The foundational difference between capturing small amounts of energy/ rather than destroying, by the introduction of large amounts of energy. Or more distinctly; by using the energy of motion, found in an electron; electricity is born. Rather than the explosive event of destroying the atom itself; thereby releasing atomic energy as fire or bomb.

Revealing an atomic bomb is never necessary; therefore we search only to inquire as to the electricity component of a physical universe. What does using energy from an electron mean? Reality states: that a pulsar evicts the confined energy (of a quick freeze; see above), that has been released by the rhythms associated with the addition of mass reformed into gravitational pull. Therefore the debris which creates an electron; holds energy, but not dimension. The consequent kinetic mass of an electron is removed from the proton; and held within that neutron dark energy. In order to do that, and sustain an energy source available for physical time; when the neutron wraps the proton at its creation of an atom. The result of that formation is; the resultant slap; creates a deformation (guideline) in the proton from pole to pole. Electrons, which slow sufficiently enough to move closer to the atom itself; replace their kinetic energy, by flowing through this guideline; from pole to pole. Some go north to south/ some go south to north/ some will change directions if the correct conditions exist. Some electrons will effectively stop by being placed upon the neutron; when centrifugal forces allow/ while other neutrons now bumped out of place; will enter the orbit of an atom; which the stopped electron will replenish its dark energy by that exchange.

It is from this movement that electricity exists. Electricity shifts an electron surge from one point of release, to another point of entry; by the frequency of exchange. That frequency is determined in electrical generation by the turning of a rotor in the generator. Its revolution causes slight alterations in the speed of a spinning atomic proton; which causes their electron chaos to result, releasing those electrons onto the current carrier. Generator rotors alternate the current magnetically, which results in a constant shift in direction of flow; but because the electron is so fast, and the rotor is so slow in comparison; no other effect is noted. The size and power of the generator rotor and equipment decides the voltage, and its amperage. In dc current; the constant disorder of the chemistry provides the electron release/ but because it is without replacement of the effect by alternating current; the battery becomes useless in time.

The functional reality is again: that universities are merely people, who claim to know what they know; in order to get funding for what they want to do. Their students believe what they believe in order to participate in that work and get paid. Cult worshipers all shout hurrah; because they want to believe what they believe; that universities can play god, and be their saviors. They cannot; and that does include healthcare; which is functionally, “we can cut something out/ or we can inject poison of some sort; but nature has to do everything else”. Except for the fact, that they are intentionally massacring nature, by genetic mutilation in worship of their chosen religion which is evolution. OR MORE DISTINCTLY; imagination, fantasy, delusions, fraud, failures, foolishness, selfishness, theft, terrorism, betrayal, sacrificing every child, and building weapons of mass destruction ARE NOT PLAYING “god of life”/ but they are playing “god of DEATH”. SO THE ELEMENTAL task is to prove; they are risking our entire world with their experiments claiming fusion/ which was proven wrong at lawrence livermore in 2012. and they are attempting to ignite atoms on fire, by frictional movements of atoms against atoms; the only thing a tomak reactor can do. The increase in heat at lawrence livermore recently; is the result of frictional release by atom to atom results. OR MORE CORRECTLY; ONCE A NUCLEAR FIRE EXISTS, EVERYTHING IS FUEL/ AND IT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED/ and they have NO possibility of a second chance. And NO concept of a fire which will not be extinguished/ and don’t know what gravity is; OR ANY OTHER DAMN THING, they claim to know about the sun. let them prove it is not so; BECAUSE DELUSIONS are not valid forms of risk taking. “DUMBASS FOOLS” instead.

NONETHELESS; as is the consequence of RISKS THAT INVOLVE OR THREATEN US ALL; it is elementally NECESSARY; to allow those whose lives your risk, to have their say in what others are allowed to do. THAT IS A COURT TRIAL, along with a true moratorium placed around the world on these experiments “claiming fusion/ already proven wrong”; within the terms of realities which describe the best we can do: “proven within the shadow of a doubt; EARTH DIES”. Means these experiments; including nature mutilation (genetics build the body of life; therefore it is NATURE) cannot go on.

As is the reality of construction: once the building is finished, the work ends until you find another job. UNIVERSITIES are exactly the same way: they DON’T want to finish, or find a flaw, or accept anything new; because the funding ends. Therefore the lies begin, and risks beyond reality are taken to assert “yes we can”/ even when the truth says no. As it is with asteroid deflection: a simple explode a nuclear bomb in its path to deflect it like a bat and ball. Universities say NO; because that removes the fun and funding; the work, of playing games.

As with all religious entities, who describe themselves as a cult (NEVER QUESTION YOUR LEADERS); indoctrinating students from a very early age “to believe/ fear not being accepted/ and obey what you are told”. The universities will hate realities they cannot claim as their own. Enforcing: you WILL NEVER question us; as is produced by hate. As is the reality of covid, and the true foundation of power in government; the universities shouted; give us literally trillions of dollars; to prove your belief we are gods. And nations did; because leaders are the puppet framework for their cult/ as is media propagation of BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ FEAR OR WE CUT YOU DOWN/ OBEY, as is NEVER question your leaders: simply obey. As is, the end of democracy itself.


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