We are bankrupt, and without security in any form

We are bankrupt, and without security in any form


The simple truth is: WE HAVE been cheated as a nation, by those who claim to be our superiors; as is “university is god/ university knows how”. The REALITY has proven: not only did they not know how, but the only thing they did know how to do for life or world: was steal from us and our future. Simple as that.

So, as a nation called USA; we are bankrupt, and without security in any form/ as those who led; hid the truth, and defiled the nation with lies; to cover up what they did do to life and world. Using media, to redirect/ using cult worship to scream: BELIEVE, FEAR/ OBEY/ and using the curse of money, as a bribe to all those determined “to be rich”; even with fake money. Proving they did not care; about life, nation, world, child, future, or anything related to honesty and fair play. The universities playing god, in order to keep the delusion from dying. Media playing savior, in order to keep the fantasies from being known as lies. And all of religion said: “we want to play too”; accepting the delusion of evolution as their “price to play”.

Nonetheless, reality is reality; and we cannot go back to when the future was not covered in their vomit. So we MUST go forward, to do the best we can, with what is left. It is no small feat, simply to survive the mayhem “university created”.

SO HOW DO WE DO THAT, without letting all the human animals fall into war, as their response to being submerged into the delusions and vomit of what universities can and did do.

We begin by isolating the truth.

