Within the treasury of life,

Within the treasury of life,


It is, within the treasury of life, that to be human, we must recognize the difference between animal/ and the foundations which give life thought. Those are:

  1. to understand life is more than a body of time.
  2. To accept miracles define life, instead of time.
  3. To conceive of truth as the elemental passage beyond time into life itself.
  4. To discipline self, in order to find the search that is eternal.
  5. To construct order, as our own living contribution born of respect.
  6. To desire balance, as the beginning of love.
  7. To ascend by the passions of hope, into the greater truth of Creation itself.

Elemental to these things, is the difference of our participation as a living example of male or female, as nature provides. NOT as animals choose; which is participation by chemistry addiction. Rather as we ascend into the desires of what love can be, instead of what body can deliver. The critical truth of what has value, becomes real.

Discarding chemistry; to identify truth, challenges us to conceive of beauty as the demonstration of self, without want. Thereby to construct a life that is not the result of want; but lives within the passages of truth by love, hope, and discipline; passions will rise. Trust then forms the bond, which grants a value does exist, beyond self. And in that alternate home away from time, the order of Creation becomes true. Balancing desire with purpose, the essence of love lifts us each one, into the spiritual quest that is: a world eternal. Shaped by what our own truth will allow. Truth binds us to law, and law binds us to life; therefrom the living found from thought, invites us into law, by the ascension of truth; as trust itself will allow.

Male represents soul (the outreach, expanding our desire into eternity)/ while female represents heart (the rhythms, which keep us alive, built upon the desire of home, but accepted only when love is true).

Unfortunately living in time shapes us as well, and the expanse of thought; is limited by the boundaries we set upon ourselves. Belief is one of those boundaries; but it is built upon want/ and want is, the foundation of every lie. Consequently only faith (let truth decide) should guide us all.

As to the construction of marriage, intended to demonstrate beyond self is a reality/ the truth is, as animals; male nor female can conceive of more than the body of self. Therefrom chemistry decides.

As to the conception of truth; the human animal is removed: to assemble “the value of us”; as love. As best we can for each other.

None are perfect, and all judge each other initially on the evidence given to describe; as is body. As is the difference between genetic markers which give us child. Each is different, each must resolve their choice with living in time. Each must accept: your choice and my choice are distinct from each other/ and they each belong only to ourselves as is truth in self demands.

So it is impossible; “to buy someone else/ because they are not for sale”; even if you can buy their time, or even body. Even if; you may be the best they will ever find/ or they for you. The elemental truth of life in time is: that we must choose for ourselves. Even if wrong; because we have only one life to live in this world; so says reality.

The distinction of living is: in fact, the focus of a life is limited to “just one thing”/ when it comes to what you desire most. If you move from that truth, it is because you want more. But want then divides and separates you from your own truth, and it is the loss of passion and thereby hope; as time alters your journey to become something else. Unless your truth changes direction with that desire. Male (key) and female (lock) are given the sexual proof of desire, beyond body; can change life directions; if it is pure enough. But if not, then you enter the living area of lost; in between what truth will define as you.

We must achieve anchors in life; because these primary points of true acceptance give us pause, to understand: the difference changing directions can make. Life does not grant desire and truth separately, they walk together, as a rhythm shaped by trust. The heart ascends, the soul then opens the door; and we rise beyond self, to where our hope exists.

In that element of construction, comes the singular truth, that desire is not enough/ and if you don’t accept the direction of survival at this point. After being taught and definitions of being wrong expanded to extinction: then you are simply done with life, and will die, by your own hands and choices made.

I have asked you to investigate and prove what is true/ prove what is not true/ and prove the cost of being wrong; as is consistent with life and survival. But you remain truly silent, and without the construction of one single thing; as can be proven to exist in you.

Hope remains; but reality rules, and I give you to your own decisions of life or death/ rather than want, “without a brain”.

Find your brain, rather than believe what you want to believe/ or STOP, as humanity proved true for all my decades: RUNNING FROM TRUTH, to hide in your wants. They will not keep life or earth alive.

As to me; wishing to adjust all forms of teaching to the truth; I am just a messenger, delivering the news CHANGE WITH TRUTH DECIDES/ OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. “is more than just me”/ as a relationship with the evidence, but also with an element so far beyond me as to be “conceptually spirit”; rather than less.

