The claim of your unsubstantiated debt

The claim of your unsubstantiated debt


TO: CARLE PHYSICIANS AND FOUNDATION HOSPITAL (SAME, no difference is noted)/ therefore do difference is given to the claim of your unsubstantiated debt.) Therefore NO CLAIM exists: to separate those individuals, as an independent debt; from payments made to all. All were paid, in like accordance: any dispute is from internal sources. Which then owe you/ not me. ANY dispute of this, forms the potential of a criminal fraud: within your own corporate boundaries and decisions. THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, NOT mine. NOTHING beyond a debt dispute: the search for FAIR: with the corporate entity of Carle; is held as valid here.

611 W. Park st Urbana IL 61801


5320 22ND AVE MOLINE IL 61265

Carle physicians group; letter dated 1-25-23


H &R ACCT 16729981



DATED 2/2/23 To be clear: this business was the “first in transportation line”; from where I was, when damage occurred. The only decision made!

RE: HARRASSMENT/ DEFAMATION/ LIBELOUS; adding to the extreme delusions of a cost beyond justified or fair.

We then begin again: with the clear and certain statement: that I dispute the claim of work done in the amount that has been billed to me; for a one hour out patient fix the tibia bone on one leg. Having provided the opportunity for you to proceed to court and produce the cause and foundations upon which you base your assertion for payment. You the claimant failed, and as such lose ANY AND ALL LEGAL RIGHTS; to claim a debt in any amount is owed. NO “bad debt” exists, as stipulated by you! As I stated to you: court is now your only option/ as you have hit my limit of failure allowed; and a court battle is your only option to proceed. To prove FAIR! Any decision which affects the future: as the claim of a bad debt might: fails equal protection under the law, for me. As sinister actions can result; in any medical, further need as may arise. 411 US 1, 28. as is purposeful unequal treatment.

You will bear it in mind, and you are LEGALLY NOTIFIED; that you must incorporate all parties to that then legally authorized action; by any party that could or would be affected by such a courtroom decision on your part. As I on my part; have indicated you are not worth my time, risk, or effort/ and apart from fighting for my own rights: to demand an accounting, before any further payment shall be made in this matter. You will produce the full accounting from all parties; for James F. Osterbur for the year 2022; because there is nothing more or less of accounting; than this repair to my broken leg with regard to that year. You may NOT simply “pick and choose what you want to discuss”/ as you have already done. INSTEAD as that is inconsistent with legal values, discipline aligned with truth, order established by fair play, and sustained rights to proclaim “owed”. Every single penny, will be accounted for; in strict clear disciplined manner: as is consistent with how and why you treat each and every patient you bill. NO disgrace is allowed as is any form of coding: you will explain in severe detail, every single pill, bandage, every single decision to demand: etc. As is formed “already done”; by the extent of your billing to me. Therefore NO EXCESS billing: “it is what it is”; shall be charged in the formation of this legal claim should you decide to proceed. 438 P 2d 477, 482

Alternately as you have elected NOT TO PROCEED to this date; all claim of debt beyond what has been already paid is moot, and legally dismissed; by your choice. That means: that the letter establishing your libelous act of claiming write off of bad debt/ is noted as worthy of courtroom revue. You chose, debt ends! Your harassment of a collection agency now being used to further intimidate and remove my claim to a courtroom; to justify and prove the legal right to make such a delusional construction of debt as has been made. That is fraud, no debt exists unless you prove it true: as stated, the court is your option. Is now a defamation of character against me: as that proves a description of sending my name to any and all such agencies which report that as fact. Subsequently; the intent to establish an unfair, unsubstantiated, and inaccurate reporting against me. For the purpose of harm; and the intent to cause damage to my life or future, by your hand. A reality, which is clearly hard to remove; even though I have given YOU, the option to insure my complete cooperation. Or, more distinctly: YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE to use legal means/ and refused it.

Subsequently, the critical state of this affair is: that your claim of validation lacks proof. It is ONLY your claim of validation, and does not substantiate the foundation of why this claim exists/ it does not substantiate and exclaim the amounts already paid/ it does not functionally recognize the level of failure that you established in this matter.

Instead as is consistent with the description: should someone come to my door, pick up a flower or some such thing; knock and upon opening present me with a debt of ten thousand dollars; for that act alone. No description of fair has been established/ only the delusion of a claim that lacks proof of reality in exchange for services rendered. As is the foundation of this matter should you now intend to proceed.

If you do not: I require legal proof established on suitable written means. Removing the claim of bad debt, and removing all construction and harassment of debt collection. And a foundational apology as is warranted to me; in this matter.

I state again: that I have ceased to care, with regard to human participation in this society; you have chosen your means of failure, and I am through fighting for justice among you. However I will fight for myself, if forced.

