Framework of games

Framework of games


Truth decides: means, we/ or I, have accepted the reality, that miracles prove there is more to our existence, than humanity comprehends. Therefore carefully integrating our lives into the framework of what life and living can be; requires that truth will decide, based upon the reality of laws that do govern our existence. Within that conception of thought, is the ability to know: while we are free to live by our own decisions/ we must also live by the consequences of what those decisions will bring.

The majority finding that their decisions as governed by want; lead to a life with trouble/ choose to make themselves into a herd, shouting “we can’t all be wrong”. And yet life proves: yes you can, because want is not enough, to govern a life. But humanity then shouts: we want what we want/ and will NOT bend to let truth decide, by removing our own freedom to make that decision/ or follow that leader as we choose to do. In order to get what we want; an example of that is found throughout history in every nation/ but one of the most clear is “nazi germany: wherein nazi means, we will take what we want/ as is the driving force behind every war: to steal/ and discard law for chaos.” the universities turned that around, in their war on life; by claiming in their religion of evolution: that god is chaos/ therefore whatever accident we provide against order and discipline and balance and truth: is how we govern ourselves with the law of chaos. Chaos is the consequence of human wants/ as history proves time and again. Pride is the creator of war/ as history proves time and again. Power is the demand to play god with life, thereby measuring and judging “everything”; so that “I the superior one”/ can enforce violence on you. Proving “a hitler” hiding behind, nearly every door; as all of humanity screams, “look at me/ listen to me; I am so superior, as to be, practically god (university speaks) over you”.

So we come to where force, the final element of our decisions: will move the constant of life itself, into HELL/ or in a final effort to control want by truth decides not you; humanity will change, to respect the miracles of our existence; and live accordingly with value achieved through love. And the world of humans screams: “we don’t have to do nothing/ everything is great; we are gods, and you cannot tell us ANYTHING”! Because we want, what we want. The end result of that is of course: now you get what you chose/ as the consequence of everything leadership chose, as led by university diplomas: is chaos. In worship of their god called evolution: we cannot be wrong, “curse it all”, as is their way.

The critical question is then: are ANY amount of “real life humans” still alive? Will then demand truth? Will they allow the investigation of facts in order to compile the knowledge needed to confront the others with reality? Will they accept only law can save us now? Or will they just continue to hide from truth and reality; offering we can do nothing as their excuse?

I am not your judge/ therefore I merely write; and offer you this message: truth decides, if you will not change/ you will soon be extinct. As the message created in me, to give to you; as evidence you did have your chance to change.

Life is not a game/ life is not a toy, for you to play with as if you were god. Life is a decision, sustained or destroyed by the consequences of what you do. That fact isolates the reality of university fiction; and proves an imagination of lies, fraud, theft, and playing god; will not be enough to keep this earth from dying.

You chose to cheat. You chose to steal. You chose to sacrifice your children and all life on earth. You chose to crucify biological life, with university worship. You chose to curse yourselves by gambling with energy. You chose to bankrupt nations and world. You chose to deny reality and truth; to claim you were rich (which screams: I WANT SLAVES). YOU chose an eternity designed by university is god; to your shame. You chose to fail, because you wanted what you wanted; and nothing would stand in your way, not truth/ not life/ not child/ not eternity. You judged yourselves to be “gods”/ and failed.

So we do come to division: the difference between discipline and want: is a respect for the law, want does not possess. The difference between order and pride is, a respect for the sanctity of miracles. The difference between balance, the foundation of happiness/ and power, is the curse of judgment, the disease of the righteous, and their thirst for all things “lets play god” over the rest.

We must let truth decide for life and earth: because our world depends upon truth to survive/ and all things human, and in particular university; screams, HELL instead.

The value of life is destiny, because the critical truth of desire, shapes our thought, and thought becomes the direction of our own decisions. Therefore what you value, conceals or reveals your future; dependent upon your truth. The decisions that you made come true, with actions or reactions that produced the consequences that drive the direction of our lives.

Force is a conception, built upon your desires. Desire means: to construct the framework, of where your own levels of thought may go/ your own decisions, to use the body of time, as your own judgment will allow.

