The path of destiny, REQUIRES,

The path of destiny, REQUIRES,


The path of destiny, REQUIRES, that you participate in thought. Thought is the essence of life, as nothing more or less recognizes the truth, that you stand apart from what is not life. Therefore thought graduates; as the path beyond what is simply self.

The animal shouts: “I AM a living existence (rather than a living miracle)/ THIS IS mine, mine, mine, mine; all mine; and anyone who threatens or takes from what is mine; is asking to be killed. As time passes what is mine, turns into: me, me, me, me, I don’t care about you/ this is me and mine and be damned to you; is you don’t respect that. Me and mine then turn to NOW, NOW, NOW, damn you NOW, RIGHT NOW; GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT. And if that is accomplished pride takes over and demands I am the superior one; LISTEN TO ME/ look at me/ obey me, I am “the great one”/ YOU are not. But if that fails; power invades, and measures all; to decide if I can use you for my own gain/ or I can defeat you by any means possible (which includes gossip-violence), so that all may look again at ME. These represent the steps used to descend into self/ as stands alone, in isolation, apart from the rest. But alas; into the depths of the human self, are formed by what you hide, or run away from; and it ends as an enclosure hard to escape. Hate forms here; as is “you used me/ you caused me to do this/ you are the guilty one, who hates me”; I should cause you the same and worse. As may extend to one, or one group, or all the world of life or earth; where the predator forms. These are the basic formations of the human animal; along with lust, as is the intent to use the body of someone else, for your own intent and purposes. Life want: is then “keep the body warm”/ for me. The descent finds a home, in the belief this is hell, and I own it now.


IN THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION; thought develops the decision to participate in truth, as the elemental direction of our existence proves to be sustained and created by nothing less than truth, as it forms the laws we thereby trust to facilitate the opportunities that are found in miracles.

Love enters; as those who go beyond themselves to share life and living; because we chose to care about the participation of each other; in peace and harmony, as love itself dictates is “the treasure we all do seek”. Beyond self, is where thought resides. Which means: that life also resides beyond self, as the resident form of our own truth. The body lives by laws, which remain true, until broken. But the life which created freedom to choose, resides in the Creation of thought itself; as is the recognition of that life, and its opportunities to choose. The body provides motion, and measurements. But the essence of soul, as is born in respect for miracles, living in time; is discovered by truth. Therefore the journey of time, is within truth. That truth being, the foundation upon which we become the identity of our search. Every form of thought, is a search for what does exist, and participates with value. Value then defines an identity by what you chose to care about, what you chose to share with love, whether you respect life or not, how easily you are removed from truth, and if you can survive; the freedom, and duty, called eternity.

The critical question is: will you work, building for life, or discard it as an irritation which interferes with what you want? The future is built upon the decisions that you make “today”/ therefore what is the future you build, for life and those who participate with love? Energy is not dormant; the potential can be beyond extreme. Therefore given access, each must make the decisions that are fair to all the rest. As is consistent with justice, truth, happiness, harmony, peace, courage, respect, value, love, discipline, order, and balance of everything we do need to survive. Life is not a game. Time allows/ eternity does not.

So the question is: can you participate beyond self/ and if so, can you make the decisions that allow for freedom to survive, as the respect life needs, to accomplish being ALIVE?

Self screams: existence ends/ death proves that; SO I WANT WHAT I WANT NOW. You have no proof of eternity/ therefore I want what I want; and I don’t want NOTHING, to interfere with what I want.

But reality whispers: every form of life is a miracle, which means this is “everything here” as a gift; we are not required to pay back. Therefore a distinct choice, to participate where love lives in truth. Or in contrast to hide in animal, so that more, me, mine, now, revenge, violence, destruction, selfishness, greed, lust, heartbreak, and perversion cannot be defeated. Except by “our own law”/ which are defeated by war, rules now.

