There are: TWO forms of believing/ one religious, “we want the end of life to be what we want it to be”/ and common belief; “we want what we want/ and we don’t want, what we don’t want; and you can’t make me believe anything I don’t want to believe”.

While religion is allowed its belief; because none can prove a reality beyond what you are willing to accept. Common belief is: the complete refusal to accept what is true or not true, because you want what you want, and nothing will change that. Because the believer is locked inside their own private prison cage; to prove “you can’t get to me now”. Which does mean: truth, evidence, knowledge, rights, freedoms, realities, choices, understanding, balance, foundations, and anything else based in a decision to “LET TRUTH DECIDE”. Is locked out. In favor of fantasies, delusions, imagination, foolishness, selfishness, hatred, and other descent into the abyss that is “want”. Making what you want; truly one of the most effective enemies against you. Pushing you by that want: into every lie that does exist. Want is the foundation of every lie, which means it is the basis of every emotion as well. Emotion is: “I wanted that so much”/ but now I cannot have it, which becomes depression, or other forms of mental collapse.


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