Reality speaks in different ways.

Reality speaks in different ways.


Reality speaks in different ways. “university says hurrah, we are gods”/ but reality says extinction; death by Satan. Change or die!

  1. Climate change means: a world that cannot survive the heat. Floods the coastline.
  2. Ocean life lost means: a human world that cannot feed billions. Poisoned/ trashed/ ruined/ destroyed.
  3. Drinking water lost or poisoned; is the apocalypse (war for water/ two days to die). Horrifying realities!
  4. chains of life destroyed: diversity ends. We cannot survive.
  5. Habitat ruined; we eat other life, all gone. Livestock confinement; the pandemic end of humanity as well.
  6. Trees destroyed; our atmosphere detaches from the planet and accelerates to hundreds of miles per hour.
  7. Fossil fuel burned uses oxygen; already at far greater rates than this earth releases. Releases pollutants by the billion ton.
  8. Sterilization of all plants, soon, cannot be reversed. Mutilation of all genetics; the source of Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ as your scientists crucify life itself. Are beginning to crucify humanity; “with the claim of vaccine”.
  9. Genetically modified plants; open the door to plant pandemics/ because yield increase is dependent upon immunity compromised; risking all food sources.
  10. Weapons of mass destruction; the horror of university leads. A tiny few decide your fate. A world preparing for world war 3; and the people remain silent; because they don’t want to be found. As if hiding in a burning house would save you from the fire/ it will not. WORLD LAW IS your only hope.
  11. Chemicals too toxic to survive; found everywhere. By the trillion ton.
  12. People trying to ignite a nuclear fire “lets burn atoms/ on a planet made out of fuel”. Lets bring the same fire here as on the sun: “million mile long flames”. By using fantasy to claim: “no danger”/ when they do not even realize; the hydrogen they claim makes up the sun/ is merely the ash cloud from that fire; NOT its substance.
  13. No ice/ no cooling the planet/ no base food source for the oceans; a primary food contributor gone. Everything attacked.
  14. Evolution: we can destroy anything we want/ because its all an accident; so nothing matters. In fact the more chaos we commit in genetics; the better off this world will be? So say LIARS/ FOOLS/ FAILURES/ TRAITORS/ CRIMINALS/ AND TERRORISTS.
  15. Religion fails; the universities are their god. cult worshipers, who believe: “what they want/ is what they get; when reality  itself, says no”.
  16. Government fails: they counterfeit currency, claiming assets which do not exist/ and declaring debts don’t matter except to the poor; who are in fact slaves. Stealing from the people/ but bribing them to stay silent.
  17. Media propagates BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; as is the constant calling card of the cult; that is universities worshiped. Rather than feared, as the evidence does prove true.
  18. Education for fools only. Indoctrination, slavery; not life help.
  19. Agriculture is cursing itself. You cannot survive the chemicals/ practices/ choices/ water failures/ deforestation; none of it. When recognizing humanity already stands as more than one person on each acre of “cultivated ground”.
  20. Society destroyed by the failure of “university knows”/ infrastructure abandoned/ every child assassinated in a future that does not exist; beyond HELL.
  21. Aquaculture; preparing pandemics for the ocean.
  22. Overpopulation; the disease of fools lead/ life is blind, deaf, and dumb.
  23. Pollution everywhere, which includes nano particles; which clog the biological realities of life/ and make you die.
  24. Resources used only to build GARBAGE MOUNTAINS/ not life. Used for a toy, not a living.
  25. The destruction of everything; nothing recycled, reused, renewed, respected, valued, or beyond the curse of a human hand; which curses itself 24/7 365 days a year; hoping to live one hundred years each. ADD IT UP.
  26. Diversity destroyed in humanity too/ led by delusions, arrogance, and apathy as civil war is coming.
  27. Super diseases; as reality modifies and mutilates biology itself/ with the curse of medicine, and healthcare; denying the truth: if nobody dies/ then nobody lives. For extortion and disgrace; full disrespect for life and society/ discarding the nation, and even the world; as proven by the price paid for covid. Their science demanding; YOUR MONEY, FOR LIES.
  28. A plague of thieves, a cult of cheaters, terrorists, and traitors. Liars, failures, fools, idiots, fantasy, delusions, “and imagination is all we need”; as universities who took control/ curse us all with their version of: children of the dead.
  29. Every possible failure/ every possible fool/ every possible fanatic/ every possible disgrace; in charge, and making every certainty of disaster is coming; certain.
