies that, is dead.

The society who fights back: identifies, that we did hire you, to OBEY OUR RULES for your job, making you swear to accept the limits and boundaries of that job; were in fact known to you. Which means ANY ALTERATION of those limits and boundaries to your job; is in fact treason against the nation of our laws rule over us all; including you.

NO society authorizes war, only leaders do that: which puts them in violation of our truth. Every military is: strictly for defense, and no amount of lies; will cover that violation of the truth as is: you have no authority, for any citizen, to kill or be killed; because of you. The rule of law (liberty demands compliance with our basic needs as a nation) turns to that leader; and finds you guilty of betrayal. And that makes the job of each military: to enforce the law of our nation, upon leaders who failed to accept, “they are in fact, NOT gods” and went too far.

The curse of leadership is: to enforce, we cannot go outside the boundaries of our nation; by the law of this world, we have a duty to enforce upon ourselves the needed decisions which then keep us alive, as best we can. People fail leadership, and then cause their own war/ as reality proves: you cannot have peace or values, without the acceptance of truth decides instead of you. So the lies begin, and “the experts” are hired to lie even more; and the realities of consequences will come: are set aside as each member of society hides from the truth; you chose to kill this nation and its future; and now even this world. Because the numbers do not lie in population; earth will not survive this for long!

But pride, as is the universities say: “we are gods/ we will inject chaos/ we will ignite the same fire as on the sun/ we will poison everything/ sterilize everything/ deny every truth or boundary or limit; and the universe will know to fear us. As we become the gods we want to be”! But alas, like your “flying off into space: with no oxygen to breathe”; your lies built SATAN, the consequence of an intellect suffocating in sewage. But claiming to inhale fantasies, lies, and delusions will make us great.


the scourge of life and living; is the arrogance, lies, betrayal at all levels of existence; as is represented by the “toilet of leadership; as presented by covid”delusions. With trillions of dollars STOLEN by a few; through the aid and abetting of university cult worshipers (they can’t be wrong/ they are our gods); the critical descent from fools into “the dead mob”; has begun. Stripping those who built a nation/ to aid and abet those who now strangle a nation, and steal its right to exist; by surging with rebellion born from lies: into chaos now rules us all. Want to find where covid originates: FOLLOW THE MONEY/ because where trillions of dollars were instantly claimed: there is a traitor. And that, is just the beginning of treason against life, nation, and world.

STOP BELIEVING (the curse of want); and accept the task: EITHER TRUTH DECIDES FOR US, within the disciplines of life and order, balanced for peace through happiness: OR WE DIE AS A WORLD. In a war that will never end until extinction has proven it will win.

STOP BELIEVING in the propagation of media as with covid; screaming 24/7 BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ FEAR DEATH/ OBEY YOUR gods of university; who “know everything”. OR the curse of every tyrant ever born; as is ACCEPT MY DEMAND;  or we will make your lives miserable/ and attack you each and every one; by relieving you of jobs, food, access, EVERYTHING society is: BY FORCE.  as proven by state and national leadership, in pure obedience to cult worship of university is god.


As proven by the invasion of Iraq by USA; fear makes a horrible leader/ and fear is rampant in all cult members as is “university is god/ we cannot question our gods”. Because every cult is a herd of animals, and animals are only capable of want OR fear at any given time. As proven by the US congress, at that time; numbers will not matter/ fear is invasive; and cult worship requires you will obey, or be discarded and thrown away. ONLY THE LAW ITSELF MUST LEAD. Only the law itself, can govern this world; by the enforcement of that law by all nations on each other. NO MORE LEADERS/ only the law decides; and if a leader fails to obey; that leader is taken into court for trial before the world. If they refuse/ they will be killed if necessary; because the law is more important than any leader.  THE MILITARY of any nation: becomes mercenary (at the hands of a leader), when invading another land/ that leader, and the cult of followers, who allow it:  becomes a world terrorist, subject to the law. The contribution of the wealthy; is bound over to court! While in contrast to that: the military becomes a hero, when defending the nation from any other land;  and is to be praised, for the disciplines and value of their work. do you see the difference? Fear governs fools; and the world suffers from that cost. Whereas true destruction of life and earth by a nation clearly demanding to play god over all the rest: DOES demand an intervention, just like the world policing of all nations/ upon those who contribute chaos.

Just like nature protects the species/ rather than the individual.  Peace is the cradle of truth:  choose it, and trust will grow/ allowing humanity to search for happiness amid the ruins of “university did do that”/ even though every aspect of respect, and sanctity of life said:  YOU MUST NOT.  The claim of an excuse, is a whore’s diaper/ the fraud of thieves trying to escape retribution.

