The reality of our lives is very simple: the human male animals WANT WHAT THEY WANT/ AND THEY WANT IT ALL NOW; SCREAMING TO EACH OTHER: MINE, MINE, MINE, ITS ALL MINE. Damn you for trying to take what is mine/ TO HELL WITH YOU; I claim it all!

Which ends with war. Which ends with destruction. Which ends with resources ravaged and raped. Which ends with habitat and life extinction events. Which ends with the male animals screaming ITS MINE, MINE, MINE, ITS ALL MINE; and the cycle begins again. Because people try to control that with government, because weapons always fail life and planet and time. And those hired to work for us, become convinced they are the government (thereby gods)/ and judge the rest to be their slaves; as is MINE, MINE, MINE, ITS ALL MINE; and the cycle is extended a bit/ but not for long. So the current method is: LETS CREATE A ROBOT ARMY; and lets create biological warfare, so we can be immune/ but they cannot. Let’s lie/ cheat/ and steal: to build our army of tyrants. Let’s manipulate, control, mutilate, tempt, and enslave with debt; REMOVING ALL STABILITY in the “middle classes”/ by the fraud of diseases unleashed; and the consequent: WE TOOK ALL THEIR MONEY, FOR OURSELVES. AS THEY FIGHT to survive, and end in poverty; because there is no reality left in the money. Its all a game.

But they are defeated too; as the world itself cannot support/ cannot survive what they have done. As university plays god, becomes the reality of consequences they chose/ but can no longer contain.

The man animals (disgrace to all humanity) BELIEVE; they are superior to female, thereby deserve controls they did not earn, and failed to respect. Their curse is simple: eternity will remember disrespect, and they will fail life. Ending in HADES as terrorists who confronted women with hate/ and stole some of those female lives from GOD/ RULER OF THIS UNIVERSE . Therefore an eternity of terror is earned by the animals who only look like men. Cursing themselves, and even the boys; who then fail life too: proving some of these will be lost as well; adding to the terrors you have earned. It is to their shame, and the shame of every nation; that fails RESPECT for female life. They are EQUAL; “they are, the mothers of all life”/ and in terms of this world; that makes them superior to you. The evidence is true.

Pulled out, from behind the cloak of religion; the dead men surface, as the fate of devils takes hold.  Religion is: the search for how life began and what happens when you die! Only the evidence of truth can provide an answer/ only the acceptance of that truth, can become faith. RELIGION;  Has no acceptance for those who believe they can play god, without consequences to themselves; and it does not extend beyond the elements, in formation of life and consequences of death. There will be consequences, to any man, who believes what is in between these boundaries gives them power; because religion no longer hides the truth, these men play god, as themselves: as is their chosen curse, upon life itself. No mercy is given, to those who play god/ no mercy will be received, by the excuse of a human book. Language by men/ writing and memory of men/ interpretation by men/ not perfect, as are men. Eternity guarantees terror instead/ for EVERY tear you cause. Even more so; from this day forward. REPENT OF IT, before your fate is sealed: forever.

Between the religious boundaries of life and death, which can only be determined by, or as miracles: EVERYTHING in between that, is not religion; but assumes nothing more than the puke of why men claim they can war. How the righteous decide they can judge. So men and women invoke “their book”; to control the manipulators, and find some form of value, in the words that are intended to aid and abet the living of our lives; by honest truth. Most fail, using religion; as do those who abuse female, disrespecting all life: conceive of that, as their own trophy. While the living KNOW: peace, harmony, love, justice, truth, value, happiness, hope, courage, discipline, order, balance, heart, and soul; are all elements of being ALIVE. And not, simply animals who are either predator or prey.

So we end life on earth with apathy, and the disgrace of complete disrespect; as is the current sewer of leadership. “let life and earth be lost forever”. Which is: The cost of man animals in charge; who use the universities for bigger weapons/ as they use men to play god with life, mutilating all of nature, and gambling they can be god.

OR we change life and living on this earth; to adapt to the realities we now face as a world. Remembering RESPECT ALONE, establishes a relationship:  called soul.  THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND LIFE IS A MIRACLE, EVERY LIFE/ including EVERY FEMALE: have made that step toward life.   CHOOSE, YOUR FATE OR DESTINY?  Life, is not a game.