  30. Humanity reduced to an animal herd; each shouting we can’t all be wrong. As if volume mattered/ WHEN ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, AND CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE OR WORLD OR A FUTURE; because lies cannot.
  31. You are insane; as all cults (universities are god/ never question your leaders); are. Wake up or die, it is a simple choice.
  32. Computers make this communication possible! BUT THEY ALSO MAKE the most severe threats to world existence possible as well. And are the base of universities being able to make us all extinct by their choice. Even though we too have choices of our own to make.
  33. And the people say: WE DON’T WANT TO PAY. But reality replies, either pay to keep this CREATION ALIVE; or die; the choice is yours.
  34. GO TO COURT/ THINK BEYOND WHAT YOU ARE TOLD, “by media”.  Because truth says:  these are the last days of earth/ unless you find a brain; rather than a cult. And yet not one finger, do nearly all of 8 billion + people; refuse to raise. Not even so little as using this website; to claim we must NOT be wrong. It is our duty, to find the truth.
  35. And for the last forty plus years; all the people said, WE DON’T CARE/ NOT IN MY LIFETIME. NOT in the first ten when I believed the evidence would matter/ NOT when the reality of counterfeiting money and debts didn’t matter/ NOT when the assassination of every child, as is end of resources and more; didn’t matter/ NOT the curse of genetic mutilation/ NOT EVEN, PRETENDING as universities do, “they know” what happens inside the sun; and will bring the same fire here to earth; DIDN’T MATTER; because greed, selfishness, cult worship, and fear were all that mattered. So, I tried fear/ and even that; could not pull a life from its demand for greed. So, for the next twenty or so; I produced only “start thinking different/ stop believing universities are god”/ find a way! While waiting for something to wake you up; which became “9/11”. And here we are today. YOU still cult worshiping universities as god; propagated by media; enforced by government employees; surrendering this entire world to extinction. Because you didn’t care about anything but how selfish you could be. Of course the excuse is: “I am not pretty enough/ not dressed rich/ or even somewhat unkempt/ so obviously; what was important, to life and earth; had no value. “silly me; you got things to buy”. TO HELL, “with every child”/ everything on earth dead and gone:  “who cares”;  as the scream, and all its cheerleaders;  yells out,    “NOT in my lifetime”.   alas, you were wrong, or dead.
  36. Don’t worry though; “you can still scream: ME, ME, ME, ME,,,,,,ME DAMN YOU ME/ OR MINE, MINE, MINE,,,,,,,,,,MINE DAMN YOU MINE/ OR NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW,,,,,,,DAMN YOU NOW. along with MAKE ME RICH YOU DAMN WORTHLESS FOOL, or leave me alone! And of course, “this is all your fault; you should have made me do it”/ when you flatly refused to consider the cost of being wrong. Cause you know, “you are gods too, like every fanatic demands”. Well until they ignite a nuclear fire, or the bodies of life are mutilated beyond recognition, or the resources are gone, or world war 3 begins, or the food simply disappears, the atmosphere lets go, or you can’t breathe, or are baking in the sun along with all life lost, or just poisons to drink, or civil war from a thousand different reasons, or all ocean life is lost, or the extinction of species, or the invasion of “super diseases”, or mind control through media makes you die; and more. While all the religions shout at once: “this ain’t our fault/ WE DIDN’T DO NOTHING”; AS IS so true.
  37. I suppose we should not forget: the long line of people who simply ran away to hide from reality. The people who refused to think, and screamed you can’t make me; “with ten second decisions”/ or those who refuse to make a decision “for 6 months”/ or those who believe hate is the answer/ or those who could not find the courage/ or those who feared “the universities, government, courts, media, and all those intent upon defeating them” with a diploma; and nothing else. Or all the people who believed, whatever they wanted to believe; evidence be damned; like religion “whatever I want it to be”/ that is what it is. Or obeyed as good slaves do. Or considered the cost of being wrong was just too high; so they put blind-folders on/ shut their ears; and turned inside where insanity resides. Believing whatever I want, is what I get; the prison doors are locked; and nobody gets in to tell me anything: because I locked the world out. Etcetera, and more. Plus all those who blamed me, or were led to blame me, or we’re needing an enemy; to escape their own lives; and so on. While I pushed a tiny few away, that I should not have done; “sorry”/ the reality of this work, required the time. I offer only: “a world under attack”, cannot be lost without a fight. Since the primary fight was against “university knows, and plays god”; an extensive and real education was needed. Recognizing no help would come; I turned to law, because it is an army of its own. But if none enforce it, and the people are too afraid to care; the door shuts, and the fool decides/ power rules. But, humanity on earth; was far more indoctrinated as a cult/ than I ever imagined it could be. Had I known, other choices would have been made. Oh well, I did do, the best; I would prove to do. Endless words; are the result of people trying to sidestep reality; so every door is closed. Truth is truth, and the evidence of this day is extinction. CHANGE or die.
