Is: to be defined only by want, pride, or power;

Is: to be defined only by want, pride, or power;


The worst that a human can become is: to be defined only by want, pride, or power; because these behaviors isolate that individual into hate, and hate consumes reality; by turning to pride makes everything a game/ want makes everything a lie, therefore unimportant as to consequences for being wrong/ and power into the choice which is: to GAMBLE AND BETRAY AN ENTIRE WORLD.

Starting here https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/coronavirus  to hide truth

In the discussion of covid: the reality is, people who believe in evolution/ and yet cannot make blood, skin, cells, organs, skin, bone, brain, senses, or even hair. CANNOT be certain as to the consequences of mutilating genetics. Which is the foundation of nature itself. The claim of evolution is without doubt: this worlds longest lasting lie. Because believers are believers; and don’t need no damn truth or evidence of value. The reality of the gamble is: “your arms could fall off”/ not because that is expected, but because they have no real clue of any value as to what the genetic construction of life is. The only thing they know is: changing genetic information, CRUCIFIES the life they have mutilated with chaos. So whether your arms fall off, or your face dissolves, or your skin is horrendous, or you are born without a brain; and a trillion minimum estimate; of what could go wrong. Those who pretend to play god; play devil instead. DNA WORKS WITH RNA; making the estimated combinations beyond comprehension; and that does not include the rhythms associated with life, which orchestrate timing and movement throughout a living structure, that is born from “a seed”, and grows by building 270 individual bones, each specific to its purpose; transports those bones to where they belong, attaches them to operational methods and means; all while doing a trillion other things at the same time; in order to build a human body; as is your life; just to start. How dare you be so damn blind? And that does not even begin to conceive of building, and providing the information needed for operating the body, or presenting freedom, to the living human brain. doesn’t include the ten thousand or so constant commands to operate a living miracle of life; by creating the tools, utilities, electrical inputs, chemical compositions and regulation and transportation of those chemicals, sensory signals; and ALL the rest. So we know for a fact: that “universities are playing god of destruction”; making extinction, mutilation, and horrors not only possible; but as predicted “Armageddon”.  As with medicine: all they can do is bandage, remove something, or poison it/ everything else is “nature genetics”.

https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/coronavirus/assistance-for-american-families-and-workers/unemployment-compensation to refuse reality decides, and mutilate every form of information that exists.

Or for that matter so completely apathetic and disrespectful of life itself; as to let “every form of seed (everything living) on the planet” be attacked and injected with chaos; by universities playing god/ universities playing god with energy/ universities playing god with everything; on a death bed of arrogance filled with extinction. Beyond shame; its called henchmen of the devil; the testament of cult worshipers at all levels of disrespect for life and earth. Those who made it possible “for the dead to rise”; under the cloak of university is god/ to threaten extinction of our world. As is the mark of Satan!

“the news”; cheerleaders for hell [BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY, question nothing, the universities are god], as proven by covid.

as shown in the link above: while the page it opens shows a valid potential to the possibility of learning what is going on.  BUT like everything else; There are no numbers/ there is no intent to deliver any real information/ and if you open their full url link lower on the page; all you get is “a sewer of useless information intended to misguide and confuse; which does not include any reference past the year; 2001. but supposedly current. As is the determination to remove any and all real world information or statistics. Just like the IRS 1040 form: the intent and description of it; is to confuse and manipulate, to keep you from understanding what you are doing/ in order to control you, and claim any “decision they make” is your fault; from not understanding their fraud. Going here https://fiscaldata.treasury.gov/datasets/monthly-statement-public-debt/summary-of-treasury-securities-outstanding or anywhere they designed to keep us all out.

For those who are unfamiliar: Satan is a biblical reference/ used to indicate a violence so bad and deceptive; that it leads to extinction of earth. The mark of Satan; is given to be 666; which is a reference to the number 7 constructing a purity of purpose that cannot be undone. More distinctly in this case: the level of belief is at 6 (proven by covid)/ the level of fear is at 6 or very close ( proven by covid)/ the level of obedience is not less than 5 (as proven by covid); bringing the end result too: HIDE, DAMN YOU HIDE/ RUN, PANIC, FEAR; DON’T LOOK BACK; accept the universities as have been responsible for most of this; as your savior. “so the prophecy goes”.

