The denial of claimed authority to rule over us!

The denial of claimed authority to rule over us!


The difference between WORLD WAR 3; and the decision as “we the people of this world”: to DENY LEADERS that rush of power rules all! Is our own decision: to bring these leaders to court/ as a force united for the very same goal. EACH NATION, including Russian; of we the people SAY NO!

ENFORCEMENT of that decision: is literally, the denial of claimed authority to rule over us! The enactment of that decision: is the refusal to pay taxation/ refusal to deliver goods or services/ refusal to allow anything beyond “feeding the troops”. BY INSISTING AS A WORLD, not as individual nations; but as WE THE WORLD: demand this shall be settled in a court of our own law. By bringing leaders in question: before our world, as we judge for ourselves: life or death. Because weapons of mass destruction will be used. That is: the price of peace! Nothing less will do. WILL WOMEN LEAD, OR BE RAPED/ RAVAGED/ AND CRY; as everything they need is lost; to the curse of men playing god with life? Choose! EVERY leader; is nothing more than a former classmate! WHO AMONG THEM: “was god”? PUSH THEM DOWN IN THEIR HOLE; Or let them come back among the living; by using LAW FIRST.     RISE, or die.   WE ARE, the power to make change.

Critical to all elements of authority: is truth! When truth says: “YOU have no right to make the decisions you make/ THEN WE must defend ourselves, by WE THE PEOPLE; command more respect, than does any leader/ any where. It is the military that enforces tyranny/ by enforcing tyranny upon them. By establishing: obey OR we the leaders, will have you killed. NONE have that authority/ they take it, by using the power of money to control resources and access to what you need. ENFORCEMENT OF OUR AUTHORITY TO SAY NO: stems from “our military soldiers; Shall HAVE, a bill or rights: by which every leader must obey OUR LAW”. Therefrom we take away the claim of power, from military leaders; and give ourselves the protection of law. OUR NATION, shall have a bill of rights: by which we take away the power of governmental leaders; and give ourselves the protection of law. By using limited capitalism: we GOVERN the power of money, and limit the power of individuals, and protect the resources upon which we all depend. Because by we the people vote to create these boundaries: established by our own law/ we then become our own rulers; NOT them, the leaders over us/ law over us all. As with america: the rulers here betray the law, constitution, bill of rights, and corrupt the courtroom to prove they can take the power from us/ by deceit/ deception/ fraud/ counterfeiting/ organized crime/ treason/ terrorism/ and more. So the people fear, and hide; because there is no help. RESPECT HOWEVER KNOWS: WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING THEY NEED/ WE ARE THE MILITARY/ WE ARE THE POWER, BECAUSE WE ARE THE ENFORCEMENT OF WHOSOEVER IS IN POWER; by our own choices. Consequently: if we want justice and fair play/ the end of war on earth: and the reality of a planet that survives. WE MUST DECIDE TO ENFORCE LAW! Whosoever makes the law: RULES LIFE ON EARTH. So let it be “WE THE WORLD” have decided this, for ourselves. Establishing in time; the foundation upon which we will depend. The ten commandments; have survived; “because they are short, conclusive, and to the point”/ as should be your own law.

THE PRICE; of freedom, is not being a soldier! The price of freedom is WE ALL DEPEND UPON JUSTIFIED LAW; as determined by ourselves; one citizen one vote. The price of being in the military as a patriot: IS DEFENDING THAT LAW; from those who surge against it, by any cause: for their own version of rebellion against us all.

The people then say: WE KNOW, but we want what we want/ instead of true change. So, I remind each one: that what you wanted has literally brought you to the edge of extinction; beyond your wildest dreams: as the evidence does prove true. Your world has changed; and if you do not change accordingly: your world shall fail, and there will be NO going back in time. YOUR decision today; becomes the consequences of your world tomorrow. IF, AND ONLY IF: GOD intervenes, to give you that chance. Because your universities, and more: are poised to make you extinct. Our entire world lost forever; “because you didn’t care enough, to respect and value, both life and planet”. Throwing them both away, for nothing more than a worthless bribe, or pure arrogance; as is the result of cult worshiping “university plays god”.

