Without the weapons of counterfeiting money,

Without the weapons of counterfeiting money,


The plague of fools [courtrooms without justice, or value: owned by university is god]/ the curse of failure [governments without reality; want rules]/ the fate of “devils” in charge [LEAVE the children NOTHING; murder them]/ LIARS [plenty of room for billions more people; collapse all hope]/ CHEATERS [counterfeiting lets us take it all; SHIT ON THEM, play emperor]/ THIEVES [claim covid, and destroy the middle classes to remove their power; by making them fear]/ WHORES [money rules the world; not law]/ TRAITORS [let the world die, leave the future nothing]/ TERRORISTS [ mutilate nature, horrify life]/ the religion called SATAN [ignite a nuclear fire; FIRE BEYOND COMPREHENSION]! All standing on this world of human animals [evolution is in charge; the plague of power] indoctrinated by universities to believe [we can play god; the pandemic of pride], fear [we can’t play god; the constant thirst of want], obey [this is a war to prove we can be gods; TO HELL with this world, becomes certain]; as if they were gods. To your shame; the entire purpose of human (the animals surrounding us all; give nothing value, unless it benefits me) has become to raid (kill the children, they have no future anyway), ravage (kill the earth itself, we are all that matters), rape (deny them resources, poison and kill the ocean), ruin (the water supplies with poison, the thirst of the damned), destroy (every life on earth; never think), devalue (life itself, and mutilate every body of life with genetics), deny (this is a finite world, and only play king or queen), disrespect (every living chain of life, ending all choice and chance for life), and horrify the future (by making this world GARBAGE, let the mountain’s be put to shame); so as to prove “what winners (BY THE HANDS OF MEN, the failures of women)” you are/ by throwing everything away (With weapons of mass destruction; kill them all; then its ours); just to prove you can.

So, if I were to leave and abandon you; where would I go on this world to escape the consequences of what humanity does? Answer: spread across the planet; there is nothing left to escape too. Therefore the only solution: IS CHANGE HUMANITY ITSELF.

That fact isolates the most critical of all realities standing in the way, which is: THIS IS A MAN’S WORLD! Meaning this is the world men made with their greed, selfishness, lust, and attempts to be gods themselves over life and earth. All of which sees the evidence as ending this world with extinction. As a curse of pure disrespect, arrogance and apathy: so blatant and so horrifying; as to be the embodiment of what religion calls SATAN himself. Leading the pack of human decision and direction is UNIVERSITY LEADS. Therefore we reveal in the above dimension of death as an entire world: the reality of what men believe in, and choose to want, as their own participation in this life on earth. 

In this America: without the weapons of counterfeiting money, diploma knows all and cannot be questioned, and news propaganda, “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”.  The entire rebellion against life and nation falls apart. The end of  insurgency, as is claimed by superiority is realized; as the sewer of their failure rises to reveal: the end of life, nation, and earth. Anarchy stands ready to take control; as the curse of indoctrination strikes those who want MORE. By news infiltration and manipulation; making them believe WAR (HATE THEM) is the answer.

Are women better? NO, they live by want, pride, and power just like men do/ BUT at least they are “hugely different, in countless ways”; and that reality alone means; at least there is a chance for life to be more, “than trashed”.

The primary failure of men is WANT/ PRIDE/ AND POWER; the three elements of animal. So to remove that failure want, pride, and power MUST be confined to a minimum of influence over this world. As is NO MORE HUMAN, ANIMALS. Wake up and be alive in the miracles beyond your imagination; which means you are born richer, than anything beyond existence itself on earth can be. None can claim superiority, because nature made us all. Women participated in that, UNLIKE men: so RESPECT IS imminent, and without doubt. No female no life/ whereas one man per million is practically enough to keep this a living world; insofar as children are concerned; and every single one of you was a child. So the more critical correction of life in time would be: how many men are important/ IF they refuse to change? Or how many men should die; if they refuse to save this world: by asking GOD to remove them? For the sake of an entire living world?

The critical failure of society as built by men is: they want to play games, to prove who is the winner here. Because there is always a fool, a predator, a prey, a traitor, a terrorist, and a devil lurking in the world of men. Trying to remove the competition, and steal their stuff. So in order to save men and life on earth: it is the game we must disassemble and remove from life. That game is whosoever can claim: the money/ rules this world. Law has little to do with life/ because the game overrules law, and the words chosen by men; after war confronts them with chaos; is never sustained. Because some want to be WINNER, and they are willing to sacrifice all the rest; to prove they can play god.

Removing money from leadership, and ending the game of failure and disease; as has ruled over men from the beginning; is no easy feat. LIMITED CAPITALISM however is a primary porthole into a new world of life, “without human animals”. This begins the journey of limiting how much money any person is allowed to have/ which limits their influence: and presents barriers to ownership of more than society will allow for anyone to control. Without these things armies do not form easily; until poverty overtakes them/ and the men scream; “would death not be better than this: WE WILL STEAL THEIRS/ and enslave their women.” As would be the presentation of power over pride; as is constructed with weapons.

So the critical second step is: to remove all weapons of mass destruction; by enabling WORLD LAW, to govern all nations; by enforcing our law as we the world: ONTO EVERY LEADER. That means; to survive all the horrifying choices of universities in charge, as men want them to be. We must remove universities in charge; to accept the task of finding the law which saves our world, by thinking for ourselves. UNDERSTANDING THIS AIN’T NO GAME. And proving as life on earth joined together as equals; we are more, “than pawns, forced to play their game (of being animals)”. Which isolates the few, from our reality: and begins the search to remove hate from our world.