  38. Love is, the elevation of happiness; that understands joy lives in the truth of what we become beyond simply ourselves. Life breaks the heart (the rhythms of life), when love fails to be; what is most important to me or you. The discovery of tears, shapes a different tune; when joy turns to sorrow. So people decide: to close themselves off/ to hide in work/ to run away from reality/ to never be influenced by love again/ to judge or play games instead of being vulnerable; and more. But the end result of it all is very simple: without love as the basis and foundation for living/ life itself becomes far less, than it was intended to be. So, even if you feel safe/ it is not without true cost. Love is a message of trust, and a broken trust is the message: “love is not enough”. That elemental change then serves to point each life to the only fundamental that survives on its own, even beyond time: which is truth only survives/ therefore truth itself, must decide. When truth is your answer, as reality guided by respect allows: then life is your destiny as love will allow. The critical choice of being human is: EITHER love builds, or hate destroys! They do not walk together! Because anything less is simple survival in time; which will end in death. The same is true: of letting this earth die/ OR not. Make your decision known; as that is, “the only way” beyond self.
  39. The evidence, suggests: your world is no longer the same, 8 billion people; an increase of 4 billion people in the last fifty years; proves that beyond any doubt. The curse of universities, and their now “factory line mutilation of life” proves that beyond doubt; Armageddon. Closing in on igniting a nuclear fire; is the end of earth and life by fire; Hades. Collapsing water supplies due to overpopulation; proves that beyond doubt; Apocalypse. Super diseases/ horrifying food losses soon/ planet destruction/ resource loss; and everything else; will be HELL. PROVES THIS IS NO LONGER THE WORLD, that your ancestors lived in. YOU have chosen extinction, by university cult worship/ and unless you go back to truth and respect: your world, and all life; will die soon! Simple as that; you cannot wait until everyone is certain life is going to end: BECAUSE ONE LAST STEP beyond the point of no return, is the end of everything. No going back/ no mercy: just the end of life on earth. Because when the count is tallied and true: that is what you chose.
  40. As to truth: reality produces evidence of what can or cannot be depended upon as an elevation of trust. While respect aligns with value, the certainty of that value is justified by the consequent demonstration of what is real. When we know what is real, understanding the consequences of truth, which define the knowledge is complete; when we can conceive of where this “path/ road” shall go; as proven in the evidence. Wisdom is then allowed to discover the Creation of how this came to be; by accepting the laws which govern it, are real.
  41. Unfortunately, people do not like the truth. They want what they want; and when denied by reality; most will turn to pride in order to prove they are superior to wisdom; and will defeat it: by turning power into the conceptions of their own imagination. So they can then claim “I am the superior one/ and will take, or deny, whatever I want”. The consequence: turning a single grain of sand; into an elaborate demonstration of lies; so as to gain the upper hand, in the mind of “human animals”. Being human alive, requires that truth will decide; and that requires an understanding by searching the evidence/ rather than believing what you are told. Base level evidence, of a type not easily manipulated, altered, or lied about; is the beginning. Such as: the beginning search for covid pandemic claims; start with proven deaths: statistically controlled by comparisons with the past. Those who died “beyond the median death age”; ALL DIED of old age; and there is no other consideration beyond true violence. No one dies/ NO one lives! Whereas when confronted with the most vile form of parasite; the next step is to research: WHO TOOK THE MONEY, CLAIMED A CURE/ and who then, demanded “extreme compensation (trillions for what_)” for their assumed work. Controlling governments, by cult worship decides.