Every miracle proves a level of truth and life beyond what we know to be the substance of time exists! Biblical JESUS: proves the choice of our lives is between “love VERSUS hate”; you choose! JESUS is also the guarantor, we were not simply created and forgotten; but may be invited into eternal life with our Creator. In contrast the universities scream evolution: its all chaos/ formed by accident, over billions of years; so you can’t defeat this; as is “this looks like that”; their only snippet of evidence. But that is no evidence at all/ and they cannot prove the claim of time/ and they cannot prove chaos builds anything/ and they cannot prove “just an accident”: when reality knows a level of complexity that we will never understand; exists in the formation of every body of life. What the universities can do, is destroy life and body with pure arrogance, absolute disrespect, and fundamental apathy for everything alive; as is what they do; around this world.

You will wake up/ or you will die, without mercy! Your choice.

As to this world/ this earth/ all nations: the day of money rules over everything is over. Massive changes must take place, in order for any chance to survive will exist. A guaranteed job for all, is essential/ even if you don’t want to share; the population numbers are so enormous, you no longer have a choice. And that means change or war.

The elemental truth of what is fair, must demonstrate where we can or will go from here. The elemental truth of how do we do this: is governed by limited capitalism. So that we all get a vote/ so that we all decide the limits and boundaries of who gets more, and how much/ as well as: who gets less and by what standard for peace.

The critical truth is: you must limit the size of nations, so as to control with world law, instead of war. Ending weapons of mass destruction; with that law. You must limit the power and time spent in world law enforcement; so that none can take control away from you. You must end extreme experimentation, and all the catastrophe of universities lead; by understanding truth, instead of their imagination is all that matters. Educating yourselves/ instead of being indoctrinated by fools in charge.

Every foundation of survival begins with this earth and all that was given to us/ and is now threatened with extinction; by universities play god; and people believe chaos and accidents make life possible so they don’t care. The dysentery of sewage for brains; as is universities know.

There is no construction of a future without birth control. There is no ability to survive with a future, beyond “we CANNOT let them be WRONG”; and subsequently kill us all. There is no future without resources or reality or the truth by which law is recognized as valued: change your ways.

Accept the foundation of our survival is now: humanity must learn to control itself/ building upon what will bring peace and harmony and happiness. Instead of the universities way of derision, manipulation & control, propagation of fools, destruction of nations and world; and all the other horrendous mass hypnosis used in the traitorous acts of those who want to be king/ or terrorist.

It is FAR SIMPLER; to divide humanity into groups that are the same/ instead of mixing all the groups together, as brings chaos, when any trial occurs. Because they then blame each other.

By DEMANDING AN ENEMY; people need not face their truth; THEY CHOSE this. By creating an enemy: they avoid reality, and refuse to change. By transferring hate: they become “gods (I have a right)” in their own mind. And avoid truth. Unfortunately, if trouble comes; the outside race is considered a traitor. Unfortunately, “without the fight”, the thrill  of a trophy, disappears. mixed race

So nations should be nations once more; and ground will be divided up, one last time without war: so as to create THIS IS YOURS/ BUT YOU MAY NEVER STEP ACROSS THE BOUNDARY to take from others again as is war. World enforcement of that law is mandatory/ and if they surprise and destroy what belongs to others: YOU SHALL destroy in like kind, what belonged to them; same/ same. If you build properly you, and your group, inherit a future. If you build poorly; we will confine you with whatever it takes: so that you inherit what you chose. Only those who obey the laws of our world, can go beyond their own borders; as the others allow. The only real use for robots is: to secure the border against life crossing it.

The change in money must be locked to the population count/ and not subject to any governmental control by employees: we chose/ we enforce/ the future has a say. Exchange between nations is intended to be minimal; and by real world (no credit) realities of our existence. But natural resources are a gift to this world; and are not created by you. Which means they stand separate; and by our own decisions as a world; how best to cooperate in the decisions to build and share with a future for each child.