Truth demands: the diversity is the result of individual groups identifying what they can do among themselves to improve and sustain their own lives; by dividing the earth and its resources into “ours and theirs”. Or more distinctly the exact opposite of “the dead heads” of university knows.

Our ability to survive as a world; is limited too enforcing the law is our ruler/ NOT any form of any leader in any nation on earth. Therefrom each knows: that truth will decide, NOT you or me. Truth carries with it, the law is our guide/ because truth as the value of life and living, creates the law that guides our path. Freedom is not free, the law makes us free by establishing the limits and boundaries of what brings peace to our world, and happiness to all life as best we can. Freedom that is called “free”; is war/ because war seeks to remove all law, so that chaos and hate might reign, until the men get tired of “tragedy is the freedom of hate” to curse every single one. Horror is the freedom of universities; to invade every single living thing of life and earth: causing terrors to erupt, and hiding extinction is their cause of playing god; just to prove they can.

The tyrant demands as your leader I am entitled to make any decision that I want/ regardless of the law, and if I start a war: then I am entitled to throw away all rights, and force obedience upon every single one. However a leader owns none of that decision: fully understanding, that we allow you to lead, because you swore to obey our laws of government. That we may know the truth of life decides, the future shall be protected, and this earth shall be governed for the value and home that it is for us all. No trespass into tyranny is allowed: unlike this USA, whose leadership broke every rule and law of this land with covid; to prove tyranny and full disgrace of failure. The foundation of life is truth, and the foundation of democracy is; WE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, if your claim of violence is proven true. Leadership then relies upon: producing the evidence for our decision; NOT the damn expert, bought for any purpose on earth; as is always; LETS GET RICH/ they mean nothing, as proven by tyrant: “vermin”.

The removal of rules govern society, by focusing on the individual with war; forces leadership back to the law, and therefrom back to peace. The denial of the citizenry to accept “your ways”; rather than our ways, as is governed by law. Challenges those who have claimed government; into abiding by our laws, or forcing their treason to prove, these are traitors to us all; with evidence of that reality. Every form of LAW (WE ALL AGREED WITH THIS IS NEEDED_)/ is a value that represents the nation itself. Every single one; and these you must not discard, to prove who owns this nation; BY LAW. Whereas the rules which go too far, and are defended by the righteous as their method of controlling every single individual; by their rules; is an insurgency against that law of the nation. Therefore a rebellion in force; by the descent into the freedoms of chaos/ which kill a world and its nations.

Laws govern us all: rules govern each individual with hate: do you see the difference? Every form of authority denies something to someone/ as it is with rules, a limited real world reality of disciplines which enable order to be achieved is necessary. But that MUST be balanced with real world truths, which do not identify every situation as the same. Just like us all: equal as life in law/ but not the same in the realities, for each one. Balance must prove truth is our goal. It is that truth, that then searches within the elements of “revolt”; to identify, what can be done to enforce: YOU TOO MUST OBEY OUR LAWS. From little things to larger issues, “what can be done legally” is our right to cause: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES is my claim of ownership, which allows the authority that is: our nation demands, you, as every leader must: will obey our law TOO. There is no subversion allowed/ there is no counterfeiting of purposes as is constant in the courts/ there is no corruption of the intent by which our constitution is valid as WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE. There is only submission to the law that is our government/ or there is the constant USA treason as is; we the leaders decided “to be superior/ screaming the universities are god instead”. The constitution and claims of ownership by the people BE DAMNED; they have no rights! Enforced by delusions/ paid for with bribes/ and caused by the descent into fantasies rule us now; as is the universities way. Just look at the currency and debts, which paid for everything; by sacrificing every child, and even this whole world; just to play god, the consequences of which are hate enforced with chaos. As has begun; as has been every form of delusion, fantasy, fool, and sewage from around the world; come here to dismantle and destroy this USA; by university leads now. Invading, for the clear purpose of overtaking this nation: even though the fools of leadership are nearly worthless/ it is still a democracy formed by the intent and protection of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS THE LAW OF OUR GOVERNMENT;  the Constitution of this USA.

They claim to know everything/ claim authority to do anything they want/ claim treason is their right/ insurgency is their way/ rebellion is for our benefit/ curse us all with the horror of fools/ and fail every living thing on this planet; and even the planet itself. Which is proven by the evidence of our reality. Your gods of university, are “satan”. To your shame. FORCE THEM INTO THE LIGHT OF DAY.