Conceptually, as predicted in Revelation 12; spiritual woman standing on something “seen, but foreign (man)”, delivering a new life for this world/ or Revelation 17 spiritual woman offering “precious things” of knowledge and truth to society; by riding “the beast called male (me)”. Was not my prediction/ but it is my life turned inside out, functionally “lost” to whatever female demands. Truly different; nothing is the same/ can’t describe it: THEY ARE “honestly different”/ in far more ways, than male can imagine.

As is the beginning of change: or more specifically; at least for me, “a complete surprise”. BUT, After searching for ten full years, for any method or means to change life on earth for survival: the truth that men cannot do it, was proven true. Their leadership, behaviors, purposes, wants, beliefs, demands, fears, etcetera; have been used against them. Male animals (nothing matters but what I want, or believe) cannot do it; as is the majority. Leaving only female to try; as is the interpretation or reality of the prediction: man is removed from leadership. Because over thousands of years of trying; this is “the best men did do”/ and we stand on the edge of our own extinction. So that day is done; and the only other option “let women try”. Even if they don’t want too. Because the end result is extinction if they don’t. The critical truth is: as with all other things, beyond the point of no return; what you want, no longer matters. Same as is true of war. Men destroy until they are tired of chaos, and then they stop. But this is a war by universities: to insist they can play god with life and energy and earth and weapons, and whatever they want; manipulating/ tempting/ stealing/ betrayal/ terrorism/ etcetera. So once past any chance to recover; you are “the living dead”. Simple as that, change now or die; because you are not wise enough to know, when the last moment of the last day exists. Now, or never: your choice.

Truth decides or you die; which requires “being alive, in values and love/ truth and trust”/ instead of wanting what you want.

So, we are at the end of the road; for all intents and purposes beyond teaching you: “life is dead/ if you don’t change”. It is entirely up to you. Change or die.

As for me: still no clue how it all turns out; for me. Its a quandary; “can’t go back; that part is gone”/ even to the construct, “nothing, is mine anymore”. She can enforce that, as I am spiritual to some degree. NOT “homosexual or other”/ the result of giving up on you; resulted in change in me. The need for male balance, as is fundamentally, or functionally: “joined by female”. Basically proving once again: that I will learn “what women have endured”. It is not a choice. I do not know how it ends.

That too, is ultimately “a very different world”, and in reality; my own destiny has been determined. Past the gate, into the place of judgment/ past the 6′ vulture standing on a perch/ no judge or jury: the back wall open,  to see the line of those who waited, surrounding/ winding along a mountain group path . I was given the third glass as represented “communion”. The view; ended there. No, I don’t know what that destiny is. “its complicated”. No, you don’t need to accept that; it merely references “spiritual, to some degree”. NO, we will NOT be discussing any of that.

Yes, I know: “all the information you need” to annihilate any claim to “sanity or expertise,” is this. NONETHELESS, I remind you: that I am NOT the decision you are allowed to make/ not your anything. Instead as reality insists: the evidence of threats so vile, extinction is imminent/ cannot be denied, without a real world trial; to establish what is true or false about each one. I am not a threat to you! I am only a messenger: claiming, that truth must decide! Claiming, you must go to court; or the world will not accept your evidence. Claiming, without change extinction is certain; so says the evidence of our reality. Claiming, you cannot allow leadership OR your “university gods” to be WRONG; as it is DEATH to all life on earth. CHANGE OR DIE. As is the sanity of only truth decides for us all.No, I cannot simply keep quiet in these things: because the spiritual woman predicted; says no. NO, it is not necessary for you to understand. It is, simply what it is, time will enforce what is true. Instead I will offer you this: that death is, “the most interesting thing of life”. NO NOT a dead body/ which is worthless to me”. But what happens to life when you die, beyond the limits and boundaries of time; it is the entrance into miracles, the space between Creation into eternity. That element of searching; “opens doors”. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; “it is a dangerous place, and you must be absolutely defined, by your own truth”; to survive.

NO, DO NOT come here wanting “eternity” from me! I cannot save you, and my reality is now: that the “spiritual woman” has disassembled EVERYTHING. Making my connection to the life I once lived; lost. Its gone, along with nearly everything life taught beyond time. Just how it is. Search for your soul, and begin with your heart; where understanding starts. NO, I cannot “teach concepts or elements, of woman”; the spiritual woman allows me to learn almost nothing: she owns it all/ and, NO longer a messenger; I am just a passenger now. Simple as that. Still no clue as to where this ride will go; not my choice. I simply hope for the best. As there is no escape; male may literally be over soon; how or why, I don’t know.