The sewer is leaking; and it spills out onto every citizen head: as the corpse of US democracy continues to decay. No resurrecting it: A NEW BIRTH is required/ to remove the serpents, and fundamentally reshape LIFE IN AMERICA; BY OUR OWN DESIGN.

That requires not only redress of grievances/ but elementally control is determined by whosoever makes the laws we must obey in order to achieve justice and fair play for all. Therefore WE THE PEOPLE MUST MAKE OUR OWN LAWS/ discarding their law, or proving its value to us. By our own vote.

ENFORCING that law: requires, oversight of the courts/ and removal of any judge or lawyer who fails to uphold our intent for justice, and a nation described by the constitutional preamble, bill of rights/ and declaration of independence/ along with the freedoms inherent in valid amendments we choose for ourselves. NO MORE VOTING “FOR SOMEONE TO VOTE FOR ME”. Instead I will vote upon the law, that rules our lives; as will you: one vote/ one citizen; majority rules under constitutional guidelines of justice for all. Changed only when a greater percentage of voters declares it shall be so.

The only use for governmental officials: is to ensure our laws are kept/ which makes them investigators/ NOT lawmakers.

The serpent will get in your way: but the end result is: WE THE PEOPLE, ARE STRONGER THAN THEY ARE. Because we are the enforcers/ we are the policing, military, workers, and more. The curse before us is only: the dregs of society, as found in the bottom of a septic tank/ demanding power from us. While they are not in charge unless we let them/ they can cause harm, to a few in order to make you fear. Accept the price, and get your life, and nation back. Accept media is not to be trusted; as a tiny few control it all/ and the slaves do what they are told.

INSTEAD OF BELIEVING, “something is here”; search the sewer.  FIND data, you can use to understand reality.     IT IS MISSING/ in all forms and ways; throughout.  Which proves treason: as the constitution itself; demands a TRUE AND ACCURATE ACCOUNTING.  and we are given only “the sewer of fools/ traitors in open rebellion”:  is in charge.

News propagation of the intent to produce; for civil war, by injecting mass hypnosis (let us all believe); in creating a battleground; between all different groups/ is constant in this USA. No intent to be fair exists; trauma and violence is the purpose of SELL THIS. And of course if trauma and violence can be sold/ then more trauma and violence sells even more.

Of the variations in this is: a direct discrimination of the policing effort is underway. The constant abuse, rather than respect for policing; is not warranted overall. What do you not understand about: “if I fight for you/ but you just ridicule me: WHY should I care”? The constant: herding of livestock as is the “man animal”/ exhibits police as the abused, rather than the abuser; and if society does not respect that: then the mental anxiety of that failure to understand. Exhibits as I no longer care about you or yours. As is society itself; under “university is god, rule”. But as with all things university related: the curse is behind the hidden doors; and the reality of manipulation of behaviors, propagation of hate, control over the rhetoric so as to insure no justice should be known. The temptations, violence, and endless ridicule of media; deliberately working to insure FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR. Is the method most used throughout all of history; to insure a tyrant shall come to power.

Wake up; to the curse; and define your lives by insisting: upon redress of grievances trial. So that all the lies, and all the failures, the extreme foolishness, blind fantasies, and purposeful organized rebellion: against life and nation will then be exposed.

And the damaged or dead shout: WE KNOW EVERYTHING/ the news is our savior, and the employees of government GIVE US BRIBES; “to hell with you”. As the nation itself dies, and the cemetery gates begin to open: by your own design.