Reality states: PRIDE, is an enemy/ and can only be defused “by opening the door”; so they can see “their own truth” inside. Leaders live for pride “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say”! SO LOOK at them, destroying/ threatening a world: listen to them, creating carnage/ mutilating life/ damaging everything we need to survive/ do what they say, and realize; “there is literally NOT enough resources to rebuild this world”. And there is no real world solution: for weapons of mass destruction/ or the fact when released it will CRUCIFY every living thing. And then remind them all: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for that! Because you did not choose, “to let law decide for our world first; before your own pride, or thirst for power”. KILLED this world. The game is dead; LIFE or death!    LAW OR EXTINCTION; the price of failure.

And the world says: “WE WANT, what we want”/ because they WANT, the power to judge/ rather than let truth decide”! The DEMAND; YOU OWE ME; rather than, accepting the price of life: is accepting what truth cannot repair. YOUR WANT; as cult worshipers of universities are god; IS EXTINCTION. As the evidence does prove true. YOUR POWER, to demand “not in my lifetime/ I pay NOTHING”; ends with reality now decides. Because the law did not control you; or your decision: TO LET FOOLS/ even Satan; play god, with life. To your eternal shame. WAKE UP, or die; because this is not “world war 2” coming. RISE, or be buried with your fear: forever!

Still don’t care? Well pretty girls do well, when the law exists/ BUT pretty girls live tragic lives; when the chaos of war takes over. FIGHT for your future; because whatever it costs/ will be less, “than if you don’t”.    DEMAND a courtroom: for redress, as a world saying NO MORE WAR!

The most critical truth of any society is: that change will not come from individual actions/ because power and pride want to protect their treason, and hide from the law, by pretending they are the law. CHANGE is only publicly available to those who use “CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” as their own legal right of ownership. To prove WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE NOW. In this USA, that is the law of our democracy. It is treason for a “sworn to uphold, employee” of this government: to refuse that law. Redress means: WE THE PEOPLE have decided, in our own best interest: to demand and create our own courtroom trial with fully open for public view. The legal demand for evidence to be given: in order for the owners of this nation; to decide for themselves: if we allow our employees to have the last say, in what this nation is.  OR CHANGE WHAT THEY DO AND ALLOW; BY OUR OWN VOTE.Top of the list for redress trial is: those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth. Followed immediately by: those who are mutilating nature, which is genetic structure; by injecting chaos to demand proof of evolution which does not exist.

THAT MEANS: in this real world event; a literal decision has been made by “a majority”: that we cannot let our employees, “BE WRONG”. Therefore it is: A DUTY to life, earth, child, world, and nation. To prove by the evidence: if we the people, are in fact willing to pay the price: that is “you were wrong”. In the case of “burning the bond in atoms”: that price is our planet becomes a sun/ and we burn too. Just like in the chemical physical world: the difference between a nuclear bomb/ and a nuclear fire (just like the sun); is well known. “we see it everyday, from 94 million miles away”!

The value of a vote, that has no authority (voting for someone to vote for me): is extremely little! The reality of a vote: which creates the foundation upon which all life must then accept this is our law, as designed by ourselves; and implemented by our own independent vote: creates the authority called WE THE PEOPLE. LIFE BY LAW, is the end of war! Because the solution constructed by FAIR PLAY exists: AS OUR JUSTICE/ OUR RIGHT/ OUR FREEDOM, we choose to enforce; controls our world, nation, lives. WAR is the enforcement of chaos rules now/ BECAUSE “some men” want to remove the law, and play god over the rest.

It is clear, that some degree of participation is required.