So, after a 12 hour headache (unknown before)/ and ears still squealing hard; “life feels weird, but at least basically intact/ feels like a sailboat, without a rudder, on the open ocean without the slightest chance anyone could hear me yell for help”. Nonetheless, life is life, and it is useless to complain. DONE with the message, CHANGE or die. That has value to me. Future unknown. NO, it has not been a fun ride; but I value the truth: I did not let this world die, without a fight. Simple as that. Your turn now. Save this world from yourselves; or die; your choice.

I have delivered to you, as a world; “a new life”/ as if a mother; standing in for the spiritual woman described.

OR, more simply, “spiritual means: not of time”/ so, no female gets to say “it was me”; being male “was not me either”. As a messenger, I DELIVERED the package; as was my job.

BUT it is, far more complicated than that; as the spiritual female expression of life/ has been mixed with the realities of male life in time. And she owns the outcome; I am a passenger now. No clue; “job over”.

Make no mistake: “NO male or pretender” is allowed to come to me for sex: HADES (eternal terror) is your only reward. DON’T do it (there is nothing to win); all other realities of life, work, etc; remain the same.

NO, I DON’T know what “spiritual woman” means to my life or future; “it is a world apart/ yet same”. A life not chosen or controlled by me. Even inclusion of women, in all its concepts past; completely left behind; for the sake of this work. I could not; work first/ world first. “nobody gets everything”. Truth must decide. 69+ years old, is really no place to begin, after 40+ years without; change, more than I can say. 

While the vast majority will consider that a flaw/ an excuse to discard without further evidence of any kind. The reality is: you have been told; and your cowardice, want, pride, or power; will not be an excuse. My life has been changed, and it is time for your lives to be changed: because this earth will not survive you as you are. HORRORS/ TERRORS/ CANNIBALISM/ TRAGEDY/ CHOAS/ MUTILATION/ WARS/ END OF TIME AND EARTH; are all on the horizon; because that, “is what men and their universities chose”. Simple as that. The evidence is clear/ the value of change is certain: the cost of being wrong is extinction. Your excuse is dead!

So the question is: does this event constitute a reformation of Revelation 12 starts here; for you? I do not know! What is clear is simple: go to court and prove what is true/ prove what is false/ and prove the price of being wrong; starting in this USA.

I gave you this key, and showed you how to use it, in both state and federal trial; to prove ownership is ours: linked taxation.

With first amendment redress of grievances: the foundation of, THIS democracy is ours; AS WE THE PEOPLE RULE OURSELVES, by the law we create or allow. Our employees, are NOT the government/ but our constitution is; and that gives us the legal right, to become the authority for what happens now, UNDER constitutional restraints and disciplines for order to be achieved. As is defined in the preamble, and distinct rights for all the people in this nation. Beginning with fusion is a lie/ acknowledging evolution is a religious lie/ understanding WORLD LAW, enforcing that law on every leader is our only chance. And then discovering what we can do; in order to remove money as the power of this world/ in order to make ourselves: A WORLD THAT DOES SURVIVE, instead of destroyed by “universities and men”.

The employees of government we hired or allowed to make decisions; ARE NOT “government”/ as reality proves true; but merely citizens same as you are. The people of universities ARE NOT “gods”, except in their own delusions: they are merely citizens same as you or I; former classmates, NONE OF WHOM, could be considered great. Doctors and medicine are not saviors, even if they can make a difference: some good/ some bad. The religious do NOT speak for GOD; their book is NOT “god”.  Instead, the reality of our lives is very simple: either we accept that truth decides for life and world, in order to rebuild a life and world we can survive. Or we all drown in the septic fantasies of fools in charge/ because nothing else is left: LIFE OR DEATH is real. Because the evidence does prove that true/ and you cannot survive being WRONG. As is so clearly proven by the claim of fusion, or evolution, or weapons of mass destruction, or rates of extinction, or ocean life dying/ or trillions of tons of poison dumped/ or overpopulation of people; or a thousand more tragedies all piled up to crush your head; forever lost, consumed by fear; with cause. It is your choice!

