The constant curse:

The constant curse:


So, as we wait for the final “nail in the coffin” of human behaviors that evidence and reality prove: the vast majority are, “only animals live here”. The cost of university proves true: the difference of today, versus all of history before, is the reality of people playing god, with tools: that are extremely, far beyond their ability to think. Which means extinction is at the door, for our entire world: all of it, animal and life and everything.

The constant curse: want (nothing matters but me), pride (I can play god), and power (you are nothing) rules earth.

Given that reality of failure; given the truth of horrors on our doorstep; given the lack of courage, to step one foot outside the cult of fools, that is “university knows”/ because news and media have made them “gods” to you; with trinkets and toys, and trophies that have no real value to life. I find you tragic and a disgrace. You chose lust over love. You chose greed over life. You chose selfishness over friendships. You chose to allow, extreme experimentation over respect. You chose, to discard eternity, which is the search for life itself, forms a beginning in you/ and the destinies that could be sought beyond time. To sink into the mire and sewage, that is so blatantly wrong as is evolution (so utterly untrue; it conceives of evil)/ the claim of fusion (so utterly devoid of truth; it is evil)/ the damnation of fantasies instead of reality (so utterly blind and ignorant there is no excuse)/ the delusions of believing, instead of reliance upon truth (utterly brainless)/ the destruction of happiness, to surge beyond life into destruction (without hope of love); claiming “I won’t pay/ no consequences for us; as is let the children die”. When that is so clearly not true of life or world for a living human being; as to be blatantly poisonous to all life and earth; as human animals do: nothing matters but me.

So, I will intend to wrap up this work; on your behalf: if allowed by the spiritual world which joined me/ as female balancing male: to give you one last chance to change or die. The work is done, the reality of this message sent to deliver; is delivered/ I have completed what life gave me to do, for you. But the spiritual female who joined me; will have the last say/ as it is her right to choose; one final attempt, before the book called earth is closed. “they didn’t care enough”.

As a summary then:

I do not hate the university, I am much like them, with exceptions:

  1. never play god, ever!
  2. Never disrespect or change what we cannot live without! Ever.
  3. Never destroy the foundations of life, or mutilate it: LIFE IS SACRED!
  4. Do not destroy what humanity and all the living on earth need to survive.
  5. Do not choose for only you, instead of us; as is the constant.
  6. Life is NOT a game. OUR money, OUR future, OUR NEED; is not your toy.
  7. Do not teach fantasy, delusions, imagination, lies, stealing, cheating, killing, betrayal, terrorism, manipulation, control, propaganda, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, evolution (religion of lies), or tear apart what others have done to protect themselves. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera; and MUCH MORE. As is the attack on all things earth, life, and human alive.

So if not for that, we would be friends!

Nonetheless, before my memories fade away entirely; let us visit “time past”.

IT IS noted; that apart from the truth, no one should ever consider or conceive of “GOD, intervened for me”: because we don’t know what GOD does or does not do for us/ it is not a game, and we are not allowed to guess. Therefore it is wiser to simply leave truth alone; and accept the best we can be, grants at least the possibilities for our efforts. Looking back on 69 years; some things seem to have been granted; for the sake of this work; which is and was from the beginning: our world is in trouble, and threatened by extinction.

Conceiving of, the possibility that my life was altered in some form or fashion; in order to achieve this elemental work (message), for humanity and earth: called “change humanity itself; respecting life and planet, or die”. Some things do arise to indicate I did do the best I could, but life was directed into the essence of what would then teach me what was needed; to achieve the delivery of this work. Nothing was given (situations were altered; direction had to be chosen); everything had to be learned; best I could. It is that simple. NO free ride was ever found. So, just the highlights.

Raised on a farm; which means no you can’t step outside the door and find someone to play with. Which meant in that day, work could be done. Raised from the beginning; in the Lutheran church (not the same today); which provided me with direction; as is stories of love/ along with the anchor “JESUS”. As provided a foundation in reality, of things which teach what love, life, and time means.