So, this begins the search for what is consistent with a world of humanity desiring to put laws into place: which will dethrone leaders, in order to rule over ourselves and our world. By that law! It is not a game/ and it is intended to rule over nations and world: thereby elementally decided by the maximum intent/ with the minimum of words. So as not to allow excessive misinterpretation: as the demand to be SIMPLE AND PLAIN expands into what we can all understand as our truth combined; as our authority to decide for ourselves.

THAT LAW begins with this assertion: that there are animals among us, who only want, and its survival; therefrom they have no real values beyond that want, pride, or power/ their search for; more for ME. That there is love; a value shaped by sharing, caring, respect, justice, peace, harmony, hope, and happiness developed through knowledge of reality, evidenced by understanding the basis of truth identified, and the wisdom to know; there are sacred things which must not be gambled with. Then there is hate; and those who do what it takes to become predators among us, defined by their intent to produce fear/ believe/ and obedience to what they want; as is judgment to play god with life and earth. So, from the beginning of this work: we DO have three variables within which to derive and create the best we can/ even though each is a very different purpose and description of what life is: and what this world ought to be. You CANNOT “please everyone”/ which means there are limits to what will be accepted by the majority. Each is a placement of reality within our lives: the animal wants survival first/ the human being alive desires a destiny which shapes the future into a “loving & living place; formed from respect and living within justice for all/ the hate predator wants judgment, thereby making playing god possible; by establishing fear, and OBEY me: Much like cults do, but cults add believe as well.

So how do we combine these different groups into a cohesive law which allows life to exist on earth/ rather than the current “university inspired demand for extinction”? The answer is: we all must survive, in order to achieve any want or desire or goal! Therefore we ALL know, that world law is required to be: WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO, IN ORDER TO KEEP THIS EARTH ALIVE. IT IS THAT SIMPLE, and these laws should not exceed those deliberate decisions. Fortunately that makes the enumeration of these laws very simple as well.