Limited capitalism; paves the way for a new life; by refusing to allow independent armies to form/ giving each a foundation for equality, and reward. The critical choice is: that world resources are NOT fundamentally owned by private people. BUT THEY ARE OWNED by the future; just as much as you. How you create the division of assets/ control the bankruptcy of nations/ decide to enforce your own world law on leaders and environmental truths/ and more; are all up to you. NOT to me. It is a choice/ make it, FOR LIFE AND WORLD, EVERY CHILD; or die.

As for you, the evidence is absolutely clear: “change or die/ let women try”; best you can. NOT because they are better, they are not! But because they are different, and without truly different, you have no chance. Simple as that.

MEN RULE with money, demanding power with weapons/ stealing what they want, and destroying the rest. THE OPPOSITE OF THAT; as is the framework required for women to rule is: BY THE LAW WE CREATE to rule ourselves by that law/ WE REMOVE RULERS, and become the foundation of what we the people of this world shall choose. Enforcing that LAWS RULE US NOW; as is an enlargement of democracy, by limited capitalism: requires A WORLD COURT/ AND A WORLD POLICING FROM ALL NATIONS. As would be used to gather and detain leaders from ANY NATION; who fail our own laws. Bringing them to court by any means possible/ and if not: then to death as would be appropriate to the crimes being committed. That is not an attack on any nation: but reviews the reality of leadership as “just plain people” who have lost their way/ and are now playing god with our lives.

Nations separated into nations by removing weapons of mass destruction/ and limiting the size of nations in order to achieve the truth: laws rule us all, now. All nations required to accept THIS IS A FINITE EARTH, AND WE LITERALLY HAVE NO CHOICE, “BUT TO SAVE OUR HOME”. By all means necessary, because we CANNOT afford to be wrong. It is that simple. But it is also; peace and harmony cannot exist: UNLESS men are no longer in charge. Because their proven answer is war; for any cause or dispute they have. CHANGE requires change.

YES I KNOW; that women have nearly all the problems of men. But what I don’t know is: whether those problems are the result of living with men/ or a reality of being female, by independent choices. THEY DESERVE a chance to try; as the evidence does prove EXTINCTION will result, without true change. How is that not so?

Forty plus years of fighting with you; “this is no game/ use REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES to fight with law, back to a chance we survive”. Is enough. Wake up or die.

Pride is if not the worst, clearly one of the worst enemies of life; extremely hard to remove. You must: discard human measurements, entirely; accepting life decides now, by truth instead. Pride causes endless behaviors that are not consistent with life, as a human, being alive. One of the worst; mass murders, who are shouting “you CAN’T ignore me now”. While nearly all, curse the day with: I want to be rich “which is screaming: either, I want you to be my slave/ OR, I have proven to be more than you said”. Do the work for yourself/ and don’t concern yourself with others: life does not measure you, people do; so don’t play their game, and be happy instead.

Unfortunately for all, want and power intervene in life: want removing happiness, to aggressively compete for more, because “life is a game, and they want trophies (the end point of most dating)”. Or as with power; the predator lurks behind every form of hiding they can find/ disguised to keep you from understanding: they want to make you cry/ by stealing what you need. Waiting to hear you beg.

But the value of life is love, the dignity of life is friendship, the courage of life is discipline within the laws that matter/ happiness consists of I did my best/ hope remembers, there are miracles here, not just the cost of human animals/ heart seeks a rhythm, “hand in hand time blesses us both”/ while soul understands, that loneliness has no value, making the essence of death; a desire shaped by what truth can deliver.

As to ascension beyond time: the foundation of that is simply truth decides; because you cannot change what you chose, once death from time, has come. Beyond that moment: life MUST enter into thought/thought MUST accept the values of life rather than destruction/ energy MUST construct the means to survive, as the essence of trust MUST accept the limits and boundaries of laws which make the three elements of existence possible: thought, life, energy! None of that is possible, unless you complete the freedom of becoming your own identity as love.

Love makes life surviving; possible! Because without happiness, there is no substantial purpose to it. Therefore desire enables us to achieve hope, and hope enables us to confront reality, within the framework of love. Nothing less survives without mercy, and mercy is limited to your own hope for value in existence. Hate on the outside of this dies, or goes to war finding terrors instead.