  1. GO TO COURT; DEMANDING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: WHICH IS A DELIBERATE IDENTIFIED ACCOUNTING OF THE EVIDENCE, TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. As best we can. Nothing works until you do, because the fraud must be found/ before knowledge can participate. LIARS RULE, and that means: remove their cover, and let us all see what is real. So that none can deny reality anymore.
  2. LIMITED CAPITALISM; is the only true way back to a reality which supports and defends life and earth! Nothing less will do; because you must reform society/ and that means changing the base of failure, that allowed this disrespect for value, to happen. Thereby removing all forms of “university knows” from ruling over you/ or being used by the claim of experts/ or by participating in media. They are evicted; and allowed ONLY, TO PRESENT EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF REALITY. No delusions/ no fantasy/ no unproven theories/ no imagination/ no gambling with life, nature, energy, or earth. NO manipulation of the facts [lie and we imprison you for world terrorism/ fail to report for public demand to information; and we imprison you for world terrorism]: you claim to be gods, is evicted.
  3. Which means we begin again: FROM THE BASE FOUNDATIONS OF LIFE AND SOCIETY, WE KNOW TO WORK. In this nation that is democracy, formed around capitalism; but now revised to understand: NO MORE attacking life, world, or nation. We all get a share/ and NOBODY gets the power to create an army, etc.
  4. to that end: YOU MUST define limited capitalism: SHALL BE, as we decide with our legal vote for society; TO ENFORCE DEMOCRACY as intended; shall now control. NO more employees decide for us/ WE THE PEOPLE shall decide our future; and enforce that by understanding as a nation: leadership, is nothing more than some of us working for the rest. When that reality fails, as it has. THEN ALL OF US, as is redress enforced: shall now decide how we will rectify our society and our future, from those who failed to sustain or protect as was their oath to us; IN ORDER TO GET THAT JOB. Ain’t NOTHING; about that job says ruler/ ain’t nothing about that job that allowed, “universities play god over our lives”. Ain’t NOTHING about that job that allows for a complete takeover of society; by fools; who hide behind a curtain called “the university diploma”. As the reality of so many threats; capable of making us all extinct: PROVES TRUE.
  5. You WILL prepare the reality of your choices: so that NO SURPRISE exists. Universities elite, WILL fight you all the way, disguising death in the venom of their attacks; BUT REFUSE, and return to life. It is your choice/ not theirs. And to prove that: you WILL investigate covid throughout society, and form the evidence known by death: no claim of a vaccine worked/ but every reality of a disease released upon us is expected to exist: so search back, and find who benefited and what they did do, with TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS; and the release from biologic reality of law.
  6. NO ACCOUNTABLE reference to “real money” exists in this USA. Which means you will start over, but NOT from everyone at zero. The maximum allowable claim of assets per any individual SHALL be set by limited capitalism; for the moment, we will call it one million dollars/ and anything beyond that is returned to society. The claim of assets per corporation is removed to become zero: as the nation itself MUST survive/ but you will retain the working capital needed for one year. All claim of assets for “charitable organizations” will be reduced to their “needed structures; and one year of salary at the medium or less per individual” as defined by limited capitalism. NO CLAIM of money exists for those who invested in “wall street/ or were given numbers they did not earn by the failed state of America. Their only claim is a percentage of what is real: the game is over. Social security and its related expenses; is reduced to a percentage of the GDP/ and fluctuates each year. Divided equally among groups who receive that payment: they decide for themselves how to spend it fairly, no exceptions. Those who have a claim to: WE WORKED for this, as the years proved; with our honest labor and choices as an inheritance; served by the decades or even centuries prove true. That value may remain under limited capitalism; based upon a reality of fair play to all. Society itself shall vote to accomplish: what they give to themselves: the median income for all is expected for three months. Beyond that you return to work, and define it for yourselves. The universities having orchestrated all this tragedy: shall forfeit ownership of everything to society/ and society will end their experiments of every kind: UNTIL a true review of NO RISK/ REAL VALUE has been established in the future. Their elite: WHO CHOSE to risk and gamble with life or world or energy. Those who contributed nothing but arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; same. They shall surrender down to zero, their claim of asset/ to be split among the nations whom you have harmed. A percentage will be used to determine any other definition of choice. While every bank or similar SHALL be sold outright: with the assets returned to the nation; for “rebirth”. Healthcare SHALL return what is considered to be extortion: societies choice/ and reconfigure all forms of healthcare AWAY from “private ownership”. Medical corporations: shall surrender their assets to the public: who will then decide if you earned anything. University enslavement of medical students shall be reviewed: for real world evaluation.Healthcare SHALL return what is considered to be extortion: societies choice/ and reconfigure all forms of healthcare AWAY from “private ownership”. Medical corporations: shall surrender their assets to the public: who will then decide if you earned anything. University enslavement of medical students shall be reviewed: for real world evaluation.NO FOREIGN OWNERSHIP shall exist; and every bank shall be limited to one single location/ one single group of owners/ and a return to real world community banking; without the curse of fools taking charge. All foreign nationals shall be evicted: if you have remained past 7 years without citizenship. All US citizens forced to return shall be accepted; but with real world understanding of criminal or not.
  7. Foreign nations have wanted US relations, and by the hand of a university diploma: received our manufacturing and all forms of reliance upon ourselves. Making this nation realistically: poorest among the poor/ by discarding what has value; for their fantasies.The beginning prophecy of Revelation 18 comes true: what happens beyond that, is determined by your choices. As time goes by: a more valid relationship shall reform. But today; the curse of traitors, terrorists, fools, failures, thieves, liars, cheats, whores, bastards, devils, serpents (crawling through every hole) and even worse; is upon us all; and we must evict them to survive as a nation and as a world. So says the evidence of truth.
  8. WORLD LAW SHALL REPLACE;  endless expenditures of the military, and remove their weapons of mass destruction; when that occurs.

YES REALITY WILL COME; but it need not be severe: if you choose correctly. MONEY IS NO MORE THAN A PROMISE/ the lack of money, depends entirely upon society to define by what you consider to be true. Which means simply: provide the opportunity to work in ways that present us all with a future; and you will be paid. That sum WILL be: everybody who produces a valid proven work; receives the same as everyone else; a debit card. UNTIL you have rebuilt a future with limited capitalism/ and begin again. NO banking; only accounting: to be reevaluated at the time of renewal; as is we begin as a nation again. at that time: all dollars shall be turned in/ or declared worthless. All results of that will be determined by limited capitalism decides. All gold and silver shall be re-confiscated to rebuild a treasury as is needed to survive. BUT gold and silver, precious metals and the like; shall be used to buy or re-buy property; based upon YOU ONLY GET TO CHOOSE ONE PROPERTY for business/ one for personal housing; no more. But precious metals shall be chosen first; in these transactions: and they shall then go to the treasury/ while “verifiable numbers” shall go to the previous owners. IF YOU cannot substantiate your claim of money with reality; a criminal investigation shall occur. The flight of money out of this nation: shall be referenced, to understand: if you choose WORLD LAW/ then that law, will destroy all value from what you stole. “we made it here/ it stays here”. With limited capitalism to decide what is fair. THIS IS: WHATEVER YOU TURN IT INTO; REMEMBERING, the fantasies are dead.

