The foundation of our survival as a world; is in jeopardy. Because unlike any other time in the history of this earth; humanity has swelled to a point of overrunning nature. And causing nature itself to die. As we are too many people to sustain what we are doing to our world. Along with an endless array of more issues, each with horrifying consequences. At 8 billion people; a historic rate of population increases world wide ranges from estimates of 1-3% more infants born in a year, than deaths. 3% of 8 billion people is just under another a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year. One percent is 80 million more mouths to feed this year, than last year: “for the next one hundred years; each hopes to live”. EVEN IF; not another child is born in this year: the amount of “living food” required to sustain that increase will go up, as babies grow, and need more. At just one pound of food per day; that is 8 billion pounds of living something each day x 365 days a year =2.92 trillion pounds of food per year. Ocean life is all dying: feeds over a billion per year. Drought and more are coming.

Or, more simply: this won’t continue, and neither shall we, unless we commit to saving life on earth; by doing the best we can. A courtroom to identify what is, and is not true; is required: because this is “an all hands on deck” moment for earth.

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