The distinction of your education: to understand, that miracles have meaning; is finished. Life beyond time, is an elevation in truth; by the laws which form the boundaries and limits of life as an existence. If you don’t exist; then you dissipate vanishing forever. Truth decides; but never for less than REAL love.

As for me; I surrendered being male, to request being eternal; accepting men cannot save this world/ therefore I do not wish to remain to see this world crushed by their horrors. I was refused, “not done yet”/ and returned to the “opposite view”; as is female must try to save this earth, and all its life. Finding them DIFFERENT, hope exists. But now completely overwhelmed; the spiritual female in charge of that world: is remodeling me. Taking the “wo from woman/ and giving it to me as man instead”; trading places. There is so little left of “me”/ I am astonished; changed, without escape. I don’t know why? Being rebuilt as her instead: which is essentially exchanging time for eternity. But that would mean; “a female world” forever? “no clue; life is what it is/ truth decides”. OR, is it the spiritual world coming closer to this earth; in an attempt to save it? SPIRITUAL MAN (As JESUS)/ DID save it! but life stands at the door of hate once again; the universities have had their day! Letting female try remains “the last hope” for  life on earth.

 No its not: homosexual, transgender; or any of that disgrace.  Even if they have the right to choose: “their own eternity, time spent, etc”. DO NOT judge, “that is not for you or me”; it is simply not my truth: but it is their own freedom  to choose; (same as you). YOUR WORLD IS DYING, CHOOSE THAT instead of accusing others: because all of humanity is responsible.

As for me, this is an ascension that ties the spiritual world to time/ and time as me, to the spiritual world; BECAUSE you face extinction. And this is the last chance you have to save this world. FEMALE, IN CHARGE: being your last hope for life on earth. NOT because they are better/ but because they are different; and different is an absolute necessity. Believe it or not, the truth is truth.

Reality is now proving to me functionally; in summary, that the claim of “man, delivered this new life”/ rather than spiritual woman; is being erased. The realities of male and female, are overrun with “unfair”; as is this of me. Nonetheless, I know; she is more capable than I; and we do both agree: life and world come first. Assuming something is left of “male”; it will prove THE BALANCE of man and woman; is the beginning of a new world. But do to real world  differences, it remains; “female in charge”; produced your final chance, to survive.

Men will ridicule and betray; claiming fraud: but the work speaks for itself/ the evidence speaks for itself/ and the reality of “their universities gods”; betrayed them as well. In this USA with the end of “middle class” options/ end of working for freedoms/ end of currency/ end of resources/ end of everything you need: as power finishes taking control. SO, you can be beggars instead; thirsting for power; therefore willing to war until extinction proves true. Hate, is hate; it grows in arrogance/ resides in apathy/ and preys upon life with disrespect of all things but war. Judging all, “to be the superior one”. The tyrant holds onto that hate, by employing those who form a cult (you have no brain; BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY).

Men will ridicule and betray/ women being afraid of men will hide and run away/ life will die, and your world become extinct: UNLESS YOU CHANGE. Elementally much like me, inescapably; there is no returning to the way life was. That is over, reality must now decide.

Proving FEAR WILL NOT save you from yourselves.

ACCEPT the price of change. Live with the honesty of letting truth decide. HOPE in the future for every child, by doing what you can legally do. RESPECT (NO, more lies), LIFE (LIFE OR DEATH; is your only choice) AND GOD (CREATOR OF MIRACLES) AND JESUS (for showing humanity to true difference between love and hate). CHOOSE LIFE or everything dies. As is evidenced in truth, by the consequences of choices already made. CHANGE yourselves. “the list is long”. Or go extinct.

And the people say: “WHO are you, to threaten us so”? My reply: I threaten you not/ YOU THREATEN YOURSELVES; universities leading the way.

Men will scream: we will NEVER allow women to lead us; “we are gods”/ we built this world/ we have religious books to prove it. But reality shows: a dying world; which shouts MEN did this. And religion shouts: each book was written by men, to enforce their rule over life and women: “what a surprise”?

Reality also reveals: that nothing is treasured more by men alive, “than a woman in love” especially with “him”. But if that dies, or becomes limited: woman turns to “want/want/ want/ want; give me what I want”; ending that love in its purity, and demanding “contentment (I am proven equal or more)” instead. A reality that cannot survive, the cost of what has been done. “life or death”/ no second chances; “happiness or hate”?