I opened the spiritual door to female: just to ask the question, “how would women save this world”? I knew there would be costs: but that was a decision with consequences, expecting a similar world. But female is not; and as the force of an entirely different kind of world, was more than I expected. The end result of it, is still undecided; but the desire remains the same, “this whole world of miracles we call life, must not go extinct”/ as is the direction and the decisions of humanity under the leadership of university “lets play god” realities. Truth will decide if you can still survive; it is not a game. But the decisions you have made; are filled with tragic endings/ and you have no real leadership that can save you from extinction. The consequence being: together we must choose the law, and accept the truth that decides for us, what our future can be. With true respect, rather than university imagination; “I believe” there is still a chance, life can go on. But it is not certain. Truth will decide.

And the people say: “you are nothing/ we are gods/ everything is great: we want what we want”. But that is chaos, because although you were born with great things; you respect nothing, and what you want has become your ticket to HELL. Can you replace your eyes/ can you hear without ears/ touch, eat, speak, move, think, smell, heal yourself, grow yourself, learn without a brain? 8 billion individual people/ requires 8 billion individual identities: there must be differences, like what you got or not; that was chosen by your parents. You cannot “build your own bones, transport them individually to where they belong, tie them together or lubricate them for a hundred years of work/ you can’t build muscle, or sensors, or brain cells, or immunity, or anything that is the MIRACLE of your body or this planet. YOU are the recipients of these gifts, and you respect none of them: because you want to play god, and fantasize about being superior to everyone else. Letting universities literally inject biological chaos, into every living thing. Letting universities discard the laws which restrain nuclear energy; pretending they know, when they have already proven they don’t. Letting them gamble with the planet (cern). Letting them gamble with the same fire as on the sun: which does burn atoms for fuel. Letting them poison and change every single chain of life that keeps us all alive. Letting them sacrifice every child, with your greed and selfishness; shouting hurrah/ as the masses declare “not in my lifetime”; stealing the future from each child.

It is true, I am only a messenger: telling you to change or go extinct. Not your savior, but your messenger: proving YOU DID have the chance to change. RESPECT YOUR LIVING WORLD/ RESPECT YOUR CREATOR/ or go extinct: “your choice”.

And the world says: “we have heard enough/ kill him, and we won’t hear anything again”. But reality says: I have nothing to do with your choices to prove extinction will come/ that is “all you”. So killing me has nothing to do with your reality/ and everything with distracting humanity from your own truth as a world; going insane. Distracting you, from the insanity of cult worshiping universities as god. Killing me; simply destroys whatever help I could be: but that is exactly what power wants to avoid; as is anything that reduces them from playing god.

I give whatever is called mine to family; because family gave to me/ so I return it to their future.

The reason, I give an extraction of this work too: “kill him”/ is to remove the claim of “listen to me”/ the claim of arrogance; from those whose hate will provide that anyway. Therefore let it be simple: power hates competition/ and I do compete to remove that power from all who claim it is theirs alone. Worldwide that makes “millions” who do not want change. Because they want to play god, and continue in the fantasy world of no consequences for us.

Reality proves: without change, this world is dead. Therefore the question of when does not significantly matter. The critical quest: to bring “a new life/ a new possibility” into this world, has been done. The critical truth: that you can change this world: IF YOU GO TO COURT/ AND PROVE WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW. A world courtroom dedicated to proving what is true/ and what the cost of being wrong actually is. Because anything less than that will fail; power, pride, and want are too strong/ reality must fight back with real world costs. No more games; only truth decides. That is the lesson I brought to you/ tied to limited capitalism, to remove the power of money. Tied to law leads us now, that removes the power of leaders. Tied to truth, the power of weapons will be nearly removed: IF you provide a bill of rights to your military, and find the courage to let them say: we will not war for you. Our purpose is to defend the nation which rules over us.

Summary of this work is: that male and female working together forms the basis and foundation that is balanced, and therefore elementally sustained by the creation of hope. Hope is the basis for life, providing the incentives required to retain a desire to live/ death stalks when hope dies.

