Plague of bribes

Plague of bribes


It is the plague of human society, that the cost of human beliefs; want someone else to make the decisions demanding “make us rich”/ so that they can blame these people when something goes wrong. It is the disease of the human existence; that there are always people demanding, “listen to me/ look at me/ do what I want you to do”. Regardless of a right or value, or respect, or anything that would allow something other than defeat to occur. Such is the reality of SATAN on earth/ as is commonly called “universities”.

Satan is taken from the religious definition of “arrogance/ apathy/ and total disrespect for life and earth; as confronts us all with extinction; due to the extreme risks, ravaging, and rape of all that we need to survive. Universities have earned that title, due to the constant that is: the defeat of our existence/ the curse against our world, as is their way. While media hides their every defeat/ and trumpets a constant hurrah for any fantasy or delusion they profess to know, or want, or think, or demand money for. Propagating disaster, by hiding what is important for life to know; producing only the tiniest constructions of “this will make us extinct”/ because the expert is used as their blanket to explain guilt; and the wealthy is using media to maneuver failure, to hide their own greed.

While a little of media is turning to evidence matters/ life is not. Because the common human trait is: DON’T tell me nothing/ UNLESS you make me rich. Then get out of my way; as I explain “its me/ all me”, is money or anything of value is found. You want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing, but what you want: summarizes all of humanity, except for a very tiny few.

So, particularly in America: the bribes are constant/ the lies are extreme/ the cheating is rampant/ the theft of an entire world is hidden by claims of wealth in numbers that have no meaning/ traitors flourish/ terrorists get anything they want, and as with covid; even more than they could have hoped for, as the battle to end life on earth. Takes its last turn into extinction; because humanity did not care enough: to find out what is true.

What the world of humans see as their trophy: “all the garbage they can discard”. I see as the truth of billions lost; no resources/ no life in the future. Because this generation through their lives away.

What the world of humans see as their triumph: I see as the end of this earth, because if no one dies/ no one lives; in this very now finite world; which survives only because we eat other life to live. That is necessary, because the chain of our existence relies upon complex biological molecules, which other life species create for our use.

What the world of humans see as their trash that does not matter. I see as the end of other species/ the cost of your rape, ravaging, ruin, refusal to respect, destruction of a world. So severe, and with such extreme disrespect: as is proven by those who are willing to believe they can ignite the same “NUCLEAR FIRE” HERE on earth as is found on the sun. claiming as always; they don’t need to worry about extinguishing the flame because they know, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. And yet it is obviously clear: that it is the fire itself, that creates the pull of solar gravity. And ignition means this earth becomes a sun; as burning atoms for fuel will prove true beyond a doubt.

What the world of humans see as their wizards of knowledge; due to a few irrelevant descriptions of change. But deny within 99% of that change is the sewer of human deceit; that will cause our extinction. Genetic structure is NOT known; endless amounts of knowledge particularly with regard to biological realities are completely unknown/ and while they claim to know. Truth says although they can destroy life on earth/ they cannot put it back; once dead/ always dead. It is not a game, and it is not chaos as the most blatant fools ever born do claim. It is not religions as do worship university as god. OUR TRUTH IS, that life is so far beyond human comprehension: WE WILL NEVER understand it as a truth of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. Which means it is sacred, and cannot be touched by human of any kind. A tiny degree of acceptance is allowed for criminal disruption/ but very little more. The consequence is horror/ and the reality is terrors beyond comprehension; if you will not immediately turn to grasp respect instead of violence as is the university constant.