  1. NONE, can use extreme experimentation of ANY KIND; to endanger the lives and realities of discipline, order, and balance that govern our earth or its nature. There is no excuse, there is only the decision: WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE BE WRONG; and therefrom cause our extinction by playing god with anything. The demand is DONE/ AND NEVER AGAIN. Hoping it is enough, to keep us all alive.
  2. Weapons of mass destruction can no longer exist; they are to be peaceably removed by all justifiable means possible. Which includes the “international union of; humans by law (HBL)” requires a policing force; paid for and created by every nation/ with limited duration participation; so as not to allow excessive power for any. Which has the duty and the right: to enforce our law, by compliance on every leader on this planet. OR THEY WILL collect those leaders for the purpose of bringing them into court for trial. If that proves to be impossible/ or weapons of mass destruction by any means are used: their directive will be to kill that leader (your choice) immediately/ as a threat to all existence of life on earth. NO VIOLENCE means your own people and military will surrender you to justice by law; before the world. The minimum of violence required if you refuse is world participation in collecting these tiny few individuals; who are threatening us all, by refusing to obey the law this world has decreed is your own duty to obey. It is the obedience of the military: to DEFEND/ not to attack; as is required of each one. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE INTERNATIONAL HBL policing force; to participate in driving ANY INVADING FORCE, back behind its borders. It is the duty of the world court: to ENFORCE that undeniable cost inflicted onto another nation SHALL be paid for by resources from the invading nation/ shall be paid for by the top one percent of the very richest people of the invading nation/ shall be confiscating the entire wealth of those who lead by attack; as is weapons manufacture/ military officials/ government/ banking and more. Throwing these people out, into the street: due to the death and damage they did cause; deliberately.
  3. EVERY NATURAL RESOURCE on this planet is provided to every life on this planet equally. Every resource which has been used to participate in your own survival; by your own decisions which makes that survival possible is your own contribution to the state of society in your nation. The fundamental is we CANNOT allow the endangerment of earth or its future or its future life; due to the demand for more/ or the betrayal of the few. Critical laws must be developed within nations/ and expanded accordingly to the world itself. As to the world, participating under law: the various groups must divide in order to take care of themselves/ to discipline and balance their own lives as an independent force/ as the justified decision to control each other as will be necessary for this earth to survive. The entire planet IS FULL of people; and only real world population control is allowed; or your group will be refused access to anything beyond your borders. With penalties to insure you get the message: STAY WITHIN YOUR BORDERS, and DEAL WITH the problems you created among yourselves. Regardless of what that might be. You chose/ you fix it: no help is allowed.
  4. The oceans are functionally ours, and cannot be claimed by any nation on earth. But that does not give any nation the right to harvest; more than their own borders will allow. That does give to the international HBL the right to collect for cleaning and doing what you refuse to do, for life and world and oceans across this planet. NO INTERNATIONAL TRADE of any kind; crosses the line/ begins that process of deliberate law. Which is expanded; to enforce boundary lines and limits to rain forest, forest, climate change, and all this earth, and its life needs to survive/ rather than go extinct. You will NOT gamble/ YOU WILL insure the best you can do, for life and world is your only choice. Because there are no more second chances; we stand on the edge of our own extinction/ which means NOW OR NEVER. Simple as that.
  5. The world court shall be responsible for CLEAR AND CORRECT EVIDENCE TO BE PRESENTED BY THE WORLD: TO ITSELF. For any and all decisions that must be made in order to protect life and world. That means; they shall call for testimony, and enforce compliance with that purpose all who are needed to testify before the world; as to their specific knowledge. NO theory/ NO fantasy/ NO delusions of playing god/ NO imagination/ NO diploma/ NO foreign languages (as is complex math, and so on): as simple and plain as it is possible for humanity to do for each other. So that we all understand the decision/ the cost of being wrong/ and the truth as best we can. Those who refuse go to prison. NO CLOSED DOORS/ NO BACKROOM ANYTHING/ EVERYTHING ON FULL DISPLAY, WITHOUT “ALTERATIONS”. SIMPLE AND PLAIN; nothing more or less; so that everyone can make their own deliberate decision.DO NOT let them be like “this USA”; whose leadership is devoted to delusions, deceit, damage, destruction, lies, theft, counterfeiting, disrespect, disgrace, death and failure; etc. An example the IRS 1040 long form: as is designed to be “as disorderly as possible” so as to entrap and demand: YOU CAN’T understand/ so give it up, and let us control. OR we attack you with endless maze intended delusions.