You will deposit all precious metals with the treasury, within six months of the date prepared, advertised and given as the reality of this time. They will give you “that amount of collateral”/ and it can only be used to purchase some type of personal structure or private business (one time only; all excess unused; will then go to the treasury); nothing else. NO reclaiming anything, ONE NAME; one buy: house/ business/ done. The rest goes to treasury. Dollars, shall be collected or worthless: you will then receive: what is the choice by vote formed within limited capitalism; EACH receiving an equal amount of the base amount selected/ and by your assets, a fair appraisal of median and high additions beyond that: ending with 3 times more is all you get. Ending with a percentage aligned with what society believes will be fair; by their votes. NOBODY ends with more than the maximum assets allowed by limited capitalism: EVERYTHING beyond that amount in fair appraisal; goes for sale.

Corporations and banks shall be community owned, and funded; and they will occupy ONLY one location, and no other affiliation will be allowed. Factories exist to use resources; that day is done: today they will be allowed ONLY, build a future/ not throw it away. Whatever is left is abandoned, you get one house/ one business; done. Real world excuses will be considered but unlikely. CHOOSE, to rebuild, repair, recycle, renew, and in all ways establish the infrastructure that is needed for a future to exist. As was abandoned by your university gods, in their fantasy expulsion of reality.

NO private containers/ NO mailing/ NO travel/ NO international excuses will be allowed to put precious metals into or outside of this nation: you are locked. REMEMBERING; limited capitalism limits income and possessions to valid assets as determined by society; from this point on: by vote, the nation determines what is fair. NOT the money or power of weapons. YOU WILL confiscate all forms of biological weapons and the tools for making them; and destroy it. You will remove to isolation/ or extinction; the information of how to mutilate life and disease. You will STOP THE INSANITY OF FUSION; and redefine every aspect of “university does this”; as a legal moratorium: NOTHING HAPPENS NOW, until we the people have spoken by our vote on these things.

EVERY educational debt; shall be redefined as a percentage of income; established by the student in their work outside the universities; in the job they studied for. That is your return as a university business. EVERY medical debt shall be redefined as a percentage of income and asset (above a society declared amount); pooled together/ and paid out equally: so that rich and poor remain the same. EVERY pension aside from social security; is pushed into social security; and all take from the same fund/ the pensioners decide by their own vote; but all treated equal. NO medicare or other/ all of it social security and no more. YOU declared “ain’t going to pay in my day”, with regard to every destruction of reality; so you must be dead, because the bill is due. And there are limits to what we owe the dead.

The criminal syndicate of wall street who has been laundering the counterfeit money for decades is abandoned: the game is over/ those who invested in valid stocks, with real earned money, not the disgrace of fools: retain a one stock ownership/ based upon real world value; as that stock is assessed for truth in reality. If it achieves a value beyond the division of every investor gets a one stock share/ that excess, is divided up by percentage among all the rest; AS THE REAL WORLD allows. Valid bonds; were a gamble based upon you believed in what you knew were lies; just like the stock market/ thereby enabling the theft of this nation. That too will be assessed for reality, the excess wiped away and lost; and what is left shall be paid over the next ten years or less/ and then done. If the nation state or community cannot pay you out of their taxes/ in ten years, the debt is wiped clean. YOU CANNOT create new debt during that time; do what you can do instead. Welfare is dead, you will create a working opportunity instead; with fair living wage pay. Immigration is dead, the door inside is closed for ten years; the door going outside is open, but you cannot return. All US nationals shall return to this nation or their passports shall be revoked; you will help restore, and fight for this nation or you don’t belong. Money stored outside this nation SHALL be found; by international law established for that purpose. All money found, outside this nation: shall be confiscated/ and used to pay foreigner debts; you chose/ you knew/ you pay. The courts are corrupt, protecting only the powerful: YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING: WITH THE LEGAL AUTHORITY GIVEN TO THE OWNERS OF THIS NATION/ AS IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, our first amendment to the constitution which unites us all.

