PRIDE is an outright enemy from the beginning; as it leads life into a game; rather than what is true decides. Every game forms a winner or loser. Which means every game seeks to divide life and society; by claiming this group or individual is superior to the others. Because truth does not matter; “its a game”/ until power intervenes. Universities live here, and have proven by the cost of consequences coming: to be the losers, who shared their delusions with death for us all. The constant claim of a winner is: “listen to me/ look only to me/ I am god over you”. But reality knows; a game is only a game, and it literally means nothing to life; other than the damage done to peace, friendship, values, securities, safety, love, trust, truth, happiness, harmony, hope, courage, and respect. So delusions win/ and realities fall: as is the price of making life and its living, into a game we all have to play. Because that game has infected the world; with cheaters, liars, failures, thieves, cheats, traitors, terrorists, tyrants, criminals, haters, rapists, thugs, and more.

A game is only a game; it is when you transfer that game into real life; that it becomes your enemy. Pride is the singular serpent; which glides inside your soul, searching every passage and hole, for lies; for  claiming, “this is all their fault”; which makes you angry. Because angry, can transfer cause, to whomsoever you want to be angry with; even though, it is a complete lie; based upon gossip or even less. Because angry, replaces life that is fearful happiness has slipped away; and now the anger gives you something to control in your living; as is judgment. Because angry can be transferred into hatred, and hatred is the death of life, hope, happiness, and love; inside of you. Hatred is the game of the dead inside. To prove power.


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