What the world of humans see as their rise to power: in a world of 8 billion people plus/ one in one million is still 8,000 people worldwide. Allowing for screamers shouting GIVE US WHAT WE WANT; to be a constant upon this earth/ regardless of their delusions. Giving rise to every form of fantasy delusion that it is possible for the imagination of universities to create. In defiance of truth and reality; as is their purpose; in order to take control; and play god over life. By infusing society with chaos; no time for you. The horror of human decision/ the curse of human want/ the vile puke and tragedy of human pride/ the death walk and disease of human power struggles. The terrorizing of human devils worshiping anything the universities want as their god cannot be questioned by the cult who protects them from reality. Choosing the fate of this world, by assuming we found someone to make our decisions/ and keep us safe. While in reality behind the door of that delusion: is extinction without end/ until every life is gone. A constant of the fantasy “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”. A reality of everything the universities do. All hail the computer: it now stands as a critical curse driving the extermination of life and earth/ as is known by the usage to mutilate and crucify nature/ as is found in the extreme manipulation of energy, to form nuclear holocaust; destroying our home planet with pure arrogance and apathy.

What the world of humans see as their “we can’t all be wrong”! Reality has testified too the exact opposite of that; as truth defines your ways as extinction/ not value. Every food source is being defiled. Every creature is being put in situations that either leave them no reason to survive/ or is purely defined by the decision to create pandemic disease. Every water source is poisoned or about to be. The climate is being overtaken by human heat release. The ocean life is all dying for countless costs of human disrespect. The resources will soon end. Everything that keeps humanity from killing each other; is being disassembled in preparation for war to end life and earth. Or more simply: EVERY LIAR/ THIEF/ CHEAT/ TRAITOR/ TERRORIST/ DEVIL/ DESTRUCTION/ DENIAL/ FRAUDS/ FAILURES/ FOOLS/ ETC; along with every devastating decision that can be made: is flourishing into the destruction of university knows/ as is against, life and earth. Because that, is what humanity chose. Fighting to protect your worthless numbers; that convict you of inclusion into the insurgency that is the horror of most nations. Disregarding life and truth as is the constant of nearly all humanity: “I want what I want/ LET THE REST GO TO HELL”. But alas, they will take you with them, as that reality proves true.

What the world of humans see as their education is in fact the denial of reality itself; as is formed in “the dead world of cemetery university is god deceit”. Nothing is done to prepare every child for living. Instead they are indoctrinated into cult worship of university as god. Given to believe nothing is wrong, because university is god/ and their priests who worship constantly through the temple of media; are at your door 24/7 forever shouting all hail university: even though, they are nothing more than your former classmates/ who you probably didn’t even like.

What the world of humans see as their healthcare; is a criminal concoction of failure to contain and control extortion. Rather than letting people die; “when the government will pay”/ or stealing all that can be stolen; by keeping the body warm, in a claim to “save life”. The reality is a money grubbing conspiracy to steal; everything that can be stolen from the next generation/ making each person ready to die, tortured instead. As we can all guarantee; that is not life as a value to anyone. Want your body parts to be transplanted: well its claimed 8 parts can be divided to different people/ each of which will get a million dollar surgery/ and each of which will require “another million or more” for a few years maybe; if not several additional surgeries. So your gift: is their bonanza; bringing in MILLIONS/ TO MAKE YOUR NATION BANKRUPT. A full disclosure of what is true, must occur/ which includes how did the future turn out. A full accounting of what is real, must occur/ because every dollar IS STOLEN from the future; and that cannot be, that they are your SLAVES. Or all you leave them is WAR.

What the world of humans see as their time on earth; as participating in the greatest rise of humanity in history. But death surrounding us all says: you have been participating in the greatest delusion of human existence/ and live in the fantasy of fools, who threw this world away, to feed their greed, and delusions of pride, power, and want.