This is a precious world of life, being dissolved by the sewage of arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect; primarily distributed by “university knows”; as their disguise of knowledge, is used to disease the world into believing they can play god. They can only play Satan: as is proven by the fact they deliberately inject chaos into biological life/ deliberately dissolve the laws which govern nuclear energy/ deliberately poison the earth/ deliberately lead to all resource destruction/ deliberately seek to overpopulate humanity/ deliberately deny reality and crucify all chains of life/ deliberately destroy governments and their currency with fraud/ deliberately indoctrinate every child into the worthless delusions of cult worshiping universities as god. And more.

As a consequence to their insurgency against life and nations; the universities are held responsible for the failure of human existence/ and the curse of human apathy, as has been formed by exploding greed, selfishness, gluttony, and disrespect. So we all stand on the threshold of our extinction as a world: led here by such things as the puke and vomit of evolution is god by chaos/ and other facets of a fool leads.  IT IS A LONG LIST, of failures!

I do not lead; only the law must do that: because law is designed by all, which makes law the best we did do for each other, as equals. To achieve that reality: WE THE PEOPLE MUST MAKE THE LAW WE LIVE BY AS A WORLD! You refuse wanting what you want, which is to be rich (I want slaves/ and superiority/ I want to believe whatever I want is true: but that is a lie, and forms a tragedy of failures); to your shame. Which ultimately makes this work, a final plea to do better: because failure is extinction of life and earth. YOU, ARE RESPONSIBLE, FOR YOU. YOU, are responsible for your decisions, your work for or against life and earth. YOUR DECISION; will cause “life survives now”/ OR life and earth will die now:  CHOOSE, because time has run out; and change will be now or never!

And people say: YOU can’t scare us/ we won’t believe nothing! So apart from weapons of mass destruction, and what you already know (a tiny little bit):  I remind you, if you believe your “university diplomas”/ there are 8 billion people on earth that is an unbroken line of people one meter apart= 8 million kilometers long. And if you believe a one percent rise in population per year:  that equals another 210,000 people born every day, wanting food, water, and much more; for the next one hundred years.  ON THIS FINITE PLANET, WHERE WE EAT OTHER LIVING THINGS/ AND THEY HAVE NEEDS TOO.  or none of us survive.

and the people, along with their religions, say: “we are believers”/ the universities are god! They give us what we want!

But reality says: they gave to you extinction, as is represented by all things threatening life on earth; by destroying the rule of laws, that governs life itself. By creating weapons of mass destruction, and fools who want war more than peace.

You believe in the universities who say: all of life and planet are merely accidents formed from chaos (evolution). What could be a bigger lie? That they can mutilate life into something better, by worshiping their god of evolution/ that they can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun (and not even consider what happens/ because they “know” it will just extinguish itself). Both Satan on earth; because a bigger word for fool does not exist.

I ACCEPT: that life is a miracle of thought, so far beyond our own, that I have no real concept of what life or living honestly means. Instead by the understanding of a world filled with diversity (now facing extinction because of humanity)/ that so much more than I can realize or recognize exists. I am reborn in the desire: to learn and search for life itself, as begins with Creation/ not fools in charge of lies. If you cannot understand chaos means: the destruction of everything down to its most simple forms/ or accidents do not create life, these detract from the living by damaging what has been built. Then truly we are so different, I cannot care about “humanity” anymore. While simple human friendship is still within hope, life for this world; is entirely up to you. If you cannot step back from “university is god”/ and understand ONLY THE EVIDENCE/ NOT the expert matters; then there is truly nothing left to say. It has been written/ so you can argue; but NOT deny.  which does make me the writer/ messenger; of this work; a reality of my entire lifetime, dedicated to learning; as was needed to accomplish that reality”. AIN’T nothing about savior or whatever here; as reality will prove, I am just a worker/ influenced by the spiritual dimension of female; which entered my life; as I learned male cannot save this world/ they turn to war. “she; as predicted in biblical Revelation 12 (spiritual woman close by/ but at a  spiritual level above time; balancing on what is foreign, as is male) & 17 (spiritual woman, directly in charge, of the beast on earth, that is male)”;  balanced my life, and work/  pushed; until this work was completed. Removing the first 11 chapters of Revelation; to establish the second cost instead.  Causing MUCH that I had hidden away to be revealed. Recognizing; it does no good, to protect life, from the invaders of “hell”/ when life is already being threatened with extinction. The demand to confront “university is god, to your shame”/ remains true. As the cult of worshipers who scream: “you can’t question our gods”/ decides what they will do!  I know not how that all ends.

