so, lets talk reality, the question of chemistry, the composition of gravity, and the distinctions of electricity. Because the cost of being WRONG, when faced with human animals wanting to ignite a nuclear fire; is the end of life and earth.

We first must distinguish what an atom is, and how it is made to represent the time of existence, when comprised of motion. The most definitive answer, is also the easiest to understand; and needs not an understanding beyond what will be given.

All atomic energy is contained in the kinetic momentum of a nucleus that spins; at speeds above light. To sustain this speed it requires an absolute separation from the surrounding environment. To achieve that separation it is housed within a neutron (dark energy confinement), and it does construct an outer connection with physical time; by distributing that energy through electron movements.

We first construct an atom: through supernova events: which force out the atomic dust throughout the environment of space. A supernova event is the critical loss of discipline, that controls the burning of atomic bonds in an out of control nuclear fire. Or more distinctly a supernova event swells the fire, by adding more fuel to be burned. That is caused by the primary orb being burned, has failed the thermodynamic laws which keep the fire from entering the space which allows the orb to sustain its temperature at well below what the fire produces. That law of physics is the same as is demonstrated by a candle flame rising about the fuel, sucked in from the wick.

More distinctly, as the fire consumes the atomic particles it sucks up from the surface of a planetary rock; that orb becomes smaller/ and as it becomes smaller, the ability of thermodynamics to keep the fire from the fuel, begins to fail. Which then sucks up more fuel, growing the fire, and eventually causes the orb itself to overheat, and release the mass into the fire which makes it grow even more. Dependent upon the chemical makeup of the planetary rock that is the fuel source orb; it can either disintegrate in large patches of rock being displaced into the fire; which is a directional blast that tears the orb into pieces. Or it dissolves in relative uniformity; and suddenly explodes as an entire planet in all directions: which is the basis of a black hole. Or more distinctly: if the core overheats enough to initiate that explosive event/ then it the forces needed to expand the entire orb quickly enough fail/ and the inner explosive event must turn back onto itself. Becoming by that effect, an opposite or dark energy (black hole) source of power.

The inner core ignites first; because of the pounding the outer fire, now without space to absorb the impacts of tearing rocks apart; cause internally on the orb itself.

It is without doubt, that the claims of universities around the world; shouting “its all magic”/ with elements that do not exist; and a core which explains completely unstable; and a physical inability to sustain itself by the energies being released. And the assertions of “its all hydrogen”/ and we combine elements into something else/ and more; are literally all wrong. And consist only of fantasy and delusions. While that does not matter in the religion of universities are god; pure imagination. It does matter when they want to ignite a nuclear fire, that will consume this earth; and all its life. They claim: the sun turns hydrogen into helium: but if that were true, the entire universe would be filled with helium; and it is a rare element hard to find.

So lets begin: your science tells us, that a black hole exists; and that it consumes mass to become more dense; functionally proving itself to be the most powerful object in our universe. While cold itself when condensed; is more powerful as a constant of space; but an object within that space, defined as most powerful: is the black hole. As seen above when energy is reversed (can’t get out/ but can’t be stopped)/ it then becomes the opposite of what it was. By being condensed it becomes more powerful “per square meter” than it was. The black hole consumes kinetic and potential energy that comes within its grasp; by removing space from the cold. Without access to movement; the release or convection of heat stops; density begins. Density is the assembling of gravity. And gravity is the distance between space and time. Time is movement, and distance is its measurement of value or sustainability. Or more distinctly; a black hole removes time, by encapsulating space; causing the distance to be traveled, to be shrunk or lost. “dark (without outward movement) energy; it pulls within itself,” does that. So the critical test of gravity is: how much space can be removed? Because when the space is gone/ only adding (more area) to the “density” will allow gravity to continue; as is seen in a black hole. Which constructs the question: did this universe start as a composite of density so extreme it created a big bang/ or did space release its identity shrouded in darkness (reshaping itself); to become revealed by light. That question is elemental, to life itself. Not functionally necessary here.



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