The most violated group; seems to be the black community. Because screaming is what they do/ believing gives them power. But reality says: be very careful of what you believe/ because if the enemy is your guide, the ending will be your death. Civil war is no game. FIGHTING FOR LAW; means to examine the evidence without judgment: until a foundation for better exists. Prove what needs to be done; with words/ and understand this, even though you won’t like it: every male group protects or wants to protect its females. When you cross that line, you do open the door to violence. It is a constant; just like it was when I was young; and the young men from one town would try to drive out the young men from another town; if they were interested in “their girls”. Nothing has changed/ that was not color driven: it was simply male, and nothing more. Therefore we look at the universities who teach policing: and find in their “elite/ professor and curriculum” cause for concern. BEGIN HERE, and then look to yourselves as well: because conflict, creates even more conflict/ just like abuse, creates even more abuse.

As to “black and white dating realities or ANY OTHER groups”. The cost is simple: young women want options, “look at me”/ young men want options, “let me look at you”/ and the failure of reality pushes some aside, while others fail their group, trying to prove “yes I can”. The critical cost between black and white in this USA is also simple: while trying to prove yes I can/ black women are yelling “why not me”. But the answer to that is: welfare, intended to produce help where needed; because too easy, and women pushed men out, for the money. And then lost themselves; with more children to get more money; as is failure.

While the education system, media, and others (assholes spewing disease): blamed white men for what occurred over one hundred years ago; convincing young girls, you should be ashamed: claiming their fault.  EVEN THOUGH, it was white men who freed black men; at great losses of life, property, and time for love. (HATE for all; family dead, life lost, work gone, housing ended, mutilated and lost: “claiming your fault”) While in reality; it was the banks, and their investors that created slavery: the desire to be rich/ had little to do with slavery; they wanted money. BUT, there are always a few; of “the living dead”, who just want hate. Along with those in Africa; who sold their own. The question becomes: was genocide next for you in Africa? As history suggests OR, DID THEY JUST WANT TO BE RICH TOO

! Stop it all, the matter is dead and gone. SURRENDER THE HATE/ and accept life instead of death.  OR eternity will remember you for Hades.

The entire purpose of current “news media” is to create controversy; in order to sell more advertising space/ or its to create BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSITIES PRODUCT; as is the subsequent advertising of medical drugs to create MONEY for us. There is no news in peace and harmony; only violence and distress. SO WHERE do you think the greedy, and thirsting for power; want you to go?

And they even plan for the future: by pursuing immigration does not matter/ its great. But everywhere you look housing is scarce/ food is becoming scarce/ in the real world jobs and resources are scarce; and every single person NEEDS food, water, work, housing, MORE; because that is reality/ and reality decides beyond the fools who scream it does not. So the immigrant COMPETES WITH YOU; for everything you want and they need. All shouting you owe us/ while reality shouts back: if you ruined the place where you were born/ WHY should we want you to do that here?

BUT TRUTH replies back: human overpopulation is the primary cause of climate change/ extreme pollution/ cost of everything; and not one of the people born, did so on their own. So they are not at fault/ but nonetheless; the curse of media who screams “we need more children/ we need more immigrants”; do so to curse the world into extinction. As is the cost of believing in fools. REALITY MUST ENFORCE TRUTH DECIDES/ AS NOTHING LESS SURVIVES.

So, lets review: in this america, “humanity here, could; easily be known as the TRASH PEOPLE”/ because your end result is, life and work is not enough/ so there must be trophies we can throw away. While that takes time and throws it away as well; the end result is you throw your children out with the trash; because truth says: NO RESOURCES/ NO LIFE.

The end result of that is: YOU NEED A BETTER WAY, to resolve your time and be happy with your life. Because no matter what the cursed claim: THIS WON’T continue, as you are.

That means: YOU MUST find happiness with each other. YOU MUST choose to create a nation and a world that lives together in harmony, and peace; by justice. YOU MUST limit all resource use to what is needed. And that basically means: EVERYTHING, with only a few exceptions, that media and education has taught you is wrong, vile, and useless to a living future. The list is LONG.