Money needs to be at least IN TWO distinct descriptions. ONE version is used only for food, and water/ while the other version(s), are used for extra’s. The money for food is limited to the same for each one. While the money for other constructions of life; shall be, NOT less than: as much as three times more: they earn it. Defined by limited capitalism.

There is: plenty of work for the next ten years; simply trying to repair, what universities and humanity did destroy. As is “the cost of war”; which in this case was the universities deciding truth didn’t matter/ and realities don’t count; “because they have imagination”. To their shame.

As to you: hardness of heart is the acceptance of arrogance is more important to you; as becomes greed in all its forms. Apathy is the acceptance, life is not precious, therefore your decision is not to care; about anything but self, and want. Disrespect is the war with GOD / that now describes your heart because happiness has dissolved. You chose pride instead. Fate refuses the evidence, because truth is an enemy; therefrom power erupts. Lust is simply: proof of the animal, and nothing more.

Or more distinctly: a brain so contaminated with corruption due to the indoctrination of “universities are god/ cult”/ that you have no ability to defend yourselves. As such; the sewer awaits; where life goes, when it has no value “to the purpose of being alive”. Alive means: born of miracles, blessed by love, shaped by discipline, order, and balance; to become the independent respect, truth owed to our CREATOR.

As to me; life continues to reshape my existence, to your needs. Even though as cult worshipers (brain dead), you cannot respond. The disciplines needed to provide you one last chance to survive; remain with hope/ until life, lives no more. And the universities diploma (the elite cult leaders) all say: “we will never surrender our power (enslave them all, demand belief), pride (we will prove we are gods, they must obey), or want (make them fear everything): not even for life on this entire world”/ let it die! And the cult says: please don’t kill us/ but can muster no more than fear.

Just so its clear: YOU CANNOT defeat them with violence/ they will win. YOU MUST turn to law, and let truth defeat them with reality. Because their leaders will lose; and surrender that control or be removed from life. The same is true, for this entire world: you cannot achieve a new life of any kind, unless you let the law fight for you with truth, and the decision: we will be equals/ not a cult. Which includes all life, including women equal to men; in every decision and every capacity of existence. No more separation of power; one life sharing all life, within the respect that is “reborn from miracles, as our own truth, exhibited in love; for the life we were given”.     no truth/ no hope!

If you refuse the law fights for us: then they will kill you, and scream WE HAD TO DO IT! Because they attacked us: ending your claim to law. IF YOU USE THE LAW, they will have to comply, or be found guilt of treason against life, world, and nation: INDIVIDUALLY. Which makes you their ruler, and confines retaliation to a courtroom; where redress will decide.

True change: means you will “empty the highways/ stop the air traffic/stop air conditioning/ insulate/ alter cities to create “hometown jobs”/ end poisoning/ create world law/ use limited capitalism/ DEMAND NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION of any kind/ stop the insanity at every level: and accept, without doubt. To save our world from extinction: WE MUST DO, WHAT WE CAN DO; without exception or complaint. Because the one certainty left to us all is: “we cannot be, further wrong”!


It is not a choice: either save this earth and its life, from all major threats/ or go extinct yourselves. YOU DO understand that LIFE OR DEATH is the reality you chose! TRUTH is the method to fight back with law, and acceptance of reality. No want may arise; truth decides, and law creates “fair play”; by our own design.

While the vile will laugh and jeer; at such foolishness; claiming it is impossible. The reality of threat decides! To prove what is true: GO TO COURT, AND DEMAND WE WILL DECIDE; FOR OURSELVES. As to the realities of change; what you surrender is want/ to accept that we have only one earth; and must not let it die; NO MORE GAMBLING.

What we all need is food and water; with functional “this is a war”/ and you will behave; as such realities decide for the rest. Do not let power decide: choose as we the people by vote.

Examine what you do need from universities; and remove everything else. Allowing nothing but what we the people decide: with STRICT conditions, and NO leeway for misinterpretation.