Bear it in mind: that I shall not fight for little things in court/ and I have finished all other work; which leaves me capable of spending time and effort on my own behalf. As would legally benefit me in the future; along with the rest of society, regardless of their participation: by including the following decisions:

  1. because of the nature of your work; this is a monopoly, which constructs an inappropriate and illegal restriction competition; 209 P 2d 457, 460 due to the facts involved 18 NW 2d 905, 908.
  2. your work is “a public utility”; and as such represents a foundation of public interest that is overwhelming in its simplicity. Which asserts, a foundation for both interests that is not critically singular. A reality which identifies: you shall not judge me/ you shall not take any action against me, other than what you can and do: legally prove in court. This is an unfair competition 116 NE 797
  3. YOU DO have an undue influence in these matters, as is 58 A. 2d 31, 33. in the matter of a broken leg; we do NOT share the same level of influence over the outcome of a debt. Which means the entire debt: is now open to the discovery of what is fair/ justified by the work/ and consistent with the purposes of society itself. 209 P 2d 457, 460
  4. The unreasonable construction of debt is not found in justice 287 NW 122, 131, nor fair and deliberate trade as is consistent with peace or harmony in society. 268 P 2d 605, 616. unreasonable includes; “see if healthy enough/ doctor first [money]. I had a broken leg. Go test for covid [money]. I had a broken leg. Go test for vitamin D [money]. I had a broken leg. No orthopedic surgeons work on weekend [negligence; do we not work for you. Injured Saturday; which means 2 additional days ($20,000.00+) in the hospital for most (money/ debt) ]. I had a broken leg. AND WAITED 10 DAYS, for surgery [a conditional contract broken]: with a broken leg. Prescriptions included: highly addictive medicine / which caused secondary insurance to call and say: “don’t take it”. Or, years early; a pain spasm; took one muscle relaxer/ but was given a prescription for thirty days worth. [does not addiction represent, “making your own business; they can’t refuse now”]? OR COVID; where the initial claim of pandemic; demanded we all pay the universities claiming vaccine: 6 trillion dollars. THAT EQUALS $60,000.00 per shot/ per one hundred million people. And that was only the beginning of medical claims “for compensation”. Or failure in government.
  5. critical to this legal battle should it ensue; is the trademark of debt construction and collection as is consistent with this industry; UNFAIR is heard throughout society 116 NE 797 . THEREFORE the entire billing structure of medical business is open for review, and functional to the needs of society; rather than the claims of those who are isolated from resistance: due to the fact of need/ the public fear of being discarded; at a critical juncture in their lives. 479 F supp 792, 798. just because someone claims you owe/ does not make it true. Just because one group doing the same work fails life/ it does not mean the others doing the same work do. Therefore not only is uniformity conceived of: the primary focus turns to the educational plague of failure, that originates with university and the claim of debts as arise from creating the delusion that “24 years of education” is required to educate a doctor or other. NO SUCH REALITY exists in the real world; as this broken leg testifies too. Screwing a metal plate to a broken bone/ glue the skin back together; is NOT “god like”; as would be the billing here. WHY, so long? The conspiracy: “because it keeps the competition out”. 47 F supp 395 400-01. Because it forces enslavement of all new doctors, and their compliance with unfair acts or decisions; due to that debt; as is noticed under the construction of racketeering. As does enjoin the medical industry and its educational cohorts. Pharmaceuticals cannot then be detached from review; and the practice of enticing, tempting, and propagating: “believe/ fear/ don’t think; obey” in their ads. Clearly manipulating “the believer, with visual HAPPY, THIS IS GREAT, manipulation” during the voice offering “bad for you”. Proving unlike “asbestos”/ the owners not only knew; but went advertising, with a purpose: for people to take “their medicine/ discarding those it attacked”: with lies. Belittling words of warning, with visual examples of “this is great”. Profiteering: using threats, by the extortion of disease; to demand exorbitant fears justify, their claim establish debt/ obtain money. As is consistent, and functionally; an inherent part of the reality, as exposed throughout “medical business”. 148 A 2d 848, 850. The claim of “we created medicine”/ does not compare with: the tears required to get there; and all we paid for in advance: for the years you provided nothing. The cost: of side effects hidden, from view, in commercials clearly establishing YOU KNEW (same as asbestos; no difference)/ and said let them suffer instead of statistical information, and real world evidence to prove what is true.