Reality proves: you have thrown away your resources. You have thrown away the future. You have destroyed and threatened nearly everything: LIFE ITSELF NEEDS TO SURVIVE. Making the future of your survival GREATLY DIFFERENT than today. Or you become extinct; far sooner than you could imagine true. So, tell me: would you rather be incinerated by igniting the same fire here as on the sun/ OR, would you rather end life on earth with cannibalism, hate, war beyond imagination, and as much violence to everything: men have proven to be? Because that is your choice; as all living things; become crucified by “universities play god”; as is the mutilation of nature itself, which is genetics. CHOOSE? LIFE OR DEATH; one direction or the other; no middle ground exists!

And the people say: “universities are gods to us”. My reply: make them prove their claims. Make them prove fusion (they cannot)/ MAKE THEM PROVE HOW THEY WILL CONTROL “THE SUN”. (they cannot) So they will lie and avoid it by using fraud and fantasy. Make them prove evolution (they cannot)/ MAKE THEM PROVE; FROM ROCKS, WATER, AIR, LIGHT AND HEAT; HOW LIFE ARISES (NO organic material exists)! “So they will lie and avoid it using fantasy and delusions. Make them prove this world will not die, EVEN AFTER THEY MUTILATE AND CRUCIFY AND POISON OUR ENTIRE WORLD. From the cost of what has been done (they cannot)/ so they will claim imagination, and propagate the demand “kill him”; that is all we need to do/ as is the constant of every cult, tyrant, and terrorist; hiding traitors. Screaming “follow me, and we will never hear this again; if he is dead”. But that is untrue, as change to survive;  is all that stands between you and extinction.

While I for my part: am finished delivering the message: Change yourselves/ or go extinct. My work (as man), is done. My future is unknown/ your future is extinction, without true change. Women will lead; because this is a man’s world, that stands on the edge of extinction. They are done; let women try, is your only hope. As reality and eternity taught me, is true.

And the people say: “we are gods (yet reality convicts you of “being Satan”/ as the cost of your decisions)/ we know everything (media tells you to believe)/ university is our savior (yet you cannot question them to prove what they say)”. But reality refuses, and the evidence does not lie: the only real difference between those who lived in Jesus day, and you is. YOU can’t wait. The damage done to this entire world; convicts you of extinction. So those who remain alive; as is true of HIS followers; are required to expand their testimony; as best they can. With the only real difference you have achieved: the ability to communicate with each other. It is a choice. Bankruptcy will remove the fantasy, but delusions are left to you. Make your decision; because eternity is watching.

So I say: change or die.  THAT, is your decision

as to me: life has turned into “ten thousand, I DON’T know” elements of expression/ as all of my reality, continues to be turned upside down. So, don’t come here/ I ain’t your savior.

Animals want a leader; its what they do. But being human alive, requires you to think for yourself, and make a decision that is consistent with your own truth of life; thereby an identity formed by those, “your decisions”. The cost of that is: to accept the anchors that form our ability to hold true to what faith allows. Faith is the literal decision: GOD IS ALIVE, and if you accept JESUS/ then you do understand, our ability to survive beyond time is presented; by our own love, proven true. Love is the happiness of both heart and soul, and it is the eternal hope of life, to live within that boundary of living, as it forms our home.

Love is an independent choice; it is your contribution to the world of life and living by acceptance of the value love and its truth functionally are. Respect identifies the limit you set on life and hope. Trust binds us to a future we desire, by fulfilling the purity of our truth, with life. The destiny is; a search beyond time; where love is real.

Loneliness reveals: that life alone is not enough, we need love to express or experience hope; life is worth living for me.

In contrast is hate: which further proves, that an eternity with this; is less than worthless, and should never be accepted or desired; because it is the chaos of death. Proving the separation of love and hate MUST occur. While everything in between; is insufficient to survive. The consequence of animal.

People yell: I won’t believe life is more than time! But reality yells back; as is the purpose of religion honestly: every miracle shows the future. Every miracle proves what we do not know. While JESUS came to prove the difference between love and hate/ while teaching, “we were not simply created to be left behind”. But in fact have an honest opportunity to achieve eternal life, if our own love is true.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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