ALL MONEY IS A PROMISE TO PAY: “with reality”. If you cannot pay with reality/ THEN THAT MONEY DOES NOT EXIST; and the promise is a lie! Consequent to that, all claims of money will be returned to reality/ and the assassination, the enslavement of every child SHALL BE STOPPED. NO excuses/ NO claims beyond what truth will allow/ NO SLAVERY (fraud took it all, and you get nothing)/ NO GAMBLING WITH OUR WORLD, ITS LIFE, OR ITS FUTURE.

BACK, to reality with truth decides; or your world goes extinct.

That includes redoing EVERYTHING; so there can be a future; as best we can. ENDING the nightmare of universities decide. A more heinous reality of failures, does not exist; at least the tyrants did not try to destroy an entire world/ assassinate every child/ mutilate all of nature by playing god/ or attempt to incinerate this world, by igniting it into a sun. as is the cost of “universities know”/ and media dysentery; spewing continual violence and disgrace, while shouting BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; the universities are god. A cost, that can be found around this world/ NOT just here.

TAKE AWAY their tools, LOCK AWAY their claim of knowledge, as is; confiscate and control all their computers. SHUT THE DOOR, on their facilities. And when it is time: WE THE PEOPLE, will review what they have been doing/ and assess for ourselves, the validity of their work. Reminding them all; THE GREATEST THIEF/ FAILURE/ FOOL; ever to be found in this nation: “is a university diploma”. Therefore if they don’t behave well; the consequences to them, could be grim.

They are your new healthcare workers; particularly for the most severe biological cases (YOUR WORLD CAUSED IT): BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, this mutilation of life, can also be turned into even more disease/ so watch over them closely. The ONLY genetic JOB allowed: is with criminal enforcement. NOTHING more or less.

The mice will squeal/ the predator will growl/ the prey will panic/ and the fools; will blame me, if you find a brain enough: TO BEGIN AGAIN. in this nation and this world, that only knew greed, selfishness, and pride (we killed them all/ let the children die); as was your choice. As was the choice of every generation arriving to make the same decisions, as their parents over these lost fifty years.

Throughout my time among you: I first believed, “you just don’t know the consequences”. But reality proved, NO amount of evidence or reality could turn you from your disgrace, disrespect, and vile cult worship of universities. NO people could be found, who joined in the shout: WAKE UP/ the future is dead: but your eyes were blind/ and your ears deaf. SO, I turned to the law as my army; and found the courts corrupted, and in collusion with “universities are god/ the nation does not give a damn”. I found in religion: THEY WANT to be rich, and claim “their god decreed it should be so”. Even though it was all built on lies, theft, fraud, and satanic worship of universities as god. A world accepting weapons of mass destruction are our saviors. A world defying nature; to claim the universities are better; as their experts lead you to poison the earth, and destroy life and world; by leading to your extinction.

WE ALL, STAND ON THE EDGE OF COMPLETE ANNIHILATION; because of what you chose! SO NOW, you will either rebuild LIFE AND EARTH AND VALUES WITHIN REALITY, BY ITS TRUTH. Or, you will extinguish time and earth; by the poverty of your arrogance/ and absolute failure of “your gods”/ as truth will prove.


and the people say: how dare you threaten us, with your claim of knowledge/ you are no one of importance! 

So I reply: I need not be “special”/ the evidence is all that matters; not me! the evidence is clear; and my demand of you is prove the evidence we do know as valid is wrong: prove truth/ prove false/ prove the price of being wrong. Simple as that. The threat to you is NOT proving what will make you extinct as a world:  all you/ NOT me.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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