At a very early age, recognizing through television; this world is in danger/ choosing at age 9 I believe; during the Cuban missile crisis, to ask GOD. Please save us from this; and I will devote my life to changing these threats. Alas as time went on; that list increased dramatically, instead of fading away with truth decides for us all. You didn’t care/ and proved greed, selfishness, ridicule, and failures instead. None would be found to help me; beyond the element of what is safe. Because it is true; when you step outside the herd/ you do become more vulnerable to predators; and the journey proved that true. So people live only: “within the element of sight (afraid of the predator)”/ as they consider that to be their primary safeguard to living. Which fails life, by eliminating the search for more than just time. Reality does give preference to power, pride, and want; because these won’t care, and take what they want. But love lives in the opposite direction of that; and it is, where “my family of life” (with or without time) resides. So I searched, and found significant proof of life, beyond self as is time removed by eternity. Thought is that journey, but it is not free: demanding discipline/ order/ and balance through respect for let truth not only decide, but be the foundation of living. No exceptions/ no lies/ no wants; only value.

Women proved to be, “more than I expected”; by far: the single most influential element of time on earth. But they want what they want, and are very serious about that. Pride lets them believe “all is fair in love and war”/ unless it goes against them. And power to make you change by manipulation and control over sex; alters life and choices, until you say no. Love is great, and nowhere can that love be found more distinct, than between male and female. But that relationship grants a need to continue on, that is more than letting go allows. Lots of tears/ lots of struggles/ lots of need; but the end result was: LIFE AND WORLD AND LOVE, must not die on this earth. To resolve “female and I”: required a choice/ and I left that world behind; for endless work. I felt certain it was just a matter of knowledge and understanding; that could be changed in ten years or so. But I was wrong; and the touch of fear, could not turn back a single one, from their own determination to win the game, and get every trophy, trinket, or toy; they spent their lives upon. Surrendering the nation, destroying the currency, denying reality, and proving “the cult of university is god”; rules this nation, and probably the world. As is so elementally true; just by the proof of “evolution; a liars dream come true.” How pathetic you are. Cult worshipers, not life; animal. To your shame.

So the real work began, and I was confronted with: “you are just a pile of shit with seeds”. Which then became, a life being thrown into one element of why people are the way they are; continually. My response: BUT WHY? And the end result of that; was to learn/ thereby to teach. Never once surrendering to measurements; I found the seeds (all that life has to offer) to grow, creating more of what was valued in me. I found in the night; after the major sleeping was done: time to explore where life and thought can go.

The next big thing was: searching for life beyond time, as was always. Suddenly to my surprise a “vision in the sky” appeared; and demanded my attention. So, I said to myself, “what is this”/ and questioned the image; which failed the test. But just before I turned away; this vision in the daylight said: your false teeth (broken playing) are an insult to the temple of god in you? I DID NOT know how to process that, because I had two false teeth/ and was unsure of who owned this body of life, “me or GOD”? The correct answer is: the body of time is entirely yours/ and only yours. But in that day, I decided “better not take any chances”/ and beat them out; which entered into the curse of being lost. The end result of “3 days” of it; was likely to be, that I died; in another could not take chances. But life picked me back up/ and I began again, with a much clearer perspective on what is fundamentally true; a new beginning. So the primary lesson to you is: KNOW what your truth is, completely/ or the spiritual world will cause grief.

It took a year, to rebuild what was broken, and remove what had no value. But at that time; being prepared by all that was learned in the “vision of grief”: I chose to create the decision, and entered into the spiritual world once again. This time, to learn/ rather than to be “simply me”. To turn attention from self, to world. The journey to accomplish what would be necessary to confront universities and humanity with their choices: began. Realizing; nothing can be done; until the curse of the damned is lifted, and a major change moves the failure of a cult from your living. The gap was filled with: YOU MUST recognize “what is inside the visual”/ to see the value with your brain; not your eyes. Or, change; the way you think; as would be “cast your bread (let them see mental change) upon the waters” biblically speaking.