Can women accomplish more than men: FOR LIFE AND EARTH? No one knows; because their world is influenced so heavily by men throughout history; that it is impossible to assert this is what they will do. They have not had that chance. And for these last days of choice: GOD your CREATOR has deemed it true/ by sending me with this message: women shall try, or life will die.

Your last chance to survive. Ends soon.

What is your proof of this?

EXTINCTION SURROUNDS YOU, prove it is not so/ by the evidence of what you do.

And children of the “university wolves” say; we are too strong, the herd cannot get away/ we are too many; and will follow them anywhere. And so it is in nature: that any animal which can be cut from the herd, is hounded by those children until they are worn out; and know survival means: GET BACK to the herd or die. So they turn, hounded all the way; so the real predators of the pack KNOW where to find them, as they are now confronted with the killers of that pack. Few survive the experience.

But that reality of this animal world; is entirely dependent upon the herd itself/ or more distinctly the resources which allow the predators to survive. This USA nation, having been driven apart by using “BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE; the universities are god”. These children of the wolf; have been slaughtering reality with FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR; the universities are your savior:  and are driving the herd of followers OBEY DAMN YOU OBEY, listen to your news priests (now we know everything_), the “church mice; who sit in service to their serpent in worship of university rules the world”/ they alone have keys to life, as is cult worship revealed. The nation driven to near extinction as a nation; by pure gluttony and selfishness as is university wants:

the biblical prophecy is: the birds of the air gorged themselves, on carcasses of the dead”. Or more distinctly; this American nation was devoured of its substance, by those who appeared as if “they were above the rest”.

The demand of arrogance, using disrespect to enforce poverty, thereby taking control of a nation; by using believe/ fear/ obey. Making those who are left, led to scream:  “SAVE US, oh university gods”; as covid proves true.  But alas, when death has slaughtered your own ability to survive; even the worst of predators say to their own children:  “leave them alone/ or the predator dies too”. But reality intervened: to sell a vaccine/ and collect trillions; as apathy for an entire world of life took, the little left of their soul. So now, they begin to eat their own:  as reality will force, this now will become predator against predator; as the surge of evidence fights back; with extinction is near.

Whether you live or die as a nation or world; is up to you. What you believe as a herd, will fail. Leaving you alone, in a world without mercy. So belief; “we don’t need to think”: shouts OBEY. and fear takes control, as it did with covid; to consume what was left.

Survival now depends upon choosing to be human/ not animal; as nothing less will do. That, requires evicting “the predator” from leadership; searching for truth decides/ and thinking for yourselves.         MEANS TRUTH DECIDES/ NOT want, belief,; pride, fear; power, or university is god.     LIFE, rather than death, as is university has failed.

There is of course, “the constant delusion of men, who believe they can make death go away with fear/ by, screaming how powerful they are”. Threatening “whosoever is close enough; to die”/ Fools are fools. But enemies are enemies as well:  which means, those who are going to die/ want you to die as well. So the “die is cast”/ and the reality of people who go insane, or fight for life; decide the outcome:   as is letting  ANYONE use weapons of mass destruction, or not.

While truth says:  HADES, “sits ready to open the door”/ reality will decide what truth allows for you. this too, is the absolute:  GAME OVER.     Eternity begins.

No eternity you say?  EVERY MIRACLE OF LIVING NATURE, proves you wrong.  Evolution is a liars sewage, the fantasy of fools; as proven without the slightest doubt:  by only thought could do this! As proven, by a living body of life:  CANNOT, be built one piece at a time, as universities claim/ because you need it all, at the very same time. WHAT part of you, did you not need from the beginning?  Answer it!  And then remember HOW LITTLE, your university gods can really do.  As is: their big brain:  cannot compete, with what they declare to be; “the very most simple form of life, as would be the beginning”.  Which proves:  your gods of university are less, than that!

The plague of course is: EVERY form of pride, wants power. The cost to life on earth is “some form of Nazi (you understand the name); as seen throughout history”/ in all nations. The tyrant uses pride to construct fear; when the people want more, than he or she can deliver. Therefore fear constructs the violence of hate, and hate removes that threat; with murder. By controlling the army of believers. Without believers to believe they must fear not believing, in order to obey. The tyrant fails, and faces murder. Therefore they invoke religion: to declare “they are gods voice on earth/ and everyone must obey or face the wrath of god; which of course is them”.  Russia wants to believe (the power is ours)/ as Putin wants to play god, and push his own death away; by screaming fear me. So for Iran at the moment, the tyrants use religion to declare themselves above law and order/ discarding discipline and balance as needed for justice; by using violence to murder and silence (you will never speak again)/ those they oppress. In America; as with covid, the tyrants used the universities as god to enforce they are the law and order over life/ and anyone discarding them would face the penalty of their wrath; which is to use businesses to turn against them. As is at the threshold of chaos rules now. The list is very long, and it runs all the way from kindergarten to the end of life: as people choose power over love, balance, respect, and truth. Because as at the beginning PRIDE WANTS POWER.

So the critical test of life or death: revolves around the quest to replace pride, want, and power/ with love, balance, respect, and truth. Men failed that test/ throughout history; but none more so than today. Led by university arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life and world: the curse of extinction continues to spread. Leaving as the last resort for this world: to be, “let women try”.

Fools do foolish things; as is the flagrant violation of truth, that is the current so called “Chinese weather balloon”. They want you afraid. Because panic formed by fear, “has no real brain”; to interfere with the tragedy of what they are hiding instead. LIARS yell believe/ traitors yell FEAR/ and the cursed obey.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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