You will decide what is true: and the cost of that decision shall appear.

Elements of life and living; have been expanded on www.justtalking7.info to provide the maximum amount of educational help, that it is possible to do.

Of things that are true: IF, YOU BUILD FOR LIFE/ there will be “a thousand things” of disrepute and discredit and deny; all arranged to distract you from the work that is life or death of this world. Expect it, it will come: a little might even be true/ but make no mistake, I am far more complex, as is my life and living; than you do expect. Just how it is. I am NOT YOUR EXCUSE/ not your savior, god, guru, expert, etc; I AM merely the messenger who delivered the work: humanity has endangered this world with extinction/ and you are deliberately told: INVESTIGATE WHAT IS AND IS NOT TRUE/ BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS EXTINCTION.

IF, ridicule, propaganda, demands to “fear/ believe/ and obey” fail. The next step is “war”; if I can be killed to stop you from taking back control over life and living/ then it ends there. However if you choose to demand: the universities are not god, and we the people will decide/ then they will attack you too, with university is god, and they can kill you. BUT you can kill them too; so beware of what you believe. Reality then divides human life on earth: to decide if this world will survive or not/ and make their decisions accordingly. The rich and powerful will fail; or you surrender life on earth to extinction. BUT UNLESS you accept “ONLY THE LAW”, that we devise for ourselves as a world who will rule ourselves by that law; you will fail to achieve the freedom that is law. The realities of a ruler who disobeys our law; SHALL be dealt with as a terrorist: no military will protect them, from world policing. And this world shall die.

I have not ever asked you to believe; I have asked you to go to court and prove what is true; before it is too late to fight back, in order to save this world. I have told this USA; redress of grievances, is your legal right; to prove democracy exists, and produce the authority of law that is: WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW; AS IS, OUR LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP. It cannot be denied, outside of treason. And treason has remedies under the law. Failure means; the consequences of your decisions will take over your lives, and the world itself will collapse under the weight of fools did this to us all.

My job is done; which means, YOU DO THE WORK, OR DIE.

As man, I am no longer a participant. However the spiritual female influence inside; may have a different view/ but she shares it not; believe it or not. So I have no clue; changing exists:

she insists, its her body [our life] now/ and I will balance her (sometimes a fight is necessary)/ instead of her balancing me (with peace, does not include war): ITS COMPLICATED”. No, prediction on what that will really mean? I do NOT expect you to understand, or believe; as it is meaningless to you. “strictly me”/ but that too, she insists.

While it has been a “different life” for the last 18 years/ it is now turning into a “very strange life” instead. I have no idea, when or where or how, that ends: never my intent. Adapt, because I can: life is as truth demands/ not as want designs. YES, I know, “you can ridicule, etc”. But your truth will not change; that too,   is what it is.


Once again: this is not “homosexual in any way/ any male, any disguise of male; ANY description of male; who comes here to me for sex/ will find their reward to be “eternal terrors/ Hades”. That is not my threat/ I am required to give it: take heed! It is not transsexual by any means; no excuse or want exists. It is strictly spiritual; and that you cannot understand/ so there is no purpose in explaining: truth decides, not me; I am caught in a spiritual anomaly/ and perhaps she is too; I don’t know. IT IS, resulting from the predictions of Revelation 12, & 17. Not religious, this is far more about you than me. YOU are the people who cursed yourselves with “university is god”/ ending with extinction! Not me. I DON’T know why, or the result of it; for me or this world/ THAT, Is not my job.

I asked just let me leave; but, “THIS IS an entire living world”; and was refused. Therefore, I NEEDED a solution, that would keep this world alive/ as men will always turn to war: it could NOT be them. Consequently I turned to female, they turned away/ and I ended at the spiritual truth of “a female world”; expecting complicated/ but ENTIRELY different. And I cannot escape. There is utterly no point in trying, and that is the truth.