Demand an accounting of what did in fact benefit life and earth/ and what is the cost of being wrong; and what is the evidence which proves this is true? Because the universities have all claimed; no consequences for us. prove the cost of failure is:-__________.

And the universities say: THESE ARE, THE RANTINGS AND RAVINGS OF A LUNATIC; a liar born to cause you pain/ destroy the evidence these things exist; and obey your gods, as every religious cult must do.

So the people clamor; with distrust that even though reality allows for searching to identify what is true/ the universities want no part of that, and the herd whines with indecision. Because truth knows: WRONG becomes extinction of life on earth.

Reality demands: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ “WE THE PEOPLE” SHALL NOW DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; without manipulation or reliance on leaders. ONLY the evidence, we have chosen for ourselves, shall decide.

I reminding each one: that no part of this is dependent upon me/ I am NOT, the choice you may make. NOT your savior, guru, leader, whatever: ONLY the messenger who says, do not believe/ SEARCH for life and earth, by truth, to survive: or you OWE IT to life, world, child, and your CREATOR; or, your world will die.     THAT, IS FAIR WARNING!

What is not fair: is the realities of mass hypnosis, constant in use in this USA. Mass hypnosis requires that the herd of animals must all believe exactly the same thing, in order to make them all behave in the very same way. To do that; elements are used, such as “terrorists all around”; to enforce WE MUST make you obey everything we say/ everything we ask for/ everything we want/ everything you cannot have, because our right to command is greater than your freedoms to own your own life: stealing both liberty and life as their reward for delusions. The most constant example of this in USA is; today, unless you obey such things as “license renewal”/ you are not a citizen, you are not entitled to anything, you are not free to participate in anything, you are a criminal subject to arrest/ subject to the legal disease of stripping the corpse naked with a constant attack of terrorists wanting to make you pay. As is the corrupt court, that owns little or nothing of value/ as it churns society into chaos; by making the jury believe in fantasies and fools. This is America; where the sewage of university knows, runs deep; to curse our world, and deliver life into the crucible of death. What does all their rules have to do with society: “it turns humanity MEAN”/ as the beginning to a world gone mad and insane. By universities play god; the righteous become superior, in their own minds as the witch-doctor delivers his or her curse to life and earth. As fools, from every failed existence on earth; choose to do/ claiming we are in charge now. No reality/ no life/ no earth/ no future/ no happiness/ no values/ no respect/ no truth/ just sewage in charge, as the toilet begins to turn.

No reality/ no life/ no earth/ no future/ no happiness/ no values/ no respect/ no truth/ just sewage in charge, as the toilet begins to turn. EVERY form of discipline, order, respect, sacred, valued, truth, love, and balance: is under attack by universities playing god. Democracy is under attack/ life is under attack/ earth is under attack/ every chain of our living existence is under attack/ every child/ every aspect of society/ every framework of what has gotten us/ kept us all alive this far; is under attack. YOU CAN tell the universities are here: just by finding what they chose to attack and inject chaos into: as their game is, to take control over this world. As is the claim of playing god demands, from the puke and vomit of fools. Chaos surrounds you: as your world closes in, with grief and screams.

And the cult screams NOT US/ as they believe the new robot armies, will save them; just as soon as enough charging stations for batteries are in place; after all, what could go wrong, with people playing god in charge? Answer the question. As the righteous begin to tremble; because they know, power never shares. It only allows pride to attack for it, and kill the opposition; as is the new “SS”.

Think not: consider the truth, “NOBODY dies of old age”/ so the lies of give us your money, for “heart research and more”; is not a lie/ right? After all, take your medicine; just listen/ rather than be blinded by the lies of “it will be great”; but you can’t sue! Even though the evidence is absolutely clear: they did this on purpose to make money, discarding life; because nobody cares.  As you are guided into the slaughter house, specially designed for fools, and cult worshipers; as are you.

And the bribe takers shout; NOT US. And yet the evidence proves: they stole your money/ sold all your manufacturing/ destroyed the living and realities of those who built this nation with covid/ let fraud and failure appear on your television constantly as thieves take control/ deny truth/ curse life and earth/ mutilate biology/ poison all the water/ corrupt and indoctrinate every child/ fail the world/ disease existence itself; and prepare you for extinction, with “just believe we are gods”/ as the corpse rotting from delusions creates a stench.

THE DEAD (nothing valued here/ but lies), STOLE YOUR FUTURE/ AND CURSE YOUR LIVES.