And the people scream; WE WON’T/ but your reality says, THEN EXTINCTION; IS your only solution. While the universities scream and shout: we will save you, by igniting a fire here, “just like on the sun”/ claiming with fantasies and delusions; that they know. What they have clearly proven they DON’T KNOW/ and are yet willing to gamble this entire world; on theories without any evidence of fact. The most putrid and vile lies; ever told/ followed closely by mutilating genetics will save biology; cause they can play god “like evolution”; another shitload of fools, delivering manure to every child. Or what a blind disgrace you are; FAILURES, regardless of your trophies; one and nearly all.

and the dead will scream: “he claims a spiritual woman inside; as predicted in Revelation 12 & 17”/ HOW PATHETIC IS THAT? A FOOL without excuses. But truth replies: that I am not your decision to make. EVERY THREAT, WHICH CAN CAUSE YOUR OWN EXTINCTION; IS! Don’t let them distract you, with me; I am not your savior/ just a messenger, “who delivers the mail”. I don’t need to be “special, or as you expected”/ to do that. IS THAT not true?

So lets talk news:

  1. NO EVIDENCE was presented by anything other than liars, failures, traitors, and terrorists; throughout the entire “covid”; Nazi news blitz/ propagating BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; DAMN YOU TO HELL, if you don’t of media sewage. The constant 24/7 for year + more/ instilling the demand that destroyed democracy/ annihilated organizations/ corrupted government/ denied justice/ failed life; and gave to the cursed dead corpse of leadership; their claim of “marshall law”; do it or die. Cover your face or be shot/ BOW DOWN to university is god; or be discarded as waste. So to the mice of media, who have no spine; all hail the fool.Or, more distinctly: how was covid NOT the same “nazi propaganda machine”; as is claiming superiority/ therefore those worthless ones may be judged unneeded by life. “just a prelude”, to the coming event. Because “Nazi: means the superior ones/ demand power”; from you. And today: with a key stroke, and little more; the robot army will come.
  2. There has not been a single debt paid by government employees throughout the last fifty years; as counterfeiting assets, is the same as inflation; and not one media outlet identified that as is necessary to protect the nation; from insurgents, traitors, terrorists, and thieves. NOT ONE complaint by news; that trillions of dollars IS CRIMINAL EXTORTION with regard to covid. NOT ONE found a need to investigate the claim or realities of covid. OR SCREAM; you can’t mutilate all of nature; as is being done; by universities playing satan. The arrogance so extreme; extinction is imminent/ the apathy so blatantly a cult; they don’t even bother with mass hypnosis anymore; as they only point to news media; and claim this is your brain. The disrespect so vile and corrupt; that every threat by universities; is a death map, drawn on the face of those who believe: proof, no brain exists; only the “believer”. Who considers the universities as god.breast cancer 1
  3. Not a single brain cell shared among the news mice; who know not to ask any questions of universities: believe damn you believe/ or be thrown away with the trash. As the supreme court discarded all potential of news to protect society or life; and gave it into the hands of the powerful; as the sewage of university consumed this nation.covid 9-12 covid 9-12 covid 2-12-2
  4. Climate change is the result of news media; presenting the most vile experts, who could be bought/ as methods and means of producing; let the animals decide/ by enforcing mass hypnosis. The means to allow the surge of hate, to control the controversy/ the means to destroy the sanctity of life, with anger generated by presenting the dead shouting “over a hundred years ago, our color was not treated fair”. Individual people were treated bad/ JUST LIKE every other color in every other nation throughout the world; GROW UP. And remember this: that as people are found throughout society who transfer their fears onto someone else, who is not likely to fight back. The reality is: when you let that fear fester, ferment, and mold inside of you; HATE comes out/ and the male animal in particular shouts; FEAR ME now. Screaming; LET HATE NOT DIE/ law be damned: To his or her shame. As the reality, across this world refuses; JUSTICE instead.When asking: WHY, cannot hate die, of men? The answer is: because it keeps death away/ as an alternate to fearing what cannot be defeated. It is however, “a fools game”. You cannot hope to be eternal/ until time is removed.  