The curse of time is: “we/I chose”: but that is also its blessing, dependent upon what you did or did not choose to do. The end of life is your measurement of choices, thereby proving what is true, within you. Passion is the elevation of desire: but desire is the basis of love and hate/ completely different choices. That can be identified by humans, few are good enough actors to keep hate hid/ however love, requires time to prove what your real choice is. Disciplines open the door, by revealing truth. Order closes the door, to lies/ or you suffer the fate you chose. Balance releases the opportunity of freedom, the right to follow your heart; and find your soul. If you accept only truth can decide.

Hate is the graveyard of your want, lying to you; pretending that everything will be great: if you just kill someone, or others, to remove them from your life. But you are living in the cemetery, and chained to the casket of your pride. Death removes only one, in a world of 8 BILLION people; which means there are more than you can kill: so they will kill you too; ending their problem with you. Let the past go; as it is littered by hate, and hate can only cause death; which is not life for you either.

Want is the constant of the human animals: always wanting/ always playing games to get more of what you want/ always lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal, and even terrorism to prove you can get what you want, and win. But life is not a game, and your trophies fill the garbage mountains of your insanity proven true. Power demands revenge, but violence proves hate; and hate is what power wants; because it makes playing god possible. To your shame.

LOVE is the opposite of these things, entirely dependent upon truth. Love exists within the scope of human existence, as provided by the elemental respect of miracles did this. Love examines thought as the basis for life, and limits death by refusing to believe: thereby letting truth decide, that our Creator “has a plan”. Or even if not, there is no life worth living: without love, therefore truth knows that trust is inevitable. The shape of our soul, identified by truth. Love lifts, hate descends. They are complete opposites, and never choose to live as one; it is impossible. Those who believe they can have both: lie to themselves, because they have entered into hate; but refuse to admit their soul hangs in the balance of eternal failure.

The difference, between life in society/ and society that constantly returns to war: is law. The authority of leadership is then based upon the true respect given to law, and the foundations that are created to identify and prove the law/ our law, will rule this land. The law is NOT formed by leaders/ only tyrants do that. NO RESPECT for our law means: YOU have no authority to rule over any part of this nation; and have discarded society itself/ to play god.

The law is OUR DECISION, AS WE THE PEOPLE to enforce the liberty of deciding: this will make us happy, and this will protect the freedoms and rights we all share. Because anything less than that returns us to war. But men play games as a substitute for war/ so that each becomes “an army of one/ or an army of us/ or an army displayed by this group: to take more for themselves, and scream WINNER”. The losers then assemble to prove no you can’t, and war returns again and again and again/ or genocide results where the level of weapons; as is guaranteed by “excessive money”; will prove, we hate you. Just because you are you/ not us, as is the constant reality of all war.

Nonetheless; it is the authority of law, that presents and maintains leadership! Alas in this nation of USA; the leadership constantly fails life and society, and rebels against law/ by surging against those who built this nation by counterfeiting and condemning every security to worthless. Giving away the nation to immigrants/ by cursing those who work for life and living; by stripping away every resource, and destroying every economic need or option. As is DELIBERATELY: removing all manufacturing/ devaluing every form or currency with lies, and media propagation of those lies: to hide the truth of what has been stolen; to destroy the nation itself. Corruption of the courts/ corruption of healthcare/ corruption of the election process by using our own stolen money and securities and debts and foundations built for life; to destroy us instead; propagating the university is god/ as is consistent with a cult, as our only option instead of law or life. As their decision is to destroy this entire world, all its nature, and poison everything they can; in worship of their religion as is evolution and its god called chaos. With extreme experimentation that has no validity for life/ and gambles everything will soon be EXTINCT.