What the world of humans see as their future is a lie. The cost of everything “university done”; is the end of life and earth. Even those who claim they are trying to save species by documenting “where to find them” in the sea, land, etc; are just creating the trail by which every single creature will be made extinct. One disease/ or just a few more months or years will prove you starve. That will lead to eating everything alive/ which will then lead to eating every seed needed for next year to have hope/ which will dissolve humanity into cannibals as you fail both life and world; as the reality of war takes control. 8 billion people at one pound of food a day; is equal to 8 billion pounds per day/ which is equal to 2.92 trillion pounds of food per year/ which is multiplied by roughly 210,000 more people to feed worldwide each day. Which means you will starve; and as always media says nothing but “all hail university as our god”. Yet they can do nothing but sterilize plants and endanger life and world; opening the door to pandemic disease across species boundary lines. Because that is what you chose. Not a single person through the entire history of this world; can compare with the curse of humanity today. Believing yourselves to be gods/ you chose to make this world extinct; by the consequences of what you did do. While the universities all shouted: NO consequences for us/ but as always, were wrong. As is true of all religious (we are gods) cults; nobody goes to a university to learn how to think. Instead indoctrination is required as is: memorize/ mimic/ and repeat. You have no brain; “believe/ fear/ obey”.

What the world of humans see as their right to degrade, ridicule, deny, and even destroy anything and everything I have presented them with throughout these forty years plus; produces the constant which is, before you can live/ you must first see the death you chose instead. Before you can survive/ you must first see the enemies of life as they are defined by the consequences of what has been done. Critical to evidence is not the expert/ but the reality of truth, as constructed; rather than believed. Because you can believe anything; as so many people do. But life does not see it so; as nature proves what is functionally true in our decisions to live with reality instead of fantasy. As the cost of being wrong: evidences the truth of what people choose to gamble here/ because you can lose, and you know it. Life does not see living as a game/ people do. Life sees living as an opportunity to participate in miracles, which illuminate the value of what we have; is more than what we understand. Therefore being alive commands a search: where Creation lives inside, as the moments beyond our reach in time. The spiritual world thereby extends down, to the living who are willing to risk “it all”/ in the values of what could be gained. But spirituality, is a dangerous world, and it grants no mercy for anything less than truth or love. Consequently you must be “absolutely certain or where you stand”; for life by truth and love/ or not. Fear is not allowed, only truth.

I repeat: for forty plus years, I have not asked you to believe anything. Instead I have asked for you to investigate the cost of being wrong. Believing in fraud and failure/ instead of truth and reality. And for forty plus years you have laughed at me; because you believed “not in my lifetime/ I will never pay for this”. So unless you died/ reality will now prove you were wrong. The debt is due/ the consequences are extreme/ and you have little time left to make a different decision than is extinction.

But hey, don’t worry; after all, your government puppets of university can spend all the money they want, “its just a number”/ reality don’t matter; as you will soon be extinct anyway. Media need not report endless inflation as is true/ hiding it as instructed; so the money laundering through anything the universities want or anything “wall street” can claim never stops. After all: only the children will pay, right/ of course, they won’t have a chance to even complain, as every resource is destroyed/ every water source is poisoned/ every food supply ends/ the earth overheats/ nature is disposed of in the university sewer/ and even this earth becomes a sun. because unlike the delusions of university: igniting “lets burn atoms”/ will not turn out welllllllllllll. But as we all know, “cults don’t exist in truth”/ that is for reality.

The constant call for GIVE US WHAT WE WANT; is a dead mans shout. Nature provides that every group, should have its own version of life and living and needs. That is true of humanity as well: as is every group needs to build its own/ and stay within the boundaries they have created. Or more distinctly NO ruining what you needed/ to come invade me, and do the same thing as caused you and yours to fail here. BUILD YOUR OWN; and if there is enough participation in that desire/ THEN go to your own existence; and stay within your own boundaries. Don’t come stealing mine; I ain’t your parent, or your god, or your savior; as is the constant around this world. SAVE yourselves, with truth; as best you can. Primary to that is: POPULATION CONTROL; like it, or not. Truth decides, not you.

Another fact of life is; as every gardener/ farmer knows, you get a crop you can benefit from by eliminating the competition. Because too many in the same place, will only find enough to survive. In this world: we MUST divide/ and then enclose with boundaries, as definable groups; so that if you discard your responsibilities to survival and beyond. OR blame the others/ YOU and your group chose. If the world itself impacts however, help is needed, and justified/ and expected in return. Reality says: DON’T come here, if its blatantly YOUR fault/ just go ahead and starve. But if you war instead: THE LAW of this world, says/ ABSOLUTELY NOT.