  5. HUMAN Overpopulation; is killing this earth; and all you hear in media is we need more people. ON THIS FINITE PLANET, with now very limited resources. Because NOBODY in a position to help, brings out the truth of what will happen, when the fantasy dies. While news may argue “one percent” or less of what has value to be understood might appear if you are listening. The vast majority of news is; to force you into NOT listening; to the grit and grim of failure, violence, universities satan, and horrors of hell coming to this world. Discarding even the incineration of life and earth; as merely “not universities/ therefore no value” let delusions lead; as the cemetery of your own soul lies down to be covered in terror; as reality proves true, the curse of men and their universities cult.heart risk
  6. Trillions of tons of poison spewed/ and while it is fifty+ years now of dumping extreme amounts; with people screaming “not yet”. THE REALITY IS SOON NOW, as the truth of what you did do, ends in your water supply; and you thirst to death, while drinking poison; as predicted.
  7. An entire ocean of life in jeopardy of extinction. All life on land in jeopardy of extinction. A climate overheating; which bakes the living. While the fool says, I have an air conditioner/ so I won’t care. And not a single word producing a moment where society gives pause to their reality: because news and media entertainment; assaults them 24 hours a day. Surrendering their world to the curse of television and other media; because the dead souls; forced them to accept violence, ridicule, betrayal, lust, mayhem, and so on throughout the isolation “news and media” forced; that has been caused, to create mental collapse.
  8. Genetic manipulation of food: as with corn, the end result, “a billion seeds sterile/ to every one seed that can reproduce”. Super diseases from endless antiseptic, and antibiotic failures. Livestock farming collapse due to pandemic disease. Putting entire species of life at risk. Ending insect existence; a primary base food source for much of life. Ending life under sea ice; a primary source of food for ocean life. Ending oxygen content; with fossil fuels fires. Cursing every child with a dead planet coming/ all HELL (humanity caused this)_ let loose.
  9. Extreme experimentation, which includes CERN; the rotting corpse of fools; who believe they can play god/ by disrupting atomic balance and stability. The list is endless; AND NEWS REPORTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, THAT IS NOT the result of Universities decided this. As are the cheerleaders of the devil, and their job; to puke on life. As you save your job, and let the nation, world, future, and child/ EVERYTHING be thrown into that HELL; because you didn’t care enough to say, “our world is in danger/ and every person must know”.
  10. NO reference to the current reality of US debt limit of 30 trillion dollars; IS JUST THE AMOUNT OF MONEY SPENT BY OUR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES/ and does not represent the real debt of this nation. Which is debt by state and local government/ debts in banking/ agriculture/ manufacturing/ transportation/ housing/ personal debts/ college debts and so on. us debt 1-24-23Or the fact that US accounting was changed form “understood/ to intentionally corrupt to hide the truth”. Or any other facet of our financial reality since Reagan took office, and sold the gold to create his solution/ and NOT A SINGLE WORD, from media at that time; to identify this theft of a nation/ even though they knew; because I told them. Or the fact that wall street “creates its own counterfeiting solution”/ or any thing else that is essential to keeping this nation aright and intact; hiding world financing as well. Or more simply: US NEWS is the disguise placed over HELL IS COMING/ the traitors and terrorists are here; and have been for a long time.Us national debt
  11. NO VALIDITY to accountability; as the curse of evolution took control, and the children indoctrinated in that universities religion; to the nations’ shame. NO acceptance of the real world; ;where 608 bones are individually made, in the womb, distributed to assemble a body, tied together to form a working “biological machine”/ a million miles of blood vessels, sensors, and operators for muscles; immunity and more; all of it stuffed into a form so far beyond man or woman to create/ that it is impossible to believe in chaos or accident did this/ and even more impossible to believe thought did not come first.cell energy Or as evolution claims thought comes last. Or more simply US NEWS has been worthless, except to those who want to be “hitler”.