Limited capitalism will provide the rest/ but you must understand the cost of being wrong. Because you do stand on the edge of your own extinction; as the evidence proves true.

Money is only a promise; and you cannot keep any of the promises your leaders “the universities” have made: they stole it all/ and you will begin again. but for life not power, as is the curse of men.

Once you have established a foothold, that might survive as life on earth. ONLY THEN, shall you look to wants, and accept the future has needs too. NO GOING BACK to “lets destroy the world” forever! Or eternity will remember you forever as well.

Extinction is a world reality, and like it or not: WE ARE ALL in this “titanic” together. Because that, is what you chose, by letting universities decide; and lead. As greed/ selfishness/ lust/ liar/ thief/ traitor, terrorists and more took over your world. Mutilating nature around the world, because you let them claim evolution is real. Literally choosing to ignite “lets burn atoms” on this earth; by fantasies and delusions set forth by “universities can be gods”. Forming cults to shout hurrah. BUT THEY COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG, as the evidence does prove true. So now: your choice is, TO STOP THE LIES/ or to die as a world.

The courtroom delivers your best chance to prove what is true “to a world”/ to prove what is the cost of being WRONG; to all those who do not want to obey the truth: by proving, this is, life or death for our world: demands your assistance and cooperation too.

The lives of every generation which could follow, is now in your hands; and I guarantee, “ETERNITY IS WATCHING YOU”. Make, your decision.

And the people of the dead, will say, “as they always do”: HE IS THIS/ THAT/ THE ENEMY/ LIAR/ TRAITOR/ THIEF/ CHEAT/ TERRORIST; WHO WANTS ALL OUR STUFF! KILL HIM; tear him apart/ destroy this menace to our lives. Or they will remain silent, and seek death is our answer; so as not to create a disturbance others might find. Because that is what hate does do.

While the rest will hide and run away; to find their shelter “in the closet of, a burning house”.

So, no: I do not expect “anything of value to me/ from you”. NO, I will not be “the winner” if you live; we are all “in the guillotine, of life or death for this earth”; same for you too.

No, my death will not change anything/ nor will my life continuing here; as reality will prove, “I AM NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN: the problem”. That is you/ not me. Which means only you can make a difference/ not me. I have delivered this message, male is done; and like it or not “spiritual female” as predicted in Revelation 12; has in fact taken over my life in time-perhaps beyond. To my great surprise; changed, by the anger of female against male; as created throughout history. As has already been proven; tragic power fails life. THAT, must change too; or you die instead: EQUAL, and nothing less, throughout life and earth! So don’t tell me you can’t/ it ain’t so.

The game does not make you happy; “winner” lasts minutes at most. Power does not make you happy; it measures and condemns. Want does not make you happy; or everything you pursue would not end in the trash. Change means; working for survival first, as is the cost of all your destruction/ and then finding happiness, by choosing respect defined by truth. An essence of value, shaped by miracles. Nothing you must give up represents a reality of truth; instead what must go are the lies, fantasy, delusions, and claims of playing god by the fraud of universities.

OR, if you continue to refuse change: what will happen soon is, that this earth sinks into chaos, nature is redefined by chaos/ which is, Armageddon: poisons will leach into your water and the Apocalypse (war for water) begins. Weapons of mass destruction will be used, truly horrifying disease will become rampant;  as the reality of pride escalates into we can’t turn back now. Extinction will be across the globe, as every thread forming the chains of life are broken. While the question of whether this earth shall be turned into HADES (eternal terror); by igniting atoms on fire; just like the sun; is to occur. But as for me; if you simply turn away/ and heed this message not at all: then surely I will depart, to leave you to your end. As a job, that could not be done. The cult of worshiping universities; consumed your soul.

No mercy/ no going back in time: this is what you chose. So says the evidence of your own truth.

