Instead of money rules life: LAW RULES LIFE,

Instead of money rules life: LAW RULES LIFE,


Instead of money rules life: LAW RULES LIFE, by the decisions of  WE THE WORLD identifies what is needed to survive. instead of money rules society:  the game is removed, the power of money is chained up; to construct a decision. The law of this nation, as defined by WE THE PEOPLE here;  NOW decides, we must find in love, the value of life itself.  Resources are the money of life, and they are NOT a toy. To separate resources from the game of men;  we must choose to understand what this world needs; instead of want decides everything, by the games men play, or violence men choose. LOVE seeks out truth/ while HATE seeks out violence:  CHOOSE.

Thereby the critical conception is: while we can limit the power and pride of money, giving boundaries to every resource as will benefit life and a future. What we cannot do, is orchestrate a law, that removes hate by simply wishing it away. The critical choice is then: what shall we do with hate? The critical search is HOW do we identify what is true, and separate that from anger; the seed of hate? Because without hate, love will form/ and without anger, violence will disappear. Therefore the quest:  is to reveal, truth by evidence untainted with want, pride, or power.

Nonetheless, reality is reality; and the cost of all that is wrong; has become we must fight to survive. Proving beyond any doubt: “university knows, (about anything life or world) is an outright fraud”.

The critical endeavor of life and world: is to stop the insanity of those who have inherited the power/ or cursed us with their pride; in order to destroy life and world. Primary delusions is university, the cult/ or fantasy leadership as is pride.

REMOVING THEIR DISGRACE; requires stopping extreme experimentation/ and rebuilding the value of life and world; which those who lead chose to treat as garbage; just another thing to throw away.

SO THE QUESTION IS: HOW, do we reassemble life and society, in order to save our world from extinction? Because leadership that is: is not the way; as proven by the evidence of our time.

Let us begin simple:

  1. NOBODY gets to complain “its all their fault”/ get over it.
  2. EVERYBODY has to do their part, and that does mean; you ain’t going to sit and complain or dope yourself into an escape from truth. Which does require an alternate “deserted island” to send those who refuse reality of life, as opposed to escaping into death.
  3. The primary influence in every society is RESOURCES; no resources/ no life. So we must protect them from ourselves, in order to use them for a future.
  4. Each subspecies of human existence (who gives a damn which group claims we were first)/ is distinct; which is why its called a subspecies. As with every other form of life on earth. No you are not the same; and that has values and costs.
  5. The difference in human subspecies; is not ultimately a separation of values or realities as we all basically desire the same thing; so it seems at least. BUT mixing those subspecies does not align with peace nor harmony; because it changes what the group then depends upon; as known by their group.
  6. The critical reality of time is: those who came first found the most resources, and fought to claim the most desirable property, and have no desire to share that, or give it away to anyone who comes claiming “me too”. While that is fair in its conception/ it is not realistic, by population growth. So those who want more compete/ and those who have more; aggressively try to stop that competition. SAVING IT, for my own child, friend, or me; not you.
  7. Which means: CHANGING THAT, requires sharing the resources equitably. So that those who need can build/ and those who have more than they need are required to share. But by no means does it mean: those who have must build for those who don’t. As if their slaves. So the shout is: BUILT IT YOURSELVES; which is the only means of insuring what is built has value. Which does mean: population control MUST exist, or as reality proves true; our whole world fails/ and there is nothing for anyone; but cannibalism and war. THAT requires isolating the various groups by their identity; to enforce, zero population growth/ along with penalties for failure.
  8. In order to achieve ANY constructive element of society building peace with value. It is absolutely necessary for “the news” to be what it was intended to be; NOT the curse of today/ as is only money, cult worship, and power matter.
  9. That means: along with those who believe they can assist society in achieving balance and discipline, by the orderly transition of rebuilding life for harmony, INSTEAD OF money decides. THERE MUST BE TRUTH, by the evidence/ NOT decided by want, pride or power. BY TRUTH; what matters to life/ what matters to this world/ what matters to the future; and the cost of being wrong. Elevates us, to an understanding “the news” was intended to provide; but sold out for money. That requires a courtroom opening all doors; so that the evidence cannot be in doubt. A real world, NOT BASTARD EXPERT claiming their shit, puke and vomit; is all they need. As have sold us out numerous times before, and threaten our entire world.
  10. That means: INSTEAD of everything the “living dead/ rotting carcasses” of every university diploma decides. The real world demands SHARING THE TRUTH OF LIFE AND WORLD. By caring about us all. The curse of fools has dismantled the entire infrastructure of work in this USA; to claim their prize of “you cannot compete with us”. While the disgrace that is agriculture; builds to remove every living thing, including farmers; that they can with extreme equipment; to curse life and world, by using chemicals to remove the others. Poisoning our world; because while you can get by, in the beginning: 50 years later, the curse of everything failed, begins to grow.
  11. IN ORDER TO DO ANYTHING of value for life and society and world; the elemental task of building new laws, that serve WE THE PEOPLE must be undertaken. Discarding much of the old, as was used to enslave/ or monopolize us all. LIFE AND NATION AND WORLD; are disciplined by laws which then govern the order of our lives as defined by the balance we are willing to accept. That is not a simple thing: but demands, NO YOU CAN’T SHOUT AND SCREAM. Proving instead, that the orderly preparations of what we need to know/ what we need to understand about this knowledge, and the cost of every decision/ where does truth decide we can go/ what is available for our future, and every child/ who can be allowed to participate FAIRLY/ how do we oversee the judiciary, and remove failure/ what does an investigator do, who decides the news, and how do we control the distribution of what is honest and true; rather than putrid and disgusting. REBUILDING EVERYTHING called education. And all the consequences of failing to do what needs to be done; because you were to damn stupid to fight for your world. As seen today: thereby letting it die/ for a damn bribe. LEARN HOW TO SEPARATE OUT, the words and realities of finding solutions that will work. LEARN HOW TO USE THE LAW, and limited capitalism: in order to control those who claim to have power/ but in today’s world, their money; “ain’t nothing but numbers without meaning”. Or they stole it, by counterfeiting. What was earned fairly, is not the same.
  12. Life is not the measurement of human. It is the evidence of miracles so far beyond human made, that no doubt is possible unless you betray life and world in an effort to hide your cowardice in lies. Understanding that, recognizes: only thought can understand the law intrinsic to our lives. Only creating an environment devoid of human conceptions; can allow us to perceive of disciplines and order beyond ourselves/ balanced by truth. In order to trust the environment; we begin to cherish as eternity. More distinctly: unless you can abandon the measurements of “man”/ you cannot achieve an understanding of truth. Unless you allow yourself to experience or express the realities of life, are beyond “believe/ fear/ obey”; you will not balance what is important, from what is not important as is a lie. To discipline the evidence, is to remove the doubt; regardless of what that leaves behind. In order to construct: there is value here, and begin the journey that is intended; as true human destiny. The human animal exists: because people are afraid/ so they hide in fear, belief, and obey; creating cults and more. Don’t do that, it is extremely unwise, and without substance or value; which causes you to die. Truth defines courage, and courage creates a path beyond self: find it. Use your BRAIN; “don’t hide in it”/ open the door, and be reborn; searching for eternity.
  13. The curse of the dead; is very simply “university must prove their claimed, truths”. They failed fusion as is constructed on this site homepage. They fail genetics, which includes covid and endless mutilations more: because they cannot prove evolution, with more than “this looks like that”. A puke and vomit side show at best. So ask them to prove beyond any doubt that evolution exists: with real life/ not games people play. We begin with: they cannot create “skin/ cells/ blood/ bone/ life/ immunity/ or anything else. They cannot build genetic structure; they can only rearrange it; searching for catastrophe, crucifying life; in order to say “aha, this links to that”. They do not say thought built this/ so they are reliant on chaos and accidents over billions of years; which also cannot be proven true; by any method over “just believe; claiming thereby to be a religion. Which is also NOT constitutionally legal to portray as valid in the educational or media distribution of this nation. And they cannot claim it is a miracle without dissolving evolution. Because a miracle means: THIS IS SACRED, AND TO BE CHERISHED AND RESPECTED; not thrown way as if it were garbage, and disgraced by playing god as if they could. It is a choice, and it is not a game.Understand this simple truth: wherever pride takes control, the transference of hate will follow. So as to gain the upper hand, and “pollute the water; for all others who follow” so to speak. To demand: WE ARE the “superior ones”/ as Nazis do; its no different than “himmler/ etc. And all the rest, throughout history”. IF YOU ALLOW them to redirect you: you lose your life/ because Armageddon IS; nature in chaos; as they are deliberately trying to do; in order to prove evolution. Which they cannot. They can however DESTROY life by injecting “its a catastrophe” now. While the majority is other life crucified now; covid (let’s experiment) proves, as leadership says: “destroy their lives; financially first; so they can’t fight back”. Alas, you are next; as reality demands: all these people are no longer necessary.
  14. Can’t believe it: well all of Europe did not believe the Nazi blitzkrieg was coming until it happened. Even though the evidence was absolutely clear, and they had a front row seat. US couldn’t believe it would be attacked; until pearl harbor december 7, 1941. People investing in wall street 1929 couldn’t believe reality existed. The list is endless, and throughout history. Because once the fantasies fail, the leaders of men turn to war; so as to steal what they want or need from someone else; by killing them. Can’t blame me now; or you die/ can’t stop, or they kill us all and take YOUR stuff. I confront the university diploma; because they are responsible for building the failures that become our extinction/ but by no means are they alone; as their cult worshipers yell hurrah. As for me: I am not your enemy or savior; it is that simple. As for truth: it is what it is, and lies will not change it. Consequently what is true shall decide, unless you change the path while you still can. That is my advise to you. I warn you plainly: that to destroy any attempt at finding truth, it is likely any form of ridicule or gossip or outright attack on me is likely; because mass hypnosis requires the people to agree. No herd/ no cult; found a brain, and leaders hate that; because it means they can’t rule. PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, ABOUT THREATS (there are many) TO OUR ENTIRE WORLD. Discard the rest. Discard ANY discussion of me; as that is an attempt to make you their victim: I am not your decision/ I am not your threat. I am irrelevant: your choice is life or death of a world.
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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