  12. NO REFERENCE to they can’t even create a single cell/ so how do they claim to be gods; who can and are rearranging the entire biological genetic structure of life; throughout this world; by genetic mutilation. When they know nothing at all of value. Or claim to control the same fire as on the sun; by DELUSIONS. So where is the media: buried under the sewage of universities know/ as this earth dies, and our entire human race begins to face certain extinction. Why? Protecting their numbers which have no meaning in reality/ OR, is it simply as cult worshipers do/ they cannot question their leaders; “who own the only brain allowed”. BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; or be damned by your university gods. A reality that is worthless, compared to extinction and the absolute horrors coming true. SHAME ON YOU.
  13. And then we look at the American people: who scream just as loud as they can: DON’T MAKE US PAY; NOT IN OUR LIFETIME. LET THE CHILDREN LIVE ON OUR GARBAGE. LIE, JUST LIE, and make believe none of that is real. BECAUSE WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and be damned to anything or anyone who denies we can’t have what we want; LET THE CHILDREN PAY. Take them to HELL. As reality looks back: to find you guilty of participating in this chaos coming. The curse of the damned; runs away from every truth to hide. Just like the dead fool, who jumps off a cliff screaming I CAN FLY/ but then finds he can’t, so he screams; “its not my fault”, I just wanted what I wanted; take this away now. But its too damn late.
  14. And they all shout: WE JUST WANT WHAT WE WANT; that ain’t no crime; EVERYBODY ELSE DOES IT TOO. As extinction surrounds life on earth; by the choices being made all around. Universities lead/ but humanity follows, demanding more. To your shame. EVERY WAR, every violence, every failure of life, rape, ruin, ravaging, all of it: is proceeded by “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”; as their excuse. BASED upon that degradation of life: as history proves: every vile and violent purpose on earth: WANTS TO BE LEADER, and disguises him or herself; to become one. IN EVERY position of pride or power, that want can describe. So the leader says: follow me, I will make you RICH; the mob claiming “can’t be worse”; so they do. So the universities triumphant: with DON’T pay for nothing; getting control over government by counterfeiting assets and screaming “debts don’t matter”. Claiming we will NEVER pay! But today as always, reality has had enough of lies; and the curse of fools is extinction. HIDING that cost; in extreme experimentation will fix this: as they create HELL.  A few exist to “temper” the fools/ but not many; as it is so much easier to just go along: “who cares” right.
  15. as does media who refuse to care/ and constantly use manipulation, control, temptations, propaganda, and other forms of Nazi (we are power now) inspired choices; to shit on you. as does news; whose only true desire is how much money can we make/ to hell with life, world, nation. as does leadership; whose only thirst is for power, and the failure of those who can stop the insanity of fantasy and delusions controlling everything. as does universities whose ultimate arrogance, disrespect, and apathy to life and earth; revolve around playing god: in order to release Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ the apocalypse (everyone is an enemy)/  HELL (its all gone/ we can’t save our world)/ HADES (lets ignite the same fire here as on the sun. and of course the people who are constantly screaming; “you can’t get us now/ we are a herd, protecting ourselves; by refusing to believe anything we don’t want to hear/ by obeying their gods of university is savior; even though reality says “primary enemy” instead.  as all shout:  we are great, with pride/ wanting MORE FOR ME/ NOT you.
  16. to keep failure at bay, so the people don’t revolt; as with all other tyrants: either attack someone else (as is find an enemy)/ or cause civil war (be violent/ not lawful); so that real weapons can kill them all (we are the superior ones; as is nazi),  without any other excuse. method: “steal all their stuff”, as with covid/ and remove all their securities, (counterfeit and throw away their currency) discard everything they need (no job or resource left/ and leave them knowing: REALITY says die (mutilated life, and the destruction of a world).   but then hell, “what are human gods for/ if not death?”