Fear is a horrifying thing; as it changes people in ways they would never dream could occur. But yet it does. My dad was one of those; living with me was not easy, as realities of life/ tragedies of choices made; are a constant. Challenging the power of this nation, produced a long line of police coming here; which eventually caused him to believe “I must be doing something wrong”. Pushed out into the night, regardless of weather; due to agriculture noise: didn’t bother anyone else/ must be lying/ must be criminal. Challenging money as “destroyed, by counterfeiters and debts”/ challenging resources are being eliminated, the stores will be empty/ challenging university as god; truly is a cult. Having tinnitus, even though the evidence was clear/ the reality is “he looks perfect/ must be lying”; and more. Produced fears which enabled pride to believe: “less, a cost of judgment”. So I opened the door, to let everything out; he had been saving up: and that caused him to try to harm me with words to be remembered. Shortly after that, when reality began to sink in for what he had chose to do: I finally saw my dad of years past, a few weeks before he died; much more so than for decades.

Your fear is no less and no different: assumptions do not equal evidence/ pride does not signify value/ power will cause enemies to be born. People want to believe, whatever they want to believe. You must identify what is true, before you can change it: because people believe what they want to believe; and that is rarely correct. A world court must be found; to bring to life what is true, as best we can: so that none can say, “we believe what we want” instead.

The curse of university puppets who call themselves leaders; is truly on display with covid. Whereby the failed existence of life itself, removed all connections with democracy (we decide/ not you)/ removed all connections with reality, as is trillions of dollars spent and given to those who threaten us all (without any sense of reality)/ tyranny on open display as business was threatened DO WHAT WE SAY, or we will destroy your world, and take away every resource you need to survive. In WORSHIP of those who claim: they are superior to nature/ therefore all the world of humans, should gather together and let “the university gods”; alter and mutilate human genetic structure (THE BUILDING OF BODIES CALLED HUMAN LIFE); to your extreme shame. Depending upon fools who claim: for trillions of dollars/ and complete freedom to mutilate, “with an automated factory line: every living thing on earth”. ANY YOU, swallowed by your fears/ gave them the money and authority to do so; religion leading/ media screaming “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”; you damn fools you.

Congratulations you booked your casket/ claimed your cemetery plot; how is that no so? But alas: to HELL you go instead/ because the universities are your god. Wake up or die.

Or, more simply: hate breeds hate by raping each other/ ravaging the planet, so that options and opportunities disappear/ ruining what we need to survive/ destroying peace and love by playing god/ cursing the world by gambling with extinction itself/ demeaning humanity into animals/ the sewage called evolution/ the obedience called belief/ the lies formed by incessant wants/ the games of pure disrespect, as each tries to undo the other/ judging each other, by the vermin called your own fears. Elementally discarding truth, to depict yourselves as “saved by university”; even though they built the entire framework of extinction, with your money, and authority to do so. In this America then: what is not hate? Certainly not what lies behind every closed door of universities lead.

Love builds with harmony, designs hope with peace and equality, conceives of life beyond survival with thought, and limits with discipline the responsibilities which give order and balance to life and living; as the essence of miracles proving we are more than animals exists.

The functional or fundamental truth of love, does not allow me to simply say “wake up or die”/ but instead suggests: that life is a decision, and hope is a desire, which allows you to seek the changes you need to make in order to survive. The value of a true investigation/ the critical need for a courtroom in order to assemble the best we can do: is elemental to democracy itself, and testifies to those who can achieve some level of thought, the opportunity that is more than “just believe/ just lay down to die; as the choice; universities control fate”. Truth decides, not wants, unless they lie.

The fate of our world, relies upon the change: from “yes we can/ to NO you can’t”. It is that simple, and it is that plain. Humanity screams; HELL NO/ but reality says, fail and HELL will begin; as is the truth of your decisions for decades of “not in my lifetime/ and let the children find their gold mine in our garbage”. Or your elders took everything they could and remain taking everything they can; without repentance; they want it all, leaving nothing for a child.

The future of our world is dependent upon THE CHANGE: from the power of men which is created by governments, to become this is how we steal the most/ into government is where we remove the power from men and women; to let the truth decide, by the laws we all agree to create; as our freedom and liberty to govern ourselves with justice, equal for all. Part of that change is “limited capitalism”; the demand, by our periodic vote, we decide the limits and boundaries of individual wealth; and its impact on all our lives. The game is removed; by changing the authority of men rule this world/ to a vote, where women do have an equal right to determine the law, by their vote as well. NO nation on earth, is allowed to deny that truth; or you will punish them severely; as policing for this world, begins to take shape.