But before that my nephew died of a brain tumor; with even more consequences that were harsh. Confronting me, and family with death; people changed. Then came tinnitus (severe hearing trouble) due to a tractor and cab. Which changed my life: to work in the quiet, is all that is left. So I rebelled; believing physical work can be found. Which resulted in a blood clot (simple terms)/ which ended with a 30% reduction in my physical abilities; after a year of recovery (GO SLOW). Leaving me with: mental work is all that is left; and that between the major assaults called tinnitus. Along with now complete disrespect from so many.

Nonetheless, reality aside: the only army available was law/ the only solution to university was beat them at their own claims of knowledge. None greater than those who were trying to ignite a nuclear fire just like the sun.

9/11 opened the door to changed; so I began this work as strictly male, with too many irritations. Was joined by spiritual female as indicated earlier; a battle at the beginning/ but then joined for life in work. Today evicted from the battle with you, because it is “her turn now”. Enough is enough. Your choice is your choice; even if you kill this earth/ I did do, what I could do; and that is my gift back to GOD for all that love and truth, has given to me.

Eternity will be, whatever eternity will be.

But make no mistake: EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE (only thought can do this/ along with we need EVERYTHING at the same time, or the body dies_). Literally does prove evolution is a lie beyond all conception of reality; just a lie, along with a curse upon you. CHANGE or die.

The lesson of me is: do the best you can/ because anything less, is a disrespect for your own life.

Never accept the measurement of your own life, by any other; they are not your judge. Nor are the limits, realities, and boundaries imposed by time; to be used to define your own identity. Each identity is formed only by the purity of truth, imposed by you/ on you; not on any other. Which makes “you, the creator of you”. What you choose, becomes the foundation of you, and your life; as best you can. There are again only 3 distinct choices: love is the opposite direction of hate/ while everything in between is survival, and that is not functionally a choice; as death is the alternative of failure to properly choose. So your life exists; as a choice of love or hate/ or survival, as is the consequence of time.

Hate is the beginning of chaos in you, and surrenders your life to darkness (let no one know).

Love is the passionate embrace of hope, as is consistent with truth. Without truth there is no hope, because all life dies. But by embracing the laws built upon truth, we begin our journey beyond self. Into the depths of dimensions, of where hope can survive. Passions lift life into hope, but without hope, there is no place to go; and the living experience depressions. To avoid that it is ultimately, up to you: to desire the value of life and living by love. Therefore our hope is to enter within the foundations of love, and assemble our own truth, so the law of that truth becomes our home.

One method of understanding the differences between time and eternity in the presence of hope might be: to assert, that as gravity on a sphere keeps the distance we can see as our future contained by time. If we were to conceive of “a flat earth”, where the future was spread out in front of us, on a level plane, that allowed for a “thousand mile view”; of what our hope might become. Then it would be possible to understand the journey by its parts and pieces, as would be needed to travel from beginning to its end of that journey. We cannot as time/ but beyond the limits of time; that is the journey we will inhabit; as destiny shapes the dimensions which will become as if “our heart”.

Love is an endless passion, created by the true value of every form love creates; to prove desire is real, and the purpose is beyond the limits of freedom, beyond the definitions of friendships, into creation as a world we have born from within ourselves. The open door of soul, then recognizes purity, as the final frontier; to joining life beyond the grave.

JESUS teaches that, if you go within the words. It is a journey, beyond self.

The elemental search of time, is to understand: HOW, do we participate with value, in ways and decisions that construct a life worthy of being “human alive”?

Ultimately, respect decides/ truth follows/ love begins/ and destiny is chosen by the identity we create within ourselves.

That being said, humanity asks: WHAT, is the sexual realities of life, within the decisions that survive beyond time? Are there limits and boundaries, or is “everything free”? The answers are: your own body is your own choices decide/ but you are not removed from the cost of those decisions, and must accept the consequences for your own actions, are yours/ not theirs. Even if tempted; you still chose. Do the best you can, with your own choice, and remember: as with all truth, you can never go back. It is, what it is and cannot be undone. Even if mercy allows; this can be covered up, so as not to remind of the journey you took.

As to limits and boundaries: JESUS traveled with 7 women, in a single tent: that was surrounded by 12 apostles who slept outside; and became jealous. While religion does not like to remember that; it is, what it is.