  6. The future cannot speak for itself: but THE GARBAGE DOES speak for them/ and it convicts this humanity of absolute intentions: to assassinate every child. Therefore laws governing society must be reviewed to accomplish; what universities leadership has failed to do. To remove the curse of what humanity itself refuses to do. To align the best decisions we can produce; for a new and different world: that does choose to care. SO THAT EXTINCTION does not come; IF that remains possible. It is by no means certain. Every reuse/ recycle/ rebuild/ replant/ insulate/ and more decision that is possible for life and earth MUST BE DONE. Or more simply: use this USA as your example of what NOT to do; as nearly everything here is “university decides”/ and it is clearly ALL WRONG. Alternately: to the world; You destroyed/ you didn’t care; want is all there is in most/ so you rebuild a future; or it dies; and eternity WILL pay you back. Guaranteed!
  7. RESPECT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE BY LAW/ AND the cost of CHAOS, as is the result of universities know/ universities play god. Which results in the extreme need to remove the covers and turn on the lights to review EVERY SINGLE THING: that universities do/ with real world evidence of what it costs for them to be wrong. NO MORE believing as with a cult cannot question its leaders. NO MORE fearing the diseases released for their own greed, to get money as is covid. NO MORE obedience or allowance for the indoctrination of ANYONE. Instead those who can teach will teach, what has value; and the people will govern that with reality decides. NOT the claim of superiority; as is clearly WRONG/ OR, our reality would not be “under the guillotine of our own extinction”. CHOOSE.
  8. change currency to the number is tied to the population count.
  9. when fantasy rules/ the future is forgotten: as the raid to steal your resources intensifies with every lie they make.
  10. extreme experimentation gambles EVERY LIFE ON EARTH;  based upon their delusions of “we can play god too”. DAMN FOOL/ SATAN; is the only result possible; other than HADES/ HELL.
  11. If we examine the law, in terms of a nation: we then enter the construction of what is best, that we the people here can agree upon as the value of living, enhanced by the truth of what we accept as our dignified (remembering each other, with fair play for all) rights (justified by the cost of survival, and the elements of choice) born of freedom (constructed with truth, but framed with hope for us all), but tempered (life is life, and reality knows; nobody is perfect) by liberty (together we live/ and together we must define where the limits and boundaries for peace and happiness as a society are_). Life is not a game! Living is not for your judgment of others, unless the reality of hate is involved. Survival is by truth, and truth identifies the laws we must observe to create a future for life, child, or earth. Because we are so many people now: our world has changed; it is no longer free, to do whatever you want to do. 8,000,000,000 standing in one meter sq that equals 8 million square kilometers of solid humanity.+ [people are why]. Each with needs/ each eating one pound of food a day/ x 365 days a year=2.92 trillion pounds of living things per year of human life on earth. We, are now more than one person per acre of agricultural ground. And everything else on earth needs to eat too. So, then lets construct what law can do?
    1. The most critical truth of all that keeps life and earth alive is RESPECT! Which means: you must find sacred, all the things which keep us alive, and protect them as the value of what it takes to survive. Accepting truth defines the decision we must allow to rule. Removing those (universities) from power who will not obey: life and earth are precious, and shall not be gambled with excessively. Life is not a game.
    2. To participate as humans instead of animals: we must protect ourselves as a world/ rather than nations of independent military. World law, not weapons of mass destruction! Therefrom a framework for peace and harmony/ rather than hate and fear. A vital NO MORE endless expense for nothing more than killers/ or defenders: by using limited capitalism to substantially reduce their option to gather against us all.
    3. Zero population growth or less is our only option to survive as a world. Simple as that/ discarding those who said: “we won’t care/ we will never pay in our lifetime; let the children be damned”. The old die as they promised; “nobody cares/ nobody protected the future, or a single resource” throughout the decades. And you promised to die, before the debt came due: no more medicare, or more distinctly very little, about you. Shall be considered. Exceptions are few.