To keep it simple: climate change is about the extreme quantities of heat you release. End of the story; stop releasing heat or die. That means remove over half of all the vehicles/ insulate fanatically/ improve what you can/ stop air conditioning/ stop heating things you should not be, such as swimming pools/ stop air plane rides without true cause/ stop everything you like to do as proof of your luxury decisions; a trophy just like garbage mounting to extremes. Or more simply: this is reality, that a one million bushels (60 million lbs) train, carries the same amount of grain as 1250 trucks; but does not use the same amount of resources. Or in personal vehicles “lets say weigh 3,000 lbs and carries as its load 300 lbs: the train load represents 200,000 cars and small trucks for the same distance. “see the problem/ see the solution”? It requires your decision to survive; because the earth overheated will kill everything, and cannot be turned back. Simple as that; “no you can’t”.

A reality I have lived with for the last 18 years, which is at times, very aggravating; but in the end necessary, because life or death of this planet is far more than wants. Even if I don’t know why me.

Fear is a horrifying thing; as it changes people in ways they would never dream could occur. But yet it does. My dad was one of those; living with me was not easy, as realities of life/ tragedies of choices made; are a constant. Challenging the power of this nation, produced a long line of police coming here; which eventually caused him to believe “I must be doing something wrong”. Pushed out into the night, regardless of weather; due to agriculture noise: didn’t bother anyone else/ must be lying/ must be criminal. other things as well/ but nothing criminal or perverse. Challenging money as “destroyed, by counterfeiters and debts”/ challenging resources are being eliminated, the stores will be empty/ challenging university as god; truly is a cult. Having tinnitus, even though the evidence was clear/ the reality is “he looks perfect/ must be lying”; and more. Produced fears which enabled pride to believe: “less, a cost of judgment”. So I opened the door, to let everything out; he had been saving up: and that caused him to try to harm me with words to be remembered. Shortly after that, when reality began to sink in for what he had chose to do: I finally saw my dad of years past, a few weeks before he died; much more so than for decades. You cannot enable someone to remove their own hate/ unless you show them what that hate has done to their own life; consequently, I opened that door/ so he could recognize the difference; and he chose to step back into life, rather than death. His physical death was by melanoma; major medical expenses for doing what amounted to being nothing/ but was offered, we can cut off your leg, and it might give you a chance. I reminded him of what that REALLY MEANS/ and he then chose not too. Every form of medical MUST be investigated for truth/ as the constant of medicine is power, not health: but that too is governed by fraudulent legal realities of theft. Which is why breast amputations are prevalent/ even though statistically same risk as saving the breast in most cases: THEY DO IT, because legally it releases them with, “what more could I have done/ I am not god”. And the lawsuit disappears. Same is true for cutting off body parts, “can’t blame me/ lawsuit is dead; evidence destroyed”. Got a monthly reason to see the doctor: its called income. Took the wrong medicine; its called business. FAIR does not exist, in this USA, as run by university knows; “how to steal”. As is: the cost of a medical education/ governed by university. Did you know, that the gall bladder, is basically a sack which holds chemical creations for use in breaking down food; released more quickly, in the stomach, because of that accumulation. Which means: the gall bladder produces none of those chemicals/ which means any form of chemical concentration that is attacking the body comes from somewhere else. Which means although the gall bladder is a common surgery (because they can, generate money)/ it is almost never the cause of human complaint. Fear is used to invite you to believe. MANY are the costs of believing in healthcare; when the reward for doing anything; is extortion. One trillion dollars, is equal to ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million people “before taxes”. healthcare cost spending social security costs US health care costs healthcare insurance costs veterans costs veterans costs veterans costs welfare welfare lexington law

Your fear is no less and no different: assumptions do not equal evidence/ pride does not signify value/ power will cause enemies to be born. People want to believe, whatever they want to believe. You must identify what is true, before you can change it: because people believe what they want to believe; and that is rarely correct. A world court must be found; to bring to life what is true, as best we can: so that none can say, “we believe what we want” instead. belief (not religious), is literally one of the most dangerous, and deadly things you can do to yourself. let truth decide instead.