So the critical test of freedom is: given, that male to female sexuality is a pathway beyond animal, into the grace and truth of what love can be. The value of the experience is directly tied, to the value of love itself. Animal sex has extremely little value, as the majority is defined by a chemical addiction. Critical sex is; the foundation of desperation, that confronts sadness with hope; but has consequences. While all experimental sex, is simply testing what could become our lives as one. It is extremely difficult to find the rhythms of love, which build a home for each inside the other. The fundamental journey is one of friendship, which gains trust, through the honesty of truth proves you cared, and life proved you shared. But make no mistake; no matter how “perfect” you are for each other/ the living, can make a home impossible to sustain.

As to animal; addictions are addictions/ easy to start: hard to stop.

As to critical sex: limits and boundaries define the tears that come later. Leaving room to leave, if you must; will not be without a cost. But if it is important, “a living heart might die”/ if you don’t. Every decision has a price.

As to “common life” in time; no man wishes to share a wife/ no wife wishes to share a husband: so you need to choose between marriage or not. NO chain exists with marriage, but there are compensations if one or the other turns back. Do the best you can for each other; and that will include sexuality; so long as you are friends. Without friendship, no grant of sexual relations may exist. But remember this: that children are children, and they need both parents if possible. Simple as that, a choice both should make: same. Don’t force/ don’t buy/ don’t cheat or steal: BE FAIR.

The best advise for every parent: LISTEN to your child, and don’t use them: respect them in your world, as an advancing partner called family.

As to JESUS “story of the bible”; the most critical reality of that story is: HE took upon himself the cost of what people were experiencing in healthcare and mental issues; so that they could be free. I asked once; to intervene in medical trauma; and was astonished to learn the reality of transference allotted to me. MORE than you can imagine (taught me quickly no more of that_)/ and when asking how long should I remember this as grateful, this person survived well? The answer; always. Once again, I asked to intervene in mental healthcare; and was granted to share the cost of it/ but was astonished again; at the weight of that decision (taught me quickly no more of that_). Which means to me: that while you may believe the relationship of Jesus to those women who slept with him was “strictly sexual”. I accept that the weight of His decision to intervene, required, at least the beginning or; the balance of love replaced, by those who loved him. It is not “food for thought”/ his life brought us: the true differences between love and hate; beyond question. Which ultimately turned this world around, to pursue a better world; at least by some.

All will argue: WHAT RIGHT, do you have to suggest, “knowledge” regarding life after death/ cursing (aloud or silently) with YOU know nothing.

So, I tell you true: that life allowed me to see for you; because the end result of what humanity is doing; is so far beyond insanity/ as to be evil. Leaving the last few living humans who are being alive; unprepared for what will follow. While hope is essential, trust is ultimately the difference between life or death by law, where only truth does rule. So those who can hear, are allowed to understand: NOT a free ride/ NOT a rich man or woman’s playground/ NOT without decisions required of you; and basically NOT what religions say; to the greater degree of reality. Love is love/ freedom is freedom/ life is life; to achieve any of these with an independent life; you must choose correctly. Because you will NOT be making GOD or his universe; your slave/ your garbage dump/ your curse/ or anything less than love does this by choice, with true friendship intended. As is the cost of an eternal life with value.

As to realities: of things most illustrative: twice in the spiritual world; the pale rider of death stood before me, at a distance. Once it turned back/ once it pasted by at a distance, and left me unharmed; to proceed a “little farther”. Because HOPE must exist/ and this earth now faces its own extinction: by human choice.

So the cause is: while I cannot save a single one/ not your healer, guru, or other/ not your savior, enemy, or judge/ etcetera. The reality is: I brought you a message of change or die; which was ignored, because the cult of universities are god; rules your life instead. So the end result of that is THOSE WHO ARE LEFT; MUST FIND HOPE, beyond themselves; as is all the evidence of life; proven to be a miracle/ because nothing less than thought could do this. And the level of thought, the definitions of diversity, the elegant beauty and grace of living bodies of life. The sacrifice of JESUS to turn humanity back from hate; ALL OF IT, is no accident. SO HAVE FAITH IN WHAT TRUTH CAN PROVE/ and stop believing in whatever you want to believe; because want is: the foundation of every lie/ pride is an enemy of life/ and power has continued to ruin peace, harmony, love, and justice from the beginning.