We must find the correct mix of old and new; to create a living that will sustain life and humanity and earth; for as long as resources allow. THAT will NOT resemble this life of gluttony, greed, selfishness, sloth, jealousy, hate, pride, want, or power! Because it does not survive/ as truth proves: history says that is the concoction used, for war. If you war: your food will fail/ your water will fail/ peace will fail/ your ability to rebuild will fail/ your world will die/ and you WILL be cannibals; because that, is what you chose. The games of men are dead/ reality demands “a new way”/ or extinction shall not be removed.

YOU DON’T know any of it: because the universities say “we are gods”/ and media shouts, “university is gods”/ and religion screams “university is god”/ and government screams; reality don’t matter/ university is our god, and we will protect them/ and humanity itself says: WE DON’T want to know/ WE WANT what we want. As you dig your own graves, and sacrifice every child; to the gluttony, greed, and selfishness of trophies/ trinkets, and toys; that fill your garbage mountains.

But this ain’t no game, and extinction ain’t no lie: you stand on the edge and if you fall further in/ life and earth end. BECAUSE THAT, is what YOU chose. As we find nearly every soul lying down with sloth burying their heart. WAKE UP, or die.

DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL: WHEREBY THE INVESTIGATION OF EVIDENCE, proves as best we can, as a world: both what is true/ and the price of being wrong!

BEGIN AGAIN, as is the price of what you did do. CHOOSE BETTER!

And for forty plus years; you said to me: WE DON’T CARE/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; LET THE CHILDREN DIE/ they have to take whatever their elders leave them, without complaint. Because that is what we were left too! But that was before this entire earth was ransacked, raped, and ruined BY YOU.

So the end result of it is this: I did spend my life in time, fighting for this world; because your earth is my earth/ your future is my future/ your ruin and war will affect me and everything I do care about. Discarding time, family, friend, future, limiting work and living; because without a planet, nature, energy stability, and all the rest: love does not survive your curse; horrors will arise. So yes I do have a stake in what you do/ yes I can demand redress of grievances: to prove you don’t care/ or to prove you do. While it is true: distinct realities shaped my life; to direct me/ and even at the end control me to do this work. I chose to care/ you, the vast majority, chose not to care; and that is the difference. Wallowing in the game, rather than living within the miracles.

One way or the other; because absolute certainty you choose to drown in your own sewage/ means I refuse to care about you too. The children are dead/ but I did do, what life allowed me to do; as is the truth of treasures that should never be thrown away. Unlike universities; who seek out every treasure of our existence/ and TRY TO DROWN THEM ALL. With pure arrogance/ complete apathy, and a choking disrespect intended to finish their hate; as they lead you to ruin, by extermination of all chance to survive. SHAME ON YOU, that this is so. And for what: YOUR DAMN GREED, which you throw into the garbage; like every thief does/ because it is the evidence which convicts.

Complete failure IS the american reality; as the consequence of public school disgrace (you teach me nothing I can use) ends with more gangs/ the destruction of democracy ends with more hate/ the defecation of the old onto the young, proving we will sacrifice you; is a constant. The insurgency of university arrogance overthrowing constitutional government/ the curse of university apathy destroying everything survival needs/ and the pure disgrace of everything university is god, crucifies not only life (mutilating everything alive), but even the planet itself. Proves you are a fool. The consequences are extreme. And even in me: as I refuse to care, discard the nation “Like you”/ and leave only the world itself as truth knows: we/I, have no choice, and must care for a world.

So left with: “just write, in a world on the true edge of insanity”/ this is what you get. I offer to help women if they work/ because they do deserve “the last chance”, to save life from men. Men always turn to war. History says, women do not! So they get the last say.