Some ask: why can’t we all be friends? The answer is competition, thereby to eliminate competition and control its effects on all life: groups are formed which allow and demand “this is ours/ that is yours”. As with all forms of discipline, order, and balance: the universities seek to dismantle and destroy everything that serves to keep life at peace with each other. diversity requires diversity/ while universities demand:  “mix everything together/ let there be “Only one” kind. Which causes competition to rise/ and discontent to multiply. Because even though, we are all people: the price of our existence is: that we must compete! the price of peace is, that we must divide “yours from mine” and respect the limits and boundaries of what that means. NOT because one is better or less/ but because reality proves, some will fail and demand war. While others will succeed and create peace. When you mix them all together: you end with a much larger group who failed, and they become agitated: creating their only little army for war. Being spread out, by confrontation, they form terrorist groups.

LOVE ALLOWS; that some mixing should be done, as value sanctioned by love is real. But the vast majority of mixing groups, has little to do with real world love/ and that simply forms a future with more conflict; as is seen today.

Religious belief searches for the truth that arises from a critical knowledge, “I/we” will die/ and what happens then, is elementally the most fundamental thing in all of life or living. So the critical decision is: is life the knowledge of living/ the presence of self/ the freedom of choice: OR, is it a body of time, that grants the expression called life and living? Because the difference between these two answers is very profound, and creates considerable in the behaviors of human existence; because of what you choose for yourself. Even if you follow, that is still your decision/ and you are not allowed to excuse yourself, from your decision.

So we divide the solutions to this decision into two critical conceptions: either life is about thought, which grants the recognition of living and its potential/ OR life is about body, which grants death as the end of all that life can be.

Knowledge assesses these are the difference: between knowing you are alive, as is only capable in thought/ OR believing you are a living creature, who accidentally came to existence; as a result of body. An accidental escape, formed from the consequences of time and the demand to survive.

Understanding aligns with the critical truth of energy: to ask the distinct question, knowing that time is built upon chemicals that interact and participate to provide the energy we need for all things including brain function. IS THOUGHT, within that realm of existence? What is critical to understand is: that thought is a separate comprehension of life; as it does allow for the spatial conception of life without time, as some call an imagination. Thought can participate where bodies cannot/ therefore the evidence says they are not connected internally; but exist together as if one element of our identity. The brain measures, and forms all functions for living as a body. Thought translates existence as a form of life and living elementally locked with the truth, that we are more than a body of time.

Wisdom then asks: if thought is aligned with energies beyond chemistry/ is it a participant in nuclear, or other? And how is that possible? The critical answer relies upon the distinction of energy; separated from all things human as for instance is Einsteins energy is equal to speed (at a constant) x mass/ which is in fact the formula for kinetic energy, with the claim of alternate forms of energy exist; if you go beyond the speed of light squared. But it does not explain how energy creates speed, or an action or reaction; only a consequence being guessed at.

So we turn instead to the reality of energy which is motion/ time being the distance that motion does travel, and its consequences. Energy exists because of force (the ability to make move). That force exists from nothing, in an orderly fashion: when a decision is made. Therefore we begin our journey into eternity searching for where, what, why, and how does such a decision occur? We ask the diligent question of how does thought arise from force, as an internal participant in the release of existence itself? And we do assemble the truth: that an identity so far beyond our own comprehension exists! Because wisdom knows, “GOD must”.

The reliance upon “what can thought reveal”; is called faith.

as to “other realities of decision”: the current claim of US GDP for 2022 isgross national product

unlikely or not the claim of 150 million workers/ discounting the military which does not create economics for a nation: they spend.  when you divide : EVERY SINGLE WORKER MUST PRODUCE,  $170,000.00 worth of product, services, etc; in order to achieve that amount.

EVERY fantasy dollar, is paid for by the future, and the children from which you stole it/ sacrificing the resources required to keep them alive.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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