YOUR GAME IS DEAD:   your only choice is LIFE OR DEATH; AS A WORLD!

NO, I DON’T KNOW; if you have only seconds/ or by mercy even a tiny few years left; ITS NOT MY JOB. My job, is to insure you got the message; as best I can/ within the limits and boundaries provided to me. The message is: CHANGE OR; GO EXTINCT AS A WORLD. Because your leaders, have failed. The animal herd of humanity, balances on; humans lost, few are left. Therefore the entire world of life beyond human; facing extinction and horrors because of human: can be saved from all that hate and terror, by one single event/ instead of decades. SUCH AS, igniting atoms on fire. To end it quickly.

Not a game; REAL WORLD TRUTH. Like it or not, believe it or not; is absolutely irrelevant. HATE ME/ KILL ME; is absolutely irrelevant as well: BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR TRUTH; the insanity of your universities playing god, with delusions, fantasies and failure; ALONG WITH HUMANITY worshiping them: IS ABSOLUTELY REAL

DO NOT forget: I AM, just like you, plain human/ not special. A worker, NOT a leader, savior, or other. “how, why, where, what, when, who, and more”; are beyond me to answer. ITS NOT MY JOB. And I don’t want it. Best I could, is exactly that. The fact that I am now 69 years old; should clearly indicate “took all that time”/ along with clearly NOT perfect, by any estimate or evidence of reality. Proves simply; at least I was willing, and did not stop; until done. NO, not a clue; as to the future for me/ it was NEVER for something more. My life was spent; as a direct thank you, TO GOD, for life itself, and the evidence of love provided to me. HOW is that not payment enough.

Choose better or die; it is your only hope in time.

As is the warning to every religion: YOU CAN’T BRIBE GOD with anything or escape truth; to buy an eternity you want. Neither can you gloom onto me, bribe me, or any such thing. There is NO free ride; IT WON’T HAPPEN. I literally have no say, as is evidenced by the spiritual female who is now in charge of me. “its complicated”/ don’t try.

For simplicity: she has kept me from doing many things “for me”/ but she has forced me to do only one thing; by blocking all paths but one. Wearing a bra: to remove the community first day/ to remove family the second; then allowed to burn it. This was: prior to the first experiment at NIF. My warning to life was: “this is the great abomination of the old testament”; IT SHOULD NOT be done. As always none came in time to make a difference; all decided to “wait and see”; as if they could extinguish a nuclear fire; as is impossible. Therefore removed; no claim of life. Time allows same; but reality knows: once ignition comes, NOTHING SURVIVES.

NOT enough for you?  Then take it up with your   CREATOR!     not me, I am a worker here/ not an owner.

I am not your guide either; barely staying alive myself. Nonetheless I survived; as a testament to the biblical story of Jesus; by following his work on earth. By growing beyond the book “breast milk for a child”; that enabled me, to search for life beyond self. The hope for love is life sustaining; the search for truth is an ascent into thought, by leaving all but truth behind. Even so, the anchor needed to survive is trust, and that trust has not been less than THE MIRACLES PROVE GOD IS REAL; the evidence of JESUS proves, we were not simply created and then abandoned.But for those who search; an open door to our own individual truth, as love allows, by that path: for life to be defined. Only truth survives; simple as that. But without love, and the hope of joy as is found through love; there is neither purpose nor desire for an eternal life. The consequence of that is: THE GREATEST TREASURE OF ALL, IS LOVE. And the GOD of all CREATION; who makes everything life; POSSIBLE. RESPECT IS MANDATORY, and will not be denied.

NO YOU DON’T get to continue on as you are, the earth cannot survive it/ one way or another [LIFE OR DEATH] TRUE CHANGE IS COMING.