    4. Currency fraud and betrayal; has ended all claim of riches/ because it is only numbers without a basis in reality. Your reality is in the garbage mountains you chose to create. Which means as was a saying in decades past: your garbage will be their gold mine/ alas you didn’t die soon enough; and now its yours too.
    5. Life in society without the power of money decides: means a complete change from what men did do, throughout every generation in history. Or more distinctly: limited capitalism is by vote we determine what is fair to us all/ and represents an HONEST acceptance of work you did do. Which forms the base line of limited capitalism; as is you WILL NOT go below 3 times more, for your best workers/ than your least workers. They earn it.
    6. LIFE is about living; and living is about “eating, drinking, shelter, and healthcare”. These are needs as reality, and environment proves true. Which establishes: all of society shall be involved in producing food, in one form or another/ that includes growing plants up the sides of buildings, roofs, and so on in order to feed yourselves. That includes PROTECTING YOUR WATER RESOURCES as best you can, and enabling what can be done to rectify and stop; the tragedies of “university knows”. These are protected with one type of money; in exchange for work. That shift, allows for the critical truth of shelter and healthcare; that is not governed by banks and money; so as to rebuild and renew and reuse what has value among those who can. The foundation being: in order to reduce climate change and impacts across all resource lines of need: YOU MUST redefine cities and transportation and the like/ so as NOT to use cars and other forms of fossil fuel demands. Insulating is a primary tool/ changing from the curse and plague of universities control it all; back to we all have an independent chance to make our own decisions for life; is an essential tool. Replanting, recycling, and so on is a mandatory tool. The path to a new form of living in society; is like a war/ and all of society will participate; or you die. Which makes this a transition period of time. Perfect for shifting society itself into grouping groups/ so that they are in charge of themselves. And can be isolated for not doing their own work, or failing population control/ or benefiting because they did.
    7. The foundation of education is: TO LEARN WHAT HAS VALUE! To both life and society and earth. In order to do that, basically none of what universities led education is/ shall be allowed anymore. You will return to basic education for the first formative years; struggling to achieve a true “nobody gets bullied” environment for every child/ insuring they get what they need to survive and be healthy; as is the old and young shall trade places. The young get benefits/ and the old are last in line. Those who CAN TEACH SOMETHING OF VALUE; shall be employed to teach those who want to learn. Which allows for the selection of time and places; to be given to the student. Which provides the transportation and other means of respect for teachers who shall move between schools; to present their form of learning to others. Paid based upon the student learned something of truth today. Medical education starts in fifth grade, and continues as do other forms of education from that moment on. Let the student decide, but only if they present a passion and a purpose that aligns with accomplishing the job. University education shall NOT encompass a debt. INSTEAD you will receive a percentage payment for each student you teach, in the respective job for which you trained them to get. If they fail to get that job or a realistic description of it/ they do not owe; as you gave them nothing of substantial value, they could use.
    8. The animal wants; because that is what an animal does. The animal makes life into a game, because that is their decision to pass time. The animal judges, so they can play god over you, “with rules”. Removing the plague of universities; which produced the failure of life on earth/ by enforcing the curse of evolution upon each student. Is a priority decision. BEING HUMAN IS NOT, “being an animal”. Failure is not an option to survive; EACH MUST LEARN TO THINK for themselves. Which brings us back to religion, and their failure to fight back when confronted with the putrid and vile lies of university religion. The consequence is; REBUILD YOUR VALUES, and SERVE LIFE BY TRUTH. Which requires that you combine into a concentration of every religion offers WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH (proven so, by the evidence); so that a real world education is possible. No more sewage leads, instead of life.