  1. Too many people means STOP OR DIE/ simple as that; SAVE THIS WORLD! Which includes past: a preset age; no major medical care for you. There will be assistance to die/ not to extort, as is present day. Nobody dies/ nobody lives! It is that plain. BECAUSE THE END OF ANY PRIMARY RESOURCE; is the end of life on earth. And that means: the one you save today/ is a life that cannot live in the future. THIS IS A FINITE WORLD; and you know that is true. As you intentionally throw away trillions of tons/ poison with trillions of tons/ fail life and planet;  “with pure apathy, arrogance, and  plain disrespect.”
  2. Bankrupt: means by redress we the people control who gets what for ourselves. Returning property, dividing property, understanding the consequences of reality; and choosing limited capitalism as our method most likely to control human existence on this earth; by giving all a fair chance, and none a massive amount of wealth to use against us all.
  3. Weapons of mass destruction; are to be removed peaceably as possible. By accepting world law, and enforcing that world law on our leaders; as a world court, that chose to enforce ON EACH LEADER (NO excuses) as is necessary, to sustain the peace and values of life/ rather than war. Policing from every nation; ON LEADERS; no exceptions. By our law as we the world:  say to you.NO acceptance by individual nations is required or allowed. THE WORLD DECIDES, the world demands a trial based upon “OUR LAW”/ and the world enforces that, by not less than; if there is no other way, a warrant will be delivered, and a price on the individual leaders who shall surrender or be killed shall arise.
  4. Nothing done in the last century+; is able to resurrect the future! START AGAIN; which does mean, choosing from the past and present what does work for life and earth/ and enforcing NO YOU CAN’T. Examining the future, for what will bring time for the children, rather than horror as has been done.
  5. You will divide into individual groups; with “state sized” nations; so as to limit influence as time goes on. Therefore any who attempt war; can be managed more easily with less losses. Therefore population control can be managed; because one group fights with another group; and won’t listen. So they must be separated; and thereby held accountable as an individual group; with consequences for failure. NO AID will come, without true proven population control.Or more simply: the white group ain’t going to tell the black group; they can’t have any more children/ black group ain’t going to tell the white group/ or Latin group or others: they will revolt. SO WE MUST do it as every group tells every other group: REALITY SAYS: you will stop/ or face these consequences. And that means dividing into groups that recognize themselves; or the minority will be singled out/ as history proves true.
  6. The ocean must be recovered for life to exist. “Endless” work is mandatory. To achieve a greater potential: you will use dead human bodies for fish food. To achieve the potential for life to survive in the sea: you will create floating fish stations to feed those fish/ and then REALISTICALLY collect that fish with trawlers; SO YOU DON’T finish “disease ending life” in the ocean world.
  7. You will STOP all or nearly all lumbering and replant; nothing is left for you to take; “for fifty years”. Or more distinctly: 99% of everything the universities taught you to be or think is WRONG OR VILE OR WORTHLESS/ and you will remove it; in order to survive. Rebuilding with truth, NOT “animal puke”/ as is the claim of their religion called evolution.
  8. You will remove ownership of all media from the few/ and return it to the many. You will do that by controlling the distribution of all news and media: as public property. You will determine what is to be distributed and where: AS EDITORS of your own acceptance; story to story. Which appears as materials to be voted upon, by whosoever is looking; “using the internet”; to sort and confine that voting to one vote per each. What is presented is: up to the presenter. What is selected is paid for by the public, and then distributed to the many.
  9. You will control the courtroom; by judging the judge and lawyers working therein. Give them a grade/ removing any who do not measure up. Every case open to public view; with only children the exception; if necessary. You will hold them to “constitutional, this unites us all” law. And you will rotate judges: one year of work/ three years of lawyer work; off the bench. YOU WILL set maximum fees, and create a valid proof of service to the nation; to determine what can be collected, and why. Ending legal tyranny.
  10. You will stop the extortion of medicine, and return to public ownership of every medical facility. Providing the place and equipment and utilities in exchange for work. Which means: that work now becomes graded, and all the public shall know. You will end the tyranny of failure that is “university controlled medical diploma”; and cause to exist independent training by already working medical staff of those who desire the job. Causing real world certification of those who do complete a valid public test of what is required to do this job. Those people who are trained properly and succeed: then determine what the trainer shall be paid, for his or her portion of that work. NO MORE extortion of the student or patient or anyone. No more advertising pharmaceuticals; period. Statistical review and foundation developments: linked to every drug, with absolute public oversight; to prove what is true.
  11. No more irs; you will bid that work (4 years at a time) to appropriate sized jurisdictions/ who will collect accordingly. No more collecting tax in one big pile: it will be collected such as all gas tax goes to roads/ etc. REMEMBERING OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT GOVERNMENT: THEY ARE, our employees. Hired to do what we need or desire for them to do for us; for their pay.
  12. You will remodel the curriculum of schools/ replant the forest/ “learn a billion things different/ change a thousand more”; and find a future, in this disease of human waste, that is “universities decided/ and humanity listened”; because they want what they want. RATHER THAN TRUTH DECIDES, in order to save us all.

OR more deliberately; the evidence of consequences hidden from view, is now becoming real/ and the cost of avoiding them: extinction.

OR more deliberately:  how dare you be so blind, stupid, and without a brain; as to believe in evolution enough; to let the university satans, mutilate all life on earth/ attempt to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”/ and utterly hide the facts of extinction are real, and elementally true. YOUR EYES, ears, senses, arms, fingers, toes, balance, brain, lungs, heart, EVERYTHING;  is not accident/ is not chaos (which literally means to take anything complex and reduce it to its simplest form)/ is not evolution. Nor can that be explained away with billions of years of time; as is proven by the sun; which does burn fuel; as is evidenced by our world being heated by that sun. OR BILLIONS of years ago, that sun would have needed to be “supersized”; to survive. Everything is a failure of universities; which produced the rape and sewage and pandemic of fools that is current today. They have convinced you “to do your thinking”; just lay back and believe; as cults do. The result:  extinction of our world is real, and the reality of that is: we will be “lucky” to survive, with even our best efforts trying to save ourselves.  Prove/ DON’T believe: that evolution is real; with evidence beyond a theory of “this looks like that”. After all, “with their big brains/ how could the simplest possible form of living material; be able to produce all of life; without a brain, tool, food, sight, arms, enclosure; ETCETERA; proving superiority to all university diplomas? answer the question, “BRAINS without a brain”?  PROVE once ignited; your gods of university; can in fact control a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire/ because that is all their machines can do. PROVE that the elemental energy of an atom: is NOT found in its proton spin;  well beyond the speed of light. BECAUSE THERE IS no other provable source of that energy possible. which makes the claim of fusion impossible/ and that makes the claim of knowledge as to the sun inside the fire;  absolutely delusional.  Or be incinerated, because the whole planet is fuel, for a nuclear fire.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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