As for me: my entire experience of life is being changed/ as the spiritual woman inside; alters existence in whatever way she desires it to be. So, don’t come here/ I do have my own set of problems to deal with. YOU CHOSE THE TROUBLE/ YOU FIX IT. As for me, truly it is: that I needed the balance of “female inside”; in order to sustain hope in life on earth. “she” did that, and the consequence is; “literally her turn now”. This is not a complaint; as reality proves it is fair. However, it is a bit like I might imagine; being driven over by a truck (no choice); so to speak.

OBVIOUSLY, I have no means to explain it/ no reference in male to understand it; “different / changed/ complicated”.  “or just, don’t know nothing”; is not fun. Nope, not a clue how it ends, for me.

I suppose, the only way to describe it is; “there doesn’t seem to be any room left for being male”? Which makes my future “blank; don’t know what that means”? I AM SO, unprepared for “whatever”; I can hardly stand it. Tits are so female, they are overtaking life.

They have constant sensory inputs{I do not understand}, have weight and presence and realities which refuses to let me forget, an immediate response if I don’t protect them carefully, and reminds me, RESPECT or there are consequences {the bigger they get, if I complain; the worse it is}. Distinctly not male.

No, not a game/ not tempting or teasing or other; just trying to survive.  I don’t, know why; not my job!

No going back/ no escape; but it is not structurally an issue; as both female and male are equal. Different cannot change that!  but make no mistake, that is my problem, I do not know; “how to be not male”:  

Yours.  Truth is your only hope/ go find reality.

YOU RISKED A WORLD, to play god with universities in charge of life and earth! Discarding reality: Screaming NO CONSEQUENCES for us/ HELL NO, we won’t pay!  But surprise to you too:  the debt is due.

As a summary to living; I found three things exist: life (an environment shaped by limits and boundaries), presence (male or female), and the existence of choice (freedoms granted by time, and destiny). Life has made decisions for me on occasion, which resulted in “changes” in people and groups and realities which contained the cost of limiting my education; which was not allowed, in this work. Instead of people and groups, I was given behaviors and costs to understand. Presence is the spiritual realm of what exists; as a peremptory “this is how you shall act, as a biological function of how you were made”. Those definitions of life and living present male or female/ human or not. As such they are “a gift of necessity”; which grants the immediate use of presence without work or decision. Choice is the relationship we share with our own intended truth, and that becomes “a fog” when life does not give us what we want.

So, the end result of that lifetime is: the environment of life, is determined by the levels of thought within which we transport ourselves as a participant in energy defined by identity. When the environment of our humanity is breached; energy escapes and we die. But that leaves the elemental construction of what we did do, with the thought or expansion of disciplines and order; which represent our lives as the decision we did make. Thought elevates being human, into being alive instead; by removing time, to participate in a “universal concept” of what is real. Thereby reality shifts to become: if life itself is our relationship with thought/ then what becomes of our relationship with male/ female/ time/ and truth? At the moment of death: only truth decides, therefore what is true is the foundation upon which existence is formed. No substantial truth, means no existence for you. Time is the elemental construction; which allows for those who exist within “male or female”, the opportunity to let your life define your choice. Because the end result of it all is: that life, no matter how great, is not complete without love. Therefore life, “mines the universe” for love. Granting to those who survive, an opportunity to be eternal; as is shared life through thought and its existence as is tied to energy.

Life is, what we make of it/ but it is also, the environment realities of “who, what, where, when, and how we are born into this world”. Complaining is not accepted; truth is what it is; even when unfair; a weight the others are not required to bear. The cost of humanity screaming: “I want”/ instead of let truth decide for me. The price of freedom, rather than respect.

AS TO UNFAIR; in the not so distant past (2+ years; no sign), I had an infection that invaded the blood stream, created a clot, attacked organs; and nearly killed me. After a month it subsided; but then the same infection climbed into a tetna (systemic) shot I received at that time; and became altered. Which then attacked the body, by digging into bone, and moving that material to the surface. Upon recognizing; this is a body attack from at least 4 different directions; the description of “crucified from the inside” appeared. And I was shocked, and the first moments after that could not control the base heart rate; finding relief by going to sleep. Waking to accept reality, but attempting to be as careful as possible with this infection.

