The assembling of order, disciplines, balance, and respect for the singularity of real world values.

Before there is chemistry, there is the building of an atom; as they are elementally tied as if just one thing. To create an atom; energy is exerted upon atomic dust created by a supernova event. Thereby extremely fine dust, thrown into space at extreme speeds; is the nucleus or proton of an atom. In opposition to that is the pulsar which pushes out (escape valve) the neutron or dark energy into space; in a highly concentrated beam of much greater speeds than the proton can achieve. When these meet, atoms are formed; by the neutron material clamping onto the proton material; and because the speeds are different the proton is accelerated to near dark energy speeds; as are held within the neutron itself; now covering the proton to form an atom. Because the neutron must be broken away from the effect of being removed from a concentrated beam of energy; the resultant debris from that break; becomes the electrons in orbit of an atom now formed.

The variations of size and speed and directional orbit/ variations in polar spin/ circular or ellipse, or any other geometric construction; form the elements; that are then the foundation of all chemistry. They do not exist beyond a specific size range; because the spin cannot hold the proton together, “at greater than, centrifugal forces”.

So the question is: WHERE does order and discipline come from? That is simply the result of differences in magnetic forces. Which are the result of basic energy levels as are found in the variations of spin/ and the amount of proton versus neutron, that a specific atom has contained within itself. Balance however is the critical test of; can the elemental environment of this object be sustained, and if so: how close can the participants come; before that balance is lost. Respect aligns here; as that which is purely aligned from all the same particles, is more functionally able to create order and discipline; is a base plane effect. However when constructed with the atoms capable of bridging or changing a gap, in this alignment of particles; chemistry is born. Being able to predict, the layering, bonding, stacking, magnetic turbulence as shifts and sorts the atomic particles into formations or foundations upon which a molecular structure is born or attained is elementally, the basis of our physical world.




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