An interesting footnote to that: while as strictly male, I never saw female as anything other than “a single picture of woman”/ never saw me as anything other than “this is what it is”. But today, given an introduction into the female world; I see the body as parts and pieces, each measured separately: rather than one significant truth. It is a very different thing.

Nonetheless, reality says of power: to invade this world, you must understand the participation. Men want to please women and be noticed as valued by women, “as their toy”/ so they create games of pride to prove who can or cannot be the winner: “who owns the trinkets women want; to pass around”/ that trophy (I got women, they want) is then measured by men; with depression, sadness, deceit, lies, jealousy, ridicule, desire, purposes hidden, betrayal, war, etc. but hate intervenes in that game; by examining power to make people do what you want/ or fear what you don’t want; and playing god arises without women as their trophy. They want to play god; end of story, as is the university way/ the way of tyrants/ etc.

so the constant is: if men lose interest in women/ they then turn to war, as their solution; and to playing god as their trophy over you. Consequently how men see women/ and what women do, to accept or deny men is gravely important.

Past the point of pride is a game/ power demands pride is measuring you/ to make you fear, they made you into a game. So the critical truth is: tyrants are born with control over the other men who will do their bidding/ for a profit to themselves. “what do you want”? Limited capitalism is a boundary line which denies excessive claims of wealth/ to deny tyrants, by opening the door to all. But with weapons, and hate; fear is used to control: because the cost individually can be high. So society must examine and identify: those who have descended into hate/ and remove these from society. Only then can weapons be controlled; because fear is limited.

The power of leadership, is removed by law. WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW!

The power of the military is tempered and controlled by a national bill of rights to every soldier: identifying what society expects from you/ and what society will protect you from, as their leaders.

The power of policing is removed by a bill of rights: that firmly and fairly identifies what each citizen expects/ and what each citizen must do in order to respect the police at their job. Becoming fair to each one; adds that non lethal bullets shall be used for the first 4 shots. Enabling control/ with deadly force possible: BUT if you use that, your job is on the line, as well as the cost of what you chose to do. The police will stand in the way of these non-lethal bullets without protection as is the common citizen: to prove the force needed.

The power of the judiciary is controlled by; YOU WORK FOR US/ NOT our employees. And that means OUR LAW/ OUR GOVERNMENT, which is the constitution: SHALL BE MAINTAINED AND FAIRLY SUPPORTED. Or you will be found criminally liable/ or worse. Which means every courtroom is opened; and every judgment will be reviewed; and every lawyer shall be graded. And only those who comply with justice and fair play for all, shall merit the work. Those who fail the grade of doing what our contract with each other as citizens of this nation agreed too: shall be thrown out, or imprisoned.

The power of university is in the power of media; who shouts endlessly “the university is god”. That ends! Every door is opened/ every reality reviewed/ nothing sacred is touched/ no gambling with life, energy, nation, child, planet, genetics which is nature, no poisoning of life/ no traitorous practice/ no violation of body as is medicines or methods NOT consistent with truly good practice/ no lies about pharmaceuticals/ no extortion/ no failure to present the citizenry with the competition of people who can do the work/ no useless fantasy, delusion, imagination, or any other vile sewage of useless trash our lives/ steal our money, disgrace. No more playing god. No more control over currency, banking reduced to “one location only”/ and a billion more failures to be replaced with truth decides now.

Licensing is about controlling the competition/ more than it is about trying to insure people know how to do what they promise. New methods are required. It is not your right to control me, or what I can do/ it is only your right to establish I do have, realistic levels of competency. It is your job to create the evidence of what is expected; so that we all know. Similar to the rest. It is not your right to demand compliance with practices that are not realistic to the work: as is commercial hoods/ should recycle air exhausted. To conserve energy. It is not your right to allow cremation: as that requires in a 200 lb man: requires the vaporization of about 25 gallons of water, plus more. This earth needs you to stop. Etc.