Whether you will melt, into the quicksand of death, SCREAMING for mercy/ or be consumed by an atomic fire that cannot be extinguished: I do not know. Whether you will attack me, I do not know. Whether you will “find your own brain”; and save this world: I do not know. It is not my job to know: it was my job to deliver this message: CHANGE or you will die. GO TO COURT and find your truth; making the decision to save life and earth. I have so done. As it was in the day of JESUS; it is not my job to further disperse that message: it is yours. You have been warned: the evidence of your own truth convicts you, of extinction; change or die.               i did, my job!

To RELIGION of all kinds: you have only one question left, “is there, or is there not, an eternity”? Because if there is: and you are found worshiping universities as god/ your fate is doomed.

That is not a “belief question”/ which allows you to create excuses to avoid your own truth. It is a truth question: that demands a real life answer/ with real life consequences. NO going back: either you do accept there is an eternity/ OR you do not: CHOOSE NOW. Or time will forget you exist.

To humanity itself; which will scream “we didn’t do NOTHING, every other generation did do”! But alas: yes you did, as your population count testifies too. As your universities demand you let them do; and accept. As your men have always done: when abundance, THROW IT ALL AWAY/ damn you don’t bother me with nothing, I WANT WHAT I WANT. And then cry to your god of poverty, as resources dry up, and you complain “we didn’t do nothing”/ but yes you did. Finding god for some, when in pain/ discarding god to the trash; at all other times. Why should you receive mercy; after all, “you did this your way”; screaming we are gods too. As a billion plus people are lost in the future; for every resource you crucified; with greed, lust, selfishness, and hate. Change or die.

And the people say: “NOTHING bad is going to happen; the universities are our savior”. But alas, today, in a world of 8 billion plus people by your own count: KILLING ONE MILLION PEOPLE, is merely killing one per each of every 8 thousand people. How do you suppose weapons of mass destruction will not be used? Because we are so many?  WE EAT LIFE,  and at one percent (one per hundred) population growth: that equals 80,000,000 more mouths to feed per year.  WE NEED WATER;  but you poison it all.effects of war

You have NO RESOURCES to rebuild, what they WILL destroy; even if you survive the rest of mutilation, devastation, and rape. Which means you the majority, will live like rats; and begin the war again; until HELL is real, and cannot go away.

Reality states; “THE biblical prediction of Revelation 18” will come true; as all the evidence points is true. As the reality of human existence will NOT choose to control themselves. But will fall victim to the deceit of a university way; that is literally, “we don’t need to pay no damn debts/ all we need is imagination; and slave”. LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, BETRAY, TERRORIZE with such things as covid; and they will surrender. But alas, “only truth survives”. Nonetheless: this is your last chance, to choose better, for your world.   3-6-23US debt 202310-14-21

debt clock 10-18-2112-28-20

US debt chartone trillion dollars is equal too= $10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people (workers)

https://www.isda.org/a/sviDE/derivatives-facts-and-figures-fact-sheet-final.pdf      derivative

otc derivatives fact 2

418 trillion dollars owed in interest payments (ird):  2016derivative talk bis.org

What is interesting here is: the IRD or interest rate derivatives being exchanged are in the chart very close to $500 trillion dollars. That does not mean world debt: that means the interest on the world debt is 500 trillion dollars. So just the interest alone (not the debt itself) divided by a billion workers is equal to “one half million dollars” each. Or if divided by every human face, the interest payment alone; would be equal too $62,500.00 per human face on this planet. Of reality defined: is the fact this number only accounts for “shaky debts”/ because those who claim “I know this debt will be paid”:  do not release their prize to others/ but retain it for themselves.

SO, how many lies did “universities around the world create”? Did they show you or tell you/ how much property did they steal, by counterfeiting assets, which do not exist, HOW MUCH damage did those in charge of government do to this nation and world? More than you can imagine, with the majority of wealth: ALL ending in “university knows/ university diploma/ universities play god”: hands. And the people scream “unfair”; as we review the reality, of their involvement: which was to scream and yell: MORE, MORE, MORE; MAKE ME RICH, damn you: OR, to to hell, & get out of my way!