The end result of that was: “a glimpse” into what JESUS faced. An understanding into where HIS LIFE had to go, fully knowing what was coming. The weight of a world added; that must understand, the difference between love and hate; cannot be lost.

The core element of that lesson, to each one is: WE MUST LET LIFE DECIDE, no other option exists. Living has limits. Only eternity does not. A foundation beyond your reach.

I can only guess; but since life has decided “to turn my life upside down; by demanding you will learn what it means to be female”. Basically grinding up, everything male used to be; proving beyond any doubt in me; that life is over. I DON’T know why. But: The net result is, you CAN’T simply use me, for whatever you might conceive of. Life and reality; is becoming DIFFERENT. I have no idea how it will all turn out. But it is clear: the life inside, I have been living is now over. New constructions are taking its place. NO distinctly NOT homosexual or other; a spiritual element, you will never understand; does this. “whatever it will be”. NOT a decision I have made; a reality I will live; best I can. NOPE not a clue, what that really means. Just how it is.

NOT a game; life really is, “very different”/ and I must learn to adjust.

I have begun to feel, as if my soul; has started all over again. That is functionally more, than I understand; disassembled, and all the parts and pieces just thrown away, or sold; who knows. Searching for what is true now.

Reality begins, with the elevation of passions, the search for someone who cares. Identifies an exchange for truth, the distance we share; is defined by the choices you make. This honors the respect for finding honesty before love; or any part of sex. Within the surety in place, that I am not “for sale”. Life, is a listening tool, and body is a sacred decision, not to be fooled. The boundary between male and female is not a game. Where I stand, with value; will not be chosen by you.

Life suggests to me; “that man can offer”: the girl who became my ex-wife instantly panicked, at my need to “find the solitude necessary” to decide how she fit into my life for the future. Bringing about a long list of complications, driven by wants; chains of all kinds, which eventually destroyed our ability to live together. The unfortunate part in that: had she been willing to wait, things may well have turned out differently. A lifetime, is no small decision; and it does take “a critical view”. Because the truth; does not look for an escape, excuse, or failure to respond with honor.  Need, is not a toy, you can simply take away.

Your problems, are your own; just like me. Whatever I can still do for you, is entirely my decision/ NOT yours. However life insists: “the spiritual woman inside; shall decide/ only in favor of women: it is not up to me”. I accept this is adequate, and do hope she agrees.

TO SURVIVE: YOUR LIVES MUST BECOME VERY DIFFERENT AS WELL. NOT in the same way as mine/ BUT ONLY TRUTH DECIDES; not your want, pride, or power to change without regard for consequences to life or earth. Just how it is for you too. What you believe is worthless, TRUTH as best we can:   is your guide!

LOOK BEYOND the images before your eyes, as will be trying to hypnotize you into believing what fools and terrorists want you to believe. LOOK INSIDE the fears traitors want you to have. TO FIND what is true, without being told “what you think”/ by media and others fully intending to manipulate and control you with propaganda.

The only method, which allows you to do that: is to review the evidence itself, and demand, NO “foreign language” is allowed. WHAT WE THE PEOPLE DO IN FACT, understand! THEY CAN DO IT; they don’t, because they want to be superior; by hiding the truth, and claiming to be more than they are. INSIST, and use prison as the method most likely to enforce compliance. Demand truth/ demand honesty in yourselves. DON’T believe or assume: let the evidence itself, without theories or other; prove truth. MATH exists to measure. LITTLE needs to be measured, in order to understand what is critical or necessary to know. I threw math away, in order to understand better.

The key to life is: a decision that identifies what is true in you, (that does not include: want/ pride/ or power) and nothing less! LIFE IS:love (expressions in happiness)/ hate (expressions in death)/ or survival in time (the middle ground)”/ everything else is irrelevant. When you find a flaw, do not turn away: CHANGE IT, “clean out the trash with truth”/ and then choose better as your own contribution to all existence.

my work/ the message: “CHANGE OR DIE”;  given to me, for you:  HAS been delivered.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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