  17. The reality of men: WE WANT MORE/ WE NEED MORE/ OR WE DIE, BECAUSE WE DESTROYED WHAT WE HAD. So they go stealing/ killing, from those who did better. That, intensified, is war! But war is built upon the game of money; and when enough are tired of losing and being suppressed by those who won: they turn to war, to remove their oppressors, claiming back what they gambled to prove “I will win/ but lost”. While reality just keeps adding people who want more than they have. The example of Germany ww2 is: the best game is to steal what the others want; making them jealous. Ww1 made Germany impoverished, and when the children grew up; they wanted better? But the majority of failure was this: that religion made the Jews bankers; and intensive german foreclosure; made them owners; for next to nothing. The cost of ww1. Being the bankers gave them the right to sell that foreclosed property to other Jews; and by the millions they claim to own Germany for themselves. So, there was very little sympathy; and the holocaust began. THIS HAPPENS again and again and again throughout history; the game favors one group, and the war favors whosoever is prepared. Japan on the other side: overpopulated its ability to survive, and they went stealing; as is the primary purpose of every war. Kill them, so they can’t complain no more: OURS now. GET YOUR POPULATION UNDER CONTROL/ AND STOP DESTROYING RESOURCES/ AND STOP STEALING; BUILT IT YOURSELVES. And whether you like it or not: keep the groups together/ so they can’t attack the minority or other. YOU did it; YOU pay. Don’t come here. STOP THE DAMN GAME.
  18. THE END RESULT: leaders create war. Leaders call for their followers, saying we can take over this nation, and make it ours. Leaders refuse to accept limits and boundaries; using power to escalate pride into tyranny. And the people throughout history; all just scream: we want more; DESTROYING everything they can touch. Following whosoever promises MORE. As is the evidence of this world; a reality of stealing and destroying EVERYTHING; while universities hid the cost of consequences, with media. By declaring themselves to be “experts”. HURRAH, we don’t have to care, AT ALL! As fools do.
  19. So the elemental change is: what is essentially states transformed into “only this group here”. Where your group controls the banking, resources, decisions, the reality of your lives as one independent group: where NO other group is allowed to participate: you destroy it/ YOU fix it. As was life on earth for thousands of years! With the exception of armies immigrating to steal. So WORLD LAWS, and enforcement by the world of nations; on our leaders; as is NO you can’t build a great army to steal: FIX IT YOURSELVES/ and that distinctly demands population control as your first line of defense. BECAUSE THIS IS A FINITE WORLD, and there is no other. SO IF YOU DON’T; we the world, will close the door on you: FIGHT YOURSELVES OR FIX IT. No getting out, no help, no nothing until you do. Separate makes that possible; because you know: a different group, AIN’T going to tell you, NOTHING! Bankruptcy will give you that opportunity; and limited capitalism will make it possible. Because reality says: WE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE NOW, there is no other way, but war.  
  20. The worst that a human can become is: to be defined only by want, pride, or power; because these behaviors isolate that individual into hate, and hate consumes reality; by turning to pride makes everything a game/ want makes everything a lie, therefore unimportant as to consequences for being wrong/ and power into the choice which is: to GAMBLE AND BETRAY AN ENTIRE WORLD. As is with most things being done. But then comes the herd, who refuses to think; because that ends their excuse. And they do become personally responsible for the cost of their cult. Want is not enough, it fails life and hope; as only truth proves to survive. Pride is not enough, it fails everything living, and the planet as well; because the game is to believe “no consequences for us/ we make the rules”. While power judges all that lives or exists as less than the superior ones; who claim their universities diploma, “gives them the right” to make decisions that cause extinction, genocide, mutilations, murder, tyranny, terrorism, betrayal, rape, ravaging, ruin, destruction, lies, and even Satanic arrogance itself. To your shame. My news is; life says to me, that I have embarked on a new and different life; ending the work of fighting for this world. I did my job! But remain a passenger in the life governed by spiritual female in me. No, I have no real clue what that means; but I can tell it is different, to the point of not even remembering what it is that is now missing. I know, this is different; but I don’t know where it is going. Nonetheless, I AM glad to be done, with those who have no soul. Find your heart, get a brain; stop believing in fools. I do hope you survive; but that is up to you. My hope is, “the spiritual woman” succeeds; in wrenching you from your delusions. Discarding the fantasies you hold as life. And returning you to respect for life and each other; as is “I did the best I could, because yours, and all life was involved”. I did not, as male; therefore