That being said: real world debt is beyond real world conception, and amounts to a complete and utter fraud, backed by liars/ formed by traitors/ and orchestrated by “universities are in charge”. Who came to power by understanding: the people won’t complain, IF THEY BELIEVE they are getting rich too. So asset counterfeiting became the norm, and debt denial is the constant: “unless you are their slave”. Counterfeiting US coins and presenting it with vile lies, cheating, stealing, and fraud is the american norm on television; even though the constitution declares this as its only punishable by death offense. Policing and all of government leaders;   let the intent to deny ANYTHING has reality/ continue. So that they can claim fantasy is enough. Just like; university demand is to create endless delusions of controversy; so they can take charge without truth. Because humanity no longer knows what truth or reality is. The death corpse marches on; as the plague/ pandemic, of university knows, continues.

But as we all know: LIES DIE/ and the cost of “just too much”/ has become; LETS STEAL THEIR PROPERTY; to claim ownership by title! To aid in that development, inflation exists/ covid existed to remove stability and force long term wealth into the open where it could be stolen. And to back up that demand: WE ARE THE OWNERS NOW. The rise of computer manufacturing has begun: so as to create the necessary ROBOT ARMIES/ that will then enslave and control humanity on the whim of those university diploma’s who now rule over all.

WHY, do they want manufacturing to build “lithium batteries” [as with lets go to the moon; which hid the true intent: to create long range nuclear rockets]. Their robots, particularly with AI; need batteries and the infrastructure to run them. In order to control your lives.

But not to worry: whether covid was intentional or not: IT DOES OPEN THE DOOR, to understanding the reality of what universities are doing. TRUTH DEMANDS; the human population count cannot survive the cost of what we do. THEREFORE SOMEONE HAS TO DIE. While leaders covet nuclear weapons to prove force/ the intellectual worships disease as its true biological weapon: IF ONLY WE CAN MAKE A VACCINE TO PROTECT US, from what we release on those others. Consequently what we do see in covid: is the intent for mass extermination of humanity from this earth/ as biological weapons go from the hands of government employees (who have no right); to a university laboratory, where silence “is golden”.

Where you cannot find the true assailant; behind those doors, in places we cannot go. Which asks the question: are we better off, “with these people alive or dead”? Because some can and do help us/ while the others, curse life by claiming they can be SATAN.

Intellect, is NOT thought! Rather it is the capacity to identify subsets of intricate possibilities within the laws that construct our world. By using these subsets of truth, the potential to manipulate and control the outcome of law, is possible; by infusing truth with lies, to accomplish betrayal. The value of an intellect; is then entirely subject to its purpose.


derivative talk

https://www.bis.org/publ/otc_hy2211.htm  to the right “$665 trillion or so/ 120 represents “market oversold”.

WHERE are big money, also putting their claim for assets:  look below.

derivatives occ.gov publications and resources 2 precious metals derivatives occ.gov publications and resources

And that: is only the derivatives market, “the gamblers casino, where no asset is basically real”. But hey; “everybody loves a game”/ right? YOU don’t need no damn truth; RIGHT/ so lets all play, right? TO HELL WITH EVERY CHILD; after all, they are going to die anyway; so says the evidence of today.

In this USA; it is plainly true, “that trump is NOT your savior & and neither is biden” as both live within the lies; by assuming more lies is “good”.

This is USA: YOUR ANSWER IS, TO CONTROL BANKRUPTCY AS A NATION. DEMANDING WE THE PEOPLE, WILL now decide for ourselves. You depend on FDIC “that stands for federal deposit insurance CORPORATION”. IT ain’t your savior either.