  42. And the people in this america say: “we can’t argue with our university gods”. Alas the cult of university owns them! But as with all cult members; a review of leadership proves true. THESE ARE the “elite people” formed by a university diploma; who became an army. Completely dismantling currency/ altering debts into disaster/ poisoning the earth/ destroying your entire manufacturing base/ causing dependency upon foreigners/ giving away the nation to foreigners/ attacking all forms of “the middle class”/ cursing you with covid, and attacking the final phase of destruction; that intends to take complete control over this USA; by asserting they are gods. While trying to prove that by crucifying nature, playing with the same energy development; to bring here the fire, as is on the sun. Producing fantasy after fantasy, lies after lies, delusions beyond imagination, never attending to business (and that includes trump)/ destroying infrastructure/ intentionally abandoning the future to assassinate every child/ causing extinction and leading the world to the same by expanding garbage mountains into a death trap/ destroying all life in the oceans; or more simply PREFORMING EVERY ASPECT OF DESTRUCTION AGAINST THIS ENTIRE WORLD; AS WOULD BE FOUND IN THE BIBILCAL CONSTRUCTION CALLED SATAN. Making you, the cult of those who follow, and make it happen for eternity. To your true shame. A reality that will not be forgotten! Because as every miracle of life proves true: the end of time, is NOT simply your escape. Truth survives!
  43. And pride will turn to scream: “who are you/ to argue with us”. But reality says: MAKE THEM PROVE EVOLUTION/ MAKE THEM PROVE FUSION/ MAKE THEM PROVE “CLIMATE CHANGE DON’T MATTER”, OR THAT HUMAN POPULATION CAN RISE (NO PROBLEM), OR DUMPING TRILLIONS OF TONS OF POISON AIN’T A PROBLEM: AS IT BUILDS UP SIXTY + YEARS LATER; and ten thousand more. As their imagination claims true. But evidence says: NO.
  44. as for me: I spent my lifetime, including male; in the direct pursuit of fighting for this world/ so that it would not die; by universities decide. But humanity changed from the “prior to seventies” being human/ to the endless delusion of university decides “animals/ no human involved”. To your shame; you believed lies and liars/ rather than the evidence of truth, by the foundation of miracles clearly in evidence throughout this world. I did what I could do; was even in fact “saved from hate (removal of war); by spiritual female invading my life”: but with consequences. NOT homo, transgender, etc. The demand: I will learn, what life is “from the opposite view”. Educated by thought, beyond intellect. And have presented this message to you as a world: by your own choice to participate or not: of if you refuse to change/ you will become extinct. Providing evidence of that, as reality proves true. The day has come, when it seems unlikely: to continue. Instead, searching for my own life; at least in part; back as time allows.  I do, hope you survive! TIME, is your relationship with life; how you use it, decides who you are. 
  45. Female Spirituality and time are joined in me; and I have ceased to be in charge as male. Making the one thing I have been certain of, once the message was delivered: returning to the life, I used to live, if still alive; impossible. I cannot escape, “it seems, I am, the example of male”; now controlled by, female in charge. A complete surprise. It is by law rules here, but life, is not by me; it clearly is, overrun by female, “back seat, only; forcing: you have traded places”. The prediction of Revelation 17; is more complex than it appears. In Revelation 12; the spiritual female arrives and brings a new life; as she stands on what is foreign “the moon”; or more distinctly male. In 17; while covid describes the first part; the prostitute being universities. The same woman as described in 12; sits on “the body of male; described as a beast, in 17; known for acts of violence as is the reality of men throughout history.” She is however, in control; and has established “gifts of value/ realities of evidence to prove; a message from our Creator”.
    1. The religious are greatly offended, and describe her as an enemy; because she does not acknowledge them or provide power to religion. As all religion is run by male; they bring ridicule and subversion. To prove they will not accept change. But there is dissension (7 heads) which cannot decide/ and there are (ten horns) those who want violence to prove they can discard this demand with violence.
    2. The beast of male in charge will fail, and be thrown out. Humanity will be completely surprised; “the world of man” shall have failed (as the evidence proves true); but men want revenge. To take power and pride back.
    3. As the rise and fall of evidence shall prove what is true occurs, in tandem the rise and fall of men who want their power back; begins to take shape. The choice becomes: WAR or PEACE; world law or weapons of mass destruction shall be used. The battleground of JESUS; shall be in view: as the elemental description of human choice is: LOVE VERSUS HATE. Proven without doubt, no middle ground exists. One or the other!
    4. As written “water represents biological power for life”; and it is given to humanity itself to decide. The prostitute being universities; will be hated by men who have lost their power; blaming universities caused this. The woman who begins chapter 12; finds a following, who accept the new life she brings.