  6. UNEQUAL and unfair; is constructed by the criminally sanctioned extortion of a courtroom. Whereby one side is capable of hiring an entire herd of lawyers/ and the other side, cannot financially afford to hire one effective lawyer: is an insurgency against democracy itself. THERE IS NO PRIVATE ENTERPRISE IN LAW! LAW PROTECTS AND DEFENDS A NATION by aspiring to enable each & every citizen to enjoin the law on his or her behalf: to accomplish justice. THAT IS NOT “same for all”. But conceives of due care 198 SE 2d 526, 529 even with regard to billing: remembering NO functional choice is made, if the body fails life choices. 153 SE 2d 356, 359. NO CLAIM of “lawyer certified” do I make of me; therefore full expectations are established to clear the air; with regard to this legal debate should it exist. Instead of billing you should I win/ I WILL demand: to mirror what you expect from me. And will seek appeals should I lose. THIS MATTER is then set out; as sufficient to produce an amount; which you intend to collect should we go to court. YOU WILL ESTABLISH THAT as fair play, in your initial filing: before proceeding further. IT IS, TRUE CORRUPTION IN THE COURT; that denies the right to know what the consequences are; by the jury before it makes its decision. AS NO foundation for justice exists; unless the costs and consequences are known; “an intentional mock trial; reducing the jury, from peers/ to puppets”. UNLIKE my situation, where immediate attention is required: you know what this is, and will establish your full and complete price (not a penny more) now. Unlike what your medical business has done to me; as is “more/ more/ more”. One price/ NO MORE. Jury decides. The reality is: WE CANNOT DECIDE, in most medical situations: because without knowledge, & understanding: there is no foundation to choose. The reality of a “believer” is: their only choice is to believe what you say/ because they don’t know how to choose: which eliminates the claim of “you decided”; when truth says, “they could not”. With only few exceptions: Healthcare provides nothing to society; to enable more than “believe/ fear/ obey”. But without doubt: when the payment for your work is “$66,000.00+ for less than ten hours time spent for all: the ability to believe “greed never enters; establishes a fool”.
  7. DUE PROCESS OF LAW: IS THE FOUNDATION OF THIS DISPUTE. I made is perfectly clear: your choice is to meet me in court, where we will disrobe the debts being charged in full; with absolute clarity; so that any jury in this land can understand what you want in return for that work/ and why you expect to receive it from me. THIS IS DEBT, THE STRICT CONSTRUCTION OF WHAT IS OWED; IN TERMS OF WORK DONE. It is not medicine, and you are not “gods” ; unless it turns to more complex matters in conjunction with: BEYOND, “that debt”! Bearing in mind: if your work “participates in saving a life/ OUR WORK for “you”; in feeding/ clothing/ housing/ EVERYTHING; saves your lives as well. You don’t eat without us, and so much more. I WILL explain the cause of justice, and facts of fair play as are consistent with the work that has been received in return. And if pushed: that will turn to the conceptions which confront the legal definitions of medicine/ as opposed to work and billing; THEN I WILL be requiring from you: the distinct levels of failure that are allowed, by your form of billing. As is if one hundred percent renewed; as is the desire of every patient is NOT achieved. By what level of liability do you refund that amount, or become criminally negligent or worse? If you push me with the amounts pursued; that are exorbitant. 302 US 319 the door opens wide, and reality comes as a class action lawsuit.
  8. Since you warned me as required prior to this attack. I will warn you same: that at 69 years old, I am NOT greatly concerned with the fight or its cost. MY WORLD, every life surrounding me: is threatened with extinction/ currency devalued, and fools in charge/ cowards in this society, who cannot even react to the consequence of igniting a nuclear fire MEANS; THIS CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED; “just like the sun”. So we all wait to be incinerated! You should consider that in your decision; because there is little to gain; for either of us. I lose the last days, without aggravation/ you lose what you lose. Previous obligations and restrictions, are now over; for me. However it remains true: you are not/ nor is this society: worth my time, risk, or any other loss as might come. Nonetheless: the choice is yours. But make no mistake “the barrier is raised”/ and we will be proceeding as if it were war; by law; if that is your choice. Which then becomes words, isolated by the truth which formed it/ so the world can see. TURN BACK, and present me with verified: paid in full/ no additions/ no consequences/ no debt or claim of bad debt; to that. Simple and plain. NO restrictions, NO complaints, NO alterations of the fact; that I SHALL be treated with EQUAL and SAME; should I require, or be delivered to your door; for your services needed again. You have 4 weeks; or I will then begin to accumulate a class action lawsuit as my own response.
  9. IF: FILED IN COURT; THEN, WE WILL PROCEED ALONG THESE LINES. Otherwise back up, and consider the cost to you. NO games will be played; THIS IS a decision, with consequences. To insure you understand:
    1. The judiciary is reminded: YOUR JOB/ YOUR SWORN OATH, is to assist democracy in its attempt to establish and protect the purpose of our union as a nation; conformed too, and conceived by OUR CONSTITUTION; AS IS OUR GOVERNMENT. Rather than you, or any other employee. Which includes the US supreme court; who holds no jurisdiction over the constitution/ which makes their interpretation of it “advisory” and no more. THAT FACT “under the constitution”; is fundamental to every decision. Same as the words “during good behavior”/ DOES NOT, include bad behavior as is removal from the judiciary. Critical constructions; which include abortion: come under the purpose of redress/ not power. We the people, not our employees.