As to world bankruptcy: the foundation is simple, STOP BELIEVING IN FANTASY, and return to reality or die. Because you CANNOT reclaim what the truth of this has lost for you/ that day is dead. Just like all those who came before. WE MUST ALL begin again; not by screaming/ but by understanding life or death is a choice. FAILURE, as is “let the universities lead/ lets believe what we want to believe”: IS FOR FOOLS. Truth alone survives; so find your truth, and rebuild what can be sustained by reality; or it will be extinction. War will be extinction. Wanting what has been lost, is futile: GO TO COURT, AND FIND YOUR TRUTH; discarding every damn fantasy you chose instead. You want to escape reality: go ahead, open the door, and extinction will come through/ proving you CANNOT close it now.

The difference between “ruler and slave”; is the size of the money pit. The greater the size of anything monetary; the greater its ability is to own everything. The constant threat of human man runs the world/ the constant curse of universities know; as is today. By trying to consolidate everything into just a tiny few hands; they then own it all.

Which ends with: THEY took too damn much, leaving us nothing/ SO THERE ARE NO LAWS, and we will take whatever we can get: as is the base line, beginning of every war, throughout history. OR, more simply: NO GAME/ NO WAR. LET the law prove to be fair/ and reality prove to be our friend because of justice!

By creating “wall street”, whereby massive numbers of people believe “they share the wealth”/ but own a fantasy instead. Reality will prove: a stock market crash will remove all but the richest: WHO NOW control it all. Because fantasy is a number/ not a reality of possession. Making those who possess in fact: “the owner of slaves”.


Which brings us to the critical reality of: “in a man’s world, all that matters other than death is money”. So with nothing of value left in the money; a man’s world is dead.

So the critical truth of what can happen next is: either men falling into chaos, will choose war as they always do. OR, the foundation of change: has become real, and the elemental choice of a new world order beyond money; shall exist.

In practice, along with limited capitalism; and we create the laws which then govern ourselves and our world. The critical choice is: IF YOU ARE NOT “PLAYING THE GAME”/ WHAT will men do instead? The answer to that, REQUIRES YOU; to let truth decide. Because happiness exists only where love is true, and trust exists only where truth has proven to be “on our side, as with justice and fair play for all”. That requires the elevation of laws: to the essence of peace and harmony, the values of respect identified and accepted! Rather than power and pride, as is governed by want. In the end that is governed by the essence of life itself, which is friendship, and the grace of male and female relationships worth having. Love lives there, and builds life.

While hate defies that, and seeks to destroy it; before reality can define it. So love and hate will then be divided; isolated as best we can from each other/ with no opportunities, to invade the other side of life itself, as defined by time.

We all need food and water to survive; but that is not what has driven the majority over this last century of time. Instead what you want, has driven life in society. The games of pride and power, have driven loneliness and heartbreak, instead of happiness. So the proud shout: WE ARE damn happy/ by proving, with their garbage “winner”. Which at its core, as is power: DEMANDS, then you must make someone else “loser”. Or there can be no trophy or prize.

Nonetheless life on earth stands on the edge of extinction; as everything we need to survive: is also at the gate called extermination! Making this: “your last choice” to do better. Believe it, or not!

And ALL, the people say: “we just wanted what we wanted”. Even admitting you chose not to care about anything else. The reality is: that universities led you to believe “you, were a dead corpse monkey”/ and you let them, from which they destroyed the values you did have. The friendships you did earn. And gave you endless competition, constant aggression to “win”, separating families, and designing a future which could not survive. Because YOU wanted to be rich: which literally means to make the others poor. From which friend, “ceases to exist”.

Change, because a friend is worth more than a fool. Life is worth more than riches, if an army of traitors are not beating down the door to enslave or kill you. And eternity is a distinction, that comes with respect; “for every miracle” on this planet. CLEARLY A GIFT. And if you accept biblical JESUS; the guarantor we were not forgotten! Then you know, that the true choice of life itself, is LOVE or HATE.