    9. Hope and happiness are tied directly to freedoms and truth; which allow respect to justify by trust, as love. Nothing is so elemental to that purpose as is: the love defined and desired between male and female. Therefore every form of peace and harmony in society is tied to the values shaped by the decisions of men and women: to form a union and face life together as family. These distinctions of choice; are to be elevated as a lifelong endeavor; to choose for society itself, a path towards greater truth in life itself.
    10. The beginning is formed: get off your ass.NO, THIS IS NOT, some type of game/ where there are winners or losers to judge. THIS IS REAL LIFE, YOU ARE ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION REALITIES OF CHANGE NEEDED TO SURVIVE. NO, I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to lead you/ NO, I am not “charging you with any debt”/ NO, I AM NOT your enemy: you are the problem/ you are the solution; MAKE A DECISION THAT DOES SURVIVE/ OR DIE; your choice! NO, you cannot determine an ulterior motive; even though the majority will try/ because there is none. THE SIMPLE REALITY IS: YOUR DECISION TO FOLLOW UNIVERSITIES AS YOUR GUIDE INTO THE CEMETERY OF EXTINCTION, AND dig your own graves! DESTROYS OUR ENTIRE EARTH, and I am living here too. Which means: either change yourselves/ or death is the only escape; and that is for fools. The cost of “living among the dead”; as is those who claim they can play god, or no consequences for us; like the universities do. CHANGE OR DIE. And remember this; throughout the decades; those who tried to make believe they knew me or what I was doing or whatever it is people do; were 99.9 % always wrong. I AM NOT YOUR DECISION! I AM IRRELEVANT to your choice: of life or death/ YOU DECIDE, that does not include me. YOUR DECISION IS LIFE OR DEATH of this world. I am merely the messenger.A warning to you: that hate, is like a shovel, which you must turn inside; to fight with your own life; to dig your own grave/ by removing soul, one tiny piece at a time. If you have no love/ if you know of no miracle of life/ if you respect nothing of living/ if you are arrogant enough to judge life or earth as less than you/ if you just won’t care/ if you are in your own mind “predator or prey”. Then you are either on the precipice of complete failure/ or the living dead. Want combines with hate to produce a list of “reasons, why you should hate”/ pride combines with want, to produce a list of demands; to prove you are the loser, because they did not respect you enough/ power judges and creates the source of violence; by which soul is removed. As these three combine to confront you with: eternity, life itself be damned/ you can play god yourself. The living dead: are found only so enclosed upon themselves, as to be a living grave: they cannot escape the internal collapse of self, upon self. There is no world/ there is no universe: only self gone insane. The living world, expands within the expressions, experience, existence of thought, to participate as if: “the universe is part of my soul”/ an eternal definition: so far beyond self, as to be a participant in Creation itself. Not by distance, which measures (time ends with death)/ not by want, which limits truth to self (destroyed by death)/ not by pride is a game required to be human; as that is abandoned; (proven by death)/ not by playing god, which you cannot do; beyond time (ended by death). But bound instead by disciplines of truth, created by order valued through trust, and balanced by love: the ascension of respect, as thought itself, becomes our home. People argue: that cannot be! “they want what they believe”; so they can shout “I too am a god”. But that will never be; as reality proves belief is merely: want unleashed to play the game; even if you lose: “god” will take revenge for you. Thought is the essence of life; the basis of freedom; and the ascension of your own independent decision to participate as love: or hate/ or merely to be human, which ends with death. IT IS UNQUESTIONABLE; that thought created life/ as literally nothing less can do that; the complexity is so far beyond human comprehension as to prove those who try: end their existence as Satan (destroyers of Creation). As is the proof of your universities/ and their decisions; as pushed by their cult of worshipers. Thought is our connection with life, and is the basis of our participation with energy; the foundation of all movement defined by your own decision. So the elemental truth is: BEING INTELLECTUAL or considered wise or less/ has little or nothing to do with thought. Thought is the elevation of life itself, by accepting truth alone can decide. As begins “our most simple step” into eternity. Happiness is the journey beyond self, into love. Hope then becomes the essence of trust, as it lives among the values set into place by truth. Courage accepts the pain, and understands: each will die; and begins eternity. So the respect for “miracles beyond our imagination”; lives as our own participation in that love demonstrated by all that is real. None of it, “had to be”/ thereby a true gift of, and too the living, that is beyond self.

