HAPPINESS IS: the passionate embrace of hope, combined with the real world definitions of freedom, trust, and truth. In order to be honestly happy, we must find all four. Hope exists within the foundation of truth, that allows you to accept; law will govern us with peace and justice for all; which includes me too. Freedom means: that the values of my life within which I may trust in love, have given to me the honesty; that I may in fact share within the excess, that friendship and its caring have provided. In order to create a value with balance that someone else may need. Freedom without love or values, is chaos; and destructive; because there is no order or discipline to be found. Therefore I trust in love, to provide the truth of friendship; that is my home. Wherever I live, therefore I do have a home. The curse of being human is: unless each individual life accepts the price of being alive is to understand, we are miracles of Creation/ they will only want. And want is the creator of every lie, which brings the fraud of pride; to make life a game. Which brings the power to judge, as a road to hate.

So the end result is: to remove want from your life, is to remove all lies. To remove/retire away from pride in your living (the animal game of wanting more, is over), is to remove all forms of playing games; when it matters to someone else s life, to lose/ or fails them, if they win. Without pride, judgment fails; as does hate.

While happiness is a constant of hope; it is without hope, that isolation begins. To be passionate about hope; is to understand, not only are we miracles. But that fact identifies; we were CREATED by GOD (beyond all comprehension). While JESUS identified the values of love, and the cost of hate; HE was also the guarantee, “not merely created and left abandoned”; but given the right to search for eternity, as a participant, in loves embrace. Nothing is a greater hope, than that.

I will note: that some years back, I was heating the house with incandescent light bulbs. Something previously used only for spot heating. That required lights on, throughout the evening in the winter; and it actually did have the effect of “a more pleasant experience” as opposed to darkness. UNFORTUNATELY the experts of universities; do not understand any realities of life, and outlawed incandescent; because they believe “in being superior”. While the new led and better bulbs are suitable to lighting; during the heating season, incandescent bulbs are electrically efficient heaters, which simply produce light as a side effect. Oh well, right; after all, can’t question the cult of universities are god; right.


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