As for me, 69 years later; I can see influences which brought me to this day, but where it goes from here is blank. The only real certainty is: as depicted in Revelation 12 & 17, “the spiritual woman” who entered my existence here; will now decide. Whether you live or die; is entirely up to you/ I am NOT the decision you shall make/ I am NOT the distraction you will allow/ I am NOT leader, guru, or whatever; which includes enemy. Whether you consider me friend or foe, is up to you; as for me, my job was: to confront you with the evidence of your extinction: and provide the information which allows “a new life” to be born instead. One or the other shall exist, by your choice; not mine. I tell you clearly; “the man I use to be is done”; I delivered the message given to me. As best I could, and did do. Even if, you believe it is less than perfect. You do understand.

As to living: I did intervene “a tiny bit” in a few other lives/ when it was clear the consequences were going to be far more than expected. I did “make a few others pay, a small amount”/ in order to stop the demand for work (none listen), in order to continue the demand to learn/ I did pursue life, but life also pursued me; asking BUT WHY? To learn, this would be part of my education, in reality; was the answer. Just so its clear, I had sexual intercourse “with nothing” except woman; and that does include, NO sexual anything with any child, ever. Nor do I have any children “by me”/ yes I do know for sure! NEVER struck, or hit, or caused any harm to any female ever; beyond the tears of separation. I asked to be “like the others; during high school (wandering why)”; but learned it was better to be me. Life demanded time; and that was aided by those who walked with me a bit. Life asked for sex, but it became a choice: there is no middle for you: either all the way one direction or the other. So I chose for life not sex. NO, porn is for animals, I do not find it (or the rest) interesting; “a beautiful female adult body; is not that (miracle instead)”! 

Mine; was not an easy journey. It was not a journey I would have finished: apart from being joined by “the spiritual woman”/ who made it so. Whether you believe that or not; is utterly irrelevant to me. I did my job; with help/ but I did do, “my job”.   Simple or complex; the work of man is done. I too, am being changed, to survive.  Required/ not chosen. Journey done; what change means, is not up to me.

Discipline shapes every life. Order shapes ever destiny. Balance governs the difference between living and dying. But love explains: where life stands in your heart. That is the ascent, to honor the existence of time to create your own identity, with respect for the miracle given to you.

Humanity believes, and stops with living:  “by want, pride, and power”. In contrast; my life has been “fundamentally dissolved” for now the 6th time/ “so don’t give up”. As with me, if life needs you to be something else: then you or I, just have to rebuild once again. This: for a purpose I do not recognize, but I lost control. While the religious will make “fun” out of that number; measuring everything to judge. I do not! I in fact do not know if it represents the first time, “female controlled”/ or the sixth time end of male control; or why, how, if this stops or whatever it will be. “its complicated”, but does not consist of threat, to me or you. The message is delivered; why I continue to write, is not my choice. I CANNOT change you; ONLY YOU can do that. It is change; and reality proves: you are required to change too; or you won’t survive. For me, it is not about survival in time; but the truth: unless released, I am here, physically male here; but going to “a female owned, spiritual world” forever. NO, it is not exactly time related- (you won’t understand) but it is female controlled, as a spiritual connection; complicated. You, are certain “HE IS NUTS”/ but I, having lived the reality; know life (soul inside) has its own plan/ just as this world, in order to survive; has its own needs. No clue how it ends. Male and female are equal; there is no need to be “greatly concerned”.

And all the people say: “we can’t believe anyone who writes like that/ HE, cannot be important”! And I agree, not important; as is the term “messenger”.However the evidence that convicts you of choices which do have the consequence of extinction: it is “your graveyard” to avoid them, by choosing to judge me. And all the people say: “we can’t be made afraid, by you”/ but again, “it is YOUR EVIDENCE” not mine. Your life lost, your world lost, your child destroyed, your failure; not truly mine. Or more simply: go ahead and claim “your dirt nap”, or whatever you call it. While I have made my choice; and will ask for eternal life. Truth will declare, by its own reality: who was right.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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