This is America: where the “new nazi’s”/ demand to count every hair on your head; as preparations to make you fear the very breathe you take. To turn you into traitors and thieves; As they design their gas chamber to come.

The universities are: where fraud, failure, lies, cheating, theft, insurgency, rebellion, traitors, terrorists, and all forms of betrayal exist to be taught again and again and again; as the constant overthrow of America extends into the disgrace of this entire world. The curse of information; is as with all predators, “now we know where they hide/ where lunch will be served/ and where slaves are easily transformed into anything we want them to be”. Particularly with robots; the new day to come, exists with facial recognition to filter through all the opposition; and remove them with disease (found one, spray with horrors as they pass through the door) or weapons (found one driving down the road; use the gun, hiding in wait on every bridge) or lies (believe whatever you are told, as with movies; we create whatever we want) or anything the tyrant wants. Because democracy and its guarantees are dead. Courtesy of university knows. Options for life and living are dead; courtesy of university knows. Power is concentrated in the hands of a tiny few: who give the power of money over to whomever they please; as reality knows, “we cannot contend with the counterfeiters, who can then buy anything without so much as a penny’s worth of value”. Democracy protects privacy; which no longer exists: as the pretenders say, “we must to protect you from terrorists”/ but that is not what they do, and in fact identity theft, and all the rest proves that is not what they do. The insurgency against everything is the constant of universities: who do seek to remove all that protects life/ so they can play god. Giving back; what has no value to life or living. Destroying everything they can touch, which does or did protect our lives. Your gods of university, are in fact Satan: the intentional destroyers of a world. Destroyers of a nation as well; because their only excuse is evolution: which is, the more chaos we inject/ the more life will be changed; and when the accidents that establish life occur; everything will be great, as the people will know we are now gods over them. But every bit of that is a lie; as evolution is like “fools gold”/ utterly without value, and a lie which burdens you. The change they want; is death, hovering over the cradle of life/ to crucify you, with terrors; as proof they did play god to form DEVIL now exists, and cannot be removed.

You want, you want, you want, you hate reality; and want every fantasy imagination can provide with delusions only a fool would believe. But then as cult worshipers; you have no brain: because after all the herd cannot function when it feels threatened; if every single one, does not put his or her face, in the ass of those they follow. Wake up, or get what you deserve. WHAT DOES have value, must be shifted from all that is a lie/ betrayal/ theft/ cheating/ manipulation/ curse/ terrorist act/ or horror to come; from those who claim they can be gods. But prove only death will be their truth. Think not? When did people who said “YES WE CAN”/ EVER stop to know, WE MUST NOT? Answer, NEVER in a university that claims to be god/ nor a government filled with universities cult worshipers (we believe: ANYTHING our gods say), who act as their puppets without a brain. It is university religion, “with a nightmare of believers”. To your shame.

You let the dead walkers (people who steal whatever they can get; cursing let them die; NO consequence for us) tell you what to do; and they tell you: “don’t worry”/ BELIEVE and let them play god. They are anarchists; choosing to defeat you, by taking over and corrupting the courts (no constitution here/ no democracy/ no rights/ no truth; only what the rich man; the power of universities play god, wants. Taking control over media, to herd you like livestock/ to manipulate you into believing whatever they want you to believe. Taking control over governments to force you to fear, what they want you to fear. Taking over religion and every form of education to indoctrinate you into OBEY what we tell you/ without question. Removing every choice of life and business; IN ORDER TO MAKE YOU BEG AND SLAVE AND HATE. How is that not true: hiding extinction so you cannot rise above being slaughtered by fools.

Even tiny things are lost: such as being evicted from forest fire containment/ by those who cannot do what they claim: so they can say “we are gods/ you are nothing”. But they are fools who fail life and planet; while society believes “insurance will pay”; but in a world filled with fantasy, it is only the future which dies, as you sacrifice every child. Soon you will “go to the store to get more/ and they will tell you go search the garbage instead”. FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, or lose it.

Old asphalt singles and be pushed into bricks that are suitable for housing. A lineal line or plastic bags run over with a heated wheel, layer by layer; can stick them all together to form other types of construction materials/ even adding different elements to form; like plywood. Perfect is not required/ adequate is. You have a brain; use it. Unfortunately in the religious indoctrination of university is god: brains are discarded for “memorize/ mimic/ repeat: don’t think”; as cult worship only allows the leaders to search. And they want to destroy everything/ so they can prove to be your gods of extinction. YOUR RESOURCES as a planet; will soon be extinct; because of university leads. Wake up, and fight back; or die.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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