  46. I can tell you for certain; that men have no clue, as to what the body of life is within a woman/ and it is relatively certain, women have no real clue as to the realities of man are either. Each is locked into their own version of a world. “not my job”; to be “him or her”. Fools try! Tragedies exist; because power takes control, and causes love to die. It should never be underestimated: the damage men do, when the confiscate freedom, rights, protections, laws, truth, trust, hope, and the values which make love possible: eternity does not forget. However it should not be misunderstood; that manipulation and control by women; the endless sea of keeping men in the dark, so you can have the upper hand; and guide them; instead of love them; into the conclusion of what your relationship can be. Love shapes truth, and truth cannot trust, unless you are fair. In contrast to that; I can tell you for certain, that effectively “woman looks from the outside in, to where the foundations of life exist, where happiness can be formed; because love makes it so. Whereas man looks from the inside out, to where the foundations of survival exist, and where the understanding of courage is formed from the acceptance of pain, as needed. These are very different arena’s of life; and from it we learn: “men want relief from the battleground, thereby using sex”. While women want to know the truth of love, and accept it is within their own dimension to make the other happy. These are fundamentals; but they do not exist as “the creation of life, as intended”; unless being human provides in you, an understanding of how precious it is: “to honestly care about a life, and share a body; bonded by love does this: not want, pride, lust, or power.” AS do the animals
  47. Destiny speaks, to the essence of life/ not the realities of time. The difference is: life understands the basis of this, is a miracle; a gift/ whereas time, only understands existence, and its death. The level of law, that divides these realities: forms eternity. The spiritual world, is the essence of life, as is defined by thought/ for even the least; has some concept of thought; because thought is the basis or foundation of all life. The mechanics of existence, the motion and movement called time; is the evidence of biology mixed as time with life, forms into one measure of existence. NOTHING about life, is less than a miracle/ because the complexity proves that true. Simple and plain; without question/ the only descent is by lies. So, since I do insist upon a framework that is life expressed by the spiritual world in me/ rather than the more simple reality of a body that expresses time in me. The explanation is simplified: to conceive of life that travels in thought/ rather than is fixed by time, to the elements of existence. The difference between time and death is not much different: death stops all movement (time ends)/ and that forces life beyond the limits; into the boundaries where thought becomes your home, or it dies with you in the consequence of your own truth. While I am an “oddity”, the foundation of my life remains in thought. While the critical truth of yours, remains in time; as your choices become your hell. Those who led, instead of protecting you: did do, the very opposite of that. And you joined them, very nearly all: shouting hurrah, we won’t pay.
  48. Your only chance to survive; has become stop doing everything you wanted to do/ and accept that truth alone must decide; WHAT humanity on earth is now allowed to do/ or the planet will be lost. Biology will fail. And war becomes your only choice as insanity turns life into horror.  OR, “go extinct”, as a world lost forever. Pay the price, or you die.  Simple as that.
  49. And the people all say: “there is nothing I can do/ therefore I am free; you can’t blame me”! But alas: we are where we are, one human decision at a time/ your decisions too. Which does make you a distinct participant, in everything you did or did not, do to life or planet or its future; regardless of the herd (cult). Every decision now matters/ and every voice is either silent “discarding life and earth”. OR it will speak out to enforce: we cannot be WRONG/ we MUST KNOW, what is true. We must know if we can still make a change; that will allow life and earth to survive. And the serpent says: “we are doing great”/ we don’t need NO damn reality; you CAN’T force us to accept truth. But that is not what was written here: I am not forcing you to do anything. The message is: CHANGE OR you will become extinct: IT IS, A CHOICE. A reality humanity has turned its back on “for over forty years”. So today, I am done/ and life or death of earth: is strictly up to you!
  50. your job” is just like mine: DO, WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO; TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE; as best you can. Accepting without question; none of us “are saviors”/ what will be, is what will be. My choice is: I did do, the best I could do; even if you believe that could have been better/ it was, the best I did do; and eternity will judge if it was enough. The environments of thought recognize love/ but remove hate: those who did not care enough; simply vanish from life.