of limited value in my future. NOT because I didn’t love him. But because failure is not going to bring life back, from your extinction; and all its horrors. I have dealt with that fact, and your disrespect: for over fifty years. Whether love can be found, is not a quest: truth says, “it could turn dangerous for you; therefore unfair”. So, the reality is simple, I wish to find whatever has value to me. While I will admit to; “turning away from love”, in the past/ from work or whatever did not assist this work, or the honesty of my own life with caring or sharing in like kind. The truth is, with hope, whatever time is left, should belong to me; a desire that includes “life and world” cannot simply be thrown away. If you work, I will help. If not, then no. Reality however may have a different view of time, for me. Truth is truth; I am no longer in charge. Destiny has chosen to make me understand; “female is NOT the same as male; beyond all that man knows”. FAR more complex, than it sounds. I do what I desire, until turned back; within the limits and boundaries life, “lived as if female”, has set. I live as I live until “not”; learning as required. It is not, “inside female”/ nor is it “life outside” female. It is much more; the impact costs of living with what men do. NO form of violence is included; strictly by the law of life. Male constantly evicted; roles reversed; constantly complicated by not my choice anymore. As is a major complaint of women. Stopped, turned back, refused, or even used; “by ten thousand volts of NO you won’t”; adding to the fact “real tits (for nearly 18 years)” are so female inside, man has no words to describe them; believe it or not.  Learn or die: choose!   I am told man as it was, will never be back; accept it/ there is no other choice. The spiritual woman inside, for nearly 18 years;  proves that true with realities: “complicated”, no end in sight, no escape. Strictly between female and I.  No clue, why me/ the future for me, or how it all ends? But I can tell you this:  I tried to inform you my way and failed/ we tried to inform you together, and failed/  surrendering male decides to let female try to inform you; is the last method possible.
    1. Let no man interfere: there is NOTHING sexual here for you: only HADES if you try.  All that is life and living between men and me remains “the same”; in any other description EXCEPT  sexual anything. This is not a game, nor is that threat to men,  untrue. 
    2. men are equally warned:  DO NOT interfere on my behalf with regard to women. This is life lived as if traded places/ and women are not capable of interfering with men in their tragedy of choices with women. You will stand back as well. They must police themselves. The cost of being,  in charge.
    3. while I find that, to be “cautionary”; the reality of being 69 years old, toothless, half bald, not pretty; etc. Surely means, “we will  simply work together”/ rather than other choices.
    4. as to you, reality knows:  that the primary defense of human animals is hate/ the secondary defensive strategy is ridicule and humiliation accompanied with lies/ and the third means of removing any threat is violence; so that YOUR ATTENTION is directed away from the real world truth of recognizing what the evidence is. I am NOT your decision to make/ I did my job, that cannot be changed. so the attempt will be manipulation and propagation of lies, tempting you to look away from life or death; as is the cost associated with the evidence.
    5. TO REMOVE THESE THINGS;  MEANS YOU WILL USE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   TO OPEN THE DOOR, AND EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT IS TRUE, AND WHAT IS NOT TRUE, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG. So that in this real world of extinction is coming;  the last choices can be your own. the failure to “turn on the lights/ and let truth be whatever truth is; as best we the world can establish by the facts;  what our real choices are”:  IS LIFE OR DEATH for our world.  NO second chances/ no delusions, theories/ fantasies/ imagination/ promises/ or other!   TRUTH DECIDES, AS A WORLD WE VOTE;  CHANGE OR the cost will be; we all DIE.
    6. you decide what is true, and the end result of that decision: the cost being;  whether this world survives or not.
    7. I do, suggest you pray for life;   to the real  GOD, CREATOR OF ALL LIFE   ;not your failures, “the universities, and the men who rule behind closed doors”;  as have brought death to your own door.      This ain’t no game, the evidence is real! and so is the cost, for being WRONG.
    8. choose life, fight for your world.
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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