    2. The deliberate action to dismiss or deny access or evidence or realities of OUR foundation need, as a nation or citizen; shall decide: the construction of treason/ or value of law.
    3. The constitution as written IS THE LAW/ IS THE GOVERNMENT of this USA, and there is no other. That remains AS IS; unless ratified by 3/4ths of the states in constitutional convention for change. That remains AS IS; unless first amendment redress of grievances; establishes for WE THE PEOPLE; by our vote: following a true investigation of the state of our nation, future, or world. As democracy allows, the authority to ourselves: one citizen/ one vote. To change our government ENFORCE OWNERSHIP; with redress. Within the confines of that document and others which align with its purpose and definitions; as our instituted; to retain, “the best, for this nation, ourselves, and the children; even the world: we can be”.
    4. All parties as may want to join, for or against; are reminded that criminal conspiracy [the decision to revoke justice/ in order to pursue selfishness and greed] is a serious offense. To discard or dismantle this nation, by enabling traitors, acting against what is fair to we the people: thereby allowing them to succeed: is BETRAYAL OF THIS ENTIRE NATION. Beware that is, “a hanging offense”.
    5. Reality has shifted: to confront this USA society, “with a mirror”. BUT remains; I will not fight for you/ do it yourselves. The returning to you cost of: you would NEVER fight for me, your life, your planet, your future, your world, your child or anything more than greed. YOU have redress=ownership! Get off your ass! Contributing facts https://www.justtalking7.info/2022/05/02/billing-carle/
    6. this work established; in case of need: as a preliminary defense on www.brainfirst.info/mirror IT IS NOT, an assault. It is a response as is legally consistent with your attack/ in response to your letter stating you have already consulted with “the client; which means their legal team”. The curse of legalized robbery is well documented in the university owned corruption of the courtroom here in America; where justice be damned is the motto, and collusion to destroy democracy is the purpose. Therefore the reality: I am not alone in being attacked by medical realities of assumed debt; VERY FEW cases of which “like a broken bone”: are optional. I AM, representative of many, and the court knows: that is true. Unlike the intent to enslave, with delusional charges for work done: realities form the basis of an adhesion contract 347 F 2d 379, 383. and that means past tense of the work; we will discuss the reality. Severe changes to all forms of medical realities, and more; must be made. Reality must return. So let this work be for whoever wants it. As I have no legal team: and class action status, will be my first demand; if you file in court. Therefore preparations are initiated; as I have no team to aid my defense. NO construction of: “this is necessary, to pay for those who can’t”! Because that is a job for government, IT IS NOT “mine”/ nor does it belong to private business in any possible form. When our employees cannot/ we the people must; as is redress established by our own defense of nation and self.
    7. I have done all “the social, life, or planet work”; all the intervention; all the everything; NOTHING is left for me to do, for you or life on earth. I fight only for me; but that doe8s not forbid, reality in my own defense: expands this case. No closed door accepted, no judicial claim outside constitutional law governs here! TO SOCIETY: Your turn to legally work for truth, and value; or let life itself die: your choice. Their choice: whether we go to court, not mine. I will not pursue them, unless they pursue me further. Reality asserts; helping you fight for yourselves, may: change the future for me. But I regard that as unlikely; as a cult can never question its leader. Life did not build me to be your beggar. Life did not build me; to lose a lifetime of work, because a traitor claims that much is owed for a couple hours of their work. Life did not make me to be your complaint: if the hospital administration did not treat its doctors fairly in this matter: the legal responsibility to make that right, IS YOURS 238 P 316, 324: not mine. I paid EQUAL, SAME for all.
    8. Your failure, not mine. People who do not demand: WE THE PEOPLE are the owners here! Become slaves or cowards; and hide that, “with a cult” by shouting WE BELIEVE; (can’t question the leaders); its not allowed (fear). To your shame (obedience, not freedom). As both state and federal courts prove the same: “can’t question the universities”/ it ain’t allowed; constitution be DAMNED.
    9. Understand, I have no delusions about the US/ IL courtroom; where justice, democracy, values, and respect fail consistently. Nor do I have any delusions about the jurisdiction of this “university cult owned town”; where the courtroom sits. But make no mistake; cowards though they are, you have made millions bankrupt and enslaved to you; and if they escape their fears/ they will become an army. Unlikely though that may be, it remains true. Even if you do control the “news” to propagate delusions and fantasy. Even if fear consumes them: reality will be visible. Even if indoctrination of the cult “worship the universities” is so deplorable; there are those who claim a chunk of “coin metal”, is the same as one trillion dollars worth of resources and work. I have no faith in them/ but you attacked & crossed the line to me: and I will defend myself.
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REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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