      We are not allowed to “prove eternity/ or its potential for life”: because then people would try to buy it; as they already do with money or sacrifice for some. Life is not for sale, nor is love: destiny requires your truth instead. Only truth survives, and that literally means: once you die, everything that is not true about you; shall be removed. Leaving the identity of who you are, as truth defines it to be.

      There are levels in energy/ and there are levels in life/ and there are levels in eternity; because purity defines and creates the potential for each. Therefrom you are warned of purity, and its potential to share existence ONLY with those who can achieve the levels that are consistent with this Creation of living. Mercy allows for less, but it does not present eternity; as that does require purity to be achieved in you. Mercy allows for love; and grants that love is important enough; to present disciplines for sharing, caring, and respect as are the elements of love discovered in you. Truth allows; therefore happiness begins. If there is more; that shall not be known on this earth. So we do turn back to the substance of our existence: which is every choice we make beyond survival: is determined by your choice to participate as love/ OR, your choice to participate as hate, through all its forms of descent: where fate says, self is found enclosed “by your casket”.

      Time is: your journey, into your truth. It is not a game.

      Beyond time: what we can recognize is: that life is clearly NOT an accident of any kind/ and it is clearly NOT a result of chaos/ and it is clearly NOT built without so much as a brain to orchestrate a relationship with reality or movement. TRUTH KNOWS, THAT IS TRUE; and if you do not; “the liar” lives in you. The liar is: want/ and it uses pride to deceive you/ and power to push you into the curse of selfishness.

      Within time: we can know, “unlike the hocus pocus” of university knows/ that atomic energy is the result of proton spin (kinetic push, positive), most at speeds beyond the realm of light. While elements are the result of how balancing that energy, and containing it with the opposite of (dark energy, pull_) interacts, and is wrapped around; with that proton center. To form the variations called elements. Protons formed by particle debris, from supernova effects. Neutrons (dark energy, negative) formed by the ejection of anti materials, when black holes which become pulsars. The intersect of these opposite forms of energy; create atoms. While the building of stars; can be conceived by: simply frying frozen potato “tator tots” in deep oil. The cold tots group together and bond, until they get hot enough & you break them apart. Same is true of combining materials in space: what is cold comes within what is “hot”; and that which large enough mass/ and is close enough, to create a separate energy environment; binds together.

      TIME exists, by the energy transfer through electron activity; from the source which is a proton spin; into the outer definitions of motion controlled by the neutron; in small portions; unless chaos intervenes as with an atomic bomb.

      Or more simply: life is more complex, than you! So making judgments to avoid, or attack; what you do not know or understand: is extremely foolish and blind.

      Life as a body is based upon the control over energy, that allows for freedom of motion, which produces choice. Life as an eternity is based upon the force, that initiates motion, and therefrom time. The difference is, an environment shaped by, different levels of truth.

      And the people say: WE HATE YOU! Because as with the vast majority, throughout the decades of my own life: when confronted by what an individual does not want to hear/ they attack and avoid the reality of their own life; by attacking me. Finding a “grain of sand”, and assuming all their imagination can produce; as is to transfer their fears; by making an enemy out of what they believe they can defeat. A reality displayed; “over and over and over”; as life proves true. So again I say to you: I AM NOT “the decision which confronts you”/ I AM NOT attacking you, or the difference between whether life is soon to be extinct; YOU CHOSE THAT, by cult worshiping “universities are god”; as depicted by “new media cannot be wrong; 24/7 forever”. But alas; truth is not subject to what you believe or want; it is only what it is; and so are you.

      A warning: in 2012, I produced a localized warning that NIF was risking all life and planet with extreme experimentation (just one of many). That NONE of the local area found to be substantial enough; to warrant an interest in protecting this world, from “the enemies of life”. Cult worship; as is “can’t question your gods of universities”.

      The spiritual woman who entered my life; then demanded, “they will be thrown aside”; and will not participate further. Even if, time suggests “we should have helped”. While life and earth did pass by that old testament; “great abomination”; to enter the consequences of new testament Revelation (second part as begins with chapter 12) prediction. The reality remains: TOO DAMN LATE/ IS WORTHLESS to life or planet. A decision: NOT to pass by the last resort: WE CANNOT let them be WRONG! Which enters death, is all you have left.

      Truth says: at this stage of life on earth: GOD OUR CREATOR, will decide, if humanity has enough value left; to warrant saving this world from your intended “university plays god”, extinction.

      Some will offer; “he is a religious nut/ others he is not religious enough”. Some will offer; he has no right to say anything with regards to “their god”, or reality itself. screaming you are NOBODY.  Some will offer; you ain’t perfect enough, to be anything “GOD would send to us”. Some will offer; we want what we want/ to hell with consequences, the universities are our savior. A few will pray, and accept only truth will decide. But as for me; I did do my job; as male. Female demands of me; you shall not surrender hope: and that will be my epitaph.

      Or, if she has a different job for me coming; then that will decide.

      It will not be “homosexual/ transgender/ or other perversion of life in body”. That is not judgment; “your life/ your body/ your eternity”. It is merely a statement of fact.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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