  51. As for me, “last time”: I found humanity “without a brain/ cult worshipers of university; who would not care”. So almost 18 years ago, I went beyond time; abandoning body as life; to ask “for eternity” instead. But was sent back “in the opposite direction” to see life from a different view; balanced by female perspective, but still unable to make you grasp: your decisions today/ become your future of life and planet tomorrow. And to this day, all still scream: “we want what we want: to hell with reality”. Change or die. The price of that, my own decision: was to live within spiritual female thought/ but exist within time, as is now a composite of both male, and female in charge. So ends the work, but life makes its own decisions. As time continues to become irrelevant. The reality however becomes increasingly complex, for me; as truth does not allow for male to participate in female spirituality. She is in charge. The combination of truths form a dimension only located in time, as a result of spiritual domination (the greater power rules).I am an oddity; having surrendered body as time, to ask for eternity now”: a quest beyond time you do not understand. Never assume, “it is, exceptionally rare”! Yet she will not let me go back to strictly male/ and time cannot say no. The end result of that is: eternity limits truth to a purity law will not define as less than; born male or female: and I cannot predict what my own eternity can now be. It is a quandary, and I know not how it ends. For those who say; “my imagination rules; over my birth”! Even though it is your life, your body, your own eternity; thereby your choice on this earth. I strongly suggest; only truth decides, what  “your forever” can be.  it is, no game. As for me, life now calls my body, “girl”/ even though my mental identity remains male. I feel different, way beyond “Imagination”; the result: I entered, the spiritual conceptions of a completely chaotic world; “kind of like being in a video game/ where I am the spectator”/ and everything is, “kind of, at war. One on top of the other, fighting back, and basically nothing is at peace, or in harmony. Everything with a blue-gray tint”;  even including dinosaurs, fighting with each other; weird is not a strong enough word. I suspect it could be the essence of female fighting with male, throughout history; but I do not know. Very strange, perhaps I am intended to be, some kind of intermediary; between male and female? Really, “no clue”/ VERY  strange. Or, maybe its the essence of male fighting with female, throughout history; from a perspective of female life. Or maybe its just me somehow; arguing with change; not a clue. Utterly lost; confronted by the consequences of “unfair decisions made by men, throughout history/ and what can happen to me”. It is, “a different view”/ and it ultimately means; I have few choices, for body or life. “unfair” as a consequence falls on “deaf ears”: same as for female/ but now, “traded places”. Will mercy “be better”? I don’t know.
    What I can tell you is: its not some kind of game, to trade places with female/ I am still me, even if “body control” is no longer mine. Its not trying to hide from the realities of being male/ or the cost of risk, pain, or any other male identity of life in time. Instead, life is a spiritual reality, of being male, where male does not belong; how it ends, or why; I do not know. In the end: this is a result of your failures, as humanity turned into animals, by universities delusion, fantasy, failure, and imagination is all we need; by using lies. The cult worship of fools, who can be led to extinction; by turning into animals/ instead of being alive in, and as human. There is a BIG difference. Your world is dying, and the animals don’t even know; because they are so distracted by want, pride, and power; they can’t stand truth. Just like the universities: who refuse realities of truth, because then their game of living with imagination is all we need; ENDS. SO THEY DON’T want no damn truth or reality; “they want, what they want; to play god with life”. As do animals too. Alas, soon you will die as a world lost forever. Because all you cared about was fantasy and hate. Whatever my work turns out to be: I am glad, “not to be you”. Eternity is “life alive”/ not want destroyed. No element of belief is applied here. My life is between “spiritual female, and me”; we share the journey of an altered world for each; but she is in complete control, or more distinctly, “I have traded places, and she makes that perfectly clear”. No male is to come to me for sex of any kind; as you are warned; only HADES “for an eternity”; is your only reward. All other aspect of living remain the same. Whether you accept the concepts required; is up to you/ not me. What will be, between “women and me”; is unknown/ but no male should interfere. Whatever it is, [is more than “male time” gets to decide]. NO, I never would have guessed. NO, I don’t know what the future is. NO, I cannot escape, time will decide. NO, “not about trying to be a woman”; no, having tits does not make me woman (but they literally are, a REAL WORLD education); no not pretty, etc; no never conceived of anything but male.  Just 69 years old, and confronted with change. I don’t need your approval or advise. A journey into the unknown. I have no predictions at all. Life has been, “an extensive education”; as is proven here. Nothing was free, and in many ways the price was high. Granting that: I say to you clearly THIS IS NOT A GAME! And all the evidence of your lives points to extinction; which is NOT A GAME either. It is, the reality of your leadership, and what you chose to let them, or caused them to do. Making your participation; NOT a game either. GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; YOUR WORLD NEEDS FOR YOU TO DO THAT, by then accepting the choice: as is YOU WILL pay the price for being WRONG. Change truthfully; or die, your only chance to survive, is passing away. To your continued shame; time will run out.
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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