The reality of covid is: when scientists create a disease, by mutilating its genetics/ or the host genetics causing an alternate response in a virus: they are effectively creating a biological weapon against life on earth. There is little doubt, that covid exists; but there is less doubt, that it came from a lab created through universities intent. As they laugh and shout; “we have collected, every horrifying disease, that we could”. Even claiming to be creating disease itself; so in their words, “we can prepare a solution before it gets here”. But of course; in a million hands or so; around this world; by information sharing among universities. With an endless amount of genetic mutilation occurring around this world. With university terrorists, who want the money; and want to be freed to do anything they can. Intentionally mutilating life by injecting chaos: to resurrect evolution in their words. With arrogance so extreme; they literally believe they are, or are going to be gods themselves. With thievery, extortion, criminals EVERYWHERE in universities and business laboratories: WE CAN BE RICH. The reality is very simple: you have allowed the worst who have ever lived, to become hidden terrorists, who have assaulted you for power, pride, and everything they could want; by threatening you with disease, and even the death of all life; as mutilation of nature will be.

Your science says: “a million virus elements” can exist on the head of a needle! HOW, are you going to stop that? Your scientists say: the combinations of genetic possibilities are so vast; they are literally incomprehensible: so how are they going to know what is, or is not safe. Your scientists say: they know, when they cannot even comprehend, LIFE NEEDS THOUGHT to exist; AND THAT capacity to think, and be informed as a body of life; what each component is expected to do [YOUR HEART HAS TO BEAT, LUNGS BREATHE;,,,,,, that takes thought]; exists within that genetic structure. And they know not where or how; NONE OF IT. So your great gods are blindly screwing nature up, so they can pretend to have knowledge. And they do it, just like they test bridges: by causing a collapse in the structure, so as to find a weak point. Which is literally a disease.

NOTHING so demonstrates, the extreme vile curse of fools, that is “university knows”; as does, the three graduate students I talked too, a few years back. When asked directly: WHAT ARE you going to do, when the collapse of genetic structure from your mutilations cannot be undone? The pure jackass; replied: NOT TO WORRY, evolution will just build something else, “in a billion years or so”. I honestly had no reply for that; as the intensity of pure insanity, was so extreme. I knew, he was useless to life. The two women with him, were satisfied with his answer; as the cult of Satan [lets kill this world] proved to be real.

Can they do anything? Answer NOT: as is proven true, when they have NO RESPECT for the value of nature itself.

But they found so much covid immediately: just means they lied, as is the claim of covid, not a cold in the nose/ or covid not just cancer or other/ covid, not the flu; or absolutely nothing was allowed to be called anything other than covid. As is the man who died of a motorcycle wreck, crashed into a tree or something; called covid. Now its going to be a great surge in China: “well they can’t be wrong”/ now can they. Because that would mean, they aren’t gods at all; but liars instead. As is the enemy of life itself; who throughout all of history; wants war, to cover it up. Which means: “you are too damn busy trying to survive”; to find your real enemy now.

WE DO; have to live or die, with the cost and consequences of what they have already done.  It is that simple/ because what you want, is absolutely irrelevant: truth decides.


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