A law must be established: that NO POLITICIAN OR OTHER, shall ever again demand of business that they shall enforce whatever the politician demands/ by controlling resources every person needs; as is tyranny, the revolt against democracy/ established by covid. As is the curse of failure in democracy is now dead: the insurgency has begun. Biden robs the middle class to give to the poor; as his army. While trump robbed the middle class to give to the extremely wealthy, as owns the weapons he intends to use; to take control by his army. BOTH, a reality that must never arise again. ANY person with authority, can be charged with betrayal/ treason; if they even suggest it. Each chose to crucify what was left of an economy; by surrendering to their gods of university (who provide the backbone, of fools & puppets in charge); with trillions of dollars spent for covid worship. EVIDENCE not the expert/ NOT the cult worshiper/ NOT the media shouting “believe/ fear/ obey” as is the constant propagation of mass hypnosis; none of it, as was seen with covid. DEMOCRACY FIRST/ not you or your fear.

TO RETURN LIFE AND LIVING TO THE MASSES; RATHER THAN THE CURSED. Business entities shall compete with clear and certain, true schedule of charges. People who sell; shall guarantee no product here is over “3%” or whatever percent they want; over their cost/ so that every business can compete successfully. Same here as the rest/ end of massive stores. Manufacturing shall provide only what has value, and make it to last. Every small community shall have a business, they can depend upon: because your competition shall be limited. Farming shall be redefined: to a level found in the sixties; where most weed control was done by hand. No more taking any land out of production/ or consuming it with human purposes. We must put back our planet to a level where it can survive humanity. So that we can survive too. The list is long.

More diligently: time is about distance, which action or reaction shall produce the greatest length of time this decision can create. Force is about change; as is the rise of consequences for each decision made. Power is the reality of movement, as caused by each element of force that has overcome resistance/ and is now in charge of the movement. Or more distinctly: we control our lives, by the decisions we make. Those decisions create an undercurrent of consequences which will erupt as movement/ when the reality of power proves they cannot be contained or denied, any longer. Government cannot function: because everything is a lie/ a fraud/ a theft/ a betrayal/ a terrorist act/ a failure/ fools in charge/ the cost of being wrong/ tyrants planning war/ devils infiltrating life with disease/ the pandemic of cowardice as is found in every cult. To your shame.

One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers. Reducing expenditures in this USA to 1.5 trillion over revenue as is what they are trying to do: leaves a debt of fifteen thousand dollars over taxes, etc; per each of one hundred million workers. Increasing assets as is inflation; hidden by media, even though they knew: is, and has been well over one thousand percent per year, for decades. While the citizenry hides that fact just like media: because they believe the numbers make them rich: “I CAN go buy”/ but reality proves, you cannot go buy; you can only STEAL THE RESOURCES OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN; KILLING THEM, and their future, and their world;; to throw it all in your garbage. And that is only the beginning of promises/ numbers, a billion years of living could not pay for: made by universities who believe “we don’t need no damn reality/ fantasy and delusions are enough!” Shame is not a big enough word: as confronts us all with “Satan”.

The force of resources needed for life/ is a consequence you can no longer ignore; OR EXTINCTION COMES. HELL erupts in your face, and you wallow in the sewage of your “universities played god”. As life and earth become lost forever. Because you chose death, rather than miracles.

The power of fools; to make a decision of failure and fools; go on this long. Has in fact destroyed the claim of power is a fantasy/ the claim of pride is a delusion/ and everything you wanted, has been thrown in the trash. As universities led you to ruin/ to crucifying life/ to eternal ruin/ to corruption and contamination of life, energy, everything that living allows: destroyed. Their numbers have no meaning: it was all a game of lies. Their pride has no meaning: their numbers represent theft, and as stolen funds/ counterfeiting lies; means you didn’t pay for that; comes true. No power remains for those who sold life and earth, for the puke and vomit of “university imagination”. To your forever, shame.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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